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Table #____ For Everyone’s Mental Health: Please Don’t Cheat with the Phones or Bad Karma shall shave ye! # in Group___

Return of the Quizzard! Quiz #1 7:00 to 7:45

….And Speaking of Returning: 1. Name the title of this early 1980’s film, where a native tribe sings a gleeful ditty which sounds like: "Det luktar flingor här", which is Swedish for "It smells of cereal here." (In fact, that line's lyrics are supposedly, "G'noop dock fling oh ah."). Hint: The slithery noises made when the movie’s crime lord moves were created by sound-man Ben Burtt running his hands through a cheese casserole. Better hint: For security reasons, when the film was sent to the lab, it was sent under the title "Blue Harvest". Things I’m sure you always wanted to know! Return of the Jedi

2. What does the expression ROI, usually stand for in financial terms? Return On Investment

3. As Saturday Night live returns for its 36th year, I want you to name the two celebrities that have hosted the show 15 times each…a tied record that I hope will be decided one day with a courageous battle to the death, cage match style, only with each wearing giant rubber falafel outfits! Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

4. Former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf said last Wednesday that he is gearing up for a return to politics and will launch a new party next month - two years after he stepped down as president after nationwide protests and left the country. My question to you: does he sport a mustache, goatee, or soul patch? Mustache

5. The Return of the King was published as the third and final part of The Lord of the Rings, on October 20, 1955, written by J.R.R. Tolkien…what does the J.R.R. stand for? John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Folks Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen 6. Which long reigning monarch ruled Britain and the British Empire when the twentieth century began? Queen Victoria

7. Whom did Stalin expel from the USSR in 1929? It was reported that he had a very traumatic childhood. His mother was an animal trainer, but alas was no good at it, and his father was in demolition, so every morning he awoke to the scare of a poorly trained monkey wielding live hand grenades about, or retarded simians with sticks of dynamite…you never knew what was going to happen, and so this is why he turned all of his attention to his faithful, yet mysterious, love panda. Leon Trotsky

8. The first issue of Playboy came out in 1953. Who was on the cover? Just so there is no misunderstandings, I’m asking for the name of the person who appeared on the cover and not what you may have accidentally gotten on the cover…you sick puppy. Marilyn Monroe

9. Among his accomplishments, this Renaissance genius designed the horizontal water wheel, which led to the development of the water turbine. Who was he…and why did he seldom wear pants…wait…no, just answer the first part. Leonardo da Vinci 10. What part of the Oreo does Lady Gaga think she is? a. The cookie b. The cream filling

Table #____ For Everyone’s Mental Health: Please Don’t Cheat with the Phones or Bad Karma shall shave ye! # in Group___ Hello Out There in TV Land: 11. In 1970, the first game of this long-running prime-time sports show aired on ABC. What was this series? Monday Night Football In what cartoon would you find Orco…I had a little too much grape Nyquil once and had this really trippy dream about Orco and a couple of Oompa Loompas banding together to solve crimes at night while re-enacting the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth during the day…I’m thinking fall Must See TV. He-Man

12. On the SuperFriends, what were the Wonder Twins names? (Bonus, what was the monkey's name?) Zan and Jayna bonus: Gleek

13. Max Weinberg won’t be going with Conan O’Brien to Conan’s new show on TBS, so that puts guitarist ________ as Coco’s new whipping boy as the leader of the band. Jimmy Vivino

14. Last Thursday, “Sesame Street” producers yanked a segment from an upcoming show after several complaints were made about a clip that features a 24-year-old pop star singing a duet with Elmo while dressed in a low-cut cleavage-baring dress…and this week’s “Sesame Street” is brought to you by the letter D…and the letter D. Katy Perry Science Schmience: 15. Your body creates billions of new blood cells every day. Where in your body are red blood cells created? And who says we’re not overworked. Bone marrow

16. What is the geological term for the debris left behind after a glacier melts? Mmmm…melty…. Moraine

17. It was the Age of Dinosaurs. During which era of geologic time did dinosaurs dominate the world? Also, by the beard of Zeus, what is going on here?!? You only have to answer the first part…but really…yikes!!!

Mesozoic 18. In the 'Star Trek' television series, spacecraft used deuterium and dilithium to fuel their warp drives. Deuterium is a form of what element? Hydrogen

19. Centuries ago, the wily Spanish conquistadors in Mexico realized the blue agave plant in Tequila made a concoction that’d kill the foot long parasites in their rectum…and get them plastered! No on to something completely different: This physicist failed the entrance exam to the first college he applied to, forcing him to apply to a secondary school. Who was he? Albert Einstein  

1955, written by J.R.R. Tolkien…what does the J.R.R. stand for? John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Quiz #1 7:00 to 7:45 Folks Who Have Never Been in...