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SAY IT AIN’T SO Yes it is folks. Weezer is coming to Nashville this weekend along with their catalog of classic alternative hits like “Buddy Holly”, “Undone” and more. They’ll be playing the Ryman Auditorium Saturday and Sunday.


Mega classic rock star, record producer and all around talent, Todd Rundgren is in concertSunday in Atlanta. he’ll be playing some great songs from his catalog as well as some new stuff too. Be sure to check him out at the Variety Playhouse. ENIGMA


HIS OWN PRISON Scott Stapp lead singer of multi-platimum band Creed is doing the solo thing these days. The hard rocker and one time protegee of Kid Rock will be doing his thing Wednesday at the Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta. Be sure to check it out. 2014



“IF NOT FOR THE COURAGE OF THE FEARLESS CREW THEY WOULD STILL BE LOST” MALASYIA – International authorities announced that Flight 370, which had been missing for almost a month was found. The plane’s crew and passengers are all safe and also came upon some great fortune as well on their adventurous voyage.

Shah says he thanks co-pilot and little buddy, Fariq Gilligan Hamid for thiinkng fast. “The plane took shore on the grounds of this, an unchartered desert isle,” Shah said. Besides the skip-

General Khalid Abu Bakar the pilots were mighty flying men and their skipper brave and sure. “If not for the courage f the fearless crew, Flight 370 would be lost, the airplane would be lost,” he

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, skipper of the thought lost Boeing 777 actually lived up to the plane’s lucky number. “What started off as a threehour tour of the region turned into almost death,” said the plane’s captain. “If not for the courage of the fearless crew, Flight 340 would be lost,” Shah said. “The flight would be lost.”

Shah said the plane was flying over the Indian Ocean when a storm hit. “The weather started getting rough, the air ship was tossed,” he continued. “If not for the courage of our fearless crew the airplane would be lost… the airplane would be lost.”

per and his first mate other passengers on the plane had a wide variety of personalities including a millionaire and his wife, a movie star,, a professor and a crew of 12 lead by senior flight attendant Mary Ann Summers.


What happened next was like something out of a movie. The plane took ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle. Bakar said this is a tale of some castaways, whom we Malaysian Police Inspector thought would be lost for a


“We had no phone signal, no lights, no motor car,” Shah said. “Not a single luxury, it was like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be.”

Shah said he and the co-plot with help from the professor on board help build makeshift huts for those stranded at the tropic port. “My little buddy did a great job along with the professor to build us a sustainable place to live until we could get rescued.”

The ship took ground on the shore of this an uncharted desert isle.


long, long time, “They had to make the best of things,” he said. “It was an uphill climb until they were finally located almost a month later.”


The pilot went on the say everyone was helpful with the exception of the millionaire and his wife. “They kept throwing around money like it was confetti – which would have been nice if we had someplace to spend it,” Shah said.

Things came together well as the survivors worked together to survive and try to figure out how to get back to civilization. Shah said Professor Roy Hinkley, one of the passengers was key in helping to create makeshift generators that used pedal power to build up static electricity to make power have lighting as well as creating makeshift radios out of coconut shells and palm leaves.

ears,” Hamid said smiling. “Don’t be too hard on the girls, little buddy.” Shah said. The plane’s skipper and co-pilot with help from Hinkley fished on and off for eight hours at a time in order to have enough fresh seafood for those aboard.

“What started off as a threehour tour, has gone far behind that according to millionaire Thurston Howell III. “Lovey [his wife] were supposed to be at a fundraiser at “The professor has been Harvard this week,” he said. very resourceful,” said “But I am thankful to the Hamid. “The girls have Captain and his first mate for making us feel at home and been great as well.” keeping us safe.” According to the pilots of Flight 370, flight attendant The castaways said they had Summers took control and their fair of misadventures got help from famous reality including a Carnival cruise star Ginger Grant as the two ship they thought was comwith the help of the million- ing to rescue them only to aire’s wife went around the wave and turn around. island and harvested “They didn’t realize we were coconuts. “We have coconut shipwrecked,” said Hamid. cream pie coming out our “They thought we were film-

ing a pilot for a reality TV with needle marks and show or an episode of everything.” ‘Survivor’.” Shah then said he got so The castaways they said they excited he lost balance and had a big scare once when fell out of the tree he was they discovered some undif- spying on the tribesmen fused bombs from World from. “When I awoke they War II and a tribe of natives were gone,” he said. “I that for some strange reason never saw them again.” thought Hamid was a god. The tribe bowed down to the The lost crew and passenco-pilot and even erected a gers were sent home after a lifelike statue of him. medical examination cleared “Things were going well them all. U.S. President until one of the natives Barack Obama called the slipped on a banana peel Mr. quick-thinking and organizaHowell had discarded,” said tional skill of the pilot and Hinkley. “We put those co-pilot helped avert what abandoned landmines to could have been one of the work to scare off the most mysterious and sad stonatives.” ries in aviation history. “That indeed was a tale of a Shah said the weather on the fateful trip that started from island during their stay was a tropic port and ended up rather warm. “I started to lost,” said the president. “I see things,” he said. The congratulate the leadership plane’s pilot said he could of Flight 370, without their have sworn he ran into a perseverance the flight group of tribesmen playing would still be lost… that’s music. “One looked like right the flight wouldl still Elvis, another one Jim be lost.” Morrison, and I swear Kurt Cobain was there – complete

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Aries (March 21-April 19) Be careful this week because the Sun is in your sign; and it is going to line up with Uranus late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. This will trigger such feelings of independence, you might want to run away and join the French Foreign Legion. The following night (Wednesday night/Thursday morning) your Aries Sun will be at odds with Pluto. Think Darth Vader standing in the doorway. Perhaps your feisty, rebellious nature will be at odds with someone else and a power struggle will ensue midweek. (Did you like “ensue”? Quite the euphemism, eh?) Fear not, by Friday, things will settle down. But this week does have its moments. Count to five before you respond to others for your own sake and theirs. Taurus (April 20-May 20)

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in your life right now. These events can affect travel, publishing, the media, medicine and the law. They can also bring surprises related to higher education. For the first time in over 30 years, Mars is encouraging health problems related to infections, fever and burns. Fortunately, this will subside for the next two months, but its energy will return with a blast in late May. Use this time to heal. Meanwhile, disputes about politics, religion, publishing and the media could come to a head this week. Hopefully, by Friday, the dust will settle. Good news: By Sunday the 20th, the Sun will be in Taurus! Yippee! Gemini (May 21-June 20) This is a popular time for you! Continue to enjoy schmoozing with others as well as attending classes, clubs and organiza-


tions. However, do be aware that midweek, someone or something will catch you off guard. Someone you know might throw you a curve ball or kick you out of a club. Or they might say or do something that shocks you. Alternatively, you might meet a real character who blows you out of the water especially with power struggles about shared property, taxes, debt and differing or opposing values. Stay on your toes so you can handle this. Be alert. (The world needs more lerts.) By Friday, it looks like the coast is clear; although the weekend does have some speed bumps. Cancer (June 21-July 22) The power struggles that I mention in All Signs above will be hard for you to avoid because they take place in your chart right in the area dealing with authority figures - i.e. Bosses,

APRIL 3 2014


parents, teachers, VIPs and the police. (Oy vey.) Someone in a position of authority might do something that shocks or offends you or catches you off guard. And you will want to respond. You might want to quit or resign. On the heels of this, comes a power struggle with partners and close friends. But all of this depends on how you react to everyone. After all - and this is the magic feather — your reaction is your choice. Are you going to be Sonny in The Godfather or Michael? (Michael Corlone was always chill.) Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) The biggest thing you have to watch out for this week is arguments. It will be so easy to argue with others about politics, religion or your ideals. Perhaps the arguments will relate to travel plans or something to do with higher educa-

tion, medicine, publishing, the media and legal matters? You are coming on quite strong lately; although in the last few weeks, you have softened. Make a little pact with yourself that you don’t have to prove anything; you don’t have to sell anything; you don’t have to convince anyone of anything and you don’t have to win. Step back and cloak yourself in the regal robes from which every noble Leo commands. You don’t do petty. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) This week you might find yourself in the midst of disputes about shared property, taxes, debt, insurance matters, inheritances and anything you own jointly with others. Possibly, these disputes will also focus on differing values. Something unexpected to do with your bank account or something you own or share with someone else will trigger this. Then your reaction could lead to a power struggle, perhaps with a romantic partner or even your kids. Remember: Anger serves no purpose other than to make everyone miserable. Consider this an opportunity to demonstrate grace under pressure. You can offer this to others by being a living lesson (or a cautionary tale). Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) The sign of Libra governs haute couture and it also rules the law, which is why legal professionals are well dressed. Mostly. Libra is also the mediator, the peacemaker and the diplomat. I remind you of these things because you will need your Libran skills this week. (Oh yeah.) Your partner or close friend might surprise you with something out of the blue.

(It really catches you off guard.) Feeling frazzled, you might strike back and become engulfed in a power struggle. But for what? Instead, keep your head and think how to act so that you benefit yourself and others. Why do anything that would hurt yourself? Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) This week has its ups and downs, but midweek, you will likely feel stress and surprise related to your job or perhaps your health - or both. Whatever occurs will be unexpected. Zowie! In a mundane way, it might mean computer crashes, cancelled meetings and staff shortages that cause upsets. These in turn, could create difficulties with someone, especially a sibling, neighbour or relative, which could lead to harsh words or worse. Never forget what a powerful sign you are, and how, at times, you intimidate others. “Moi?” “Yes, you.” Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put a lid on things and ride this storm out with class. Be a role model for others. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Your sign will see stress in the following areas this week: Your relations with children; your relations with lovers and romantic interests; your relations with sports; and your relations with the entertainment world and the hospitality industry. These are the areas where you can expect some surprises and blowups. In all these areas, potential accidents are likely, so be vigilant and smart. Think ahead and be observant. If something goes wrong, don’t get caught up in a yelling match about money and possessions. Too much distracENIGMA

tion! Just deal with the problem and solve it. Ideally, prevent it before it happens. You are travelling through life at the rate of one second per second. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Your challenge this week is to keep things running smoothly at home. Domestic quarrels, as well as interruptions to your home and family routine, are likely. Small appliances might break down or minor breakages could occur. These glitches could happen with electronics and high-tech equipment. You are a perfectionist by nature, so when things go wrong, this can make you feel irritated and before you know it, you’re in an argument with someone. Who needs this? Not you. What you want to do is restore things as quickly as possible to a smooth running normalcy. Gravity - not just a good idea; it’s the law. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) This week could be potentially accident prone for you. Of course, an accident doesn’t have to happen. Most accidents can be avoided. (And at any rate, these are the only ones you have control over.) So be mindful this week. Be patient with everything you say and do. Avoid petty arguments with sib-

APRIL 3 2014


lings, daily contacts and relatives. Slow down and take it easy. Allow extra time to have some wiggle room for whatever you’re doing. The upside is that this same influence could trigger a genius-like idea. Lord knows you’re the sign who can display genius quality. But anger and rage? Not so smart. Definitely not a genius move. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) The surprises that come your way this week could relate to money, cash flow or something that you own. Your job might be threatened or something you own could be stolen, lost or broken. Whatever happens will be sudden and unexpected. But hey - for some, this could be a car accident and for someone else, it means you burn the toast. It’s all relative. Arguments about money and possessions will only be upsetting - so let that one go. Just move forward. Remember that staying angry is like drinking poison to kill your enemy. Instead focus on all the fun time that you are going to have this year with little vacations or big vacations! You might explore your own city like a tourist or you might go for Baroque.

Chattanooga Aspires to Make “Most Average Cities” List

Chattanooga is no stranger to top five? Hard to believe. Is The Committee to Achieve lists of superlative cities. Our Nashville really more average More Averageness in city is consistently praised for than Chattanooga? Doubtful... Chattanooga is working at an its outdoor culture, tourist attractions and high-speed internet. But what does it take to make the list of “most average cities”? Well, it depends. From a marketing perspective, Peoria (Illinois) used to be considered the ultimate representation of statistical “averageness.” They used to say, “Will it play in Peoria?” Recently, however, other cities have taken the lead in the pursuit of the middle ground... ...Mother Jones magazine’s 2013 list of “most average” cities didn’t even include Peoria. According to MJ, America’s top 10 “most average” cities are: 1. Albany, New York; 2. Rochester, New York; 3. Greensboro, North Carolina; 4. Birmingham, Alabama; 5. Syracuse, New York; 6. Charlotte, North Carolina; 7. Nashville, Tennessee; 8. Springfield, Oregon; 9. Wichita, Kansas; 10. Richmond, Virginia. Even at first glance, there are some obvious problems with this list. Three New York cities in the

... Chattanooga’s exclusion from the Mother Jones list and the perception that our city might be overlooked as a destination for average tourists and average businesses looking to expand in average cities has inspired a group of average local citizens to band together.


average pace to help our city promote its most mundane attributes. “All of this ‘best this’ and ‘fastest that’ is all well and good,” says CAMAC chairman Skip Means. “But some people are a bit put off by such achievements. We think Chattanooga is far more aver-



age than Nashville, for example. They’ve got pro football and pro hockey franchises there. Does an average city have that? No way.” And what about the three New York cities in the MJ top five? “Pure Yankee bias,” says Means. We informed him that Mother Jones is based in San Francisco, California. “West coast or east coast,” Means replied. “It’s a definite coastal bias. We intend to stand up for Chattanooga and work with the other fine communities in landlocked states to overcome this.” It’s tough to argue with such average logic... ...Means is quick to say that his group doesn’t think it can become the most average city in America overnight. “It’s a tough challenge,” he admits. “For now we’d settle for being fifth of sixth in the top ten. You know, about average among the most average of the average.” What are CAMAC’s chances of reaching their notso-lofty goal? About average.... - Mark Bedford

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Dear Rocco, Ever since I was a little kid I was constantly told that the Republican party was the party of the rich people and how evil they were. Now today I read a news story that said there were more rich people in the Democratic party than Republican party – at least in Congress. How did that happen? What went either wrong or right depending on how you look at it? DW

Deeaa rr DDW D W

TThhee rr ee aarr ee rrii cchh ppee ooppll ee ii nn bbootthh ppaa rr-ttiiee ss bbuutt tthhee yy aa rree ddii ffffeerr eenntt.. TThhee RReeppuubbll iiccaa nnss aarr ee tthhee hhaa rrdd w w oorrkk-ii nngg,, hhoonn eesstt AA m mee rr ii ccaa nnss .. TThhee DDeem mooccrr aattss aarr ee w wee aa lltthhii eerr ttooddaa yy tthhaann tthhee RRee ppuubbllii ccaann ss bbuutt ppllaa yy tthhee ppoooorr cc aarr dd oorr ffoocc uuss oonn tthhee ffee w w vvee rryy w w eeaa lltthhyy RRee ppuubbll iicc aannss ffoorr ttyy ppee ccaa ssttii nngg tt hhee RR ee ppuubbll iicc aann PPaa rr ttyy meem m mbbee rr ss.. TThhiinnkk aabboouutt ii tt aa llll ooff tthhee iiddii oott aa ccttoorrss aa nndd ffii llm mm maa kkee rr ss ii nn HHoollll yyw w oooodd aa rree ddee m mooccrr aattss aanndd// oorr ccoom mm muunnii ssttss .. PPee ooppllee ii nn tthhee m muussii cc ii nndduussttrr yy aa rree DDee m moo ccrr aatt ss .. TThhee aaccttoorr ss,, ffii ll m mm maakkee rrss aa nndd m muuss iiccii aann ss aall oonnee aarr ee w wee aall tthhiiee rr tthhaann m mooss tt RReeppuubbll iiccaa nnss.. II tthhii nnkk tthhee ddee m moocc-rraa ttss uussee tthhee ppoooorr aass ppuuppppee ttss ffoorr tthhee iirr iinn ttee rree ssttss.. W Waa rr rree nn BBee aatt ttyy iissnn’’tt ddrrii vvii nngg aarr oouunndd ii nn aa ‘‘9966 CCii vvii cc..

women? Is it a sign of deeper problems in my marriage? I also want to know whether this woman finds me equally appealing. I want to appease my ego and move on. How can I find this out without giving the impression that I want to cheat on my wife? Or am I asking for trouble? BK

Dear Rocco, Sometimes feel like I can actually talk to God. When I do the wind blows and I try real hard to listen but I can’t hear anything. Do you think that if I want to talk to Him should I go somewhere or do something specific like pray or do a séance or something? What Deeaa rr BBK K should I do? Please help me out. D EH IItt’’ss nnoorr m maall ffoorr m mee nn aa nndd w w oom meenn ttoo ffll iirr tt aanndd sshhoow w ii nnttee rree sstt ii nn ootthhee rr ss.. DDee aarr EEHH IIff yy oouu’’rree nnoott aa hhoorrnn bbaall ll ii tt’’ss ppoossssii -II ddoonn’’tt tthhiinnkk yyoouu w w iill ll hheeaa rr tthhee bbll ee ttoo hhaavvee ggrr eeaa tt ffrr ii eennddss hhiippss w wii tthh vvooiicc ee ooff GGoodd.. II tthhii nnkk iiff HHee ttaall kkss ttoo m mee m m bbeerr ss ooff tt hhee ooppppoo ssii ttee ss eexx ssoom mee oonnee,, tthhooss ee ppeeooppll ee hhee aa rr tthhee w w ii tthhoouutt tthhee rr ee llaa ttii oonnss hhii pp bbee iinn gg tthhoouugghhtt nnoott aa vvooii ccee .. TTrr yy pprraa yyii nngg ii ff sseexx uuaall ii nn nnaa ttuurree .. IIff sshhee ii ss ffll iirr ttiinn gg yyoouu w waa nntt tt oo ttaa llkk ttoo G Goodd.. w iitthh yyoouu tthheenn ss hhee llii kkeess yyoouu aa ss aa w ppee rrssoonn.. II w w oouullddnn’’tt rrii sskk aa ffrrii ee nndd-sshhiipp ffoorr aa ppoossssii bbllee ffllii nngg.. Dear Rocco, I am a happily married man. I have become smitten with a co- Rocco is a common sense, tell-itworker. She is young, attractive, like-it-is, no-nonsense kind of guy shapely, intelligent and funny. offering real advice on any subShe has a great personality and ject put before him. Why pay we get along together well. I am thousands of dollars on a highself-conscious and awkward priced therapist when he’ll when I am with her when I want straighten you out for free. If to be charming and interesting. If you’d like advice from Rocco ehim at I were single... I do not want to mail jeopardize my marriage but I or drop need to know two things: first, is him a line at Ask Rocco c/o it unusual for a married man to Enigma P.O. Box 825 Chattanooga, be so interested in another TN 37401.

Dear Rocco, I have a friend that is always asking me for advice. When I tell her, she does the exact opposite. She’ll do whatever anyone else tells her, but it’s like she doesn’t take me seriously. And all the time she swears up and down I am her best friend and the only person she trusts. What’s up with that? PS

DDee aarr PPSS SShhee iiss aa w woom maa nn.. IIff II kknneew ww w hhyy woom w mee nn ddoo oorr ss aayy ss oom mee tthhii nnggss II woouull dd bbee aa bbii llll iioonnaa ii rree .. FF oorr yy oouurr w oow wnn ee nnttee rrttaa iinnm mee nntt yyoouu ccoouull dd ttee ll ll hheerr tthhee ooppppoossiittee ooff w whhaa tt yyoouu waa nntt ttoo ggee tt hhee rr ttoo ddoo w w whhaa tt yyoouu ENIGMA

APRIL 3 2014


A man fooled a town in England into think he was their mayor by setting up a fake Twitter account. A man going by James Billington created the Twitter handle @mayorofStafford with a bio saying he’s, “delighted to be representing the town of Stafford & surrounding areas.” He sent his first tweet on March 8 and the people of Stafford quickly bought into it. Billington staged a ribbon-cutting at a local

theme park and even passed around, “I’m the mayor of Stafford!” buttons. The Stafford town council caught on to the hoax and asked Twitter to shut the account down. Honoured to open @altontowers for their 2014 season today! #OpeningWeekend #staffordshirehour #Staffordshire of Stafford (@mayorofstafford) March 22, 2014. The real mayor is Angela Loughran and people were feeling a bit foolish for being duped. “I feel so stu-


pid, I believed [James Billington was mayor.] How many people know the name of their town mayor? there was no reason to disbelieve him,” said Stafford resident Bal Singh. The Twitter account is still active and tweeting his imaginary mayoral duties. A Romanian man went to the hospital complaining of pain in his esophagus after he swallowed a fork on a drunken bet. Radu Kalincesku, 25, didn’t tell doctors why he was experiencing

APRIL 3 2014


the pain but when doctors did an X-ray, they found the utensil lodged in his esophagus. Kalincesku explained that he was drunk when he bet his friends that he could swallow a fork without any consequences. The doctors decided not to operate and instead sent the man home with hopes that the fork would be expelled from his body through natural processes. Doctors say they will operate if

the fork becomes lodged in the home and/or anybody walking man’s digestive tract. under it - his kids or anyone - if they fall,” said Lt. Col. Rick KENTUCKY - Icicles are danger- Harrison. “Obviously, you want ous. Anybody can tell you that. to remove them as safely as you They can damage your house. can. Breaking them off is what They can drop down from the most people do. Choosing to use edge of your roof and puncture a torch to melt them, in hindyour skull! They can throw excit- sight, he probably agrees is not ing parties when you’re not the best idea.” around and drink all of your booze. Okay, that last one is A man who was allegedly unlikely, but nobody hates ici- attempting to steal panties, towcles more than one Kentucky els and other laundry items was man who risked everything in his arrested and charged with burcrusade against the clinging, glary and petit theft after a frozen menace. Not content to Florida family was able to trap simply knock them down with a him in a downstairs bathroom in broom or a shovel, this unnamed their home over the weekend. homeowner terminated the ici- The Gonzalez family was sleepcles menace threatening his ing in their Golden Gate home house with extreme prejudice. when a loud noise woke them Extreme prejudice and a blow up. “We heard a big boom sound. torch. I think you can guess how My husband got up, ran to my this story turns out. Firefighters kids’ room,” mother Janet were called to the home to find Gonzalez told WZVN. With basesmoke pouring from the roof of ball bats in hand, the family the home. They were able to went downstairs to investigate extinguished the blaze, but not and noticed a bicycle outside before the roof and attic, as well with some of their things piled as a new addition to the home, alongside of it. “It’s very odd were heavily damaged. The because he [the suspect] had our homeowner told fire officials he laundry detergent, towels and was worried family members laundry basket,” Gonzalez said. might be injured by icicles hang- After looking all over, the family ing from the roof of his home, so finally realized there was somehe used a blowtorch to melt one hiding in the downstairs them...and then promptly left bathroom. “We were all in the home to run errands. “He was living room and we heard a concerned about the icicles and noise. That’s when we realized, the ice causing damage to his has someone checked the bath-


room?” Gonzalez said. Suspect Manual Rodriguez was trapped in the bathroom after all the family members piled against the door so he couldn’t get out. When deputies arrived to arrest the 21year-old, they didn’t find any weapons on him, but they did find something else. “He had my little girl’s panties in his pockets and one on the sink,” Gonzalez said. “To me only a sick, perverted person would do that... Get help.” No one was harmed during the burglary attempt. According to a post on French website DansTonChat, a math teacher threatened his students with Games of Thrones spoilers if they did not start behaving. The teacher thought of the punishment after he asked how many of his 70 students watched the popular HBO show and nearly 75 percent raised their hands. “Well, I’ve read all the books,” he told the class, according to a rough translation. “If there is too much noise, I will write the names of the dead on the board. They are enough to fill the whole year, and I can even describe how they die.” There was some giggling, so the unnamed teacher proceeded to list the names of the characters who died in season three of the show. The fourth season of the show will debut on April 6. The student who posted about the situation

APRIL 3 2014


wrote that there was a “religious silence” after the teacher wrote the names on the board and referred to the teacher as a “genius.” NEW YORK - So many people are affected there is even a word for it; ‘coulrophobia’ or fear of clowns. Anybody who was freaked out by that scene in “Poltergeist” or the entire film “It” can sympathize. Any maybe that is the reason one bizarre, freakshow in New York has chosen to dress up as a clown in order to spook random Staten Islanders. While it’s uncertain who the person is, some witnesses have photographed the facepainted individual wearing a yellow clown suit, white puffy collar, and trademark red nose. He has also been spotted holding green and yellow balloons. Sightings have been reported by the Grasmere and Richmond Valley train stations. Two photos of the oddball have appeared on Instagram, with one showing the clown standing in front of a detour sign. Another image shows him lurking behind a tree. Westerleigh resident Vincent Innocente spotted the clown by the South Shore train station around 8 p.m. “He was just kinda standing there waving like he is in the picture,” he said, calling it very bizarre.

This week’s calendar covers events from Thursday, April 3, through Wednesday, April 9. We would be happy to publish your free listing in future Billboards, space permitting. Simply mail us the information so that we have it 7 days before the publication date. A photograph may be sent with the announcement. Send information to: Calendar Editor, Enigma, P.O. Box 825, Chattanooga, TN 37401 or e-mail to All dates subject to change without notice.

TTH H EE SSTTAARR BBAARR (Atlanta) Mobb Deep TTH H EE EEAARRLL (Atlanta) Gringo Star EED DD DIIEE ’’SS AATTTTII CC (Atlanta) Michael Martin Murphy VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Railroad Earth OPPEE RRAA (Atlanta) Rebecca & Fiona O RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Weezer

SSU UN ND DA AYY A Apprriill 66

TT H HU U RRSSD DA AYY A Apprriill 33 TTH HEE CCO OM M EED D YY CCA ATTCCH H (Chattanooga) Big Eddie Caylor, Cousin Ricky Peardon BBU UD D’’ SS (Chattanooga) DJ Hammer TTRREEM MO ON N TT TTA AVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Songwriters Showcase CCA AM MPP H HO OU USSEE (Chattanooga) Open Mic ARRII’’ SS H A HA ARRBBO ORR LLIIG GH HTTSS (Chattanooga) Keyz Brown RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREEW WSS (Chattanooga) Kathy Tugmam CCA AM MPP H HO OU USSEE (Chattanooga) Open Mic BBA ARRK KIIN NG G LLEEG G SS TTH H EEA ATTEE RR (Chattanooga) Pierre Bensusan TTH HEE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) Grouplove, MD MR, Smallpools TTH HEE 112200 TTA AVVEE RRN N (Marietta) Saving Abel EEXXIITT// IIN N (Nashville) Slick Rick

FFRRII D DA AYY A Apprriill 44 TTH HEE CCO OM M EED D YY CCA ATTCCH H (Chattanooga) Big Eddie Caylor, Cousin Ricky Peardon RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREEW WSS (Chattanooga) The Revivalists, Stokeswood RRA AW W (Chattanooga) DJ Reggie Reg TT--BBO ON N EE’’ SS Kelsey’s Woods TTRREEM MO ON N TT TTA AVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Amber Fults LLA ASS M MA ARRG GA ARRIITTA A’’ SS (Cleveland) Convertibull DU D UM MPPYY’’SS (Ocoee) Georgia Pine TTH HEE PPRRIIN N CCEE SSSS TTH H EE A ATTRREE (South Pittsburg) Julie Roberts, Cassidy Lynn VVA ARRIIEETTYY PPLLA A YYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Railroad Earth TTH HEE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) “Archer Live” CCA A FFÉÉ LLEEN NA A (Saratoga Springs, NY) Peter Mulvey, The Suitcase Junket

SSA ATT U URRD DA AYY A Apprr iill 55 TTH HEE CCO OM M EED D YY CCA ATTCCH H (Chattanooga) Big Eddie Caylor, Cousin Ricky Peardon RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREEW WSS (Chattanooga) Departure BBA ARRTT’’SS LLA AK KEE SSH HO ORREE (Chattanooga) DJ E RRA AW W (Chattanooga) DJ Reggie Reg IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Umphrey’s McGee


TTH H EE CCO OM M EED D YY CCAATTCCH H (Chattanooga) Big Eddie Caylor, Cousin Ricky Peardon SSK KYYZZO OO O (Chattanooga) DJ Exphacter VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Todd Rundgren TTH H EE M MAASSQ QU U EERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Authority Zero, Donald Spence RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Weezer PPIILLO OTT LLIIG GH H TT (Knoxville) Ex-Cult

MO M ON ND DA AYY A Apprriill 77 RRAAW W (Chattanooga) DJ Spicolli TTRREE M MO ON NTT TTAAVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Trivia Night TTH H EE O OFF FFIICCEE (Chattanooga) SpeakEasy FFO O XX && H HO OU UN ND D (Chattanooga) DJ Exphacter ON O N EE--EE LLEE VVEE N N (Lafayette) CSA Writers Night

TT U UEESSD DA AYY A Apprr iill 88 RRAAW W (Chattanooga) DJ Spicolli TTRREE M MO ON NTT TTAAVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Open Mic w/ Mike McDade SSO OU U TTH HSSII D DEE TTAAVVEERRN N (Chattanooga) Troy Underwood

WEE D W DN NEESSD DA AYY A Apprriill 99 RRA AW W (Chattanooga) Open Jam w/ Jonathan Wimpee and friends LLA ASS M M AARRG G AARRIITTAA’’SS (Chattanooga) Priscilla & Little Rickee ARRII’’SS H A HAA RRBBO ORR LL IIG GH H TTSS (Chattanooga) Keyz Brown TTH H EE TTAAVVEE RRN N (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREE W WSS (Chattanooga) William Davenport MAAG M GO OO O ’’SS (Chattanooga) Mark Kelly Hall, Summer Shyvonne CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTAAG GEE (Atlanta) Scott Stapp TTH H EE M MAASSQ QU U EERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) The Wonder Years, Defeater, Citizen, Modern Baseball, Real Friends


APRIL 3 2014


VVAARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Brett Dennen April 10 TTH H EE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Twenty One Pilots, Nonono, Hunter Hunted April 10 TTH H EE EE AARRLL (Atlanta) Ben Kweller April 10 TTH H EE 11 2200 TTAAVVEERRN N (Marietta) Fuel April 10 RRYYM M AAN N AA U UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) The Charlie Daniels Band April 10 TTH H EE BBO OW WEE RRYY (Knoxville) The Whigs April 10 JJ EEM M IISSO ON N CCO ON NCCEE RRTT H HAALL LL (Birmingham) John Prine, Holly Williams April 11 TTU USS CCAA LLO OO O SSAA AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Brantley Gilbert, Thomas Rhett, Eric Paslay April 11 SSCCH H EERRM M EERRH HO O RRN N SS YYM M PPH HO ON N YY CCEEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) Whoopi Goldberg April 11 M EERRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Superchunk, Bully April 11 BBLLU U EE (Portland, ME) The Suitcase Junket April 11 H AAM H MII LLTTO ON N ’’SS (Dalton) Georgia Pine April 12 W AARR M W MEE M MO O RRIIAALL AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie April 12 N AASSH N H VVIILLLLEE M MU UN NII CCII PPAALL AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) The Family Stone April 12 H IIG H GH HW W AATTTT (Nashville) Saintseneca April 12 FF EERRSSTT CCEE N NTTEERR (Atlanta) Earl Klugh April 12 TTEE RRM MIIN N AALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) Steep Canyon Rangers April 12 CCEEN N TTEERR SSTTAAG GEE (Atlanta) Stephen Marley April 13 TTH H EE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Dita Von Teese April 13 TTEE RRM MIIN N AALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) The Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach April 14 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) Lacuna Coil, Kying, Eve to Adam, Cliver april 14 RRO O CCK KEETTO OW WN N (Nashville) Blessthefall, Silverstein, The Amity Affliction, Secrets, Heartist April 15 SSCCH H EERRM M EERRH HO O RRN N SS YYM M PPH HO ON N YY CCEEN N TTEE RR Nashville) Melissa Etheridge April 15 TTH H EE 55 SSPPO O TT (Nashville) Black Girls April 15 ALL AABBAAM A MAA TTH H EEAA TTRREE (Birmingham) Nickel Creek April 16 BBIIJJ O OU U TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) The Zombies April 16 BBRRIID DG G EESSTTO ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band April 17 WO W ORRK KPPLL AAYY TTH HEE AATTRREE (Birmingham) The Milk Carton Kids April 17 BBU U CCK KH HEE AAD D TTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) The Milk Carton Kids April 18 BBRRIID DG G EESSTTO ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Miley Cyrus, Icona Pop, Sky Ferreira April 18 RRYYM M AAN N AA U UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Nickel Creek April 18 M EERRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Augustana April 18 ALL YYSS SSTTEEPPH A H EE N N FF IIN NEE AARRTTSS CCEE N NTTEE RR (Birmingham) John Legend April 18 TTH H EE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Alter Bridge April 19 VVIIN N YYLL (Atlanta) Augustana April 19 CCEE N NTTEEN NN NII AALL O O LLYYM MPPII CC PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Anders Osborne April 19 RRYYM M AAN N AA U UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Nickel Creek April 19 D && LL IIN 33RRD ND D SSLLEE YY (Nashville) Goo Goo Dolls, Run River North April 19 TTEE N NN N EESSSS EEEE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) John

Legend April 19 CCEEN N TTEEN NN NIIA ALL O O LLYYM M PPIICC PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Archnemesis, Dirty Heads April 20 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Nickel Creek April 21 RRYYM MAAN NA AU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Rob Thomas April 22 CCA AN NN N EERRYY BBA A LLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Chevelle April 22 RRYYM MAAN NA AU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Santana April 23 TTH HEE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) Rob Thomas April 23 ALLAABBA A AM MA A TTH H EEA ATTRREE (Birmingham) Travis Tritt April 24 TTIIVVO OLL II TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Chattanooga) Lalah Hathaway, Ruben Studdard April 25 CCEEN N TTEERR SS TTA AG G EE (Atlanta) The Mavericks April 25 KIIN K NG G SSTTO ON ND DO OW WN N SS (Atlanta) “Counterpoint Music and Arts Festival” Pretty Lights, Griz, Schoolboy Q, Vince Staples, Isaiah Rashad, Big Gigantic, Matt and Kim, Moon Taxi, Schoolboy Q April 25 TTH HEE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) Nickel Creek April 25 M EERRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Katie Herzig April 25 RRYYM MAAN NA AU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Foster the People, St. Lucia April 25 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) The Zombies April 25 O AAK O KM MO OU UN NTTA AIIN NA AM M PPH H IITTH H EE A ATTRREE (Pelham, AL) Will Hoge April 25 ““VVO OLLA A PPA ALLO OO O ZZ A A”” (Knoxville) Fitz & the Tantrums, The Dirty Guvnahs, The Delta Saints April 25 KIIN K NG G SSTTO ON ND DO OW WN N SS (Atlanta) “Counterpoint Music and Arts Festival” Foster the People, STS9, J. Cole, Above & Beyond, Janelle Monae, April 26 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS A AM MPPH H IITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band April 26 CCH HAASS TTA A IIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Santana April 26 RRYYM MAAN NA AU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Joe Bonamassa April 26 M AARRA M ATTH HO ON NM MU U SSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Black Label Society April 26 WAARR M W MEE M MO O RRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Kevin Costner & Modern West April 26 FFRRA AN NK KLLII N N TTH H EEA ATTRREE (Franklin, TN) Georgia Satellites April 26 TTH HEE SSH H EED D (Maryville) Elizabeth Cook, Tim Carroll April 26 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE TTH H EEA A TTRREE (Knoxville) Kansas April 26 SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY H HA ALLLL (Atlanta) Boz Scaggs April 27 KIIN K NG G SSTTO ON ND DO OW WN N SS (Atlanta) “Counterpoint Music and Arts Festival” Outkast, Major Lazer, Chance the Rapper, Thievery Corporation, Sleigh Bells April 27 VVEERRII ZZO ON NW W IIRREELL EESSSS A AM MPP H HIITTH H EEA ATTRREE A ATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Alabama April 27 PPA ARRK K TTA AVVEE RRN N (Atlanta) Waka Waka Flame April 27 TTH HO OM M PPSSO ON N --BBO O LLIIN NG GA ARREEN NA A (Knoxville) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves April 27 M EERRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Haim April 27 WAARR M W MEE M MO O RRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Bastille April 28

EEX XII TT//IIN N (Nashville) Saliva, Three Years Holler April 28 SSLLO O SSSS FFU U RRN NAACCEE SS (Birmingham) Vampire Weekend April 28 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Rob Zombie April 28 SSYYM MPP H HO ON NYY H H AALL LL (Atlanta) Tom Jones April 28 TTH HEE LLO O FFTT (Atlanta) Laura Mvula April 28 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) Adventure Club April 29 CCA AN NN N EERRYY BBAALLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Christina Perri April 29 TTH HEE M M AASSQ QU UEE RRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Seether, Skindred, Black Stone Cherry, Capture the Crown, Dance Gavin Dance, Palisades April 29 IIRRO ON NH HO O RRSSEE CCAAFFÉÉ (Birmingham) Adelita’s Way April 29 BBU UCCK KH H EEAA D D TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Christina Perri April 30 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Better Than Ezra April 30 HEE LLLL @ H @ TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU U EERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Framing Hanley, Devour the Day, Three Years April 30 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Local Natives April 30 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Seether, Skindred, Black Stone Cherry April 30 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Arcade Fire May 1 IIRRO ON NH HO O RRSSEE CCAAFFÉÉ (Birmingham) Rob Zombie May 1 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Lana Del Ray May 1 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Seether, Skindred, Black Stone Cherry May 2 AN A ND DRREE W W JJ AACCK KSSO ON NH HAA LLLL (Nashville) Bend Folds May 2 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Jessica Lee Mayfield May 2 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Lana Del Ray May 2 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) Arcade Fire May 2 CCEEN N TTEE RR SS TTAA G GEE (Atlanta) Mogwai May 2 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Haim May 2 CCH HAASS TTAA IIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, The Devil Makes Three May 2 HAA RRRRAAH H H ’’SS CCH HEE RRO OK K EEEE CCAASSII N NO O (Cherokee)Alice In Chains May 2 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Black Label Society May 2 OAA K O KM MO OU UN NTTAA IIN N AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Pelham, AL) Eric Clapton, ZZ Ward May 2 EEX XII TT//IIN N (Nashville) Mogwai May 3 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Ben Folds May 3 TTH HO OM M PPSSO ON N-- BBO OLLII N NG G AARREE N N AA (Knoxville) Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, The Devil Makes Three May 3 TTA ALLLLAAD D EE G GAA SSU UPP EERRSSPPEE EE D DW W AAYY (Talladega) Randy Houser May 3 CCH HAASS TTAA IIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Eric Clapton May 3 BBA ARRK KIIN NG G LLEE G GSS TTH HEE AATTEE RR April Verch Band May 4 FFO O XX TTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Vampire Weekend May 5


TTH H EE EEAARRLL (Atlanta) Dick Dale May 5 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) The Dandy Warhols May 5 PPH HIILL IIPPSS AA RREEN N AA (Atlanta) Lady Gaga May 6 CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTAAG G EE (Atlanta) Primal Scream May 6 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) M. Ward, Mount Moriah May 6 KN K NO O XXVVIILLLL EE CCO O LLIISS EEIIU UM M (Knoxville) Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob May 6 TTH H EE TTAABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) The Wanted May 7 PPU URRG G AATTO O RRYY AATT TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU U EERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos, Empires May 7 CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTAAG G EE (Atlanta) Iggy Azalea May 7 EEXXIITT//IIN N (Nashville) Blue October May 7 TTRRA A CCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) 311 May 8 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) Iris DeMent May 8 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Deer Tick May 8 CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTAAG G EE (Atlanta) James Blunt May 8 BBU U CCK KH H EEAAD D TTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Beats Antique May 8 MIILLLL EERR PPLLAAZZ AA (Chattanooga) Packway M Handle Band May 9 ATTLLAAN A N TTII CC SSTTAATTIIO ON N PPAARRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” The National. Cage the Elephant, Spoon, The Gaslight Anthem, The Whigs, Dropkick Murphys, The Airborne Toxic Event, Band of Skulls, Graveyard, Charles Bradley, Man Man, White Denim, Wild Belle, The Bright Lights Social Hour, Sleeper Agent, American Aquarium, Mutual Benefit, Blood Red Skies May 9 CCO O BBBB EE N NEE RRG G YY PPEERR FFO O RRM MII N NG G AARRTTSS CCEEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) George Benson May 9 TTH H EE M MAA SSQ QU U EERR AAD DEE (Atlanta) Deer Tick, Clear Plastic Masks May 9 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Tokyo Police Club May 9 EEXXIITT//IIN N (Nashville) Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos, Empires May 9 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Pelham, AL) Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr May 9 ALLAABBAAM A M AA TTH H EEAATTRREE (Birmingham) Jason Isbell, Langhorne Slim May 9 TTRRA A CCK K 2299 Ghost B.B. May 10 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Garrison Keillor May 10 ATTLLAAN A N TTII CC SSTTAATTIIO ON N PPAARRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” Modest Mouse, The Replacements, Portugal, The Man, Conor Oberst, Dawes, Jenny Lewis, Packway Handle Band, Tokyo Police Club, Gregory Alan Isakov, Cold War Kids, Lord Huron, The Lone Below, Hayes Carll, Houndmouth, The Apache Relay, Wake Owl, Fly Golden Eagle, Phox, The Districts May 10 FFO O XX TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Mike Epps May 10 TTH H EE TTAABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Corey Smith May 10 TTH H EE EEAARRLL (Atlanta) The Whigs May 10 ATTLLAAN A N TTII CC SSTTAATTIIO ON N PPAARRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Violent Femmes, Local Natives, Iron & Wine,

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Jason Isbell, Deer Tick, The Hold Steady, Blitzen Trapper, Mason Jennings, Trampled By Turtles, Langhorn Slim, San Fermin, Kopecky Family Band, The Weeks, Paper Bird, Crass Mammoth May 11 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NA A (Atlanta) Cher May 12 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Chromeo, Oliver May 12 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) Reignwolf May 12 RRYYM MA AN N AA U UD D IITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Neon Trees, Smallpools, Nightmare and the Cat May 12 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Tegan & Sara, Lucius, The Courtneys May 13 TTEERRM M IIN N AALL W W EESS TT (Atlanta) Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Canoe May 13 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) Toadies, Supersuckers, BattleMe May 13 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Canoe May 14 ZZA AN NIIEE ’’SS (Nashville) Dick Gregory May 14 H EEAAVVEE N H N AATT TTH HEE M M AASSQ QU UEE RRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Toadies, Supersuckers, BattleMe May 14 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) The 1975 May 15 ZZA AN NIIEE ’’SS (Nashville) Billy Gardell May 15 BBU UCCK KH HEE AAD D TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Tegan & Sara, Lucius, The Courtneys May 15 CCA AM M PP H HO OU U SSEE (Chattanooga) Penny & Sparrow, Grace & Tony May 16 CCA AN NN NEE RRYY BBAALLLLRR O OO OM M (Nashville) Portugal the Man May 16 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FF O ON NTTAAN N EELL (Whites Creek) Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, The Devil Makes Three May 16 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Primus May 16 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Conor Oberst, Dawes May 17 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr May 17 552299 (Atlanta) Ex-Cult May 17 TTEERRM M IIN N AALL W W EESS TT (Atlanta) Katie Herzig

May 17 FFRREE D DRRII CCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. AAM MPP H HIITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) Gladys Knight May 17 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Kenny Rogers May 17 BBIIJJO OU U TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Portugal, The Man May 17 BBJJCCCC A ARREE N NAA (Birmingham) Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, The Devil Makes Three May 17 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) George Clnton & Parliament/Funkadelic May 18 CCEEN N TTEE RR SS TTAA G GEE (Atlanta) Ingrid Michaelson, Storyman, Sugar & the Hi Lows May 20 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Primus May 20 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Ingrid Michaelson, Storyman, Sugar & the Hi Lows May 21 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Pop Evil, Escape the Fate, Avatar, Glamour of the Kill May 21 BBIIJJO OU U TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) The Infamous Stringdusters May 21 BBU UCCK KH H EEAA D D TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) The 1975 May 22 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) Theory of A Deadman May 23 SSYYM MPP H HO ON NYY H H AALL LL (Atlanta) Ben Folds May 23 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Neon Trees, Smallpools, Nightmare and the Cat May 23 FFO O XX TTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Eddie Izzard May 23 OAA K O KM MO OU UN NTTAA IIN N AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Pelham) Dave Matthews Band May 23 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) Dave Matthews Band May 24 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEA ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Foreigner, Styx, Don Felder May 24 TTH HEE SSH H EED D (Maryville) The Kentucky


Headhunters May 24 TTH H EE BBO OW W EERRYY (Knoxville) Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers May 24 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Eddie Izzard May 24 HAARRRRAA H H H’’ SS CCH H EERR O OK K EEEE CCAASSIIN NO O (Cherokee) Dolly Parton May 25 VVA A RRIIEETTYY PPLL AAYYH HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Tommy Emmanuel May 26 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Pelham, AL) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 27 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (Atlanta) Jimmy Buffett May 27 TTEE RRM M IIN NAALL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Old 97’s, Lydia Loveless May 27 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Morrissey, Kristeenyong May 28 TTU U SSCCAALLO OO O SSAA AA M MPPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Foreigner, Styx, Don Felder May 29 EED DD DIIEE ’’ SS AATTTTIICC (Atlanta) Leon Redbone May 29 ARREEN A N AA AATT G GW W IIN NN N EE TTTT CCEE N NTTEE RR (Atlanta) Romeo Santos May 29 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AA M MPPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 30 LLIIBBRRA ARRYY TTH H EEAATTRREE (Birmingham) Camera Obscura May 30 DAALLTTO D ON ND DEE PPO O TT (Dalton) Ramble in the Attic May 31 TTH H EE TTAABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) needtobreathe, Fay Vance May 31 ARREEN A N AA AATT G GW W IIN NN N EE TTTT CCEE N NTTEE RR (Atlanta) Third Day May 31 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) O’2L June 1 PPA ARRK K TTAAVVEE RRN N (Atlanta) Granville Automatic June 1 VVEE RRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREELL EESSSS AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE AATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Jack Johnson, Amos Lee June 3 CCO O BBBB EE N NEE RRG G YY PPEERR FFO O RRM MII N NG G AARRTTSS CCEEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Morrissey June 4 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Edward

APRIL 3 2014


Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes June 5 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSSLL EEYY (Nashville) World Party June 5 SS M MIITTH H ’’SS O O LLD DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Hot Club of Cowtown June 5 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Conor Oberst, Dawes June 6 LLPP FFIIEE LLD D (Nashville) Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry June 6 VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAA YYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) World Party June 6 TTEE RRM MIIN N AALL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Peter Murphy June 6 O AAK O KM MO OU UN N TTAAIIN N AAM M PPH H TTH H EE A ATTRREE (Pelham, AL) Zac Brown Band June 6 RRII VVEE RRBBEE N ND D FFEE SSTTIIVVAALL Widespread Panic June 7 SS O OU U TTH HEE RRN NG GRRO OU UN ND DA AM M PPH H IITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Fayetteville) Gary Puckett & the Union Gap June 7 SS M MIITTH H ’’SS O O LLD DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Stroke 9 June 7 AAA RRO A ON N ’’ SS AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Zac Brown Band June 7 BBO OU UTTW W EELLLL AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Birmingham) Daryle Singletary June 7 ALL YYSS RRO A O BBIIN N SSO ON N SS TTEEPPH H EEN N SS CCEE N NTTEE RR (Birmingham) Steve Martin, Steep Canyon Rangers, Edie Brickell June 8 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) Tamar Braxton June 9 BBJJ CCCC A A RREEN N AA (Birmingham) Bruno Mars, Aloe Blacc June 11 BBJJ CCCC CCO ON N CCEE RRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Mike Epps June 13 TTU U SSCCAALLO OO OSS AA AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Fantasia, Joe June 13 VVEE RRIIZZO ON NW WII RREELLEE SSSS TTH HEE A ATTRREE A ATT EE N NCCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Boston, .38 Special June 14 IIRR O ON N CCIITTYY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Tamar Braxton June 14 PPU U BBLLIICC SS Q QU U AARREE PPAARRK K (Nashville) Lisa Loeb June 14 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons June 15 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket June 17 CCO O BBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PPEERRFF O ORRM M IIN NG GA ARRTTSS CCEE N NTTEE RR (Atlanta) Elvis Costello June 19 TTEE N NN N EESS SSEEEE TTH H EEAATTRREE (Knoxville) Elvis Costello June 20 FF RREED D RRIICCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. A AM M PPH H IITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Bruce Hornsby June 21 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Elvis Costello June 21 TTH H EE SS H HEE D D (Maryville) Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, The Eskimo Brothers June 21 AAA RRO A ON N ’’ SS AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Randy Houser, Leah Turner, Charlie Worsham June 22 CCH H AASSTTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket June 22 M EERRCCYY LL O M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Old 97’s June 26 W IILLD W DH HO O RRSSEE SSAALL O OO ON N (Nashville) Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6, Spacehog June 26 TTH H EE 55 SSPPO O TT (Nashville) The Paul Collins Beat, Sherbert June 26 BBRRII D DG G EESS TTO ON N EE AA RREEN N AA (Nashville) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 27 PPH H IILLII PPSS AARREE N N AA (Atlanta) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 28

CCH HAA SSTTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar & Neild Giraldo June 28 SSO OU UTTH H EERR N NG G RRO OU UN ND D AAM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Fayetteville) Jefferson Starship June 28 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) Lindsey Stirling June 30 EE X XIITT//II N N (Nashville) Swans June 30 CCO OU UN N TTRRYY TTO ON N IIG GH HTT TTH H EEAA TTRREE (Pigeon Forge) Mark Chesnutt July 4 CCH HAA SSTTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Lionel Richie, DeeLo Green July 7 CCH HAA SSTTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, Plain White T’s July 11 FFRR EED D RRIICCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJ RR.. AAM M PPH HII TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) The Beach Boys July 12 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FF O ON NTTAAN N EELL (Whites Creek) Fall Out Boy, New Politics July 13 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Tim McGraw, Cassadee Pope July 13 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE A ARREE N N AA (Nashville) KISS< Def Leppard July 16 TTU USS CCAA LLO OO OSSAA A AM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Peter Frampton, The Doobie Brothers July 18 VVEERR IIZZO ON NW WIIRREE LLEE SSSS TTH H EE AATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORR EE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 18 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) KISS, Def Leppard July 18 BBJJCCCC CCO ON NCCEE RRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 19 FFRR EED D RRIICCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJ RR.. AAM M PPH HII TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Michael Bolton July 20 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM M PPH HII TTH H EE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Van’s Warped Tour July 24 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAA CCLL EE (Atlanta) 311 July 24 RRIIVVEE RRFFRRO ON NTT PPA ARRK K (Nashville) Lettuce, Sir Mix-A-Lot July 24 FFRRII SSTT CCEEN N TTEERR (Nashville) Marty Stuart July 25 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FF O ON NTTAAN N EELL (Whites Creek) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 25

TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) 311 July 25 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS TTH H EEAA TTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Avett Brothers, Emmylou Harris July 25 FFO O XX TTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) DMX, EPMD, Naughty By Nature, Big Daddy Kane, Black Sheep, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie July 26 CCH HAASS TTAA IIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) O.A.R., Phillip Phillips July 26 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS TTH H EEAA TTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Avett Brothers, Gov’t Mule July 26 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Yes July 28 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE SSTTAATTEE FFAAII RRG GRRO OU UN ND D SS (Nashville) Van’s Warped Tour July 29 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DII TTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Sarah McLachlin July 29 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade July 29 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) Fall Out Boy, Paramore, New Politics July 30 CCH HAASS TTAA IIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Sarah McLachlin July 30 SSYYM MPP H HO ON NYY H H AALL LL (Atlanta) Yes July 30 TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE PPEERR FFO O RRM MII N NG G AARRTTSS CCEEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) The Turtles feat. Flo & Eddie, Chuck Negron, Mark Farner, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Gary Lewis & the Playboys August 1 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS TTH H EEAA TTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker August 2 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEA ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Phish August 3 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREE LLEESS SS AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEA ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) James Taylor August 5 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Death Corps August 8 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley August 14


OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Pelham, AL) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper August 15 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) The Lacs August 15 VVEE RRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREELL EESSSS AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE AATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper August 16 TTH H EE W WO OO OD DSS AATT FFO ON N TTAA N NEE LL (Whites Creek) Boston August 16 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (Atlanta) Panic! At the Disco, Walk the Moon, Youngblood Hawke August 17 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITTO O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Tori Amos August 18 LLPP FFII EELLD D (Nashville) One Direction August 19 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (Atlanta) OneRepublic August 19 CCO O BBBB EE N NEE RRG G YY PPEERR FFO O RRM MII N NG G AARRTTSS CCEEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Tori Amos August 19 FFO O XX TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Michael McDonald, Toto August 22 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (Atlanta) Boyz II Men, En Vogue August 22 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AAM M PPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Pelham) Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldridge August 23 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (( Atlanta) Chicago, REO Speedwagon August 24 VVEE RRIIZZ O ON NW W IIRREELL EESSSS AAM M PPH H IITTH HEE AATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldridge August 24 FFRREE D DRRIICCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. AA M MPPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Bret Michaels September 6 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AA M MPPH H IITTH H EEAATTRREE (Atlanta) Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Glorianna September 11 CCH H AASSTTAAII N N PP AARRK K (Atlanta) Charlie Wilson September 13 CCO OU UN N TTRRYY TTO ON NIITTEE TTH H EEAATTRREE (Pigeon Forge) Bobby Bare, John Anderson, Daryl Worley

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September 19 TTH H EE EE AARRLL (Atlanta) The Dream Syndicate September 27 G EEO G O RRG G IIAA D DO OM MEE (Atlanta) One Direction October 1 BBRRII D DG G EESS TTO ON N EE AA RREEN N AA (Nashville) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper October 15 M EEM M MO O RRIIAALL AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Chattanooga) Joe Bonamassa December 9 BBRRII D DG G EESS TTO ON N EE AA RREEN N AA (Nashville) Bassnectar December 31 SS CCH H EE RRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYYM M PPH HO ON N YY CCEEN N TTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers January 15-17

CCO ON NTTIIN NU UII N NG G FF IIRRSSTT CCEE N NTTEE N NAARR YY U UN N IITTEED DM M EETTH HO OD DIISS TT CCH HU URRCCH H (Chattanooga) Singles One Mondays @ 6 PM G RREE AATTEERR CCH G H AATTTTAAN NO OO OG GA AA ASSPP IIEESS (Chattanooga) Third Tuesday of each month, 6-8 pm D EEVVEE LLO D O PPM MEE N N TT RREESS O OU U RRCCEE BBU U IILLD D IIN NG G (Chattanooga) Chattanooga Alliance for Animals First Wednesday of the month M IILLLL EERR M M MO O TTLLEE TTEE CCH HN N IICCA ALL CCO OLL LLEEG G EE (Chattanooga) CHEO Complimentary Health Education Organization Chapter Meeting Third Sunday 2-4 PM TTH H EE CCH H AATTTTAAN NO OO OG G AAN N Breakfast Education & Networking Workshop Second Wednesday of the month BBRRA AD D FF O ORRD DH H EEAALL TTH H CCEE N NTTEE RR (Chattanooga) Free Parent Support Meeting Thursdays 56pm TTH H EE EELLK K SS LLO OD DG GEE (Cleveland) Joe Collins Tuesdays LLA A SS M M AARRG G AARRIITTAA’’ SS (Cleveland) Collins Brothers Band Thursdays

O PEN IN G T HI S WE EK Captain America: The Winter Soldier PG-13 Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. N OW SHO WI N G 3 Days to Kill PG-13 In this distinctive action-thriller, Kevin Costner plays an elite government hit man who after receiving news that he has a terminal disease, decides to give up his high stakes life to finally build a rela-

tionship with his estranged wife and daughter, whom he’s previously kept at arm’s length to keep out of danger. But when his agency offers him an experimental, potentially life-saving drug in exchange for one last mission, it’s an offer he can’t refuse - even if it means juggling his two toughest assignments yet: going after the world’s most ruthless terrorist and caring for his daughter for the first time in ten years while his wife is out of town. 300 Rise of An Empire R After Xerxes’ father, Darius, is killed by the Greeks during the Battle of Marathon, he seeks to become a God and eventually comes face to face with Athenian

Chris Evans in Marvel Studio’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

commander Themistocles. Bad Words R Guy Trilby is a 40-year-old man seeking catharsis in his life. He seizes upon the idea that this will come for him through the National Spelling Bee. After discovering a loophole in the rules, Guy zealously joins the competition and easily outpaces the pre-teen field in match after match. As reporter Jenny Widgeon delves into Guy’s story, Guy finds himself forging an unlikely friendship with a competitor, awkward 10-year-old Chaitanya, which may spell things differently for his future. Divergent PG-13 In a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues. Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to destroy all Divergents, Tris must learn to trust in the mysterious Four and together they must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late.

Philosophy class by the dogmatic Professor Radisson. Radisson begins class by informing students that they will need to disavow, in writing, the existence of God on that first day, or face a failing grade. As other students in the class begin scribbling the words “God Is Dead” on pieces of paper, Josh find himself at a crossroads, having to choose between his faith and his future. Josh offers a nervous refusal, provoking an irate reaction from his smug professor. Radisson assigns him a daunting task: to prove God’s existence by presenting well-researched, intellectual arguments and evidence over the course of the semester, and engage Radisson in a head-tohead debate in front of the class. The Lego Movie PG Emmet is an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly underprepared.

God’s Not Dead PG College freshman and devout Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG Christian Josh Wheaton finds his Mr. Peabody, the most accomfaith challenged on his first day of plished dog in the world, and his ENIGMA

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mischievous boy Sherman, use their time machine - The Wabac to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes The Wabac out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidently rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever alter the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, ultimately facing the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent. Together, the time traveling trio will make their mark on history. Muppets Most Wanted PG The Muppets gang go on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine—the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit—and his dastardly sidekick Dominic, aka Number Two. Need For Speed PG-13 For Tobey Marshall, who runs his family’s auto shop and races the underground street circuit with his buddies on weekends, life is good. But his whole world is turned upside down when he is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. In prison, he spends the next two years thinking about one thing: vengeance. While questioning the morals to which he has always adhered, he is nevertheless determined to bring down his enemies no matter what the cost.

What follows is a nail-biting catand-mouse game with the lives of hundreds of passengers hanging in the balance.

risky—as the cubs’ playful descent down the mountain carries with it a looming threat of avalanches. As the season changes from spring to summer, the brown bear families must work together to find food— ultimately feasting at a plentiful salmon run—while staying safe from predators, including an everpresent wolf pack. “Bears” captures the fast-moving action and suspense of life in one of the planet’s last great wildernesses—where mothers definitely know best and their cubs’ survival hinges on family togetherness.

Sabotage R An elite DEA task force deals with the world’s deadliest drug cartels. Specializing in complex mobile operations, the team executes a tactical raid on a cartel safe house. What looks to be a typical raid turns out to be an elaborate theft operation, pre-planned by the DEA squad. After hiding millions in stolen cash, the team believes their secret is safe - until someone begins assassinating them one by Draft Day PG-13 On the day of the NFL Draft, generone. al manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to save football in Son of God PG-13 This major motion picture brings Cleveland when he trades for the the story of Jesus’ life to audiences through compelling cinematic storytelling that is both powerful and inspirational. Told with the scope and scale of an action epic, the film features powerful performances, exotic locales, dazzling visual effects and a rich orchestral score. Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado portrays the role of Jesus as the film spans from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

number one pick. He must quickly decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in pursuit of perfection as the lines between his personal and professional life become blurred on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with dreams of playing in the NFL. The Other Woman R After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on, she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB

Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club PG13 Brought together by an incident at their children’s school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges. C OMIN G SO ON

The Bag Man R Jack is a tough as nails underworld character who is hounded by chronic bad luck. Summoned to a remote location by a legendary crime boss, Jack expects to be hired for a job, but finds himself Non-Stop PG-13 During a transatlantic flight from surrounded by a pack of equally New York City to London, U.S. Air unsavory criminals out for his hide. Marshal Bill Marks receives a series of cryptic text messages demanding Bears G that he instruct the airline to trans- Disneynature’s new True Life fer $150 million into an off-shore Adventure “Bears” showcases a account. Until he secures the year in the life of two mother bears money, a passenger on his flight as they impart life lessons to their will be killed every 20 minutes. impressionable young cubs. Set Surrounded by only a couple of against a majestic Alaskan backpeople he initially believes are drop teeming with life, their jourtrustworthy, the resourceful air ney begins as winter comes to an marshal must use every nuance of end and the bears emerge from his training to uncover the killer hibernation to face the bitter cold. traveling on board the aircraft. The world outside is exciting—but Noah PG-13 In a world ravaged by human sin, Noah is given a divine mission: to build an Ark to save creation from the coming flood.


Across 2. Worn to protect the clothing 6. Fermented grape juices 11. Lady's-finger 13. State resident 15. English princess 17. Fixes 18. Ogles 19. Underground part of a plant 20. Deuces 21. Thin glutinous mud 22. Authentic 23. Finish first 25. Biddies 26. Person whose religion is Judaism 30. Devote 32. Modify 36. Complete change 37. Shooting sport 38. Sealing compound 40. Purchase

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12. Flightless bird 14. Small dam 16. Part of speech 24. Rich and fashionable travellers 26. Trash 27. Spouse 28. Group of tents 29. Genus of vermin 30. Step in ballet 31. Short letter 33. Paint unskillfully 34. Be sorry for 35. Plaything 39. Highest 42. Public exhibition Down 43. Judges 1. Florida city 2. Inert elemental gas 44. Metal fastener 45. Mathematics 3. Move past 46. Raised platform 4. Lubricates 47. Evade work 5. Yuletide 6. Of moderate tem- 48. Unwieldy ship 51. Career golfers perature 52. Unpleasant smell 7. Insert 53. Salver 8. Planet 54. Stylish 9. Breathe noisily 10. Hates intensely 41. Places to sleep 47. Shaft horsepower 49. Executive Officer 50. Away 54. Pal 55. Imitator 56. Tester 57. Hawaiian port 58. Draw near 59. Book of the Bible 60. Annoys 61. Native of Switzerland 62. Type of packsack


11 996644 The Beatles set a recording industry record that may never be equaled. They held the top 5 positions on the US singles chart with “Can’t Buy Me Love” at number 1, “Twist and Shout” at number 2, “She Loves You” at number 3, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” at number 4 and “Please Please Me” at number 5. In Canada, they had nine of the Top 10 singles, while the Australian charts saw them occupying the first six places.

1199 4499 RCA Victor introduces the 45 rpm single record, which had been in development since 1940. The 7 inch disc was designed to compete with the 33 1/3 LP introduced by Columbia a year earlier. Both formats offered better fidelity and longer playing time than the 78 rpm platter that was currently in use. Advertisements for new record players boasted that with 45 RPM records, the listener could hear up to ten records with speedy, silent, hardly noticeable changes.

The Beach Boys record “I Get Around”, which will become their first US #1 single by the following July, selling nearly two million copies. It 11 996600 Elvis Presley enters a Nashville studio reached #7 in the UK. where he records “It’s Now Or Never” 11996655 and “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”. 30 year old Sonny Bono and his 18 RCA Victor Records announces that it year old wife Cher are signed to Atco will release all Pop singles in mono Records by Ahmet Ertegun. The duo and stereo simultaneously, the first had earlier made a handful of unsucrecord company to do so. Elvis cessful singles as Caesar And Cleo, but Presley’s single, “Stuck on You” is over the next seven years they would enjoy eleven Billboard Top 40 hits. RCA’s first mono / stereo release.

11 996611 The Beatles begin their second string 1199 5566 of shows in Hamburg, Germany, Elvis Presley makes the first of two where they will play for 92 consecuappearances on The Milton Berle tive nights before wrapping up on July Show, live from the flight deck of the 1st. USS Hancock. He earns $5,000 for performing “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Money, A Pittsburgh quintet called The Honey” and “Blue Suede Shoes”. It’s Marcels took “Blue Moon”, a tune estimated that one out of every four written in 1934 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, to the top of the Americans sees the show. Billboard chart. It was also a #1 in the 11 9955 77 UK. Rodgers hated the doo-wop Buddy Knox became the first artist in arrangement so much that he took out the Rock ‘n’ Roll era to write his own advertisements in UK trade papers, number one hit when “Party Doll” urging people not to buy it. topped the Billboard chart. Buddy 119966 22 would go on to place four more songs in the Top 40 between 1957 and 1961. The Russian newspaper Pravda warns communist youths about the dangers The Everly Brothers release “Bye Bye of dancing the Twist. Love”, a song that was rejected by 30 labels before Cadence Records picked The Shirelles’ “Soldier Boy” is it up. The song went to #2 on the US released in the US on Sceptor Pop chart and #1 on the Country & Records. The tune becomes the group’s biggest hit, reaching number Western chart. one, selling over a million copies and 1199 5588 earning a Gold record. Little Richard had his final US Top 10 119966 33 hit with “Good Golly Miss Molly”. The song was from his last recording ses- 16-year-old Lesley Gore records her sions for Specialty Records, after breakthrough hit, “It’s My Party”. which he recorded a series of Gospel Producer Quincy Jones hurried Gore into the studio when he found out songs. that Phil Spector was going to cut the Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” is song with The Crystals. The single released. It would enter the Billboard would reach #1 in the US and #9 in the charts six weeks later and rise to UK. number 8 on the Hot 100 and number two on the R&B chart. The song’s orig- The Chiffons enjoy the first of their inal lyrics referred to Johnny as a five Billboard Top 40 hits when “He’s “colored boy”, but Berry later So Fine” climbs to #1. In the UK, it acknowledged that he changed it to reached #16. “country boy” to ensure radio play. ENIGMA

1199 6666 The Troggs use 45 minutes of spare studio time to record “Wild Thing” at Regent Sound Studio in London. The raw, simple little tune would climb to #2 in the UK and #1 in the US, selling over a million copies by the following June. 11996677 Cindy Birdsong, formerly of Patti LaBelle’s Bluebelles, was asked to fill in for Florence Ballard of The Supremes after Ballard missed a number of shows in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Montreal. Birdsong became a permanent member a few months later. The Beatles are photographed with a photo collage and wax figures from Madame Tussaud’s museum for the cover artwork of their soon to be released “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album at Chelsea Manor Studios in London. Before the album sleeve is printed, figures of Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ were removed. 11 996688 Bobby Goldsboro received a Gold record for the single, “Honey”, which had spent 13 weeks on the Billboard chart, including five weeks at number one. It remains heavily played on the radio to this day and has been covered many times, although Todd Leopold of CNN named it the “Worst Song of All Time” in April 2006. 1199 6699 The Beach Boys launch a lawsuit against Capitol Records for over $2 million in unpaid royalties and producer’s fees for Brian Wilson. The

APRIL 3 2014


band also announces that they are starting their own label, Brothers Records, which will be distributed by Warner / Reprise. Frank Sinatra’s version of “My Way” entered the Billboard Hot 100 where it would rise to #27. In the UK, the song would spend an amazing 75 weeks in the Top 40, peaking at #5. The Doors’ Jim Morrison turns himself in to the FBI in Los Angeles. He is charged with inter-state flight to avoid prosecution on six charges of lewd behavior and public exposure at a concert in Miami on March 2nd, 1969. He is later released on $2000 bail. “These Eyes” by The Guess Who enters the Billboard chart on its way to #6 a month later. Guitarist Randy Bachman wrote the basic piano chords with an original title of “These Arms”. Vocalist Burton Cummings changed the title to “These Eyes” and added the middle eight bars. 11 997700 Only Ringo Starr is present at the final Beatles recording session, where he overdubs percussion tracks for “The Long and Winding Road”, “Across The Universe” and “I Me Mine”. Diana Ross makes her first solo concert appearance, in Framingham, Massachusetts.

1199 7711 Ringo Starr releases “It Don’t Come Easy”, which will climb to #4 in both the US and the UK. It is the first of ten Billboard Top 40 hits he will enjoy over the next ten years. The Temptations hit the top of the Billboard Pop chart for the third and final time with “Just My Imagination”, a #8 hit in the UK. They would place 11 more songs in the US Top 40 during the next 20 years. 11 997755 Minnie Riperton’s, “Lovin’ You” reached the top of the Billboard singles chart. Minnie began recording as part of The Gems and then later with Rotary Connection. She had retired from the music scene in 1970 to raise a family when Stevie Wonder persuaded her to join his back-up group, Wonderlove. Wonder later produced Riperton’s first solo album, “Perfect Angel” along with four more albums before she died of cancer on July 12th, 1979. “Lovin’ You” reached #2 in the UK.

first-degree murder were dropped “Supernatural” album. after doctors discovered Marvin Sr. While opening for KISS at a concert in had a brain tumor. Houston, Texas, Ted Nugent makes 119988 55 derogatory remarks about nonDavid Lee Roth quit Van Halen shortly English-speaking Americans. His after releasing his version of The return date slated for next August is Beach Boys’ “California Girls”, which cancelled. featured Carl Wilson on background 2200 0033 vocals. Roth’s record actually sold slightly better than the original. He Soul singer Edwin Starr, who had hits was replaced by Sammy Hagar later in with “War” (#1), “Agent Double-O Soul” (#21) and “Twenty-five Miles” (#6), died the year. of a heart attack at the age of 61. 11 998888 22 0000 66 The Traveling Wilburys record “Handle With Care” in Malibu, Florida. The International Federation of the The Quintet is comprised of Nelson Phonographic Industry announced (George Harrison), Lucky (Bob Dylan), that digital music sales almost tripled Otis (Jeff Lynn), Charlie (Tom Petty) around the world in 2005, reaching $1.1 billion in value. and Lefty (Roy Orbison). 11 998899 Pepsi-Cola announces that it will no longer run the commercial that features Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” after religious groups in the US protest. They would continue to broadcast the ad in Canada.

1199 7766 Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady” climbed to number one on the Billboard Pop chart. It would become the first disc to be given the newly introduced Platinum Award by The Recording Industry Association of America. In the UK, the song reached #25.

119999 22 The soundtrack to Wayne’s World was the number 1 album in the US. It featured the return to the charts of Queen’s, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, actually making the song a bigger hit the second time around. Tracks by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, as well as a new version of “Dream 11997777 Weaver” from Gary Wright, were also Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” album included on the LP. went to #1 on the Billboard chart where it stayed for 31 weeks. Billy Idol pleaded no contest to Worldwide, the LP would sell over 25 assault charges after he punched a million copies. woman in the face. He was fined and ordered to make public service 1199 8822 announcements against alcohol and The Doobie Brothers announced that drug use. they were splitting up. The band start119999 44 ed in the ‘70s with the #11 hit “Listen to the Music” and would re-unite for Madonna caused trouble on the set of 1989’s Top Ten smash, “The Doctor”. The Late Show With David Letterman. The network had to delete 13 offending words from the audio track before 1199 8833 US Interior Secretary James Watt offi- the show aired. An obviously annoyed cially announces that he will not Letterman told the singer “People invite The Beach Boys and The Grass don’t want language like that coming Roots to perform at the annual Fourth into their living room.” Madonna also of July celebration in Washington handed Letterman a pair of her because they attract “the wrong ele- panties and told him to sniff them. He ment of people.” His choice of enter- declined and stuffed them into his tainers is Wayne Newton. President desk drawer. Robin Williams later Ronald Regan would overturn the described the segment as a “battle of decision two days later. wits with an unarmed woman.” 1199 8844 44-year-old Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father after a heated family argument. Gaye had just received a Grammy for his hit, “Sexual Healing”, his first Top 40 single in 5 1/2 years. Remarkably, Gaye’s father received only probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Charges of

2200 0077 Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards issued a statement that said he was joking when he told NME magazine that the strangest thing he ever snorted was his father’s ashes. “It was an off-the-cuff remark, a joke and it is not true. File under April Fools’ joke”. Former KISS guitarist Mark St. John died from an apparent brain hemorrhage at the age of 51. St. John was Kiss’ third official guitarist, having replaced Vinnie Vincent in 1984 and appeared on the album “Animalize”. 22 0011 00 A private detective’s search for Olivia Newton-John’s former boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, was called off when McDermott sent photos and voice recordings to prove that he was alive and well. McDermott vanished at sea in 2005 and was believed to have drowned after a boating mishap, but has since been traced to the Mexican fishing village of Sayulita, where he was working as a deckhand. NewtonJohn split from McDermott the day before he disappeared and she went on to wed millionaire herb entrepreneur John Easterling in 2008.

22 0011 11 The Australian band Men at Work lost a Federal Court appeal of a ruling which found their 1983 hit single “Down Under” was partly copied from a Folk song called “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”. The decision cleared the way for copyright owners Larrikin Music to claim millions of dollars in unpaid royalties from 11 999966 “Down Under” writers Colin Hay and Jerry Garcia’s widow, Deborah, and Ron Strykert. Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir scatter part of Jerry’s ashes in the Ganges The Recording Academy announced a River in India. major streamlining of its Grammy categories, cutting them from 109 down 220000 00 to 78. Gone are awards for Best Male Carlos Santana earns his second #1 and Female Vocal in the Pop, Country single with “Maria, Maria” from his and R&B genres, Pop and Country colENIGMA

APRIL 3 2014


laboration, and Best Pop, Rock and Instrumental Performances. In all, 52 awards were eliminated and 21 were created. 220011 22 “Weird Al” Yankovic launched a $5 million lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment for underpayment of royalties. The surviving members of The Jacksons, Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito, announced that they were reforming for the first time since 1984. A six week series of concert dates during June and July, called The Unity Tour, would see them perform their classic hits once again. The Los Angeles County coroner released Whitney Houston’s final autopsy report which showed the singer drowned face down in a tub of “extremely hot water” about 12 inches deep. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning with the “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use” as contributing factors. 2200 1133 Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman turned himself in to British police after reports emerged suggesting he began a sexual relationship with his second wife, Mandy Smith, when she was 14 years old. After a brief meeting, the authorities decided not to pursue charges.

RRU UM MOO UURR HH AASS IITT … … …Five stars from ABC’s “Nashville” television show will embark on the television program’s first tour – a three-city adventure beginning in Chicago this month. The show biz glitz will be provided by CC hhaa rrll eess EEssttee nn, who plays D Dee aaccoonn CC llaa yybboouurr nnee, along with actress CC llaarr ee BBoow w eenn (SSccaa rrll eetttt O O ’’CC oonnnnoorr), JJoonnaatthhaa nn JJaacckk ssoonn (AAvvee rryy BBaarr kk lleeyy ), SSaam m PPaa llllaa ddii oo (G G uunnnnaarr SSccootttt) and CC hhrrii ss CCaa rrm maa cckk (W Wiill ll LLeexx iinnggttoonn ). W iill ll CChh aass ee, who appears as LLuu kkee W W hhee eellee rr, is on the lineup for the W tour’s New York stop. …Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival announces its Avvee nnggee dd 2014 lineup featuring A SSee vvee nnffoolldd , KK oorr nn , Ass kk iinngg A AAllee xxaannddrrii aa, TT rr iivvii uum m and more on a thunderous journey through North America. Having released the routing in February, Mayhem is now naming names. In addition to the fine bands listed above, the Live Nation-promoted tour will also CC aannnniibbaall CC oorrppssee , BBooddyy CC oouunntt ffeeaatt.. IIccee TT, SSuuii cciiddee SSiill eennccee , EEm mm muurr ee, Miiss ss M M Maayy II , M Muuss hhrr oooom mhh eeaa dd and others.

alternative hip hop group is calling this summer outing the “Word of Mouth United States Reunion Tour.” …The Miami Police Department is reporting more than 80 arrests from the three-day Ultra Music Festival. Police say officers made 22 arrests Friday, 33 arrests Saturday and 29 arrests Sunday. A private security guard suffered severe brain hemorrhaging and a broken leg Friday after being trampled by a crowd trying to hop the festival’s fence. Miami Police spokeswoman FFrr ee ddee rr iicc aa BBuu rr ddeenn tells The Miami Herald that no arrests have been made in that incident. BBuurr ddee nn says the guard remained in critical condition, though she was breathing on her own and showing signs of improvement. Last year, police arrested 167 people during the electronic music festival in a downtown Miami park. maass RReeggaall aaddoo and other Mayor TT oom city officials say they no longer want Miami to host the annual festival.

…Disney is looking into DDee aaddm maa uu55’’ss attempts to trademark a mouse logo which they apparently believe shares certain similarities with their own Mickey Mouse branding. Billboard reports that on … JJuu rraa ssss iicc 55 have plotted March 28 Disney went to the US out its first U.S. trek since the act’s Trademark Office to investigate 2006 North American excursion and subsequent 2007 split. The


DDee aaddm maa uu55’’ ss trademark registration, which would cover use on: “electrical and scientific apparatus, vehicles (specifically BMX bikes), paper goods, leather goods, toys and sporting goods, staple foods (like coffee), light beverages and entertainment services.” The trademark application was filed by Ronica Holdings Limited, which is D eeaaddm maauu 55 - real name owned by D JJooee ll ZZii m mm meerr m maann. Disney has been given 90 days to investigate the issue and to file a notice of opposiDee aaddm maauu55’’ss tradetion if they see D mark as misleading. …Founding G G uunnss NN ’’ RRoosseess bassist D Duuffff M MccKKaaggaann will reunite with the band for a run of South American gigs this month while the group’s current four-stringer, TToom mm myy SSttii nnssoonn , plays his own reunion shows with tthhee RReeppll aaccee m meenn ttss. SSttii nnss oonn called Mcc K M Kaaggaa nn “a good buddy” to Billboard and offered up his thanks for “covering my ass on this one.” Both bassists had been rehearsing with the band last month.

who runs away from home and turns to prostitution. Titled ‘Do You Know Where Your Children Are?’, the track is one of eight unreleased songs to feature on Xscape, which is due in May. The lyrics, as reported by The Mirror, include the lines: “She wrote that she is tired of stepdaddy using her/Saying that he’ll buy her things, while sexually abusing her.” JJaacckk ssoonn, who died in 2009, was twice accused of child sex abuse while he was alive. A high profile 2005 trial on accusations of molestG aavviinn A Arrvvii zzoo saw ing 13-year-old G him cleared of all charges. Last year, dancer W W aaddee RRoobbss oonn , who previously testified to defend the singer, claimed he was molested by JJaacckk ssoonn. A hearing is set for June. …CC oouu rrttnnee yy LLoovvee has claimed that she will stage a K Kuurr tt CC oobbaaii nn-themed musical if she can get the right people involved. LLoovvee spoke as part of NME’s tribute to KKuurr tt CCoobbaaiinn on the 20th anniversary of the N N iirr vvaa nnaa frontman’s death, on newsstands and available digitally now. In the piece, LLoovvee opens up about the anniversary and reveals ambitious plans for her late husband’s legacy, including a biopic, documentary and play. LLoovvee states that it has been fans’ reactions to the possibility of a stage production involving CC oobbaaii nn’’ss story which has made it now “very likely” to happen.

…The rumors were apparently true: CC oouurr ttnneeyy LLoovvee is once again reuniting the Celebrity Hoollee . Shortly before Skin lineup of H New Year’s, LLoovvee posted a photo of her embracing guitarist EE rrii cc EErrll aannddssoonn on Facebook and tagged bassist M Meellll iiss ssaa A Auu ff D Dee rr M Maauu rr. The photo’s caption read, “2014 is going to be a very interesting year.” Now that lineup, which also features drummer PPaattttyy SScchh eem meell , is planning on releasing a new single titled “Wedding Day” in May to If you know any truths, half-truths, coincide with a U.K. tour, accord- or outright lies about the music ing to The Quietus. and club scene, send it to Sissy Vance c/o rumoursmill@enigmaon…A song on the posthu- Miicchh aaee ll JJaacckk ssoonn album tells mous M the story of an abused 12-year-old - Sissy Vance

APRIL 3 2014


Long Awaited Sequel to Animal House to Begin Filming

HOLLYWOOD – After nearly 40 years a sequel to the movie “Animal Hose” has begun filming. Director John Landis is back in charge and the movie will feature cameos by original cast members Tim Matheson (Otter), Stephen Furst (Flounder), Thomas Hulce (Pinto) and will feature Kevin Bacon coming back to Faber College as the new dean in the wake of the retirement of Dean Wormer (the late John Vernon). Donald Sutherland will reprise his role as Professor Dave Jennings an older but not much wiser shaper of young minds.

who will be donning a fat suit to recreate his character’s original girth after losing close to 100 pounds for health related reasons.

be?” he gushed. Coming to a big screen near you in the future could be computer-generated stars like Gable, Belushi, Humphrey Bogart, and others from the golden age of movies. No word yet on any further “This by far trumps colorizing details of the script although black and white films.”

1. Broken Bells 2. Beck 3. Hurray For The Riff Raff 4. Tokyo Police Club 5. Lake Street Dive 6. The Fratellis 7. Nickel Creek 8. 311 9. U2 10. Nina Persson 11. Devlan James Band 12. Cage The Elephant 13. Conor Oberst 14. Afghan Whigs 15. Young the Giant 16. Jamestown Revival 17. Boy George 18. Lo-Fang 19. Kaiser Chiefs 20. We Are Scientists

The script takes place in the early 1980s tha will feature music from that era with everyone from A Flock of Seagulls, Men At Work, Rick James and others being part of the soundtrack. The working title is “Animal House: The Next Generation” and will feature many of the original cast members coming for a visit for Homecoming. Even John Belushi (Bluto) and Doug Kenney (Stork) will be in the new movie.

Landis is using the same technology used hologram technology, the same technology that has been used to allow rapper Snoop Dogg to rap live with the late Tupac Shakur in concert. “We are now able to bring people Landis said other than they will back from the dead,” Landis told show how some things never Rolling Stone. change despite what we think. “Sure some things are updated, Using hologram technology and but basically they all stay the CGI computer animation same.” National Lampoon will be able to recreate John Belushi in his “We are looking at revolutionizmost famous role, only lightly ing the way movies are made if older. Warner Brothers, distribu- this works,” says Warner tor of the film contracted leg- Brothers studio head Kevin endary voice impersonator Rich Tsujihara. Little to read Belushi and Kenney’s lines. “There may also Tsujihara says in a world already be a voiceover cameo from Dean full of remakes, reboots and TV Wormer,” he said. The original to film adaptations they may now Dean Wormer passed away in with technology be able to make 2005. new movies starring movie stars of the past. “A new Clark Gable “Oh buy, this is great,” said Furst movie – how great would that ENIGMA

“Depending on the star and who owns the rights to their likeness we will only have to pay a percentage of the box office draw instead of an over-inflated salary and ego,” said Tsujihara. “No more temper tantrums, no drug overdoses or hangovers to deal with,” he said. Both Landis and Tsujihara agree a lot will depend on the success of the “Animal House” sequel. “Wait till Otis sees us, he loves us,” said Tsujihara. And he’s hoping everyone else will as well.



ADVENTURE PICKS 1. The Black Keys 2. Old 97's 3. Moe.

Comparing "Muppets Most Wanted" to Other Movies in the Muppet World There has not been a Muppet movie in theaters since 2011, making "Muppets Most Wanted" a welcome addition to 2014. Muppet fans are true fans and would rather see any new film featuring their silly Muppet friends than not have one at all, no matter how good or bad it is. Luckily, "Muppets Most Wanted" is a fantastic family film that will have people of all ages in stitches. But how does this Muppet movie compare with all the others?

great ratings, this movie set a high bar for "Muppets Most Wanted." Since "Muppets Most Wanted" starts off right where "The Muppets" left off, it was not hard to once again create a puppet movie masterpiece. "The Muppets" is a lot more heartfelt than "Muppets Most Wanted," with most audience members admitting to shedding a tear or

ple would say that this movie is much better than "Muppets Most Wanted," but the technological advancements of the new Muppet movies allows the gang to get into more trouble than anyone could ever imagine in the 1980s.

ble that lead to uncontrollable laughter.

two. But, "Muppets Most Wanted" makes up for the lack of heartache with stomach stitches due to a ton of laughs.

watched Muppet movie of all time, even if it is not considered the best. In "Muppets Take Manhattan," released in 1984, the audience is introduced to the Muppet babies for the first time. And, finally, Miss Piggy marries Kermit The Frog. It seems like people have been waiting forever for these special nuptials between a pig and a frog. The Muppets are known for putting on a great show, ever since their super-popular TV show aired on Sunday nights. Just like with all the other Muppet movies, including "Muppets Most Wanted," they find themselves in heaps of trou-

As far as puppet movies go, even without beloved puppeteer Jim Henson, Muppets are still stealing people's hearts. Each and every Muppet movie is special in its own unique way, and a true Muppet fan loves them all. Breaking the age barriers, "Muppets Most Wanted" is a great family movie that people from ages 2 to 102 will appreciate for years to come, just like its predecessors.

"Muppets Most Wanted" In this eighth Muppet movie, lovingly dubbed Muppets 2.0, the zany gang is back, including Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Beaker, the Babies, Janice, Pepe the King Prawn, Rowlf the Dog, Sam the Eagle, Scooter, The Swedish Chef and even the chickens. They all head out on tour to entertain people around the world. Just as expected, mayhem follows the Muppets to popular tourist destinations in Europe, like London, Madrid and Berlin. With their habit for getting into trouble, the Muppets get mixed up in a jewel heist headed by the worst criminal in the world, Constantine. This evil-doer just happens to look exactly like Kermit, but he is the complete opposite. Laughs ensue with countless celebrity appearances from timeless actors like Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Celine Dion and Ty Burrell. "The Muppets" Released in 2011, "The Muppets" was a long-awaited Muppet movie that raised the roof on the box office. Prior to this movie, fans had not been granted a new Muppets movie since 1999. With

"The Great Muppet Caper" This was the second movie ever to star the Muppet gang. Released in 1981, this movie also finds the feltcomplexion friends embroiled in a jewel heist. After the first movie was such a hit, director Jim Henson made sure this movie was even more spectacular, funnier, cuter and crazier. It was also filled with the most famous celebrities of the time. Some peoENIGMA


"The Muppet Movie"

A comparison of Muppet movies cannot be done without talking about "The Muppet Movie." This "Muppets Take Manhattan" was the very first Muppet feature film, and it is also considered the This is often considered the most- best of all the puppet movies. Hitting the box office in 1979, "The Muppet Movie" was a successful venture, bringing an extremely popular television show to the silver screen. Even now, this is a fantastic movie for kids of all ages, including the grown-up kind. This movie is about a community that comes together, combines their talents and brings joy to the world. The music and celebrity guests are the icing on an already delicious cake. Comparing this movie from 1979 to "Muppets Most Wanted" from 2014 is like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Ford Escape. Both vehicles work well in their respective decades, but the Escape has much better performance and offers an extremely smooth ride due to new advancements in filmmaking.



- Zach Mandel

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