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MAGA ZINE S eptem b er 2011 Issue N o 62

Enjoy September 2011



Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011



Renault Koleos, On The Road

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Julie A. Adjomayi

Marketing Manager


Golden Tulip


Ghana Youth



Miss Malaika


Homowo Festival


French National Day


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dominique paravicini Editor

Dear Friends, Schools have reopened for our children and for the rest of us it's back to business. I wish our Muslim friends Allah's blessings and good tidings as they celebrate Ramadan. September begins with the celebration of Founders day on Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah's birthday on September 21, the same day that Nestle Ghana will organise the 25th Accra Milo marathon. From the 5 to 16 October, Alliance Francaise will hold the 3rd Accra Jazz and World Music festival. Initiated by Jean Michel Garcia, former director of Alliance and now taken over by the new director Patrice Gilles, to whom we say "akwaaba." This month's corporate profile features Promasidor Ghana Ltd. Their extensive knowledge and expertise of manufacturing, packing and distributing products across Africa has turned products such as Cowbell into household names. As you know, you are the real stars of our magazine and we are happy to print the travelogues of a couple of our readers who tell tall tales of journeys around the globe. Individually we profile Mrs Bertha De Graft Johnson,sales and marketing manager of the Golden Tulip hotel, Accra. A professional woman of strong character and personality. Happy birthday to our twin friends, Patricia and Patience, who celebrated their birthday on 5 August but as usual kept their ages a secret. Special birthday wishes to Xavier Hubert of Golden Tulip, Kumasi. Last but not the least we wish God's blessings to the Gbeasors on the birth of their daughter Camille and congratulations to Raphael Paravicini on his baptism. It's a long list but as usual; ....Enjoy Don’t forget you can also read the magazine online at:

Enjoy September 2011



“The most impressive thing for me were the little details that make driving easier.”

The Fully Automatic Renault Koleos


he Koleos is a delightful vehicle. Those were my first thoughts as I surveyed the cabin. There’s nothing to dislike about it. Everything is well laid out and within the drivers reach. The steering wheel is sleek and slender and because it’s not as large as the steering wheel in competitors' models, it offers the driver a confident grip no matter the size of their hands. Did I mention it’s a fully leather interior? It’s utterly comfortable and the powered adjustable seats allow you to try a variety of driving positions. You’ll never feel like you’re too low or too high.


Reviewed by Nana Owusu

The car itself already sits high enough for a driver to have complete view of the road ahead, beside and behind. It just puts you in a power position. Even the back seat is adjustable, giving your rear passengers the opportunity to relax on lengthy journeys. This is perfect for long drives or when you’re just stuck in traffic. Leg room is generous and there is adequate headroom so that your taller passengers won’t feel cramped. The Koleos is categorized as a crossover vehicle. That means it combines the sleek spaciousness

Enjoy September 2011

auto review of a beautiful sedan with the height, power and performance of a 4x4. That also means this is an off-road vehicle that allows you to tackle all the rough terrain you encounter in absolute, airconditioned comfort. It means you’ll never have to avoid any roads because the Koleos can literally go anywhere you decide to take it. I drove it through the back roads around Dzorwulu and Abelemkpe and it handled them effortlessly. But that’s not the most impressive thing about this car. The most impressive thing for me were the little details that make driving easier…Like the fact that it’s a 6-speed automatic system, but also has a steptronic system that allows you to switch from automatic and change gears yourself without the need for a clutch. Or the little drop down mirror that allows you to keep an eye on the passengers behind without having to look back – especially handy if you’re carrying children. Or the parking sensors, that guide you as you reverse. Best of all, the Koleos introduces its owner to a simpler and safer life with inbuilt technology. It has keyless entry and a start stop button so you do not need a key to open/lock the car or start it. With the push of a button, your engine starts smoothly and silently. The onboard computer allows you to control the radio and automatically syncs your phone via Bluetooth. So, whenever

Enjoy September 2011

you get a call, it comes through the car speakers and you can have conversations without being distracted by your phone. It has cruise control and a speed limiter for long journeys so you can relax and enjoy the drive at your preferred speed. Apart from electronic stability control and an anti-locking braking system, it also has hill descent control that prevents the car from slipping back when you’re driving up a slope and even maintains control when you’re driving down a steep hill. The striking thing is that all these features come as standard and that is what sets the Koleos apart. It’s definitely a car worth looking at considering the fact that it combines two worlds, and gives its driver a fulfilling driving experience. If you’re looking for the right car yourself, for the family, or for your clients, for travel or to drive around town, or if you’re torn between getting a sedan or a 4x4, the Koleos could be the car that solves all your problems. It’s certainly worth a test drive. e



Enjoy September 2011


F R E E M O N T H L Y L I F E S T Y L E • T E MA • K U MA S I • TA KO R A D I •


Special Report

Enjoy September 2011



Olivier Thiry, Managing Director & Festus Tettey, Sales & Marketing


“The vision is to continue to offer high quality, value-for-money products and strive to satisfy the high standards that our consumers have come to expect from our products.”


obert Rose in 1979 founded the Promasidor Group then as Wonder Foods. The desire of the founder was to provide food value to the African consumer as he believed quality and affordable food was a basic human right. This desire drove Promasidor to distribute milk powder across the vast African continent, making affordable milk accessible to everyone. Promasidor began selling the Cowbell brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) in 1979. Today Cowbell is sold in many countries across the African continent including Ghana and Promasidor has operations in over 30 African countries. With an extensive knowledge and expertise gained in manufacturing, 10

packing and distributing products across Africa, the Group has expanded the range of Promasidor products. The company’s products are now purchased daily in their millions and have developed into household brand names across the continent, with highly noticeable brand identities.

Enjoy September 2011

Promasidor profile

George Quarcoo. Quality Control

Isaac Quaye. Quality Control Cordinator

At Promasidor, the vision is to continue to offer high quality, value-for-money products and strive to satisfy the high standards that consumers expect from our products. In Ghana, Promasidor commenced operations in 1999 and through sheer hard work, their products have become firm favorites among consumers. Cowbell, their leading brand, a popular filled milk powder has grown to include a number of wellreceived line extensions: Cowbell Coffee milk, Chocomalt, Malt milk, Sweet milk Strawberry, Mocha, Coconut and Tiger nut brand extensions. Miksi, a creamy, tasty alternative is our other popular milk powder brand as well as Loya milk powder. The Promasidor group also markets a range of Onga seasoning powders, which are available in a wide range of delicious flavors ideally suited to Ghanaian tastes.

Enjoy September 2011



From an initial staff strength of 23, PGL has transformed into an employer of over 400 staff across Ghana and in the process building some of the country’s leading brands like Cowbell and Onga. In keeping with its mission of “Food Value for All’, Promasidor has built a solid reputation amongst consumers over the years as a manufacturer of international standard food products offered to consumers at an affordable price.

Olivier Thiry, Managing Director

“With the vast international experience that the Promasidor group possesses, PGL has established its brands as delivering outstanding nutrition and quality.”

With the vast international experience that the Promasidor group possesses, PGL has established its brands as delivering outstanding nutrition and quality. The culture of excellence, which is at the heart of the company’s philosophy, permeates every facet of its operations from the sourcing and storage of raw materials through actual production to warehousing and delivery to customers. This philosophy of PGL has led to a high level of customer orientation; a value that is lived by every staff member of the company.

Staff of Promasidor

Over the years PGL has supported its brands with lively and innovative marketing campaigns that have often set apart its brands from the competition. The concept of ‘family brands’ has been reinforced through carefully planned and targeted marketing communication activity ensuring that Promasidor brands are loved by families across the nation.

Manufacturing site

Cowbell Mascot 12

Enjoy September 2011

Promasidor profile

“Promasidor has taken great strides in the area of socially responsible projects with a focus on the areas of education and health.”

One of the important vehicles for the promotion of its brands and a healthy lifestyle for the average Ghanaian is sports. This Promasidor has supported both at the mass and professional level. One such sport is cycling. Promasidor today organizes mass bicycle caravans across the country with very high patronage. Other sports supported by Promasidor include athletics, swimming, and basketball to mention just a few. In addition to its commercial objectives, Promasidor has taken great strides in the area of socially responsible projects with a focus on the areas of education and health. Some of the projects that the company have undertaken include the construction of school buildings and the provision of water facilities to schools in the Ada estuary. Promasidor’s CSR portfolio also includes supporting orphanages nationwide as well as providing support for scientific and nutritional conferences. In the coming months, PGL is looking to set up a scholarship scheme for needy students at the tertiary level as a way of extending its CSR support even further. In the future, Promasidor intends to continue to explore new ways of fulfilling its mandate of providing quality food at an affordable price to the entire nation. e

Enjoy September 2011



Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011



Bertha De Graft – Johnson, A stalwart in the Golden Tulip Hotel sales and marketing team written by Alain Gbeasor

What are some of your strong attributes and what have been your contributions to the Golden Tulip since your appointment?

“I have very good interpersonal skills. I’m a team player, honest and fair and exercise a very professional approach to my duties.”


he Golden Tulip hotel, Accra is a wonderful hotel of variations, from the imposing fort like entrance through the Branche restaurant to the poolside with its fantastic panorama of trees. Bertha De Graft–Johnson is a well known face at the Golden Tulip Accra hotel. As head of the sales & marketing department for the past 14 years, she has consolidated the image of the Golden Tulip hotel with clients from the corporate, individual leisure and the conference and banqueting sectors. With over 21 years experience practicing marketing in the hotel industry as well as an MBA in marketing, Bertha is highly regarded by both clients and her peers. 16

Yours truly caught up with her at the exclusive Branche restaurant and asked her a few questions. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? I am Bertha De Graft –Johnson, the sales and marketing manager at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra. I’m married to my very supportive husband Kweku Amoako Atta de GraftJohnson, research scientist and we have three children. Prior to my appointment at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra, I worked with the Novotel in Accra as assistant sales and marketing manager for 7 years.

I would say I have very good interpersonal skills. I’m a team player, honest and fair and exercise a very professional approach to my duties. With the support of my team we have worked hard to build a strong and positive image for the Golden Tulip brand in Ghana.Through intensive public relations including special events such as the bridal fair, food and wine pairing and other themed events such as ‘Adventures in the Diaspora’, and a ghanaian lunch every Saturday among others. On September 30 we are launching a new event, the ‘Tulip Mirror Ball’, a unique nightclub concept which will provide entertainment for the ‘old school’ generation. As far back as 1999 we were the first hotel to introduce the outside catering & party service. We introduced innovative marketing programmes such as management team visits combined with coffee breaks to some of our loyal customers. As far as I am aware, we are the only hotel with such a programme.

Enjoy September 2011


Ampofo, Amoako, Mimi-standing, Bertha & Kobi

The Golden Tulip is now part of the Louvre Hotels Group, what does that bring to your clientele? The Louvre/Golden Tulip Group currently operates over 1000 hotels worldwide with 7 brands which include 1 to 5 stars. This means that our clients should have a choice regards the different brands that we offer and access to a worldwide reservation system network.

Your hotel recently won the prestigious CIMG Award for Hospitality Facility of the Year 2010. As head of marketing, how does this make you feel and what do you think contributed to your winning this award? I am delighted that our efforts paid off and our numerous clients were happy with our marketing programs which made them come back again and again. These included incentive programs for long staying guests, special room and food & beverage packages. Over the past decade to date we implemented a differentiation strategy that has positioned the hotel as the market leader and preferred hotel in Ghana. This year we Enjoy September 2011

have introduced new value added services to enhance services to our regular and VIP clients. Through these initiatives, the hotel has over the years won a number of awards. The ‘icing on the cake’ as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary in November, 2011, is this CIMG Hospitality Facility of the Year 2010 Award. Some of our past awards are: • Best Business Hotel in West Africa, October 2010 – Nigeria Akwaaba • Inclusion in Ghana Top 100 Companies 2009

Any final thoughts to share with us? I would like to express my appreciation to our clients, guests, staff, suppliers, and the press for their support over the past year. This definitely contributed to us winning the prestigious CIMG Hospitality Award. On the eve of our 20th anniversary celebrations this award could not have been a better testimony of our success and an acknowledgment of our contribution towards Ghana's hospitality industry. I assure all our stakeholders that we will not rest on our oars and that they should expect more of what we do best, delivering quality international service with a touch of local flavour. e 17


Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011



Mi ss M al ai k a 2011 Contestants in Inspiration Fabrics by ATL 20

Enjoy September 2011

atl fashion

Enjoy September 2011






omowo is a festival celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana It starts in May, before the rainy season begins, with the planting of crops. The word "homowo" in Ga means to hoot or jeer at hunger. The tradition of homowo started with a period of famine which occurred due to the failure of seasonal rains needed by crops. When the rains returned to normal, the people celebrated by creating the Homowo festival hence its name and meaning. A month before the celebration, there is a ban on drumming and noise making in the greater Accra region. The calendar for the celebration which is usually in August is made by the Dantu Priest. The festival starts when the Dantu priest celebrates his grand custom of feasting and making concoctions for the royal family to sprinkle on them to ward away evil spirits and protect them against diseases.


One interesting aspect of the celebration is twins day. On this day all twins in the town are dressed in white calico, and paraded around town. There is also a boat race between the Asafo groups (Traditional warriors); this is just to add to the excitement of the celebration. There is a special meal for the celebration. This meal known as (kpokpoi) is made from maize and is eaten with palm nut soup. The paramount chief of the GA traditional area, the GA Mantse, goes round the town sprinkling food on the ground. The food he sprinkles is for the gods, a show of appreciation for keeping people safe. Natives who have travelled return home and family issues are discussed in every household. Disputes are settled and there is much merry

making and celebration. There is also a grand durbar of the chiefs and people of the region. The King delivers his annual speech and advises the people to do what is right and live in harmony with one another. The chief priest pours a libation and prays for the people. The king sits in state and receives dignitaries amidst drumming and dancing. The festival is to show people that with hard work and determination, they can succeed in everything they do and overcome adversity as their ancestors did. Facing starvation they didn't just sit down but worked hard to overcome this hardship. e

“The word "homowo" in Ga means to hoot or jeer at hunger.� Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011




1st Annual Ghana Youth Forum Sponsored by Enjoy Accra

Student participants and stakeholders


t an event held at the Adae Kese hall of La Palm hotel on 30 July 2011, Ghana’s youth came together to explore improving their education system at the first annual Ghana Youth Forum. The Ghana Student Education Fund, in collaboration with the Generation of Honour Group and the Be Bold show asked Ghanaian Senior High School Students to evaluate their educational system and consider some of the reforms needed to in order to improve it. Students from various Accra senior high schools debated pertinent issues that needed to be addressed in order to improve Ghana’s education system. The vision of the annual Ghana Youth Forum is to bring together stakeholders from the education system to support the youth as they develop policy reforms for the educational system as a whole. The focus is on the curriculum for senior high schools, 24

but long term reforms are targetting all levels of schooling. This year's inaugural launch focused on public senior high schools in the greater Accra region. The event at La Palm was the final event in a string of preliminary rounds that were held to determine the best policy debators who would qualify for the finals. Out of the 8 public senior high schools from Greater Accra Schools that participated in the preliminary round, three were selected by youth judges as the best debate teams. O'reilly Senior High Schooll and West Africa Senior High School tied at the preliminary round and had to endure a knock out round at the final event of which, O'reilly Senior High School pulled ahead. The final policy debate was between O'reilly Senior High School and Ordorgonno Senior High School. The competition was tight, but in the end Ordorgonno Senior High

Hon Betty Mould IddrissuMinister Of Education

School emerged victorious in the policy debate presenting the most comprehensive and well researched policy reform. For more information visit www. today and find out how you can support Ghana’s brilliant but needy children. e

“The vision of the annual Ghana Youth Forum is to bring together stakeholders from the education system to support the youth as they develop policy reforms for the education system as a whole.”

Enjoy September 2011

Kelvin Sholar is a visionary musical artist. He was recently named as one of the best musical artists in the world. He has performed on several international television shows, written for film, and been filmed by director, Spike Lee. He has performed and collaborated on over 100 sessions with many of the greatest artists in the world - from the New York City Ballet to Q-Tip to Stevie Wonder.

Enjoy September 2011



Hon Betty Mould Iddrissu- Minister Of Education & H.E Mr. Francis Hurtut ( French Ambassador)


Delphine Thierard

French National Day

Sandrine Giannoulatos, French Embassy

H.E John Kufuor & Honourable guests


ver a thousand lucky guests celebrated French National Day at the residence of the French Ambassador on 14 July. National Day in France is known FĂŞte nationale and outside of France as Bastille Day.

The Kwiatek's

The Hon Betty Mould Iddrissu, Minister of Education, represented Ghana and former President Kufuor was among the distinguished guests. Adding a touch of sparkle to the event was the Da Viva fashion show. Beautiful women in beautiful fabrics bejazzled with the newly available swarovski elements crystal adornments. e


Enjoy September 2011

Whos who

“Beautiful women in beautiful fabrics bejazzled with the newly available swarovski elements crystal adornments. ”

Héléne Lombard & Angélique Naudon

Naa Amanu, Designer & Elie Bachara (Da Viva)

Honourable guests

H.E Naomi Suzuki Mochizuki, Mr. Walter Esposito (ATL), Mr. Steve Dutton (ATL), & Mrs. Esposito

Mrs. Valerie Lesbros, Isabelle Bokhari, Mr. Christian Joly & Mr. Caudard Enjoy September 2011

New Looks with Cystals from Swarovski Elements 27


There are a lot of activities lined up for you this month. Send your activities for the Events Calendar to See you when I see you.





12 Poetry: With the Eha la kasa group

13 Honey Suckle Happy Hour

Nubuke Foundation - 5pm

from 11:30am to 4pm- ghc 40 per head @ the Mukyia Resturant, African Regent Hotel,Airport West

19 Chile Independence Day Brunch@ la Palm Casino Bella Roma


20 Monsoon

Cafe dez amis - 9:30am

Join your friends for a nice drink & dinner @ Monsoon time :7pm Osu



9 Lunch Buffet

Labadi Beach Hotel from 11:30am-4pm

Sunday Buffet Lunch

@ Alisa Hotel North Ridge from 12noon

Celsbridge Pub Labone Time: from 5pm

Rockstone's Officerz

Art Exhibition

Silent Soul Food II By NII Amansah 3rd ACCRA Jazz & World Music Festival @ Alliance Française thru till 16th Oct

Table Bay jazz bar

Taco Tuesdays Accra Bar

@ Allisa hotels, Northridge on Weds, Fri and Sat.

At CKE, Osu @ 6pm

12 Movie Night

@SilverBird Cinema Accra Mall Time : 6pm-10pm

Jazz Nite @ Bella Roma

Enjoy a glass of wine with Jazz, Osu Time : 8pm-0:00

Venue Behind Police Headquarters, Cant.@ 7pm


Accra International Conference Center - 10:00


11 Happy Hour

4th GEREU Trade Fair 2011 (till Oct. 1)

Jazz bar with a good crowd on most evenings Venue: Osu @7 pm

Tops n Tails Pub Spintex Rd Opp Stanchar

Republic of China/Taiwan National Day

(Afro Fusion) Time: 6pm Venue: Alliance Française

DON’s PLACE – Jazz Club

Happy Hour


Concert Mercredi de la Paillote Kyekyeku Trio

Lesotho Independence Day

Join your friends & enjoy a nice dinner on the terrace Venue: Osu, Behind Total Station Time: From 5 pm

Come meet your friends and enjoy an afternoon of golfing and meet other people with nice food from 1pm-6pm


4 Venus Pub/Restaurant

Mini Golf Course

By Vida Mantey & Akuoko Frimpong Thru Oct 8th Venue: Alliance Française

Champs Sports Bar Watch live games & sing along @ the Karokee Bar Time 6pm @ RIng Road

Cheers Entertainment Centre Venue Ahodjo Kumasi @7pm

Guinea Independence Day

Art Exhibition Beauty of a Woman

Apo's Spot Osu Time 6:00pm

Happy Hour


Five Course French food and Wime from 7.30, Book in Advance

Happy Hour

Golden Tulip Bingo Nitetime 9-10pm

@ Holiday Inn Hotel Airport from 12noon

Citizen Kofi Wine Pairing

Happy Hour

Yemen National Day Millionaires Casino

Enjoy Sunday Brunch

Française @ 8pm

Twist Headlines Labone time: 7pm

At the Sky Bar Citizen Kofi, Osu @ 12noon

Come enjoy a nice chilled out ambience with good music & food Time 7pm

Concert Mercredi de la Paillote: Dromo Dance Ensemble Venue: Alliance


NAWA Coffee


Club 100 Awards 2010 Edition (till Sept. 15) Venue : Mӧvenpick Hotel

TASTY JERK Barbecue Joint Venue: Osu Down Chez Lien Annex Time: From 5 pm

Mojito Mondays @ 6ghc

Movenpick Lounge

"Invest in Ghana Seminar" 2011 & Ghana

Happy Hour

From 6pm Labone

Happy Hour, enjoy a nice drink in a pub with a nice ambiance Osu @6pm

14 Golden Tulip Ladies Nite 7-10pm

Chase Restaurant and Takeaway. Try the pizza!

this and every Sunday


Millionaires Casino

½ Price on Drinks till 7pm Venue: Ring Road opp. Fire Service Time: From 5 pm

Afropollitan Gourmet Buffet Brunch



Exhibition Cultures in confluence

The Foundation for Contemporary Art-Ghana @ Alliance Française Thru till Oct 29 opening @ 6:30

Millionaires Casino Golden Tulip Slots Tournament

Enjoy September 2011

events Calendar






16 Costa Rica Independence Day

Mexico Independence Day

NAWA Monthly Meeting

Time : 8pm

Coconut Grove Hotel Time : 6:30 PM

University of Ghana - time:1pm

Salsa and Sangria

Theatre "This is Me!"

Venue: Citizen Kofi, Osu @ 6pm

A theatre performance by 20 street children from Accra Presented by Ubuntu Theatre Venue: Alliance Franรงaise Time : 7:30pm

Outdoor Patio @ Excel Club Happy Hour, Enjoy Mouthwatering BBQ & Drink specials from 4pm , Airport


Learn how to design Websites in 3 days

Karaoke Nite @ Citizen Kofi

23 Mali Republic Day

Special Ghanaian Lunch

@Golden Tulip Accra Branche Restaurant from 12.30pm till 3


Ryan's Irish Pub

West Africa Inaugural SHEQ Conference 2011


Long Happy Hour Venue: Osu Time: 6pm

Jazzy VIBE At +233 Jazz Club Time: 8pm Rate: Free

Afropolitan Night: A Night of Fashion and Music featuring Efyah Open house @ 3.00pm

Holiday Inn - 8:00 AM


Accra Mall Time from 6pm

FROM 6:30PM Holiday Inn



Fashion show & concert time: 7pm Venue: Alliance Franรงaise

Rhapsody Resturant Bar


Botswana Indep. Day Jazzy Friday & A&C Square, east legon

Live Band Chezz Afrique East Legon time 6pm Bus stop Venue: Ring Road Time: 7pm


People's Republic of China National Day Kids Concept

Venue: Business Center Courtyard Time: 8pm-11pm


Workshops for children between the ages of 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs. Timing: 11am-1pm/ 2pm-4pm. For further details email: every Saturday

Media Dialogue Series Citizen Kofi, Osu Time: 5pm


7 International Night at the Canadian High Commission High Commission of Canada - 7:00 PM


Nicolas Genest & Sir Young @ Alliance Franรงaise Time: 8:30pm

Steak Night In The Wiase

Saxophone Night

with Big Wellington from 6.30-10pm @ the poolside African Regent hotel thurs


Restaurant. Enjoy Liveband Music With Zonzo Khebab at poolside @ 6:30pm venue : Holiday Inn Hotel


Kenny Drew Jr. and Thomas Dobler @ Alliance Franรงaise Time: 8:30pm

Inter-Embassy Games 2011 El Wak Sports Stadium -

13 Frenchy Vibes Boomerang Club @ 11pm

Golden Tulip

Invite your friends and enjoy nice food with music time: 7pm

Enjoy September 2011



am-Before 6:00pm pm-After 6:00pm All Day



Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011



Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011


who's who



The Temperature in the Machine Front


airo International’s La Palm Casino is happy to announce the arrival of its new “HOT & WILD” Atronic machines. A set of state of the art video slot machines with super additional features that ensure absolute customer satisfaction. These latest Atronic machines give increased functionalities, robust performance and new capabilities that are not shared by any other. We are the first Casino in Africa to introduce the “HOT & WILD” Atronic machines and to celebrate we are running our first promotion the “Happy Doctor and Beautiful Nurses” Currently La Palm Casino is running weekly Atronic “Hot & Wild slots tournaments.” There is a tournament heat every Friday and the winner gets $500 and with every spin it brings you closer to any of our Jackpots “ Royal, Grand, Major and Minor.” This will continue until the end of September. While you are enjoying the new experience with our Happy Doctor and Beautiful Nurses, you will be earning tickets which will qualify you to our Grand finals where 10 participants will be drawn to play in two grand finals with each winner going home with $ 1000 and a bigger chance of hitting our Royal Jackpot which is at the moment is $10,698.93 and is increasing by every spin.

In the month of September a series of cash promotions will be running at La Palm Casino on the slot machines that will pay thousands of dollars. You do not want to miss out on that. Also in our latest collection of video slot machines are the super V + Gaminators with improved features for example you can play with your legs as you do your car accelerator. A relaxed gaming experience, easy to play and with an improved chance of a bigger jackpot. Kairo International La Palm Casino also operate live games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Hold em poker, Raise em and baccarat. La Palm Casino is located at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel La Accra. e

“A set of state of the art video slot machines with super additional features that ensure absolute customer satisfaction.”


Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011


Tiga's Insight


: Daavi

Eric Oduro Aniagyei

: Ahoma Nsia


Eric Oduro Aniagyei (48), is a Ghanaian artist, who has received international acclaim for his wire sculpture. He creates amazing works of art from galvanised and enameled copper wire. His sculptures are depictions of human, animals and even text from famous quotes. Much of Aniagyei's recent work focuses on figures such as his musicians, the beggar series, "the dichotomy" and the globe men. The forms are realistic and life-like. A self-taught wire sculptor, he was formally trained as a biologist and an environmental scientist at Cape Coast University and University of Ghana, Legon, respectively. He has no formal training in art but believes every experience in life trains a person in one way or the other in whatever field a person finds himself. His sculptures have been exhibited in Ghana, the US, South Africa, and Australia. e

: Klolooklokoto


: Beggar

For more of the artworks; call Lilly Sefa-Boakye 0207800460, 0549589244, Website: email:

Enjoy September 2011

Enjoy September 2011


who's who


A global taste sensation. Finger lickin chicken is now available on Oxford St. The Mohinani Group in conjunction with Yum Africa have opened the first KFC flagship restaurant in Ghana with plans to expand further in the capital and into the rest of Ghana. Enjoy the taste and don't be put off by the queues. The service is speedy and efficient so you certainly won't be waiting long. Enjoy!

Maquis Tante Marie Tema's No. 1 African Dish Restaurant Maquis Tante Marie

have opened a new restaurant in Tema. Enjoy were lucky enough to be there for the grand opening. Now your favourite dishes are even closer then you think. Come check us out.


Enjoy September 2011



Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger Oprah's Favorite Recipes

recipe courtesy of Jeff O'Neill

• • • •

15 min


Cook Yield Time Servings

2 tsp. Tabasco® chipotle pepper sauce 1 lemon , juiced and grated zest 1/2 bunch parsley , finely chopped 1/4 cup Major Grey's Chutney , pureed

Directions Sauté the scallions, celery and apples in the canola oil until tender. Let cool. Place the ground turkey in a large mixing bowl. Add sautéed items and the remaining ingredients. Shape into eight 8-ounce burgers. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Ingredients • • • • • • •

1/4 cup thinly sliced scallions 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 3 Granny Smith apples , peeled and diced 1/8 cup canola oil 4 pounds ground turkey breast 2 Tbsp. salt 1 Tbsp. black pepper

Season the turkey burgers with salt and pepper. Place on a preheated, lightly oiled grill. Grill each side for 7 minutes until meat is thoroughly cooked. Let sit for 5 minutes. Serve with a side of Mar-a-Lago Pear Chutney and your favourite toasted bread, pita or hamburger roll.

Mar-a-Lago Pear Chutney Preheat oven to 350°. Toss the 1 peeled diced pears with the cinnamon and 1/2 tsp. salt Bake on a parchment-lined cookie sheet for 10 minutes. Cool and mix with the 1 1/2 cups Major Grey's chutney and 1/4 cup dried currants or raisins.

Pineapple - Chilli Margaritas Directions

10 min


Cook Yield Time Servings

Wet the rim of 4 short glasses and dip in a mixture of 2 tablespoons coarse salt and 1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder. Fill a cocktail shaker two-thirds of the way with ice. Add 1 cup tequila, 1 cup pineapple juice, 1/2 cup fresh lime juice and 11/2 tablespoons agave nectar. Shake well, then strain into the glasses.

Enjoy September 2011




A ries






September is likely to be an especially busy month for you, dear Cancer, and while you can feel pulled in a number of directions, you manage to stay on top of things. There are fewer problems with transportation and communication than there were in August, and this helps you to get through your days much easier. The 23-24th is strong for money earned from your profession, as well as for recognition for your talents. The last three days of the month bring the need to get serious about your family and domestic life.

Work done in relative solitude is your best bet this month, dear Libra, although the last week of September brings more outgoing energy and a stronger desire to mingle. Friendships become especially lively. Some of you will be making a new, very positive connection with a helpful person. Strains in your close relationships can be part of the picture towards month's end. Someone could be questioning your character. Challenges can be overcome, however, and bonds can be strengthened, especially with charming Venus in your sign from the 14th forward. Personal charisma can win the day.


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The New Moon at the end of August set the tone for the first four weeks of September, dear Taurus, and it's a highly creative, romantic, and fun theme! Others are finding you especially appealing, and you are making time for recreation. You could be feeling especially amorous. Creative Bulls will find plenty of inspiration. Recently, there has been much focus on the past in your love life, but September brings forward-looking energy to your relationships. Home life is improving this month. In the last few days of September, there comes a need to get serious about your work and health.

Emotions settle and September begins with a sense of calm, dear Leo. If you have been waiting for a loan, financial aid, mortgage, or other settlement, this is the month when you're likely to get the good news. Money is a big focus this month, and you are in a good position to improve your lot in life. Love becomes more about communication and sharing the little things with a special someone after the 14th. After the 18th, the pace of your life picks up, and you have the energy to move mountains. The 23-24th can bring a partnership to life and possibly news of a trip.

Your social life animates this month, dear Scorpio, and your ability to persuade others is stronger than ever. The Full Moon on the 12th can raise the temperature in a romance. Your career once again heats up from the 18th forward you are large and in charge. Recognition for your least acknowledged talents is forthcoming around the 23-24th. Those Scorpios looking for work can have attractive job offers then. While your working life continues to keep you on your toes through to the end of the month and into October, you begin to require quality personal down time and solitude in the last week of September.







September is likely to be a more straightforward month for you, dear Gemini. Financial matters clear up, and work matters move forward. An important culmination of a professional matter can occur around the 12th, when recognition may be forthcoming. Family and domestic life assume more importance than usual. By midmonth, spending habits become more moderate, and security is more important to you. You come out of your shell on the 23rd, although the last week of September brings serious energy to a romance or creative project. Answers can come now.

More clarity and a stronger sense of purpose are with you this month, dear Virgo. Money matters tend to be strong, although there can be a need to get serious about your finances towards the end of September. It's important that you get all of your paperwork into order. Around the time of the Full Moon on the 12th, a relationship matter can come to light. Your powers of attraction are especially strong until the 14th with loving Venus in your sign, and your persuasive abilities powerful from the 9-25th.

Work matters can be very strong this month, dear Sagittarius, especially in the last week of August. You might receive recognition or some other fruit of your labour. Love relationships and friendships can be on the temperamental side, however. This hasn't the most reliable arena of your life recently. Arguments about money can figure, and there may be a misunderstanding surrounding just how serious a relationship is getting. Be particularly careful with money and intimate matters around the 9-12, when impulsive moves can bring negative consequences.

Work projects move forward and gain momentum in September, dear Aries. You're especially, busy and finding ways to eliminate waste so that you're more productive. Being busy actually feels good, and this is a strong month for getting a whole lot accomplished. While you may have been "living in the past" on a romantic level in August, this month you're looking forward. Personal appeal skyrockets the 23-24. Answers to relationship questions can come on the 27-30th, when you're getting serious about your future. Some of you could also begin a new partnership at this time.


Enjoy September 2011

Kids concept

Reinforcement Rewards

Capricorn 22/12-20/01

written by; S. Ganglani

You might confront more opposition to your plans than usual this month, dear Capricorn. While you typically do very well in the face of adversity, this month, you could be feeling quite moody. Energy is stop and go. Impatience with a partner is possible this month, and issues of freedom, responsibilities, and attention to family are likely heated topics. Clearing the air may be necessary. Review of your budget, and especially of debt or shared resources, can be very fruitful in August. Energy returns towards month's end, when you are more able to see the bigger picture.

A quarius 21/01-19/02 You need to be more realistic in your expectations of others and of relationships this month, dear Aquarius. Revisiting past relationships and solving old relationship problems are on the agenda in August. Watch for impatience, especially on the job, while driving, and while dealing with transportation or communication mixups. Work matters can be very hectic this month, and you may need to deal with troublesome co-workers. You can be quite impatient with routine now, and if you can find a way to set your own pace, everyone will benefit. Physical exercise will be an excellent stress releaser.

Pisces 20/02-20/03 More compromise in love is necessary this month, dear Pisces, but the tendency now is to come on strong and to rush things, which is not your typical style. Tame impatience as much as possible, as love needs time to unfold naturally. Circumstances signal the need for more rest mid-month, even though your instincts, and some snafus and mix-ups, pull you in the direction of work and putting more effort into daily routines. You might spend more money and time in August on "fun" things and leisure activities.


any of my young mother friends have frequent debates about whether rewarding the positive behaviour of their children is a good idea. “It gets the job done sometimes, but does it not spoil them?" I understand the concerns parents may have with rewards and the uncertainties associated with them, but the power of reinforcement should never be underestimated. When people think of reinforcement, they think of giving children candy or toys in exchange for good behaviour. Although many people resist the notion, reinforcement guides much of our behaviour. The principle of reinforcement is simply that if a behaviour is followed by something positive, it is strengthened and more likely to occur again. This does not mean that a child's social behaviour is primarily guided by someone giving him material things whenever he behaves in certain ways. Social re-enforcers like attention, and smiles, have the greatest impact on you and your child's behaviour. Most of your child's behaviour is established through social-re-enforcers that occur repeatedly each day. Reenforcers work gradually and have to occur repeatedly to significantly change behaviour. Your child is re-enforced more by little but frequent responses to him/her such as smiles and compliments than by material rewards. Rewards can be social or non-social. Social rewards are verbal (for example, "I like that you come to dinner when I call"), physical (like a hug), or activities (for example, a game). Non-social rewards are treats following desirable behaviour, and they should always be combined with praise. What is most important to your child is YOUR attention. In other words, simply giving a toy for good behaviour will not be effective in changing his/her behaviour. Rather, “Non-social rewards your attention in the form of social rewards are treats following is most important and desirable behaviour, and should be naturally they should always be linked to using noncombined with praise�. social rewards. Parenting is work but can be fun and rewarding! e

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parents corner



0302-915-503; or email: :


he 21st century parent must be equipped to face the unparallelled challenges of the age. How do you raise a child to be the very best when he or she can be with many detractors aligned to discourage, disrupt, and destroy the budding mind of a child. Annotated from the book, Principle-Centered Leadership, by Stephen R. Covey, the following seven keys can also apply to making champions of the people you employ, manage, or lead.

First, build your children’s self-esteem.

From the day of conception, affirming a child can have lasting impact on confidence and competence. Giving large amounts of positive feedback, praise instead of punishment can go further than you can imagine.

Second, encourage primary greatness.

Primary greatness-is principled centered character, tapping the power within. Selfmastery and self-discipline are the roots of good relationships with others. Integrity, maturity, and commitment are keys that will be useful.

Third, encourage them to develop their own interests. Your child may be interested

in activities or sports that neither parent has an interest in or familiarity with. This is an excellent opportunity to build memories together.

“Giving large amounts of positive feedback, praise instead of punishment can go further than you can imagine.”


Fourth, create an enjoyable family culture. The family is the bedrock! Having a fun

and satisfying environment other than school, friends, and peers is a sure way of ensuring the proper imaging of the precious ones. Many parents overlook the importance of planning fun family events – events that become traditional.

Fifth, be the example of excellence.

Establishing expectations of excellence, being and acting to the very best of their ability and potential in every action and endeavour. This can define the very nature of the choices your children make.

Sixth, adopt their friends. Individual champions are often part of championship teams. That is why investing in teams, clubs, extra curricula activities with their friends usually is a good investment. Seventh, provide support, resources, and feedback. Exchanging letters, notes, text

messages, emails, and phone calls with children to affirm them and each other. Such constant affirmations have a cumulative effect. They become a strong emotional support to people. Raising children in ‘changing times’ is certainly not new, however parents in this day must be innovative to influence the direction of your growing child. Do you remember basic botany? The plant always moves toward the light, we must be that light to the budding plant! e

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Solutions for July-Aug



Solutions for July_Aug



Solutions for July-Aug



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Daniel works hard so in his leisure time he loves to explore and visit new destinations. This year his sister invited him to Dallas, Texas.From there began a journey that saw him visit Las Vegas, a place he says everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. From shopping, to partying to being driven in a limo, Daniel tells us he enjoyed every moment. Mr. Adoteye I hope you know that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?....... Daniel Akwei Adoteye

From Cannes to Accra What do you get when you mix three friends, a couple of cigars, and some chinese beers not forgetting a newly purchased Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Aircraft en route to Ghana? During their flight from Cannes to Accra, Thomas, Loic and Erwan were in for a lot of fun and anxiety. From an electrical fault on the aircraft manned by them to thunder storms as well as an emergency landing at night without head lights‌.They have seen it all and were excited and not a little relieved when the tower at the Kotoka International Airport came into view.


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hday t r i B y p p


Xavier loves to throw great parties. For his birthday, his wife and friends came together to throw a surprise a star studded party in his honor…. Xavier Joyeux Anniversaire……

When he first saw her, Alfred froze speechless. After a shaky start Alfred wormed his way into her heart and she finally said “I do” on Saturday September 10th , 2011 at a beautiful ceremony. Mr and Mrs Obuobi Ayisi we say Aware So.

Wedded Bliss

Dinner À deux A romantic birthday celebration for the hostess of the most popular tgif party in town. Happy Birthday Susan.

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Piccadily Casino Opens in Osu


n July KaiRo International expanded its Ghana operations in Accra bringing a little bit of Britain with the brand new Piccadilly Casino. The only casino in Accra to offer gaming in local currency, Piccadilly Casino is ideally situated in the centrally located Oxford Street; a popular destination for tourists with its unmatchable nightlife. The casino is undoubtedly an added attraction to the bustling town of Accra. The slots floor is well designed and hosts 27 Video Slots and 1 eight-station Roulette machine. The machines are fitted with a smart-ticket management system guaranteeing client satisfaction by keeping up with modern technology. The gaming floor also offers 2 American Roulette and 5 Card tables; a club like atmosphere is evident in this comfortable gaming location Piccadilly Casino operates to a very high standard and the management and staff are there to ensure their clients a memorable evening of entertainment and top service. Weekly promotions and well-organized theme night parties are ongoing events which attract both local patrons and hotel guests. The facility offers on-line sports betting booths, TV lounge and 24-hour on-line betting computer. e

“The only casino in Accra to offer gaming in local currency.�


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Sepcial Birthday wishes to the beautiful twins

Patricia & Patience


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Birthday Celebration

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e u og

l ave Tr

ur in Europe to 25 days

Europe is a fantastic place and a culturally rich destination which needs to be explored. There are many things to do: shopping, siestas on idyllic beaches, exploring museums and sampling the local gastronomy. Every summer Tina and Alain decide on a place to visit and this year saw them visit France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. They visited the hometown of Dominique Paravicini in Belleville, France where the Paravicini’s held the baptism of their son Raphael. The ceremony was observed by a Beninois Priest and the swiss and french families of Raphael were present in their numbers. Guests then enjoyed a 12 course meal put together by Valerie and her team at the Restaurant Cote Saone. The restaurant overlooking the Saone river provided a stunning backdrop to the proceedings. e



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Enjoy September 2011




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Birthday Celebration Friends and family, thank you for celebrating with us. We hope you enjoyed the party, we certainly did! Enjoy September 2011



Fun, "Learn while you Play" activities for kids.


French - Mediterranean Restaurant Open Mon-Fri 12:00 - 14:30 & 19:00 - 23:00, Sat 19:00 - 23:00 Closed on Sun 215, Liberation Road Accra opposite Shangri-la Hotel Call +233 302 772 408 / +233 244 802 013


The ONLY Vietnamese Restaurant in Accra

opening hours : MONDAY - SATURDAY


Lunch : noon to 3pm,

Dinner : 6pm to 11pm

Dinner : 6pm to 11pm

Location :osu behind koala Tel:+ (233) 030 2 775356 Email:

Place Your Advertisement NOW!!! Call: 0244 377 802 or (233) 0302 787 025

B ranche Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Lodge & French Restaurant Gastronomy East Cantonments • Tel

Tel :54 (030) 221 3161 Open Mon-Sun 12-11pm

: 0302 762 959

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Afrikiko Asake Local Buka Ethiopian Rest. Red Chilli Tante Marie Home Touch

(030) 222 9997 (030) 278 6328 (030) 278 2953 (024) 306 8165 (024) 790 2809 (030) 277 8914 (030) 277 7662

DUFRY & GTDC LTD. Tax & Duty Free Shop Operators


Rest. Xango At Citizen Kofi The Grill Le Tandem Frankie’s Livingstone Au Grand Ecuyer Captain Hook La Chaumière Le Bouquet Landing Rest. Mama Mia(delivery) Monsoon Zanzibar

(030) 278 7822/ (030) 278 7811 (024) 966 6333 (030) 276 2959 (030) 277 3567 (030) 276 7740 (030) 276 8643 (030) 276 2228 (030) 277 2408 (030) 277 2417 (030) 276 0775 (024) 426 4151 (030) 278 2307 (030) 278 6099

We Guarantee Your satisfaction


Bali Hai Chez Lien China House

(030) 277 1700 (030) 277 5356 (030) 276 0284

City Garden Rest.

(030) 222 1710/29

Dragon House Dynasty Noble House Hinlone Kohinoor Pearl Chinese Heritage Zanzibar

(030) 276 2988 (030) 277 5496 (030) 278 5151 (030) 277 2782 (030) 277 1999 (024) 440 6748 (030) 278 5252 (024) 489 0990


Arlecchino (024) 541 0403 Cuppa Cappuccino (024) 820 4441 Bella Roma (024) 747 4007 Sunshine (030) 278 0599 Sunshine Café (021) 278 5733 Akroma Plaza (031) 202 5513 LA GALETTE (024) 675 2429 Foodies (030) 266 1858 Fali’s Hot Pot (030) 225 8473 Stellar Catering (024) 477 3403

Closer to you Diplomatic Shop

Z12A Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area. Accra, Ghana tel: (233) 302 774 983/ 772 084/774 326 | fax: (233) 302 772 093 address: P.O. Box CT 3920, Cantoments, Accra-Ghana email: | website: Enjoy September 2011




Accra Bar Bywel Bar Bus Stop Ryan’s Irish Pub

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FIRST CHOICE SALON Tel:+(233)-030 268 2997 / 24 437 4894

SALON CITY SPA Tel: +(233)-030 276 8751


LA PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL Tel: +(233) 030-277 1700

LABADI BEACH HOTEL (ACCRA) Tel: +(233) 030-277 2501

ALISA HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-214 233/232 670

FRANKIE’S HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-277 3567

Tel: +(233)-030 277 6952

HOLY TRINITY SPA Tel: +(233)-0362091334

LAJEN UNISEX SALON Tel: (020) 871 4892/ 0302 777 837

L'eden Afro-European Unisex Salon Tel: (024) 426 5179

(030) 278 5421

Millionaires Accra (030) 277 4339 Millionaires Kumasi (032) 204 9868

(030) 277 9387 (024) 4035856 (024) 427 7871


Alliance Française (030) 277 3134 British Council (030) 268 3068 Goethe Institute (030) 277 6764 Nebuke Foundation (028) 910 2163 Express Delivery Services

DHL Fedex Ground Sky Net TNT Express

(030) 223 0516 (030) 266 6659 (030) 223 0516 (024) 205 0501 (030) 276 6518

Jitz Event And Rentals We rent Marquees, table, chairs, chafing dishes and whole lot more. Tel: 0244 272 621/ 0277 272 621 email : website:


MARISET PLAZA Tel: +(233) 030-277 4542 / 277 4542

Tel:+(233) 030-271 1111-8

GOLDEN TULIP Tel: (030) 221 3161



VRS Cole Consult Atlas Rent-A-Car

TEL: +(233) 030-266 7546



Lapalm Casino


TEL: +(233)-030 274 0811

HOLIDAY HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030 277 3660/1 NOVA HOTEL Tel: +(233) 030 277 5579

HOLIDAY INN HOTEL Tel :+(233) 030 274 0930

CHEZ LIEN TEL:+(233) 030 277 5356




To be on the distribution list, Please contact us with your details on Distribution Department tel: +(233) 030-278 7025 You will also find Enjoy Accra in most of the Shops, Restaurants and Bars.


TEL:+(233) 0302 216 570/766 902

AFRICAN REGENT HOTEL TEL:+(233) 0302 765 180-2

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hospitality HOTELS - ACCRA


CROWN APARTMENTO Tel:+(233) 030-277 1712

REDROW DEVELOPMENTS LTD Tel: + 233 244 20 1884



Tel:+(233) 030-222 8700

Tel: +233 030 251 5055



Tel:+(233) 030-224 8444

Tel:+233 030 222 1742/24 966 6633

Express Property Management Ltd


GOLDEN TULIP +(233)-032-208 3777

ROYAL BASIN RESORT Tel :+(233)-032 20 60144 / 20 60169

GOLDEN GATE HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 37073 / 20 37074

MIKLIN HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 39121 / 20 39122 / 39 123

Tel: +233 030 2768 886 Fax: +233 030 2784 210 RESORTS

Lou Moon Lodge New Coco Beach Dutch Hotel Elmina Beach Busua Beach Busua Inn Ramada Resort Hillburi Aburi

(020) 824 1549 (030) 271 7235 (030) 271 1111 (033) 234 00102 (020) 638 8029 (207) 373 579 (030) 271 7235-7 (024) 438 5008


PAPARAZZI HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 92026 / 20 91986

ACCADIA CAFE & RESTAURANT Tel: +(233)-24 393 3399

CEDAR CRESCENT HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 27238 / 248-641 357


RAYBOW INT HOTEL Tel +(233) 031- 202 2072, 202 5438 AKROMA PLAZA Tel: +233 31 202 3745 / 202 3790 STELLAR LODGE Tel: +(233) 031 269 98

Amadeus Ghana Antrak Travel Stellar Travel NomadAfrica Travel Bureau

(030) 276 5590 (030) 277 7134 (030) 276 4557-8 024 288 2009 (030) 701 1234 (030) 282 3004/5


X O WINE SHOP Tel: (024)-664 3208 Bacchus Wine Shop Tel:+(233)-244 142 026 / +(233)-243 308 737

CAPE TRADING COMPANY LTD Tel: +(233) 30 277 6705 / 276 1715

SAY CHEERS (WINES & SPIRITS) Tel: +(233) 30 281 1407


Club Citizen Aphrodisiac

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Accra Mall Greet Kids Concept

Enjoy September 2011

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(030) 277 2955 024 095 4262


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Enjoy Accra September 2011- issue no62  

Enjoy September 2011- Issue No62