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August 29, 2013

COMIN’ FROM WHERE HE’S FROM Platinum selling R&B singer Anthony Hamilton comes to the Memorial Auditorium Sunday, September 15. He is also known for the song "Freedom" from the soundtrack album of Django Unchained cowritten and sung as a duo with indie soul singer Elayna Boynton.



Popular funky bandaged musical heroes Here Come the Mummies return to town Friday, September 6. They’ll be throwing down the funk and Ana Popovic is a Memphis, Tennessee-based Serbian blues guitarist and rhythms at Track 29. Be sure to check it out. singer. She headlines this week’s Rioverfront Nights Free concert Series down at Ross’s Landing Saturday. This spring she released her ninth solo album, “Can You Stand the Heat?” and is on tour in support. Be sure to check her out. ENIGMA

AUGUST 29 2013


Your Band Is A Virus Promotion Tips For Indie Artists So you’re in a band. You’re gigging and building a little buzz in town. Still, Warner Brothers isn’t pounding on your door and Rolling Stone hasn’t called about doing that big cover story. What happens in the interim between local buzz band and national act? How do you get from here to there? Well, most of it is hard work, determination and lots of networking and patience. That’s the easy stuff. Author and Publicist James Moore knows all too well that most bands are simply not equipped to do all the necessary things to get them to the next level. BUT- he can certainly help and point you in the right direction.

“Your Band Is A Virus” James: They often need a become a best seller on good publicist simply so they’re not cold calling when trying to become known. This EEnniiggm maa:: SSoo w whh aatt eexxaaccttllyy iiss aa fact doesn’t get talked about ppuubblliicciisstt ?? too often, but one of the main reasons most artists get

James: A publicist is someone whose job it is to generate publicity/public recognition James runs IMP or for a person, product, event, Independent Music or company. Promotions and has years of maa:: W Whh yy ddooee ss aa bbaa nndd knowledge and know how to EEnniiggm w hh eenn nnee ggoott ii-help guide your band to the nneeeedd aa ppuu bblliicciisstt w w iitthh m mee ddiiaa ccoonntt aaccttss?? next level. His expertise in aattiinngg w the field has helped his book


each other progress. It’s a give and take rather than a “you help me” scenario. Another reason is the psychology of a third party. You can test it for yourself. Try sending out the same messages/music submissions from the artist and also from a publicist. The publicist will get better results, because, in the eyes of editors, bloggers, and press professionals, having a 3rd party represent you means you’ve attained a certain level of success. The third reason is professionalism. A good publicist knows how to tell your story, and is free to do so because of their little to no press on their unique vantage point. own is because they have maa:: H Hoow w hhaass yyoouu rr oow w nn nothing to barter with. EEnniiggm m uuss iicciiaa nn Smartly managed PR compa- ee xxppeerr iiee nnccee aass aa m w oorrkk aass aa ppuubbllii -nies and record labels do, hh eellppeedd yyoouu rr w because they’ve put years cciisstt?? into their company’s network, and therefore have the James: I think that playing ability to cross-promote, music has helped me get advertise, and creatively help inside the artist mind and

AUGUST 29 2013


promote from that perspective. Also, it helped me have the sense to put the music before any other aspect of the business; many industry folks don’t.

EEnniiggm maa:: BBeessiiddeess sstt rraaiigghhtt ppuubb-lliicciittyy,, w whhaatt ootthheerr tt hhiinnggss ddoo yyoouu ddoo ttoo hheellpp aa bbaanndd ss uucc-cceeeedd?? James: I advise my artists throughout the promotion process, and also help them organically build their social media followings, optimize their public perception and leverage the press that we consistently provide; a staircase effect.

EEnniiggm maa:: AAm m II rriigghhtt w whheenn II ssaayy tthhaatt yyoouu’’rr ee vveerryy cchhoooossyy w w hheenn iitt ccoom mee ss tt oo w w oorrkk iinngg w w iitt hh bbaannddss ?? W Whhaa tt ddoo yyoouu llooookk ffoorr iinn aa nn aarrtt iisstt ?? AArree yyoouu aa m muuss iicc ssnnoobb?? ((llaauugghhss))

James: I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a music snob! haha...I love music like you would a best friend, so you’re a bit protective. I do make decisions that would make other PR people cringe, and sometimes they’re tough to make. These include saying no to a lot of artists who would normally be clients. Often I say no because the music feels like it’s trying to appeal to the industry or the artist is just trying to become famous. I’ve always loved music that would happen no matter what. I want to hear passion, edge and originality. Really, as long as it’s strong and has soul, it doesn’t matter the genre. I’ll probably love it.

EEnniiggm maa:: IInn tt hhee iinntteerr nnee tt aaggee,, whh aatt ss oorrtt ooff tthh iinnggss ddoo m w mooss tt bbaa nnddss ttee nndd ttoo oovvee rrllooookk m mooss tt whh eenn iitt ccoom w m eess ttoo m maarrkk eettiinngg tthheeiirr m m uussiicc??

James: Almost everything! I hate to say it, but most bands actually don’t promote themselves at all. Most don’t even have a respect or understanding for the fact that promotion is necessary to get people to hear you. This has come from decades of the rock star illusion, where the public has a learned image of a talented “true artist” getting whisked off by a manager who helps them ink a major label deal, and all of a sudden they’re touring the globe. The hard work and years of struggle are left out of the story, because those are not the entertaining bits. Bands could learn a lot more from, say, Henry Rollins, than any of the fairy tales. The idea that good talent will be rewarded is also very prevalent, and it’s a shame because it’s completely untrue. Good talent needs to find it’s own reward.

Tom Waits, Animals as Leaders and Janelle Monae to Dillinger Escape Plan, Mos Def, Queens of the Stone Age, Juno Reactor and Pink Floyd. I’m always discovering new music, but there are also staples like The Beatles that are infinitely rewarding.

EEnniiggm maa:: W Whhaatt llaa sstt ppee aarrll ooff w iissddoom w m ccaann yyoouu ddrroopp oonn uuss bbeeff oorr ee w wee w w rraapp uupp tt hhiiss iinntt eerr -vviieew w ?? James: Remember to keep yourself in the mix. Amongst all the goals, industry tips, strategies and images of fame, the ultimate goal of music is to dig deep and express the human condition in a completely unique way. Ironically, it’s those who dig deepest, not those who follow the trends, who capture our collective imagination.

If you’re serious about music as a career, contact James EEnniiggm maa :: W Whhaatt kk iinndd ooff m muussiicc directly via his website ddoo lliisstt eenn tt oo w w hheenn yyoouu’’ rree aatt http://independentmusicprohhoom mee cchhiilllliinn’’ oouutt?? He’ll help you get the ball rollin’ and then James: A wide range, from some!


AUGUST 29 2013



7 BASICS RULES OF BOOKKEEPING YOU MUST NEVER FORGET 1. Use an accounting package and not just a piece of pen and paper, not even just Excel. Many small businesses run their accounts on Excel. Firstly, Excel has inherent flaws in itself that could run your finances to ruin. A small formula error can cause you to show excessive income and thereby an incorrect amount of VAT charged to your business. The business could be paying more VAT than it should. With an accounting package you are sure to record the correct amount unless there is an error in entering information. 2. The next important thing is attention to detail. If you miss something or enter incorrect information, you should have the accounting knowledge to review your own work and ensure that the information recorded is correct. No accounting package will correct errors on its own and worse, if you are working on Excel, mistakes are more than likely to happen through incorrect formulas or even wrong cell co-ordination. Hence you should be 100% sure of what you are doing. Bookkeeping can be tricky even for the most experienced, but the advantage is that experienced bookkeepers are able to review their own work. If you are doubtful, leave it for the bookkeeper or the accountant 3. All invoiced amounts are not to be viewed as income. In a small business, all invoicing is considered as income. This is a fundamental error in the accounting system. In our experience, several businesses believe all money that comes in to the business is income and accordingly any balance in the bank account is profit. It is very

obvious that bookkeeping has been made into a simple exercise; however, any fresh entrepreneur could easily fall for this and create a massive hole in his/her business if he/she is not aware that everything that is invoiced is NOT income. There are various problems with this scenario and in our experience we have worked for several clients where bookkeepers clearly failed to recognise the difference between invoiced amount and income. These businesses have financially suffered due to this elementary flaw and most of them were blissfully unaware. Revenue recognition is even more difficult for some other businesses. If you are not sure, take help from an experienced accountant as this is not a matter for DIY accountants or bookkeepers. 4. Record all your existing income but do NOT record any income that is to be received in the future. This is another classic mistake that can easily happen. Income that is to be received in the future is NOT to be accounted as income. Even for tax purposes, it is important to differentiate between the date of the invoice and the posting date of the invoice. This can create disparities in VAT accounting, especially so if you are accounting for VAT on accruals basis. Bookkeepers within the business should be aware of implications of VAT accounting on accruals basis or cash basis. The choice of VAT accounting method is very important for your business cash-flow. If the bookkeeper is unable to identify the optimal VAT accounting method for the business then it could wipe out the cash reserves within the business leaving businesses with nothing to


pay suppliers or meet other liabilities. booked again through an invoice. An expense can be booked through an 5. Understand your liabilities and accrual or through an invoice but NOT account for liabilities. Another big both. The bookkeeper should ensure factor is for the entrepreneur to have that expenses are NOT booked twice a clear understanding of business lia- and that they are definitely booked bilities. Any VAT or PAYE registered once. It can be very difficult to run a business should be clearly aware of business, no matter how small it is, their liabilities on any single day of without a proper accounting system the business and they are required to and a bookkeeper who can ensure all leave sufficient reserves to meet costs are booked accurately within these liabilities although many small the system. businesses use VAT on sales as a cash flow buffer, this could be a dangerous 7. Always keep an eye for lagging idea as HMRC keeps a tight rein on debtors and overdue supplier payliabilities within businesses. Keeping ments. Both are responsible for busitrack of income and expenses on a ness failures. Lagging debtors can piece of paper would never enable a cause cash flow problems leading to business to understand their true lia- delayed supplier payments which bilities. Most businesses end up over- could in turn lead to supplier making trading as they are clearly not aware a legal claim and the business could of their liabilities in terms of when end up paying far more than the inithey arise and what would be the tial due amount. Another problem amount. An accounting package is with lagging debtors is that seriously required if a business needs to know overdue debts can quickly turn into the exact level of liabilities and the bad debts and leaves the business bookkeeper needs to have a good with a permanent loss. If businesses understanding of accounting con- pay VAT on accruals basis, prompt cepts. debt collection is a key part of sound bookkeeping. For prompt debt collec6. Always book accruals. Accruals are tion to materialise, the books have to recorded in the business if a business be updated regularly on a daily/weekhas incurred an expense but an ly basis. Again, recording expenses on invoice for the expense has not yet a piece of pen and paper can hardly been received. Just as all invoiced make this happen. amount is not income, expenses/costs are not limited only to bills/receipts Based on the above 7 key areas of that have been booked in the concern in bookkeeping, a business accounting system. There would be would clearly prefer to have an experegular expenses/costs incurred each rienced bookkeeper than a bookmonth for which an invoice may not keeper without knowledge of how a have been received but it neverthe- single factor can affect several other less an expense and needs to be areas within the business with a casrecorded in the accounting system cading effect. and when the invoice is later received, ensure the expense is not - Prashant V Nair

AUGUST 29 2013


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You'll find it easy to meet new people. If you're looking to do something worthwhile, consider volunteer work. Opportunities will develop through those you encounter while attending organizational events. Social functions will bring you in touch with new lovers. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You need to be careful not to make promises that you can't fulfill. Set your goals and stick to your guns. You can enhance your cash flow if you pick up additional skills. Do not invest in ventures that only appear to be lucrative. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Try to spend time with those having similar interests. You may want to pull out some of those unfinished project you've got tucked away. You may want to try your hand at a little creative writing. Don't let your boss get the better of you. The distance may make you both appreciate each other more.

el or attend lectures or seminars. Financial affairs do not look too Work quietly behind the scenes. favorable this week. Someone you like may be receptive and actively Arguments could prevail. seeking your company. You can put Your lucky day this week will be in some overtime and make extra cash. You can make career changes Monday. that may put you in a much higher earning bracket. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Don't make excuses. Your fun lov- Your lucky day this week will be ing approach will be admired and Monday. appreciated by others. You can certainly gain popularity; however, SAGITTARIUS don't do it by paying for everyone (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) else. Empty promises are evident; Arguments with relatives may lead therefore, get it in writing, to be to a split in the family. Don't avoid situations that may deteriorate; try safe. to mend them. You may want to Your lucky day this week will be make changes that will not be to their liking. You will gain a lot if Monday. you listen. VIRGO Your lucky day this week will be (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Travel should be on your agenda. Sunday. Exaggeration or deception coupled with overindulgence might be a CAPRICORN problem. You need a job with more (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) responsibility and a higher wage. Exercise is always a good way to You can get good solid advice from relieve stress. You may interest relatives or close friends you trust. some of them in a service you have to offer. You can get a lot done if Your lucky day this week will be you get your hands on the right Saturday.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Try not to lend or borrow money or belongings this week. You can make favorable real estate offers this week. Empty promises will Your lucky day this week will be cause upset. Sort situations out as Tuesday. best you can. Watch your spending habits. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your lucky day this week will be Your energetic nature and ability Monday. to initiate projects will add to your popularity. Don't let your partner SCORPIO get you going. You are best to trav- (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) ENIGMA

AUGUST 29 2013


equipment. Creative should payoff.


Your lucky day this week will be Saturday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't overdo it. You need to enjoy yourself. You can anger others quickly this week. Avoid overspending on items for your home. Take time to help a friend who hasn't been feeling well. You need to fulfill your needs and pre sent your talents. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Learn some new skills that will increase your in come. Your ideas may be good, but they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Your emotional partner will push all the right buttons this week. Generosity will put you in the poorhouse. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

On The Brink (Again) As I write this, the situation in Syria is so tense that an awful lot of things will have changed by the time you read it. Reports say that President Obama is presenting information to Congress that will justify U.S. intervention (i.e. an attack) against Syria as a result of recent evidence that its government used chemical weapons against civilians in Damascus. This past Monday, United Nations inspectors were fired upon when they attempted to inspect the neighborhoods where the chemical weapons were used...

Instead of guessing what might have happened, I’m going to try to look at the historical context involved…

…Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons came at an inopportune time when it comes to historical precedent. Recently disclosed

…I realize that you probably know that already. I also realize that the U.S. and its allies may have already launched military actions against Syria by now. CIA files show that the U.S. provided key intelligence that helped Iraq’s Saddam Hussein launch chemical attacks on Iran. In the final days of the Iran-Iraq War, the U.S. provided the Hussein regime with satellite imagery that showed the Iranians were poised to exploit a weakness in Iraq’s military defenses. The U.S. gave Iraq the location of Iranian troops, despite knowing Saddam Hussein would use nerve gas. The ensuing Iraqi attacks killed hundreds (or even thousands) of Iranians. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the United States had “firm evidence” of Iraqi chemical attacks on Iran as early as 1983. According to the magazine, the disclosures in internal CIA files that top U.S. officials were aware ENIGMA

AUGUST 29 2013


“are tantamount to an official American admission of complicity in some of the most gruesome chemical weapons attacks ever launched.” And now we are using evidence of chemical weapons attacks to justify military intervention against Syria… …Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should let Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own citizens (if there is evidence to prove it) go unpunished. I’m just trying to show that our country has a really bad track record, historically, when it comes to our involvement in the Middle East. We propped up Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s. We funded and supported Osama bin Laden when he was fighting against the former Soviet Union. We helped overthrow a democratically elected Iranian government and installed the Shah of Iran… …As I mentioned, the situation in Syria might have already unfolded by the time you read this. But I hope it hasn’t. I hope President Obama, our Congress and our allies think long and hard before they intervene. I hope our “saber rattling” is part of a strategy to force the Syrians into a dialogue with the “rebels” there. Russia and China have warned us against intervention in Syria. The American people oppose it. We have a history of bad decisions in the Middle East. I don’t want us to add to it… - Mark Bedford

creepy. Am I overly concerned or should I keep my distance with her and just remain friends? I am very concerned about the age difference. BP

Dear Rocco, Why is it that so much money is either traded or invested where there is liquor involved. I know people with great business plans that can’t get anyone to pay attention, while at the same time know complete idiots who are irresponsible as hell can make a call and have any number of idiots throwing money at them. What gives? BH

I have been involved with a woman for a number of years. We helped each other through difficult times and we were always there for each other. I love her very much. A few months ago she went away to visit her father. She was gone a month. While there, she met another man and fell in love with him. She now claims she loves him and that he is her soul mate. Since she has been back, the man has not called her. He did send her a ring, she called him once, and they talked. He has never called back or kept in touch. I still love her and I do not know what to do or say. She says she continuously thinks of him. I know this because I am her best friend and she has been talking to me about it. I am confused. What should I do? LW

DDee aarr BBPP II ddoonn’’tt kknn oow w iiff ii tt’’ss ssttuuppii dd,, ii ss sshhee eexxttrr ee m meell yy hhoott?? II ddoouubbtt aa 1199--yyee aarr -oolldd hhaa ss aa lloott ii nn ccoom mm moonn w w iitthh aa 3333-yyeeaa rr --oolldd ssoo II ddoonn’’tt ssee ee aa lloonngg ll aasstt-iinngg rr eell aattii oonnsshhiipp.. HHoow w eevv eerr ,, ss hhee iiss llee ggaall ssoo ii ff yyoouu ffeeee ll tthhee oovv eerr -whheell m w mii nngg uurr ggee ttoo ppuurrss uuee hheerr tthhee nn ggoooodd ll uucckk.. II ddoonn’’tt tthhii nnkk yyoouurr ffrrii eenndd’’ss w w iivvee ss aanndd ggii rr llffrr iiee nnddss w wii llll hhaa vvee ttoooo m muucchh rr eess ppee cctt ffoorr yyoouu

DDeeaa rr BBHH IItt ssoouunnddss bbaa dd bbuutt ppllaa ccee ss tthhaa tt sseell ll ll iiqquuoorr m mee aa nnss ddrr uunnkk cchhii cckkss.. M Moosstt ppeeooppll ee w w hhoo iinn vveess tt aarr ee m meenn aanndd w eeaa lltthhyy m w mee nn ll oovvee ddrruunnkk,, hhoorr nnyy ggii rr ll ss.. GGoo ii nn aa nnyy ccll uubb iinn CChhaatttt aannoooo ggaa,, ii ff yyoouu’’rr ee aa ggoooodd ll ooookkii nngg w w oom maann tthhee oow w nnee rr w w iill ll ii nnttrroodduuccee hhiim mss ee llff ttoo yy oouu aanndd bbuuyy yyoouu aa tt ll eeaa sstt oonnee ddrrii nnkk.. TThhee m moorr ee ii nntteerr eesstt yyoouu sshhoow w ii nn hhiim m tthheenn tthhee moorr ee ddrr ii nnkkss yy oouu ggeett.. H m Hoow wee vvee rr D Dee aarr LLW W yyoouu m maayy ee nndd uupp ggee ttttiinn gg aa ggiifftt tthhaatt TThhaa tt’’ss ss ccrree w wee dd uupp.. IIff yyoouu ll oovvee hhee rr kkeeee ppss oonn ggii vvii nngg.. tthheenn kkee eepp bbeeii nngg hhee rr ffrrii eenn dd.. H Hee rr ootthheerr rr eell aattii oonnsshhii pp ssoouunndd ddoooom meedd Dear Rocco, aanndd yy oouu ccaann ppii cckk uupp tthhee ppii eecc eess.. Why is MTV hosting a video music M Maayy bbee ss hhee’’ llll rr eeaa llii zz ee yy oouu ttrr uull yy lloovv ee award show when they no longer hheerr aanndd tthhee ootthheerr gguuyy w waa ss aa ffll ii nngg.. are a video music channel and in fact turned their back on the Dear Rocco, industry> I’m a 33-year-old guy and I’ve MC developed a crush on a 19-yearold girl. Is this really stupid? DDeeaa rr M MCC Should I even think of moving this Moonnee yy ffrroom M m ss ppoonnss oorrss .. beyond a one-sided crush? I don’t think I’m having a leering obsesDear Rocco, sion, in fact, I sort of find it ENIGMA

AUGUST 29 2013


aa fftteerr aa nndd yy oouu hhaadd bbeettttee rr hhooppee hhee rr ffaa tthheerr ddooee ssnn’’tt ffii nndd oouutt.. IIff II w w eerr ee hhee rr ffaatthhee rr II w woouull dd kkiicc kk tthhee sshhii tt oouutt ooff yyoouu.. Rocco is a common sense, tell-itlike-it-is, no-nonsense kind of guy offering real advice on any subject put before him. Why pay thousands of dollars on a highpriced therapist when he’ll straighten you out for free. If you’d like advice from Rocco email him at or drop him a line at Ask Rocco c/o Enigma P.O. Box 825 Chattanooga, TN 37401.

HOOKSET, N.H. New Hampshire police said a woman who has called 911 multiple times in the past month was arrested for calling the emergency number to ask for a pen. Police said Jeanie Defresne of Hookset, who has called the emergency number 10 times in the past month, called 911 during the weekend and requested a writing instrument, WBZ-TV,

Boston, reported Tuesday. “I just want a simple thing,” Dufresne told the dispatcher. “A pen.” “You want a pen?” the dispatcher said. “You dialed 911 because you want a pen? You do realize that it’s definitely not an emergency. You’re dialing 911, you are tying up a 911 line, so you’re tying up people who actually have emergencies because you need a pen.” Dufresne, whose age was not reported, was arrested on a misuse of 911 charge. She was


ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bond. Police did not reveal the reasons for Dufresne’s previous birth to Brandon in July 2009 911 calls. was being used to test for drugs, Courthouse News Service NEWCASTLE, Pa. A reported. Bower tested positive Pennsylvania woman who failed for morphine because there a drug test because she ate were poppy seeds in a pasta poppy seed dressing is entitled dressing she had at dinner. Her to damages for losing her new- newborn son tested negative born son for 75 days, a judge for drugs, the intake form of ruled. Eileen Bower was Lawrence County Children and unaware the urine sample she Youth Services noted. U.S. provided to Jameson Health District Judge Terrence McVerry Systems an hour before giving dismissed Bower’s claims for

AUGUST 29 2013


negligence against the department but her claim of due process violations under the 14th Amendment survived. “By taking custody of Baby Brandon without any effort to corroborate the drug test and without talking to the parents, LCCYS policy did not provide sufficient protection for the fundamental parental rights involved in light of the drastic nature of the deprivation,” McVerry wrote. He awarded summary judgment against the child services department with the amount of damages to be determined by a jury. RAPID CITY, Utah - A pair of enterprising thieves took a car wash to the cleaners: They used a powerful shop vacuum to suck quarters out of a coin-operated machine, police said. The duo drew the suspicion of a passing police officer and failed to make a clean getaway. “They had a good plan. They were enterprising. If they were successful they could have returned night after night,” said Sgt. Gary Young. “More often thieves just use a crowbar. They get an A for effort but an F for execution.” Todd Herburg, 53, and Scott Luker, 55, were arrested on suspicion of burglary. More charges are pending.

What gave the men away was a crude attempt at altering their vehicle’s license plates. They used a piece of black electrical tape to change a ‘D’ to a ‘B’ Young said. The bandits were at work for about 12 minutes, sucking coins out of the coin dispensary of a stand-alone vacuum cleaner at the car wash. They used their own shop vacuum to do the work, he said. It was powered by an inverter rigged inside their Jeep SUV to produce household current. Police haven’t counted their stash of quarters yet, but the coin-operated machine probably held no more than $30. MADISON, Wis. - Police in Wisconsin said an unusually named man, Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture. The 32-year-old man, who was born Jeffrey Drew Wilschke and had his name legally changed in October 2011, allegedly had drugs and paraphernalia during a July 20 traffic stop, court records said. Washington County records said Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, of Madison, was driving a minivan with an expired registration when a Washington County sheriff’s deputy pulled him over


for weaving between lanes. Deputies found .60 ounces of marijuana in a Mason jar, more than 100 small, plastic bags, two scales, marijuana grinders and marijuana pipes in the vehicle, The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette reported Friday. Zopittybop-Bop-Bop and his passenger, Zachary R. Marinan, of Davenport, had a combined $1,800 in cash. Zopittybop-BopBop is scheduled for trial Sept. 17 and if convicted could face a possible five years in prison and a $7,500 fine. LINDEN, N.J. - Police in New Jersey said a deli owner fended off an alleged robber by throwing hot oil on the armed suspect. Linden police said the owner of Cos’s Corner Deli, who asked his name not be used, threw scalding oil on a suspect who came into the store at 2:06 p.m. Monday, pointed a handgun at him and demanded money from the cash register, The (Newark) Star-Ledger reported Tuesday. “It’s like 350 degrees. I think that got him, he felt the heat, that’s when he ran away,” the deli owner said. “I couldn’t just stand here and watch him take my money. We don’t rob people to make money. We work 12 to 15 hours a day to put bread on the table,”

AUGUST 29 2013


the man said. Police said the suspect’s face was partially obscured by his coat, but investigators are attempting to identify him from surveillance camera footage. AUSTRALIA - It seems a man had to go to the hospital to have a 4inch fork removed from his penis after it became lodged there during a sex act. Apparently he was trying to achieve sexual climax, although how a cocktail fork was supposed to help with that was not made clear. The incident was described in a recent medical journal by three surgeons who operated on the man to remove the kitchen utensil. They eventually managed to retrieve the object after using a large amount of lubrication and forceps, while the man was given a general anesthetic. “It is apparent that the human mind is uninhibited let alone creative,” they wrote in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. You don’t say. The kicker to this whole bizarre incident is that the victim (for lack of a better descriptor) is 70-years-old. I guess at that age a little barely legal Internet porn and a tube of lube doesn’t cut it anymore. But a cocktail fork? You know, now I’m kind of curious..


TT U U EESSDDAAYY SSeeppttee m mbbee rr 33

This week’s calendar covers events from Thursday, September 4, through Wednesday, August 28. We would be happy to publish your free listing in future Billboards, space permitting. Simply mail us the information so that we have it 7 days before the publication date. A photograph may be sent with the announcement. Send information to: Calendar Editor, Enigma, P.O. Box 825, Chattanooga, TN 37401 or e-mail to All dates subject to change without notice.

TT H HUURRSSDDAAYY AAuugguuss tt 2299 CCOO M MEE DDYY CC AATTCC HH Ian Gutoskie BBUUDD’’ SS DJ Hammer TTRREE M MO ON NTT TT A AVVEE RRN N Songwriters Showcase SSIINNGG IITT OO RR W WIIN NG G IITT Karaoke VVAA UUDDEE VVII LLLLEE CC AAFFEE “Mystery at the TV Talk Show” BBAARRTT’’ SS LLAAKKEE SSHHOO RREE Open Mic CCAAM M PP H HO OU USSEE Open Mic TTHH EE PPAALL M MSS Prime Cut House Band SSKKYY ZZOOOO Karaoke AAM MIIG GO O (Hixson) Karaoke w/ Poe Boy Entertainment AARRII’’SS HHAARRBBOORR LLIIGGHH TT SS Keyz Brown LLOOSS RREEYY EESS (( Ringgold) Thirsty Thursdays w/ DJ Scubasteve HHOO NNEE SSTT PPII NNTT Valley Young, W.B. Givens and The Mailboxes SSUUGG AARR’’SS The Loop RRHHYY TT HHM M && BBRREE W WSS Ghost Owl ZZYY DDEECC OO (Birmingham) Black Flag SSM MO OK KIIEESS SSTT A AD DIIU UM M (Sevierville) The Band Perry

FFRRIID DAAYY AAuugguusstt 3300 CCOO M MEE DDYY CC AATTCC HH Ian Gutoskie RRHHYY TT HHM M && BBRREE W WSS Channing Wilson Band, Paul Hadfield & Tucker Band SSIINNGG IITT OO RR W WIIN NG G IITT Karaoke BBAARRTT’’ SS LLAAKKEE SSHHOO RREE DJ E VVAA UUDDEE VVII LLLLEE CC AAFFEE “Mystery at the Redneck-Italian Wedding” LLEEGG EENN DDSS BBAARR && GG RRIILLLL Clay Danger Karaoke FFAANNAATT IICC SS Karaoke w/ DJ Hammer TTHH EE PPAALL M MSS DJ TTHH EE TT AAVVEERRNN (Soddy-Daisy) Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment WEEEE K W KEEN ND D’’ SS SSPPO O RRTTSS BBA ARR && G GRRIILLLL (Cleveland) Karaoke & DJs Lisa & Donna BBEEEEFF OO’’ BBRRAADDYY ’’SS (Ooltewah) Karaoke w/ RCB ENIGMA


Entertainment MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A Screaming Orphans with Rigoletto TTRRAACC KK 2299 Corey Smith SSUUGGAARR’’ SS Power Players Show Band TT--BBOO NNEE ’’SS Nathan Farrow TTRREE M MO ON N TT TTA AVVEE RRN N Jordan Hallquist

W EEDDNNEESSDDAA YY SSee pptt eem W mbbeerr 44


SSU U NNDDAAYY SSeepptteem mbbeerr 11 CCOO M MEEDD YY CCAATT CC HH Ian Gutoskie TTHH EE PPAALLM M SS Karaoke w/ DJ Salt BBUU DD’’SS Karaoke w/ DJ Hammer SSIINNGG IITT OORR W W IIN NG G IITT Karaoke VVAAUU DDEEVVIILLLLEE CC AAFFEE Live Band Karaoke DDOOUU BBLLEE HH IILLLL BBIILLLL IIAARRDDSS Open Mic BBEE EEFF OO’’ BBRRAADD YY ’’SS Karaoke w/ RCB Entertainment AARRII ’’SS HH AARRBBOORR LLII GGHH TTSS Keyz Brown ZZIIGGGG YY’’ SS Vital Remains, Coathanger Abortion, Cranial Impalement, Aborny HHOONN EESSTT PPIINN TT The Sandwich, Hotel War, Endelouz SSTTAARRLLII GGHH TT DD RRIIVVEE--IINN (Atlanta) Man or Astroman? CCHH AASSTT AAIINN PPAARRKK (Atlanta) Maze feat. Frankie Beverly TTUU RRNN EERR FF IIEELLDD (Atlanta) Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy

AUGUST 20 2013


RRHH YYTT HH M M && BBRREEW W SS 10 Years, Monster Truck, Righteous Vendetta RRAAW W Open Jam w/ Jonathan Wimpee and friends SSII NNGG IITT OORR W WIIN NG G IITT Karaoke FF AANNAATT IICCSS Karaoke w/ DJ Hammer PPLLAAYY OO FFFFSS SSPPOORRTT SS BBAARR Karaoke w/ Captain Karaoke DD OOUUBBLLEE HH IILLLL BBIILLLLIIAARRDD SS Karaoke LLAASS M MA ARRG GA ARRII TTA A’’ SS Priscilla & Little Rickee BBAARRTT ’’SS LLAAKKEESSHH OORREE Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment WEE EEK W KEE N ND D ’’SS SS PPO ORRTT SS BBA ARR && G G RRIILLLL (Cleveland) Open Mic w/ Mimi FF OOXX && HH OOUU NNDD Karaoke w/ DJ Salt SSM MO OK KEE YY BBO ON NEE SS Wild’n Out Wednesdays W/ DJ ScubaSteve FF OOXX && HH OOUU NNDD Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment AARRII’’ SS HH AARRBBOO RR LLIIGG HHTT SS Keyz Brown TT HHEE TT AAVVEE RRNN (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims PPOO KKEEYY ’’SS (Cleveland) 2Nfro HH OONN EESSTT PPIINNTT Jason and The Punknecks, The Kernal & his New Strangers, Get Hot Or Go Home SSUU GGAARR’’ SS Dan Sheffield AARREE NNAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Muse, Cage the Elephant

UPPCC OOM U M IINNGG EEVVEENNTTSS HH OONN EESSTT PPIINNTT Turchi, Radio Bird, Hot Damn September 5 RRHH YYTT HH M M && BBRREEW W SS Moon Taxi, Black Taxi September 5 BBRRIIDD GGEESS TTOO NNEE AARREENN AA (Nashville) Iron Maiden, Megadeth September 5 VVAARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY HHOO UUSSEE (Atlanta) Butch Walker September 5 RRHH YYTT HH M M && BBRREEW W SS Zoso September 6 SSUU GGAARR’’ SS The Micks September 6 BBRRIIDD GGEESS TTOO NNEE AARREENN AA (Nashville) Muse, Cage the Elephant September 6

MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Butch Walker September 6 SSU UG G AARR’’SS The Micks September 7 DAALL TTO D ON ND D EEPPO O TT (Dalton) Georgia Pine September 7 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREELLEE SSSS AAM M PPH HIITT H H EEAATT RREE @ @ EEN N CCO O RREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Steely Dan September 7 TT H HEE EEAARRLL (Atlanta) Pere Ubu September 7 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Diana Ross September 7 DAARRW D WIIN N ’’SS (Marietta) Chris Duarte Group September 7 EEXXIITT // IIN N (Nashville) Matt Wertz September 7 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPIIN NTT Elise Davis September 8 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Hanson September 8 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Blue October September 8 TT H HEE M MAASSQ QU UEE RRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Hank3 September 8 552299 (Atlanta) The Dexateens September 8 WAARR M W M EEM MO O RRIIAALL AAU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Chris Isaak September 8 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Pere Ubu September 8 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Rancid September 9 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Edward Sharpe & the magnetic Zeroes, Willy Mason September 9 WIILLD W DH HO O RRSSEE SS AALLO OO ON N (Nashville) Hanson September 10 CC EEN N TTEE N NN NII AALL O OLL YYM M PPIICC PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines, Bear’s Den September 10 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) The Black Crowes September 10 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPIIN NTT Carey Murdock, Al Holbrook, John Taylor Haston Band September 11 SSLLU UG GG GO O ’’SS Nude Beach, Suspicious Beasts September 11 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREEW WSS Rosco Bandana September 11 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPIIN NTT Sick/Sea, The Mailboxes September 12 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Depeche Mode September 12 SSCC H HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CC EE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Chicago September 12 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Robyn Hitchcock September 12 MEE M M MO O RRIIAALL AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M ZZ Top September 13 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Charlie Wilson September 13 SSM M IITTH H ’’SS O OLLD D EE BBAARR (Atlanta) Allgood September 13 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Pepper September 13 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Ben Harper September 13 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Chris Tucker September 13 WAARR M W M EEM MO O RRIIAALL AAU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Charlie Daniels Band September 13 RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT N N IIG GH H TTSS Alan Evans Trio September 14 PPO OK KEE YY ’’SS (Cleveland) Jacob Powell September 14 AAARRO A ON N SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker September 14 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H H AALLLL (Atlanta) Pet Shop Boys September 14 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Matisyahu September 14

MA M ASSQ QU UEE RRA AD D EE M MU USSIICC PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Snoop Dogg, Goodie Mob, Joey Bada$$, Ruby Veile & the Soulphonics, Amel Lamieux, Pete Rock, Quadron September 14 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Ben Harper September 14 AA A ARRO ON N SS A AM MPPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Miranda Lambert September 15 PPA ARRK K TT A AVVEE RRN N (Atlanta) Ed Roland & the Sweet Tea Project September 15 CCO O BBBB EEN N EERRG G YY PPEE RRFFO O RRM M IIN NG GA ARRTT SS CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Englebert Humperdinck September 15 SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY H HA ALLLL (Atlanta) Joe Satriani, Steve Morse Band September 15 EEXXIITT //II N N (Nashville) Fastball September 15 ALLA A ABBA AM MA A TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Birmingham) Kevin James September 15 TTU U SSCC A ALLO OO O SSA AA AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Fun., Tegan & Sara September 16 AA A ARRO ON N SS A AM MPPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, PJ Morton September 16 WA W ARR M MEE M MO O RRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Joe Satriani, Steve Morse Band September 17 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) Glen Tilbrook September 17 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPII N NTT Feedback Revival, Jetsam In The Noose September 18 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS Raven Cliff September 18 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) Foreigner September 18 RRO OCC K KEETT O OW WN N (Nashville) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus September 18 TTH H EE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Empire of the Sun September 18 SSM MIITT H H ’’SS O O LLD D EE BBA ARR (Atlanta) Glen Tilbrook September 18 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS American Aquarium, Ryan Oyer September 19 WO W ORRK KPPLLA AYY TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Birmingham) Mindy Smith September 19 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) Steep Canyon Rangers, The Wood Brothers, Richard Thompson, Billy Bragg, Rosanne Cash September 19 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran September 19 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Big Boi, Killer Mike September 20 MU M USS IICC M MIID DTT O OW WN N (Atlanta) Z Ward, North Mississippi All-Stars, Jane’s Addiction September 20 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran September 20 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS the Velcro Pygmies September 21 MU M USS IICC M MIID DTT O OW WN N (Atlanta) Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Queen of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, Tegan & Sara September 21 VVA ARRII EETT YY PPLL A AYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Okkervil River September 21 JJIIM MM MIILLLLEE RR PPA ARRK K (Marietta) Lauren Alaina September 21 WA W ARR M MEE M MO O RRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Kings of Leon, Cabin Down Below band, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Norah Jones, Jakob Dylan, Buddy Miller, Erica Wennerstrom, Butch Walker, Corey Chisel And the Working Sons, Adriel Denae, Clyde Barnes September 21 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran September 21 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPII N NTT Olta September 22


TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT AAN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Fun., Tegan & Sara September 22 WAARR M W MEE M MO ORRIIAA LL AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) 3 Doors Down September 22 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Blues Traveler September 23 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 Big Boi, Miller Mike September 24 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Ani DiFranco, Ari Hest September 24 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Blues Traveler September 24 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Ani DiFranco September 25 EED DD D IIEE’’ SS AATT TT IICC (Atlanta) Howie Day September 25 WAARR M W MEE M MO ORRIIAA LL AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) the Blind Boys of Alabama, Mavis Staples, Jacob Jones September 25 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Kenny Rogers September 25 IIRRO ON N CCIITT YY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Grace Potter & the Nocturnals September 25 HO H ON N EESSTT PPIIN N TT Howle+Mosley, Archie Powell & The Exports, Nava Hotel September 26 JJ..JJ..’’SS BBO OH H EEM MIIAA Valient Thorr, Ramming Speed September 26 TTH H IIRRD DM M AAN N RREE CCO O RRD DSS (Nashville) Mudhoney, Cheap Time September 26 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Gov’t Mule, London Souls September 26 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Colin Hay September 27 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) John Mayer, Phillip Phillips September 27 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Lionel Richie September 27 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) 30 Seconds to Mars September 27 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Ra Ra Riot September 27 MEERRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Sick Puppies, Charming Liars September 27 RRII VVEE RRFFRRO ON N TT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Zac Brown Band September 27 TTU U SSCCAALL O OO O SSAA AAM MPPH H IITT H HEEAATT RREE (Tuscaloosa) Corey Smith September 27 TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU U EERRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Kamelot, Delain Eclipse September 28 VVEE RRIIZZO ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH H IITT H HEEAATT RREE @ @ EEN NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots September 28 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Martina McBride September 28 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Russell Brand September 28 TTEE N NN NEE SSSSEE EE TT H HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) City & Colour September 28 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTT O ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Lionel Richie September 28 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSSLLEE YY (Nashville) Howie Day September 28 RRII VVEE RRFFRRO ON N TT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Zac Brown Band, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, John Fogerty, Dawes, The Head And The Heart, Willie Nelson September 28 HO H ON N EESSTT PPIIN N TT Molly Maguires September 29 NVV N N NIIG GH HTT CC LLU UBB (Knoxville) Aaron Carter September 29 EED DD D IIEE’’ SS AATT TT IICC (Atlanta) Grant Lee Phillips September 29 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Blondie, X September 30 FFO OXX TT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Jack Johnson

AUGUST 29 2013


AUG 29- SEPT 1











October 1 BBU UCC K KH HEE AAD D TT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Blondie, X October 1 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREEW WSS The Average October 2 TT H HEE EEAARRLL (Atlanta) Mudhoney, Cheap Time October 2 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Jack Johnson October 2 HO H ON NEE SSTT PPIIN NTT Goodbye June October 3 JJ..JJ..’’ SS BBO OH HEEM M IIAA Kishi Bashi October 3 TT RRA ACCK K 22 99 Dwight Yoakum October 3 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREEW WSS Paul Thorn October 3 TT EEN NN NEESS SSEEEE TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Lewis Black October 3 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Passion Pit October 3 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Portugal the Man, Crystal Fighters October 3 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Edwin McCain October 3 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Aimee Mann October 4 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Dane Cook October 4 TT H HEE LLO OFF TT (Atlanta) Cody Chesnutt October 4 FFO O XX TT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) J. Cole, Wale October 4 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, Al Jardine, David Marks October 4 GEE O G ORRG G IIAA W WO O RRLLD D CC O ON NG G RREE SSSS CC EE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Chuck Negron, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Gary Puckett & the Union ap, The Turtles feat. Flow & Eddie October 4 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Those Darlins October 4 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USS IICC W WO ORRK KSS (Nashville) Phoenix October 4 JJ..JJ..’’ SS BBO OH HEEM M IIAA Those Darlins October 5 FFRRA AN NK KLLIIN N TTH H EEAATT RREE (Franklin) Aimee Mann October 5 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) The Naked & the Famous October 5 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Kathleen Madigan October 5 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Sigor Ros October

5 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Dane Cook October 6 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Sick Puppies, Red Light King, Charming Liars October 6 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 Arctic Monkeys October 7 NA N ASSH H VVIILLLLEE M MU UN N IICC IIPPA ALL A AU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Queens of the Stone Age, Savages October 7 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Vampire Weekend October 7 EEXXIITT //II N N (Nashville) needtobreathe October 7 VVEERRIIZZO ON NW W IIRREELLEE SSSS A AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE @ @ EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Fun., Hunter Hunted October 8 FFO O XX TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Atlanta) “America’s Got Talent” October 8 FFO O XX TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Atlanta) Sarah Brightman October 9 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters, Left Alone October 9 TTU U SSCC A ALLO OO O SSA AA AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) The Lumineers October 9 IIRRO ON N CC IITTYY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Arctic Monkeys October 9 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) India.Arie October 9 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) “America’s Got Talent” October 9 BBIIJJO OU U TT H HEE A ATTRREE (Knoxville) Ben Rector, Tyrone Wells October 9 NVV N N NII G GH H TTCC LLU UBB (Knoxville) Sevendust October 9 KN K NO O XXVVIILLLLEE A AU UD DIITT O O RRII U UM M (Knoxville) Hunter Hayes, Ashley Monroe October 10 MA M ASSQ QU UEE RRA AD D EE M MU USSIICC PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Passion Pit, The Joy Formidable October 10 BBJJCC CC CC O ON NCC EERRTT H HA ALL LL (Birmingham) “America’s Got Talent” October 10 ZZYY D DEECC O O (Birmingham) Tim Reynolds and TR3 October 10 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS Unknown Hinson, Justin Wells October 11 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Dr. Dog


October 11 TTH H EE SSH H EED D (Maryville) Webb Wilder October 12 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) The Lumineers October 12-14 CCEE N NTT EERR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Danzig, Butcher Babies, Texas Hippie Coalition, A Pale Horse Named Death October 12 CCO O BBBB EEN NEE RRG GYY PPEE RRFF O ORRM M IIN NG G AARRTT SS CC EEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) Wanda Sykes October 12 SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY H HAALL LL (Atlanta) Michael McDonald October 13 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) The Lumineers October 13 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) The Lumineers October14 CCA AN NN NEERRYY BBAALLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Franz Ferdinand October 15 SSCCH H EERRM M EERRH HO O RRN N SS YYM M PPH HO ON NYY CC EEN NTT EE RR (Nashville) The Beach Boys October 15 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Noah & the Whale, LP October 15 CCO O BBBB EEN NEE RRG GYY PPEE RRFF O ORRM M IIN NG G AARRTT SS CC EEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) Jimmy Fallon October 15 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 Steve Earle October 24 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Gary Clark, Jr. October 25 BBU U CCK KH H EEAAD D TT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Aaron Carter October 15 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 Beats Antique October 16 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Gary Clark Jr. October 16 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTT O ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) The Eagles October 16 IIRRO ON N CCIITT YY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Ben Rector, Tyrone Wells October 16 RRO OG GU U EE TT AAVVEERRN N (Birmingham) Kellie Pickler, John & Jacob October 16 BBIIJJ O OU U TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) They Might Be Giants, Moon Hooch October 16 BBA ARRK KII N NG G LLEEG G SS TT H HEE AATTEE RR Junior Brown October 17 FFO OXX TT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Hunter Hayes, Ashley Monroe October 17 SSM MIITT H H’’ SS O O LLD DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Cherry Poppin’ Daddies October 17

AUGUST 29 2013


SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CC EEN NTT EERR (Nashville) Chris Botti October 18 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Hunter Hayes, Ashley Monroe October 18 ATT LLAAN A N TTAA M MO OTT O O RR SSPPEEEE D DW WA AYY (Hampton) The Beach Boys October 18 CC O OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PPEERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG GA ARRTTSS CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) India.Arie October 18 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Ben Rector, Tyrone Wells October 18 TT EERRM M IIN NAALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) The Whigs, Turf War October 18 TT RRA ACCK K 2299 Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power October 19 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Rod Stewart, Steve Winwood October 19 CC O OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PPEERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG GA ARRTTSS CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Lewis Black October 19 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH HII TTH H EEA ATT RREE A ATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Darius Rucker, Randy Houser, Justin Moore October 19 TT EERRM M IIN NAALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) Vanessa Carlton, Patrick Sweeny October 20 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Austin Mahone, Midnight Red, W3 The Future October 20 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley October 19 WIILL D W DH HO O RRSSEE SSAALLO OO ON N (Nashville) Air Supply October 20 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power October 20 CC EEN N TTEE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Switchfoot October 20 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Austin Mahone, Mignight Red, W3 The Future October 20 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H HAALLLL (Atlanta) Kris Kristofferson October 20 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Patty Griffin October 21 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Nine Inch Nails, Godspeed You Black Emperor October 22 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Michael Buble October 23 CC A AN NN N EERRYY BBAALLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Neko Case October 23 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Emeli Sande October 23 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Sparks October 23 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Nine Inch Nails, Godspeed You Black Emperor October 24 BBU UCC K KH H EEAAD D TTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Neko Case October 24 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Built to Spill October 24 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Selena Gomez & the Scene October 25 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Leon Redbone October 25 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH HII TTH H EEA ATT RREE A ATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) John Fogerty October 25 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Pretty Lights October 25 TT H HEE M MAASS Q QU UEE RRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Gary Numan October 25 RREE D D CC LLAAYY TT H HEEAATT RREE (Duluth, GA) Paula Cole October 25 D AALLTTO D ON ND DEEPPO O TT (Dalton) Georgia Pine October 26 LLIIBBEE RRTTYY TT RREEEE FFEE SSTTII VVA ALL (Dalton) Georgia Pine October 26 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Selena Gomez & the Scene October 26 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Neutral Milk

Hotel, Half Japanese October 26 CC O OBBBB EE N NEERRG G YY PPEERRFFO O RRM MIIN NG G AARRTT SS CC EEN N TT EERR (Atlanta) Sergio Mendes October 26 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Sister Hazel October 26 BBO OU U TTW WEE LLLL AAU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Birmingham) Bassnectar, Ill-Eshn October 26 RRO OCC K KEE TTO OW WN N (Nashville) Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, Breathe Carolina, Issues, Last Night October 27 MAASS Q M QU UEE RRAAD DEE M MU USS IICC PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, Breathe Carolina, Issues, Our Last Night October 28 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides, Throw the Fight October 28 TT RRA ACCK K 22 99 Clutch, The Sword October 29 TT RRA ACCK K 22 99 J.J. Grey & Mofro, The Revivalists October 30 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREEW WSS Band of Heathens October 30 LLO O VVEE LLEESSSS CCAAFF ÉÉ (Nashville) Leftover Salmon October 30 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREEW WSS Opposite Box, Deep Fried 5, Demonwaffle October 31 TT H HEE LLO OFF TT (Atlanta) Reverend Horton Heat October 31 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) The Orb October 31 MAASS Q M QU UEE RRAAD DEE M MU USS IICC PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Big Gigantic October 31 SSCC H HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CC EE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Michael McDonald October 31 TT IIVVO OLLII TT H H EEAATT RREE Barenaked Ladies November 1 BBJJCC CC CCO ON NCC EERRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Hunter Hayes, Ashley Monroe November 1 FFEE RRSSTT CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy November 1 TT H HEE M MAASSQ QU UEE RRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Story of the Year, Like Moths to Flames, Hawthorne Heights, Set It Off, I Am King November 1 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Chiddy Bang, Timeflies November 1 TT H HEE LLO OFF TT (Atlanta) Cults November 1

FFO O XX TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Atlanta) John Legend, Tamar Braxton November 1 WIILLD W DH HO O RRSS EE SSA ALLO OO ON N (Nashville) Blue Oyster Cult November 1 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) Michael McDonald November 1 MA M ARRA ATT H HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson, Hillbilly Casino November 1 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Alabama November 2 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) Michael McDonald November 2 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Los Straightjackets, The Fleshtones, Southern Culture on the Skids November 2 VVA ARRII EETT YY PPLL A AYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Michael Nesmith November 2 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Alabama November 3 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRA AD D EE (Atlanta) Minus the Bear, Invsn, Slow Bird November 3 BBU UCC K KH HEE A AD D TT H HEE A ATT RREE (Atlanta) Hugh Lauarie November 3 WO W ORRK KPPLLA A YY SS O OU UN ND DSSTT A AG G EE (Birmingham) Relient K, Motion City Soundtrack, Driver Friendly November 3 TTEE N NN N EESSSSEE EE TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Knoxville) Barenaked Ladies November 3 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Alabama November 4 TTEE RRM MIIN NA ALL W WEESS TT (Atlanta) KMFDM, Chant November 5 BBU UCC K KH HEE A AD D TT H HEE A ATT RREE (Atlanta) Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, H2O November 5 PPH HIILLII PPSS A ARREEN NA A (Atlanta) Drake, Miguel November 7 MA M ARRA ATT H HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Fitz & the Tantrums November 7 VVA ARRII EETT YY PPLL A AYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Colin Meloy November 8 MEE M M MO ORRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M Michael English November 9 RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS Ben Bridwell November 9


EED DD D IIEE’’ SS AATT TT IICC (Atlanta) The Greencards November 9 JJA AM MEE SS K K.. PPO O LLK K TT H HEE AATTRREE (Nashville) Englebert Humperdinck November 10 EED DD D IIEE’’ SS AATT TT IICC (Atlanta) Lisa Marie Presley November 10 BBU U CCK KH H EEAAD D TT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Two Door Cinema Club, Bad Veins November 11 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Iron & Wine November 11 MEERRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Polica November 11 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 Steve Vai November 12 JJ..JJ..’’SS BBO OH H EEM MIIAA Kurt Vile, Beach Fossils November 12 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Two Door Cinema Club, Bad Veins November 12 SSM MIITT H H’’ SS O O LLD DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, The Saint Johns November 12 WO W ORRK KPPLLAAYY TT H HEE AATTRREE (Birmingham) Steve Vai November 13 EEXXIITT //IIN N (Nashville) Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, The Saint Johns November 13 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Amos Lee, Hurray For the Riff Raff November 14 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTT O ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Justin Timberlake November 15 TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU U EERRAAD DEE (Atlanta) The Chariot, Glass Cloud, To The Wind November 16 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Janelle Monae November 17 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Nashville) Of Montreal, La Luz November 17 BBJJ CCCC A ARREEN N AA (Birmingham) The Eagles November 18 JJEEM M IISSO ON N CC O ON N CCEE RRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Natalie Merchant November 18 MEERRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Mike Doughty November 19 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Mike Doughty November 20 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTT O ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) The

AUGUST 29 2013


Charlie Daniels Band, Kenny Rogers, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, Tanya Tucker, Josh Turner, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, Same Moore, Shelby Lynne, the Oak Ridge Boys, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, T. Graham Brown, Mark Chesnutt, Joe Diffie, Jamey Johnson, Tracy Lawrence, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, Gene Watson, Clay Walker, Aaron Tippin, Collin Ray, Crystal Gayle, Brenda Lee, TG Sheppard, Bobby Bare, Don Mclean, Billy Ray Cyrus November 22 M AARRAATTH M HO ON NM MU U SSIICC W WO ORRK KSS (Nashville) Johnny Marr November 22 ARREE N A NAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Macklamore & Ryan Lewis, Talib Kwell, Big K.R.I.T. November 22 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H HAALLLL (Atlanta) Michael W. Smith November 22 CC EEN N TTEE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Johnny Marr November 23 FF O OXX TT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Joe Bonamassa November 23 CC EEN N TTEE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Jonny Lang November 24 EE XXIITT// IIN N (Nashville) The Misfits November 24 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Paramore, Metric, Hellogoodbye November 26 ARREE N A NAA AATT G GW WIIN NN N EETT TT CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Paramore, Metric, Hellogoodbye November 27 CC O OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PPEERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG GA ARRTTSS CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Amos Lee, Mutlu November 29 BBJJCC CC A ARREEN N AA (Birmingham) Pink December 3 ARREE N A NAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Michael English December 5 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) John Waters December 12 BBJJCC CC A ARREEN N AA (Birmingham) Pink December 13 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Andrea Bocelli December 15

TITANS SACK FALCONS Three down, one to go. Thank goodness preseason is only four games – four painful games to watch, however. The Atlanta Falcons, who were ten yards short of making the Super Bowl last season lost their third preseason game falling to the Tennessee Titans in Nashville Saturday evening 27-16. I know a preseason game is only a dress rehearsal, but there is still a matter of pride in even a preseason game. Atlanta is one of the favorites coming into this season to make the Super Bowl while the Titans are in rebuilding mode. It looked the other way around Saturday. Jake Locker easily had his best day as a pro completing 11-of-13 for 133 yards and a touchdown. Five years ago Locker was an odds on favorite to win the Heisman. He didn’t but in lieu of the fiasco that was once Vince Young, the Titans drafted him in the first round back in 2011. Locker was a great quarterback in college and has that potential to be great in the NFL, he just needs an

offensive line and competent receivers. The running game is already there in Chris Johnson, but one of the problems the Titans have had since moving to Nashville has been pedestrian receivers. Not that much has changed. There is hope Kenny Britt will live up to expecta-

An injury to veteran cornerback Assante Samuel opened the gates for Locker as he hit receivers with pinpoint accuracy. He hit Nate Washington to give the Titans the lead 7-6 in the second quarter as the Titans never looked back as they extended the lead to 20-6 over

son towards the end as the Falcons put up gaudy numbers for yardage, but settled for field goals or turnovers as Ryan threw more and more interceptions the second half of the season. Plus sides for Atlanta included the return of Tony Gonzalez who came off extended vacation to haul in two Ryan passes. Julio Jones hauled in four passes or 81 yards and included a nice 42-yard catch. Steven Jackson was fleet of foot once again gaining 51 yards on 12 carries.

“I felt good. Obviously, there’s room for improvement—there always is, I’ve only been back four days, or whatever it is. I am improving my wind, I wasn’t winded, but I can get better. I can explode off the line of scrimmage, everything can improve. I like where I’m at having missed most of camp, but we’ve got another week of practice and then we have to get ready for the Saints,” said Gonzalez on his first action he’s tions and off police rap sheets as Atlanta’s first team scoring 20 unan- seen this year. they still do not have a “name” in swered points. Washington led Titans receivers hauling in four For the first time all preseason the the receiving corps. Atlanta reserves put up a fight. passes for 70 yards. Dominique Davis rallied Atlanta to The Titans looked a lot sharper on within 20-16 before Ryan Fitzpatrick offense this game than they have all put the game away with his second preseason. The offensive line is touchdown pass hitting Michael much improved although the Preston midway through the fourth Falcons did get to Locker three quarter making the final score 27-16. times in the first half. Atlanta still has issues to deal with Atlanta’s offensive line has a lot of on the offensive line in what could questions with only one week until be a long season for Ryan if he is the start of the regular season. Matt not protected. The other offensive Ryan was sacked five times weapons look ready to go – Saturday. All in all the Titans Gonzalez, Jackson, Jones and recorded six sacks – a big improve- Douglas. Only Roddy White, still ment over last season’s team that nursing an injury hasn’t played much since the first preseason gave up 471 points. game. The secondary looks ques“We gave up way too many sacks tionable at best as well as the lineand way too many pressures on the backing corps, the latter which quarterback. They did hit our quar- needed the most improvement but terback too many times with some wasn’t addressed in the off-season. of their add-on blitzes. We have got The defensive line did get pressure to get that fixed,” said Falcons head on Locker and Fitzpatrick but receivers found gaps to get to balls. coach Mike Smith. Ryan was mediocre in extended action Saturday as he completed 11of-19 passes for 138 yards and no touchdowns. The Falcons drove deep into Tennessee territory a couple of times but had to settle for field goals and that concerns me. A lot of that was happening last seaENIGMA

AUGUST 29 2013


Preseason comes to a merciful end Thursday as the Falcons host the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta opens up the regular season on the road on September 8 as they visit the New Orleans Saints.

- Dave Weinthal

Photography by Rhiannon Bradley and Chris Eason

© Rhiannon Bradley

© Rhiannon Bradley

© Rhiannon Bradley

© Rhiannon Bradley © Rhiannon Bradley

© Chris Eason

© Chris Eason

© Chris Eason


AUGUST 29 2013

© Chris Eason


the Cashbox chart. The tune has been covered by dozens of other artists, but none achieved the success of the original.

11995555 A London judge fined Sidney Turner three pounds, ten shillings for “creating an abominable noise” after Turner threatened his neighbors by saying, “I will drive you mad.” Turner played Bill Haley And His Comets’ “Shake Rattle & Roll” as loud as possible from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 11 995588 Ricky Nelson kicks off his musical concert career by appearing at Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he sets an all time attendance record for the venue by performing in front of 44,221 people, spread out over two days. His fee for the gig was $10,000 and his supporting acts were comedian Henny Youngman and The Four Preps. 11 995599 The Quarrymen perform for about 300 teenagers at the opening of The Casbah Coffee Club, located in the basement of a family home owned by Pete Best’s mother, Mona. The group consists of John, Paul, George and guitarist Ken Brown. Still without a drummer, the band shared one microphone connected to the house P.A. system and would return for six more Saturday night engagements for 15 shillings each per night.

Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife” debuts on Billboard’s Pop chart. The song, taken from a 1928 German play called Three Penny Opera, will be Darin’s biggest hit, reaching the top of the Billboard Pop chart and winning a Grammy Award for Record of the Year. 11996600 Barry White leaves prison after serving three months for stealing 300 car tires. 11996611 Tamla Records releases The Marvelettes’ first single, “Please Mr. Postman”. The song will sell over a million copies and become the group’s biggest hit, reaching the top of both the Billboard Pop and R&B charts. 24-year-old Gene Chandler records “Duke Of Earl” for Vee Jay Records. It will become the label’s first number one and first million seller next February. 11 996622

The Four Seasons’ “Sherry” enters the Hot 100 at #91. The song will ascend the charts quickly and top both Billboard and the Cash Box Best Sellers list within a month. After Cameo Records producers passed on the opportunity to have Dee Dee Sharp record a Gerry Goffin / Carole King song called “The Loco-Motion”, Don Kirshner at Dimension Records decided to take a chance on it. He liked the demo record’s singer, Eva Boyd, who was Goffin and King’s babysitter, and had her re-record it. The result was a US number one hit. 119966 33 The Angels become the first white girl group to have a US number one hit when “My Boyfriend’s Back” topped the Billboard Hot 100. 11996644 Rob Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” is released. It will reach Billboard’s top spot just four weeks later and enjoy a three week stay. 11996655 The Rolling Stones announce that Allen Klein, who they met three days ago, will co-manage the group along with Andrew Long Oldham. At the same time, they sign a five year recording deal with Decca Records. The Beach Boys’ “California Girls” peaks at #3 on the Billboard chart. Brian Wilson used the same idea of naming different parts of the country in the lyrics as he did in his earlier tune, “Surfin’ USA”. In the UK, Sonny And Cher’s “I Got You Babe” replaced The Beatles’ “Help!” at the top of the charts. In the US, The Beatles’ song took over from Sonny And Cher on the Cashbox Best Sellers list. 11996666 The Association’s “Cherish” is released in the US, where it will reach #1 a month later. Although the song is actually longer, the label showed the running time to be exactly three minutes, to keep radio programmers from dismissing the record as too long. Bobby Hebb saw his own composition, “Sunny”, become the best selling single in America when it reached the top of


Seven years to the day since John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison first performed together at Liverpool’s Casbah Coffee Club, The Beatles play their last paid, public concert in front of 25,000 fans at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. The band did 11 songs in just over a half an hour, opening with “Rock & Roll Music” and closing with “Long Tall Sally”. Although their latest album, “Revolver” had just been released a few weeks earlier, the band chose not to play even a single cut from it. 11996677 Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” is released. Although it is now considered a Rock ‘n’ Roll classic, the single only reached #65 on the Billboard chart. Bobbi Gentry’s “Ode To Billie Joe” claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The record would also become an international hit and later win three Grammy Awards. In 1976, the song was adapted into a motion picture which showed Billie Joe and his girlfriend throwing a rag doll off the Tallahatchie Bridge, although Bobbie Gentry has never revealed what she had in mind when she wrote the song. The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein was found dead of an apparent drug overdose at his home in Belgravia, London, just a few weeks shy of his 33rd birthday. The Fab Four were in Bangor, North Wales at the time, attending a conference by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The death is ruled accidental and the Maharishi tells the Beatles that Epstein’s death, being in the realm of the physical world, is “not important.” The group would later renounce their association with the Maharishi and Epstein is remembered as being the man who took The Beatles from being a rough looking club act to the most successful band in the world. 11 996688 Apple Corps releases five single records, including The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” backed by “Revolution”. It will become the band’s biggest hit. The Doors are awarded a Gold record for “Hello, I Love You”, which had reached #15 in the UK and #1 in the US. Decca Records releases what has been called The Rolling Stones most political song, “Street Fighting Man”. The number was written after Mick Jagger attended a March 1968 anti-war rally at London’s US embassy, during which mounted police attempted to control a crowd of 25,000. The single proved to be very popular, but was kept out of the US Top 40 (reaching #48) because many radio stations refused to play it based on what were perceived as subversive lyrics.

AUGUST 29 2013


11997700 Emerson, Lake And Palmer made their debut at Plymouth Guild Hall in Plymouth, England. During their career, the trio would sell over 40 million records. Edwin Starr’s “War” was the top tune on the Billboard singles chart. It would go on to win the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. 11997711 Canada’s Five Man Electrical Band saw their hit single “Signs” peak at #3 on the US Pop chart. It would go on to sell over a million copies and be awarded a Gold Record by the R.I.A.A. A string of other hits followed: “Absolutely Right”, “Money Back Guarantee”, “Moonshine”, “Werewolf”, and “I’m A Stranger Here”, but none could match the band’s earlier success. 119977 22 A New York quartet called Looking Glass had the number one tune in the US with “Brandy”. Despite the success of the song, the band could muster only one more chart entry, “Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne”, a #33 hit the following year. 119977 33 Former Left Banke keyboard player Michael Brown led his new group, Stories, back to the top of both the Cashbox best sellers chart and the Billboard Hot 100 with a song called “Brother Louie”. The gritty lead vocal for the song was supplied by Ian Lloyd, who would later be heard on tracks by

Billy Joel, Frampton.




Deep Purple received a Gold record for “Smoke On the Water”, which hit #5 in the US on its way to selling over two million copies. It was the band’s biggest success since “Hush”, which also reached #5 in 1968. The Doors officially disband, two years after Jim Morrison’s death. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Kreiger have since attempted several reunions.

11998800 “Sailing” by Christopher Cross was Billboard’s top single. The record would sweep the Grammy Awards the next Spring when it won for Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year. 11998855 Twenty years after it originally topped the UK chart for Sonny And Cher, “I Got You Babe” was a number one hit all over again for UB40 and Chrissie Hynde.

11998866 Former lead vocalist for The Spencer Davis Group, Steve Winwood had the 11997744 In a US federal court, John Lennon tes- number one record in the US with tifies that he believes the Nixon admin- “Higher Love”. It made #13 in the UK. istration tried to have him deported 119988 77 because of his involvement with the anti-war demonstrations at the 1972 Sonny Bono, who once said that he Republican convention in Miami. He never voted until age 53, announced also suspected his phones were tapped that he was running for mayor of Palm and that he was under surveillance by Springs, California. Sonny said he was frustrated over the red tape he faced government agents. for a remodeling project at his Italian restaurant. He would win the election 11997755 After charting twice in the UK, KC And in 1988 and serve until 1992. He failed The Sunshine Band finally scored a hit in a Senate race later that year, but record in the US when “Get Down won a seat in Congress in 1996. Bono Tonight” topped the Billboard singles died in a skiing accident on January chart. It made #21 in Great Britain. 6th, 1998, at the age of 62.

Orleans enters the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with “Dance With Me”, which would climb to #6. They would return a year later with “Still The One” (#5) and again in 1979 with “Love Takes Time” (#11). 11 997766 Boston releases its self-titled album, which will become the best-selling, debut Rock album of all time. Donna Summer groans and sighs her way through her erotic Disco hit “Love To Love You Baby” on American Bandstand. Even though the song reached #2 in America, Donna later admitted that she was not completely sure of some of the lyrics, and parts of the song were improvised during the recording. George Harrison is found guilty of subconscious plagiarism of the song “He’s So Fine” in writing his hit, “My Sweet Lord”. He would eventually pay the copyright holder, Bright Tunes, $587,000 in damages. 11 997788 Nearly sixteen years after he topped the US record charts with “Sherry”, Frankie Valli had the number one song again with the title track from the musical Grease. It went on to sell over 2 million in the States and was also a #3 hit in the UK. 11 997799 Nine weeks after being released, The Knack’s infectious tune “My Sharona” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 where it would remain for six weeks. Billboard would later name the record as the number one single of 1979. In the UK, it reached number six.

The East LA band, Los Lobos had the number one single on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week with a remake of Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba”, from the movie of the same name. Singer Cesar Rosas said that the song itself is a traditional Mexican tune that means “wedding song”. 11998888 George Michael had his fourth consecutive number one single from the album “Faith”, when “Monkey” climbed to the top of the Billboard Pop chart. It was his eighth US chart topper of the 1980s, a record bested only by Michael Jackson. 11998899 Ringo Starr wins a court order to prevent a record producer from releasing material Starr considered to be of inferior quality due to the impaired state Starr was in when it was recorded.

11999933 Billy Joel had the number 1 album in the US when “River of Dreams” reached the top on the strength of the title track and “All About Soul”. The L.P. would go on to sell over 4 million copies in America, but the album cover, which was painted by Billy’s then wife Christie Brinkley, was bashed by critics, some calling it the worst album cover of the year. The couple would divorce a year later. The Late Show with David Letterman premieres on CBS, with Billy Joel as the first musical guest. 11999944 Jimmy Buffett’s Grumman G-44 Widgeon seaplane flips after taking off in Nantucket, Mass. Unharmed, he swims to safety.

22 001100 John Lennon’s toilet, painted with blue flowers in and around the bowl, sold for £9,500 ($15,500) at a Beatles auction in Liverpool. The device was part of Lennon’s Tittenhurst Park home when he bought it in 1969 and was removed three years later by a contractor whose son-in-law decided to sell it after all these years.

22 001111 Alleging that Elvis Presley “was unjustly exploited during his lifetime by his 11999955 record company,” his estate announced Sterling Morrison, a founding member a multimillion dollar lawsuit against of the Velvet Underground died of can- Arista Music, formerly RCA Records, cer at his home in New York, one day demanding proper payment over new after his 53rd birthday. media income such as ringtones, downloads and entertainment apps. 11 999966 220011 22 Isaac Hayes, who co-wrote Sam And Dave’s classic “Soul Man”, sends a The Website protest letter to presidential candidate named Ringo Starr as the world’s richBob Dole, requesting Dole stop using est drummer, with an estimated fortune his song, which supporters had changed of $300 million. Phil Collins was ranked second with $250 million, former to “I’m A Dole Man.” Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was third with $225 million, The Eagles’ Don 2200 0022 Peter Noone, better known as Henley came in forth with $200 million “Herman” of Herman’s Hermits, filed a and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich rounded out federal lawsuit against what he said the top five with $175 million. Also makwere bogus Hermits. He was seeking an ing the top ten were U2 star Larry injunction blocking Barry Whitwam, the Mullen and The Rolling Stones’ Charlie group’s original drummer, from per- Watts. forming with other musicians under the Herman’s Hermits name. The suit was unsuccessful and Whitwam continued to tour. 22 000033 Rolling Stone Magazine named Jimi Hendrix as the greatest guitarist in Rock history. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ry Cooder also made the top 10.

2200 0044 Pop star Laura Branigan died in her Billy Joel fired his manager and former sleep at her home in East Quogue, New brother-in-law Frank Weber after an York after suffering a brain aneurysm. audit revealed discrepancies. Joel later She was 47 years old. Branigan was one took him to court and sued for $90 mil- of the world’s biggest female Pop stars of the ‘80s with hits like “Gloria”, “Self lion. Control” and “Solitaire”. 11999900 Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed 2009 - in a helicopter crash in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin when the chopper hit a man- August 26 made ski slope while trying to navigate Ellie Greenwich, who wrote and cothrough dense fog. Three members of wrote such classic Pop songs as “Chapel Eric Clapton’s entourage were also of Love”, “River Deep, Mountain High”, killed. “Leader of the Pack” and “Be My Baby”, passed away at the age of 68. Paul Anka, who was born in Ottawa, Canada, is naturalized as an American August 29 citizen in Las Vegas. During the ceremo- A 1970 interview with John Lennon, in ny, his illegally parked car was towed which he revealed some of the reasons away. that The Beatles split, appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. John said that


his band mates disrespected and “insulted” his wife, Yoko Ono, adding, “They despised her... It seemed I had to be happily married to them or Yoko, and I chose Yoko.” He also took a shot at his former songwriting partner, saying “We got fed up with being sidemen for Paul.”

AUGUST 29 2013


the influence and arrested him on charges of driving while impaired. He was released from jail later Sunday morning. Anthony is famous RRU UM M OOUU RR HHAASS IITT … … for his 2003 hit “Comin from Where I’m From”. Recently he wrote the …Artists and husband and song “Freedom” for Django D aauudd AAkk hhrr iieevv and M M eelliiss ssaa Unchained. Calls to Anthony’s rep wife team D H eeffffeerr ll iinn moved away from have not been returned. H Chattanooga to Spain but will be back in our fair city for a very limit…The Parents Television ed time this fall. We are thrilled Council has issued a statement saythat they will be teaching and con- ing the sexual content on last night’s ducting a demo at Townsend Atelier MTV Video Music Awards telecast during this brief visit. This is a very was “unacceptable” and accuses the rare opportunity to study with these cable channel of marketing to adults talented artists. Classes and events while claiming the show was family will fill up quickly, so early registra- safe. Apparently members of the tion is encouraged. Join Townsend PTC were not happy viewers of last D aauudd and M M eell iiss ssaa go night’s VMA shenanigans. From Atelier as D “brush to brush” in front of a live LLaaddyy G Gaaggaa’’ss bikini to M M iill eeyy CCyyrruu ss’’ audience in the spirit of friendly bumping and grinding, the organizacompetition. Watch as each artist tion found plenty of moments it starts, carries, and refines a portrait feels should have been shielded from life to its completion. The from children’s eyes. “MTV has once evening will be filled with laughs, again succeeded in marketing sexusurprises and insight. Questions, ally charged messages to young chilcomments and hollering are all dren using former child stars and recommended from the audience. condom commercials – while falsely Both paintings created during the rating this program as appropriate demonstration will be auctioned at for kids as young as 14. This is unacthe end of the evening. The art ceptable,” PTC Director of Public throw down takes place September Policy D Daann II ssee tttt said. 27. …A popular Northwest Anntthh oo nnyy musician and record producer …R&B singer A HHaa m miill ttoonn was popped for a DWI pleaded guilty to federal charges for early Sunday morning, TMZ has taking more than $526,000 from learned. Cops pulled Anthony over investors for bogus music projects. around 2:30 am in Mecklenburg The Seattle Times reported that County, North Carolina for speeding K Kaass eeyy A Anndd eerr ss oonn pleaded guilty — but then suspected he was under Wednesday to wire fraud for taking


the money from more than 30 investors. A statement from the U.S. attorney’s office says the alt-country guitarist has repaid more than $160,000 so far. Anderson, of Kaass eeyy Vancouver, leads the group K AAnndd eerrss oonn && TT hhee HHoonnkkii eess. They were featured at Bumbershoot in 2011. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 when he is sentenced Nov. 22 by U.S. District Judge RRoo nnaa lldd LLeeii gghhttoo nn in Tacoma. …In April BB oonn JJoovv ii m bboorr aa announced that RRiicchh ii ee SSaa m would miss a leg of the 2013 “Because We Can” trek. Now reports are surfacing claiming that fans won’t see the guitarist on stage the rest of the year because he’s been fired from the tour. M iicchh aaee ll M …Though JJaacckk ssoonn’’ss estate managed to pay off the star’s massive personal debt (totaling nearly half a billion dollars) in November 2012, it’s now being accused of undervaluing a number of JJaacckkssoo nn’’ss assets by hundreds of millions of dollars, reports Reuters. The IRS has handed the King of Pop’s estate a $702 million bill for federal taxes and penalties.

work, and is onboard as an executive producer through his Red Hour production company, according to H eell eenn The Hollywood Reporter. H CC hhii lldd rreess ss, who wrote the screenplay for the movie, will write the script for the revival. NBC has already given a script commitment to the show. H aallffoo rrdd is curious …RRoo bb H to see who — and what — turns up in Las Vegas early next year when he and his Judas Priest bandmates reign over the first all-metal edition of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. …Warner Bros last week Afffflleecckk will join announced that BB eenn A HH eennrr yy CC aavv iill ll’s Superman in the sequel to Man Of Steel after RRyyaann GG ooss lliinngg, JJooss hh BBrroollii nn and The Dark Knight star all had been tipped to play the caped crusader in the superhero mash-up movie. JJoo nn RRooddeenn from Ludlow in Kentucky subsequently launched a petition on titled “Warner Brothers: BBeenn AAffffll eecckk Remove as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Superman/Batman movie”. “His acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne and he w won’t do the role justice,” LLuudd lloo w argues. “He’s not built, nor is he intimidating enough for the role of Batman. His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious and he’s not remotely close to an action star. Please find w has since someone else.” LLuu ddll oow updated the page to “add that this petition was not meant in any way Affffll eecckk or his career”. to harm BB eenn A RRooddeenn explains: “I respect AAfffflleecckk’’ss work, I just feel he is inappropriate for the role.” At the time of writing, the petition has collected 30,087 signatures.

…The legal drama continWee iillaa nndd ues to boil between SSccootttt W m pp llee PPii lloottss and his former SSttoo nnee TTeem bandmates. Now, as Blabbermouth W eeiill aanndd has finally spoken notes, W out about the finer legal details in an interview with Florida radio station 98.7 The Gater, calling the initial lawsuit “ridiculous.” “There’s a band agreement, a band contact Wee iill aanndd said. “They agreement,” W didn’t follow the rules that were set down. . . There has to be a reason for letting go a member; you have to give them a certain period of time to deal with it whatever different ways you want them to do. “They’ll have to buy me out of the company,” he continued, noting his own “major value in the company and in the If you know any truths, half-truths, or outright lies about the local brand.” music and club scene send it to Sissy …BB eenn SSttii llll eerr is turning Vance c/o rumoursmill@enigmaonReality Bites into a comedy for NBC. The actor is developing his 1994 debut as a film director for the net- - Sissy Vance

AUGUST 29 2013


away/They took your heart and still have it today/It's fading away in the Manchester rain”. I love good lyrics but those are great lyrics. What an opening track this is. “Sunday Afternoon”, with trumpet and flute riding high in the mix, brings to mind late 60s Kinks and does them justice with a dreamy, playful tribute to the end of the weekend. “I get out of myself on Sunday/I become someone else”. The number of Sundays I have killed off feeling the same way are too numerous to count.

I suppose the end of the summer is as good a time as any for an album like Parlour Flames' self-titled debut. The time has passed for the annual search for the song of the summer, a process that grows more depressing with every passing year as the candidates for the song of the summer suck harder every year. I can handle age, but a massive world of suck can overwhelm the strongest of us.

to go wherever the music takes them and, when one is channeling late 60s British psychedelia mixed with the Kinks, such is what must be done. Taking up where early Verve and Blur left off with psychedelia and channeling the Kinks, respectively, Parlour Flames creates the most British of albums that music lovers worldwide should enjoy.

Parlour Flames consists of ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead (Paul Arthurs) and the inimitable, unsung Vinny Peculiar, an interesting pairing that works because they are willing

“Manchester Rain” opens the album and the ringing guitars that Bonehead was known for in Oasis serves Parlour Flames well here, framing some great lyrics. “They took my heart and they threw it


“Get in the Van” is heavier, as the band ups the psychedelia and sound levels. It is an utter trip. “Who's in the driving seat and who's in back in his sister's underwear?” Indeed … “Never Heard of You” brings the mood down with a crash, a tale of an over-the-hill rock star, unknown and unrecognized at the door of a local club. The storytelling that is such a strength throughout the album takes charge here with devastating effect. Wow. “I'm in a Band” is like the sequel or prequel to “Never Heard of You”, rocking harder and sassier. “I got pulled over the other day the officer said step this way/I said not likely what are you, gay?/I'm in a band”. I am not ashamed to say that coffee shot out my nose with that line. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. “Lonely Girls and Horses” mixes equal parts “Waterloo Sunset” and “Parklife” and is delightfully deranged. I have no idea how to interpret this song. It is so strange and yet so enjoyable. I truly wish I could say that about more music I hear. “Jump the Brook, Ruth” is as fried as Syd Barrett's ashes. “Pop Music Football and Girls” sums it up for teenage boys everywhere: “One religion one world/Pop music football and girls”. “The Broken Hearted Existentialist” drifts off on a great riff and more great lyrics. The last track, “Too Soon the Darkness”, brings the listener back down with a pretty tune about death and survival and what matters in between.

AUGUST 29 2013


1. Daft Punk 2. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit 3. Tedeschi Trucks Band 4. Robert Randolph & The Family Band 5. Vampire Weekend 6. Lorde 7. Nine Inch Nails 8. Michael Franti & Spearhead 9. Kings Of Leon 10. Civil Wars 11. Elvis Costello and The Roots 12. Arctic Monkeys 13. Brett Dennen 14. JJ Grey & Mofro 15. Superchunk 16. Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project 17. Deer Tick 18. The Avett Brothers 19. Jack Johnson 20. Pearl Jam

ADVENTURE PICKS 1. Neko Case 2. J. Roddy Walston & the Business 3. Okkervil River

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