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ENJOmag’ s a m t s i Chr Oct. – Dec. 2020



Why ENJO is such a

l u f i t u bea gift Give ENJO this Christmas

A precious gift

Treat your loved ones to more than just a product this Christmas. When you choose one of our beautiful ENJO gifts, you give the gift of time and of health, and you help to protect the environment for all of us.

•H  andmade with love in Austria •F  or your health and beautifully radiant skin •H  elp protect the environment • Sustainable product life cycle • High quality product • Save time and money • Simple and safe

Browse our selected Christmas product range, including a special festive edition of body care products we know you’ll love.

The perfect choice Not sure which product to choose for your loved ones? Your ENJOpreneur or our Head Office team would love to advise you on selecting the perfect gift. Phone: 01582 278 840 office@enjo.co.uk www.enjo.co.uk





Our ENJO skin care products were tested by Dermatest® and have received the 5-star premium seal.

Over a period of three years, 4,380 cotton pads plus toiletries end up in the rubbish bin. With ENJO you only need 7 Eye Pads plus water.

For more information on Dermatest®, visit www.dermatest.de/en

Naturally beautiful with ENJO


I clean my face daily with the ENJO Face Duoglove. Afterwards my skin feels really fresh and healthy.

Helen ENJO customer

£27 £ 32


£48 £ 58

Face Cleansing Flamingo

Love Birds

Face Duoglove Flamingo and Mini Glove As the seasons change, so does our skin. Maintain moisture levels and keep your skin glowing throughout the winter with this pretty-in-pink set. It’s perfect for all skin types as all you need is water – ideal for gifting teachers, friends and relatives.

Body Duoglove in Midnight and Blush His’n’Hers Duoglove set – perfect for softening rough winter skin including elbows, knees and feet, or cleaning the kids’ hands and feet! Even better, experience a whole body exfoliation.

Deep cleansing Soft and smooth skin Improves circulation Stimulates oxygen exchange


AUSTRALIA Santa Claus on the surfboard, barbecue as Christmas dinner and presents on the beach – Australians celebrate Christmas when it’s hot and with cool summer drinks. The giving of presents takes place early in the morning on Christmas Eve.


Jingle Bells

See how Christmas is celebrated in other countries




The Japanese spend Christmas Eve with their partner. Similar to Valentine’s Day, Christmas in Japan stands for the feast of love. The couples enjoy a romantic dinner or marvel at the brightly lit cities of Japan during a walk. New Year is a traditional family celebration.

It is not Santa Claus who brings the presents in Austria, but the Christ child that is often depicted as a child with blond curls and halo. Without being seen, the little boy visits the homes on Christmas Eve and delivers the presents to the children.

The special thing about the Christmas season in Sweden is that there is already a big celebration before December 24th. On December 13th the Swedes celebrate the traditional Lucia festival. This is celebrated both with the family at home, as well as in the church, kindergarten and school.


£9 £ 10

£9 £ 10

£16 £ 28

Santa’s Little Helper Santa’s Little Helper Santa’s Little Helper Duo


Outdoor Kids’ Glove Set the kids to work in the garden with their very own version of our fabulous Outdoor Glove – perfectly sized for their little hands.

Dust Kids’ Glove Let them tackle the cleaning with you and you’ll be teaching them valuable habits and respect for their environment that will stay with them as they grow.

Outdoor Kids’ Glove, Just Kids’ Glove Double the benefits with this indoor and outdoor set that will keep the little ones busy!

Our finest

Glühwein recipe T

he scent of anise, orange and carnation lingers in the air and everyone knows – Christmas is coming soon. Our delicious mulled wine recipe brings the taste of Christmas markets to your home.



• 1 bottle of dry red wine (e.g. Pinot Noir) • 2 sliced organic oranges • 2 – 3 sticks of Ceylon cinnamon • 5 – 7 cloves of carnation • 3 – 5 star anise • 3 tablespoons sugar, honey or agave syrup • a few cardamom pods to taste • optional: vanilla pod

£37 £ 41

Heat everything in a pot on medium heat. The red wine should never come to a boil, otherwise the alcohol will evaporate. For a non-alcoholic version you can simply replace the red wine with grape or apple juice.

£15 £ 16

Winter Wizard

High Tech Clean

Outdoor Sponge and Outdoor ENJOfil. Get the ENJO sparkle outdoors with this hard-working set. Cleans everything from hiking boots to patio furniture, including pets!

High Tech Cloth We all love our devices but they are expensive, so keep them clean and germ-free with our specially designed high-tech cloth. 9

Face mask For dry skin

For tired skin



• 1/2 ripe avocado • 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice • 1 egg white

• 5 tablespoons natural yoghurt • 1 tablespoon honey

It’s that easy

It’s that easy

Mash the avocado in a clean bowl. Meanwhile, add the lemon juice. It prevents the avocado from oxidising and discolouring. Then mix in the egg white. That’s it!

Mix the honey into the natural yoghurt, and apply to your skin for a radiant Christmas glow.

How to apply 1. Clean your face with the ENJO Face Duoglove. Use the side with the sun logo (the classic fibre) to gently exfoliate your skin, helping it to absorb the mask better. 2. Apply the mask with your fingers or a wooden spatula. 3. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. 4. Then remove the mask using the speckled side (the sensitive fibre) of the ENJO Face Duoglove.




I’ve been an ENJO customer for almost a year and I love the products. At first, I could not believe that ENJO really works without cleaning agents. My house is now cleaned completely without chemicals. Audrey ENJO customer




£ 37

£ 38

£ 24

Perfect Skin Mint

On the Go...

Party Go’er

2 x Mini Glove (Mint) Get clean and healthy skin the ENJO way this winter, with these supercute Mini Gloves – a real treat for your face.

Soft Skin Wipe, Soft Towel (Lilac) The eco-friendly alternative to skin care wipes and baby wipes, and suitable for everyone, from newborns to adults.

Cotton Make Up Bag, Exfoliator Blush, Make Up Brush Cleaner A Zoom party is still a party! Our gorgeous party set will keep your skin glowing and your make-up brushes clean.


True Packaging T

he amount of wrapping paper used in Germany for Christmas exceeds the size of 7,000 football pitches every year, according to an estimate. Are you tired of throwing away tons of wrapping paper every year? We’ll show you how you can wrap presents differently in just a few simple steps. You’ll not only save money and paper waste, but you’ll also add a personal touch to your presents. Upcycling can be that beautiful!

Get even more inspirations Contact your ENJOpreneur for more ENJO Christmas wrapping tips!

£15 £ 18

Dust Off


Dust Duocloth As we start to spend more time indoors, it’s more important than ever to keep surfaces dust-free. This classic fibre is perfect for all your dry dusting jobs.

Artists Great gift ideas

Christmas Offer

From 15th Oct. to 31st Dec. 2020 we offer our customers the following two special Christmas Sets at a fantastic price.

£20 £ 24

Make-up Brush Pad Handbag SOS Laundry Duocloth and Laundry ENJOfil small. This dynamic duo acts as your defence against spills and stains, as well as on-the-go cleaning to help protect you from germs and other nasties.

£32 £ 42

Dinner Party ‘Thank You’ Kitchen Tea Towel, Kitchen All-purpose Cloth If we can’t meet our friends in person this winter, we can give them the gift of sparkling dishes and surfaces instead!

Our Pad for perfect brush cleaning. Simple swipe across the Pad and continue putting on make-up. Special edition only available in your Party Go’er offer.

You have questions on our Christmas offers? Your ENJOpreneur looks forward to helping you.



s s e n i s u b T he opportunity


e offer a profession that is flexible, with all the support and guidance you need to be a success, all while gaining friendships, travel experiences and confidence. ENJO is an opportunity to offer a healthier environment and the ENJOlife to people in your local community so that they too can receive the ENJO benefits.


Become an ENJOpreneur!


ou’ve seen what ENJO can do for your home. Would you like to share ENJO with others and become an ENJOpreneur? If your answer to the questions below is YES, we would love to hear from you! • Do you love ENJO products? • Could you commit to 5, 10 or 20 hours a week to work on your ENJO Business? • Would you like to earn money with your own ENJO Business and transform your life and the lives of others? • Is now the time to take a new direction? Contact your ENJOpreneur today for more information.

Flexible hours

Great income

Become Team Leader


Travel gifts and rewards


Why do I love my ENJOlife? Because I can manage my time freely and am always there for my children when they need me. I am my own boss and always get support from the ENJO team. I never thought my professional life would thrive like this. Claire ENJOpreneur


Make Christmas your personal event!


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