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SURFER ROSA Alternative rock heroes The Pixies are on tour and coming to a city near you. The band's style of music contains a range of elements, including indie rock, psychedelia, noise rock, and surf rock. Black Francis is the Pixies' primary songwriter and singer. He has written about a number of offbeat subjects in the band's songs, such as extraterrestrials, surrealism, incest, and biblical violence. The group is credited as having significant influence on the alternative rock boom of the 1990s. The Pixies' legacy and popularity grew in the years following their break-up, leading to sold-out world tours following their reunion in 2004. The Pixies perform Tuesdasy night with special guest Cults at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

WE’VE GOT BUSH Kristian Bush, one half of international super-duo Sugarland, has been leaving his mark on music for more than two decades. Bush is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who started his career with folk rock duo Billy Pilgrim in the early '90s. He and partner Andrew Hyra released a much-lauded pair of albums for Atlantic Records (their 1994 self-titled debut and 1995's Bloom), earning multiple Top 5 singles on the AAA charts, rotation on VH1, and a reputation as dynamic live performers who traveled from the tiny stage of Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, to a worldwide tour supporting Melissa Etheridge in 1995. Bush founded Sugarland in 2002; in 2004, he and singer Jennifer Nettles exploded onto the music scene. They have surpassed sales of over 22 million albums worldwide, achieved five No. 1 singles and won numerous awards, including trophies from the Grammys, AMAs, ACM Awards, CMT Music Awards and CMA Awards. In October of 2012, they were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Bush is out doing the solo thing right now as he and Nettles take a break from Sugarland. He performs Friday night along with Larkin Poe ENIGMA

LIKE CLOCKWORK Queens of the Stone Age is an American rock band that developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy rock music. Their sound has since evolved to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences, including working with ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons and steady contributor Mark Lanegan. QOTSA perform Saturday night in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theatre.




GUN CONTROL - FIRST THEY TOOK THE GUNS FROM CRIMINALS, THEN CRAZY PEOPLE, THEN THEY CAME FOR YOU Not long ago, I was talking to a distinguished veteran who had served our great nation in our time of need. While at the VA (Veterans Administration) hospital, going in for a silly little thing, a simple check-up for something that was bothering him and he just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. Better safe than sorry was the thinking here. While waiting for his turn, he filled out the proper forms, but then there were some rather bizarre questions on one form, the questionnaire which asked; 1.) Do you have guns in your home? 2.) Do you feel threatened by anything? 3.) Do you have insecure feelings? 4.) Do you hate anyone? Now then, it’s obvious why they have these questions, because anti-gun factions in Washington DC want to try to wrestle guns away from veter-

ans, by way of labeling them mentally unstable. Apparently, this is an attempt malign veterans and usher in a new age of gun control.

ground is mentally unstable they must be crazy? As far as I can tell most all humans are mentally challenged, especially those who want to be incharge and label everyone Not long ago, I was talking else not like them. with an anti-gun democrat who I questioned, when he We are never going to be able explained he wanted stricter to keep guns from people who gun control rules, he stated; want them - criminals are able to get them quite easily. “No, just because I want Just like raccoons, foxes, rats stricter gun control does not and cockroaches; the mentalmean that I want to disarm ly ill (defined by I guess my responsible adults that know acquaintance) will find a way when a matter crosses the to get what they want. JFK line or when to relax and almost got taken out by a car back down. All this hoopla is bomb, do we disallow cars to doing is gaining media atten- those of lower IQ, how about tion to the armed person/s on kitchen utensils? How about attack and the victims fall their lives? through the cracks of the gun lobbyists.” That’s what Hitler did with the mentally ill, or those who didHere is what I explained to n’t see things his way. I’d say him; I see, so you want to that you cannot make suffidetermine who is mentally cient laws to stop this. Maybe healthy and who isn’t right? what we should do is stop And you might determine that antagonizing those who are a anyone who isn’t of the same little different. And further, political ilk or religious back- the media “ALWAYS” tries to


JANUARY 30 2014


demonize the perpetrators of such events, but is it true, and if it is; why? Could it be the psychologists, and drug prescriptions playing with their heads, along with brainwashing by media, propaganda, and academia, religion, and government all putting in their two-cents along the way? Each time we alienate an individual for the whole, for the hopeful shaping of society, we leave other behind, call them misfits, or mentally challenged, that is the real tragedy. Once we start down this road of gun control there is no way to stop it, and once Americans have no guns, the power or corrupt people in government can take it over for their own will against the very freedoms we were granted. I say, enough gun control. Please consider all this and think on it.

- Lance Winslow

5 Reason Why I Won’t Buy From You As a customer on a daily basis there are countless interactions with businesses and brands that add to my perception of you and your business. Most of the time these are to a level that simply meets a demand- I want something, you have it, I buy it and leave... nothing special or unique, you just fulfilled a need. On other occasions an impression is made. This impression may blow me away, or it may completely shock me and will subconsciously add your business to my personal ‘Do Not EVER Return’ list... I am sure you all have this locked away in you somewhere. On the counter side, if you blow me away, I will be a loyal and raving fan and keep coming back, and more importantly recommend you to others, something no marketing spend can replicate. But more of the good in the next post. Let’s start

with the negative and finish posi- making massive cutbacks to justify their top heavy executive pay tive. packets. No one wins here. The So, if you NEVER wish to see me customer gets annoyed and again simply follow my 5 examples leaves, causing a domino effect in (and there are more than 5 I downturn in spending and then know) of how to P@#@ me off as a more cost cutting... maybe providing some service will increase revcustomer. enue? 1.. PPrroovv iiddee N 1 NO O SSeerr vvii ccee 2.. BBee oonn yyoouurr pphhoonnee 2 I get it that it is getting hard for some sectors to get staff, but if This is on that annoys me as a cusyou are providing a service, tomer, when the customers in unfortunately you need to provide front of me are so important that service! Nothing annoys me more they have to be on their phone than going into a premise to buy while ordering as it is simply rude, (and I am a buyer with intent, if I but it is even worse when the pergo to your shop I usually know son who is there to provide servwhat I want) and I cannot find ice is too busy sending an SMS or anyone to serve me or to ask and updating their Facebook or talkqueries I may have. This unfortu- ing to serve me. Do this while I nately is becoming way too com- come to buy and I will put my mon in a lot of places, especially goods back and leave. End of the big name retailers who are story. 3. Ha ve r ude sta ff Maybe this is a flow on from not having adequate staff, but having staff who are poorly trained or simply rude (see point 2) to serve me is a behaviour full of danger for the business. I don’t know everything about what I want to buy, so I do have questions some times, and if I am made to feel like an idiot by some staff member, sorry but you will lose me.

ing), Slim Dusty’s ‘Pub with no beer’, now that would be a sin, and luckily I haven’t experienced that, but I think you get my message. This too comes back to training and process. How do you manage your stock or ordering, or more importantly what do you train your staff to do in response to this situation as this can save the day if handling properly. 5. I can’t fi nd you onli ne or phys i 5 caa ll y c How can I buy from you if I can’t find you? Today we all research and look up businesses online to save time, but if you don’t have a web presence or tell me how to find you, or contact you then it makes it very hard for me to give you money. Worse still and I experienced this in Surfers Paradise last week with a large Australian phone company, I found them online, walked the streets to the shopping centre to buy a 4G wi-fi device only to walk, walk and walk some more then to ask at information where they were, to be told they had moved... update your information please... In today’s world if you aren’t online in some form, and if you are if you don’t have accurate information then it makes it very hard to buy from you.

I think that will do me, as I am starting to get frustrated and want to name names for each example Come on, this is a no brainer I but I won’t. would have thought, but we have all experienced it. Go to the chick- What are your pet peeves of serven joint to buy dinner and guess ice as I am sure there are many... what, they have no chicken!! A hotel with no rooms (yea I get lim- - Tony E Ozanne ited demand etc but still annoy4. Don ’t ha ve w hat you se ll !


JANUARY 30 2014



WAYS AN ACCOUNTANT CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY It is fairly obvious that an accountant can prepare a business's annual accounts and file the appropriate tax returns but they can offer far more for a business, particularly when you are first starting out. They will be able to give advice on a variety of business issues as well as tax planning guidance. So it is important to select an accountant who has experience in dealing with the same type of business as yours. And, especially, to ensure that the accountant you use is a qualified member of one of the professional accounting associations. You can identify a fully qualified accountantby their chartered or certified status.

tages to using an smaller firm which is more likely to respond quickly to your business needs and be more flexible in their approach and charging scales. Whatever type of accountancy firm you select always request references, or, better still, get a personal recommendation, and check that the firm has professional indemnity insurance. Before you formally engage the accountant discuss what level of service you require and what your budget is. If you are at all concerned about unexpected bills (and who isn't) then look for a fixed-fee accountancy arrangement. That way you know exactly how much you will be paying at the outset. Ideally ensure that you will always deal with the same person so that they can develop an understanding of you business and your particular needs.

Large accounting firms can offer accountants with a range of experience and the certainty that you can always speak to an accountant (although not necessarily the same one each time) so no worrying what to do while your accountant is away on hol- As with many professionals, an iday or dealing with another accountants level of underclinet. But there are also advan- standing of their own subject is

so deep that they can fail to realise that ordinary mortals do not understand some aspects of accountancy at all, let alone in any depth, so ask plenty of questions until you have a clear idea of what they are saying. This is particularly important if you are opting for additional services and guidance. You need to understand what is on offer and what you need and remember that a chartered accounting firms can offer guidance on setting up a business, preparation of financial forecasts, help with loan applications, audits, investment advice, ways of minimising your tax liability and advice concerning HMRC investigations. An accountant can also help you with record keeping, essential if your business was ever to be the subject of an HMRC investigation, but equally important to save time and money checking invoices, for instance. And because accountants deal with many businesses they can also be a surprisingly good source of recommendations of other busi-

nesses that you might need to deal with or even investors. But if you really want to keep you accountants bills down then do as much as you can yourself by handling the simple bookkeeping tasks and maybe investing in simple accounting software, many of which can be used online. Your accountant's time can then be better used dealing with the areas that you cannot do yourself. If your business is successful there may come a time when you can hand everything over and concentrate on growing the business. Above all, remember thatan experienced chartered accountant can give guidance in a number of areas so it is always worth asking if you need help. Preparing a business plan, costing new projects, seeking additional investment, valuing a business for sale and acting as a tax advisor are just a few aspects where they could offer help.

- Michelle N Symonds


JANUARY 30 2014


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Don’t ignore any emotional issues that could be causing problems. Work diligently and you will get ahead this week. Be sure that you have all the facts before you take action. Your emotions will be touched off concerning recent encounters with your lover. Your lucky day this week will be Friday. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Don’t count on others to cover up for your shortcomings. Don’t expect others to live up to their promises and you won’t be disappointed or find yourself stuck with delays. You can continue to forge ahead if you make a few long distance calls pertinent to closing pending deals. Deception and doubts may surround your involvement with friends and relatives. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Don’t expect new acquaintances to be completely honest about themselves. You need time to rejuvenate. Invite friends or relatives into your home. This is not the best day to visit relatives who get on your nerves.

uproar this week. Arguments may increase your income. Pamper flare up in your home. Don’t let the yourself for a change. You can receive recognition for the work cat out of the bag. you’ve done. Your lucky day this week will be Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday. Tuesday. LEO SAGITTARIUS (July 23-Aug 22) Get some sound advice and help (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) setting up a workable budget. Travel could include delays and Partners may try to argue with you; other minor problems. You may however, you must stand your interest some of them in a service ground. You must lay down ground you have to offer. You may have rules so that you can complete a difficulties at an emotional level with mates. Matters pertaining to job. You’ll have great insight. work must be completed before Your lucky day this week will be you leave. Friday. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Be sure you get accurate informa- CAPRICORN tion. Your tendency to dramatize (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) may be a little much for your part- You may want to take a trip; howner to take constantly. Social ever, before you do, make sure events will be favorable. Don’t lend that your car is serviced properly. Driving too fast or double parking or borrow money or belongings. will result in difficulties with offiYour lucky day this week will be cials. You can make some favorable changes to your looks. Those who Tuesday. have been too demanding should be put in their place or out to pasLIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Take time to deal with the concerns of children. You will earn recognition for the work you are doing. Too much too fast will be the attitude surrounding your home environment. Don’t rely on others to handle the workload.

Your lucky day this week will be Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday. Monday. CANCER SCORPIO (June 22-July 22) Friends and relatives may be hard (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) to take this week. Your domestic Throw yourself into your work. scene could continue to be in an Make career changes that may ENIGMA

JANUARY 30 2014


ture. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Be confident in your endeavors and others will believe in your efforts. Take a close look at documents be fore signing on the dotted line. Instant romance could be yours if you go out with friends. Get involved in worthwhile endeavors and meet new friends. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Don’t use the interstate as a racetrack. Take care of any dealings with government agencies. Be sure to find out all you can before you commit to anything. Work quietly at your own goals and forget about situations that you can do little about. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.

Political Gumbo With the frigid temps and traffic-crippling blizzard (less than an inch of snow, but icy roads), I thought it would be nice to whip up a batch of political gumbo... ...I’m writing this on Tuesday night. President Obama is about to deliver the State of the Union address. According to pre-speech reports, he’s going to talk a good bit about “income inequality.” When you put those two words together here in ‘Murica, it starts setting off those Socialism Early Warning Alarm Systems. The rich keep getting richer. Middle class median income peaked in 1999 and has been sliding downhill ever since. Pointing all of this out is one thing. Trying to “fix” such things with government policies is quite another. Some researchers say that automation will eliminate a large number of American jobs within the next 10 years. Combine that with the offshoring of a majority of manufacturing and you have a recipe for job stagnation that

greatly contributes to income fourth-highest ranking inequality... Republican House member and the party’s longest-serving ...Obama will also discuss woman. The pachyderms are “social mobility,” which ties in already working toward the directly with income inequali- next presidential election by ty. But no matter what he says, picking the five-term conthe State of the Union show gresswoman for this highlywill play out the way it always visible rebuttal. Obama does. The president will enter defeated Republican presidento genuine applause from most tial nominee Mitt Romney by Democrats and fake applause double digits among female from most Republicans. voters in 2012. Rodgers’ selecCameras will cut away to the tion is an effort to narrow that Supreme Court justices, other dramatic gender gap and offdignitaries and a few token set the insensitive comments “celebrities.” (One of the long- some GOP lawmakers have beards from “Duck Dynasty” made regarding women’s will apparently be in atten- issues... dance as the guest of his Louisiana congressman.) ...In local politics, everyone is Obama’s speech will be inter- talking about the effort to rupted a couple of times for recall 7thDistrict City “spontaneous applause.” The Councilman Chris Anderson. whole thing will seem to last The city’s first openly gay forever. But it’s really become council member has been a preview for the analysis that accused by some of being follows... more interested in advancing a “gay agenda” than in repre...Congressperson Cathy senting those in his district. McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) District 7 is the polar opposite will deliver the GOP’s official of gerrymandered. It includes “response” to the State of the Union address. Rodgers is the


JANUARY 30 2014


the recently gentrified areas of St. Elmo and several more disadvantaged neighborhoods in Alton Park and along Rossville Boulevard. The recall petition language is under review by the election commission and the recall effort will be interesting to watch... ...Politics is, by its very nature, polarizing. Income inequality and social mobility may become “buzz” terms in the wake of Obama’s State of the Union address, but politics has always been about “us” and “them.” Those who win elections will always be targets for criticism. Ms. Rodgers is taking her best shot at the Obama administration tonight. Disgruntled residents of District 7 will be taking their best shots at Anderson in the coming weeks. Candidates win by criticizing their opponents. Once elected, they have to play defense...

- Mark Bedford

met one that I’m really attracted to. How can I get the rumors to stop and let everyone know they need to worry about their own life and not mine? SF

Dear Rocco, Is it me or is President Obama becoming more or less an imperialist leader or dictator? He seems to only cater to small minority and special interest groups and doesn’t take into consideration what the “majority” want. And when he’s opposed he seems to throw out terms like racism, blame it on Bush and the such. Is there anything that can be done to combat this clown? GB

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IItt’’ss ttoooo ll aattee nnoow w ,, ll iibbeerr aall dduum mbbaass ssee ss vvoottee dd ttoo ggii vvee hhii m m tthhee ppoow w eerr .. HH ooppee ffuull llyy w w ee w wii ll ll ss uu rrvv iivv ee aanndd eevvee rryyoonnee w wii llll ll eeaa rrnn aa lleess ssoonn.. II tt’’ss bbee tttteerr ttoo bbee pprraa ccttii ccaall tthhaann ffaasshhii oonn -aabbllee w w hhee nn vvoottii nngg.. Dear Rocco, I always give a lot to my relationships, my husband, family members, and friends. I am starting to resent this because I don’t get much back. I hardly ever get what I really want. What should I do? CJ

DDee aarr CC JJ PPuutt ii tt oouutt tthheerr ee,, ttee llll yy oouurr hhuussbbaanndd,, ffaam miill yy aanndd ffrr iiee nnddss w whh aatt yyoouu w w aanntt.. HHee aall tthhyy rree llaattii oonnsshhiippss aarr ee ggiivvee aa nndd ttaakk ee.. IItt’’ss oonnll yy nnaattuurr aall ttoo ffee eell ssoom mee rree ssee nnttm mee nntt w whh eenn oonnee ppuu ttss m moorr ee iinn tthhaa nn oonnee ggee ttss bbaa cckk iinn rr eettuurrnn..

ting a low average on purpose or sandbagging as it is called, is in fact, pretty common. I just cannot help but feel that it’s a little dishonest and unethical. I would rather just bowl my best games. With the injury and lack of practice, I might bowl low scores anyDeeaa rr SSFF D JJuu ss tt bbee yyoouu rrss eell ff aanndd iitt ssoouu nnddss llii kk ee way. What do you think? yyoouu hh aavvee yy oouu rr sshh iitt ttooggeetthh eerr .. W Whh oo BD ccaam mee uupp w wii tthh tthhee ii ddeeaa tthhaatt aa woom w maa nn nnee eeddss aa hhuuss bbaa nndd aanndd kkii ddss DD eeaarr BBDD ttoo bbee ““nnoorrm maall ””?? TToooo m maa nnyy ppee ooppll ee II ddoonn’’tt ccaarree ,, ii tt’’ss bboow wll iinngg.. H Hoow wee vveerr rruu sshh iinnttoo m maa rrrrii aaggee jj uusstt bbeeccaauussee iitt ii ff tthhiiss iiss aa pprroobbllee m m ffoorr yyoouu II ’’llll ttrr yy iiss eexxppee ccttee dd tthhee nn w woonnddeerr w whh yy iitt ttoo hh ee llpp.. YYoouu hh aadd aa nn iinnjj uu rryy aanndd weenntt ttoo H w H eell ll.. II tthh iinnkk ,, aanndd pprr oobbaa bbll yy hh aavvee nn’’tt bboow wll eedd iinn ss oom mee ttii m mee ssoo II aa ll oott ooff ootthheerr ss tthhiinnkk,, yy oouu aarree ll iivv iinngg ddoonn’’tt tthhii nnkk tthheeyy ccaa nn aa ccccuuss ee yyoouu ooff rriigghhtt.. YY oouu ss hhoouull ddnn’’tt rr uuss hh ii nnttoo m maa rr-- ss aannddbbaa ggggiinngg.. YY oouu m maayy hhaa vvee ttoo ggee tt rriiaa ggee aanndd kk iiddss w w iitthh jjuu sstt aannyy oonnee .. ll uucckk yy ttoo ggeett tthhee 11 3300 aavvee rraaggee ss oo Waaii ttiinngg ffoorr tthhee rrii gghh tt ppee rrss oonn iiss tthh ee ddoonn’’tt w W w oorrrr yy aabboouu tt iitt aanndd eennjj ooyy tthhee mooss tt iim m mppoorrttaanntt tthhii nngg.. II ggnnoorree aanndd ggaam mee.. ffoorr ggeett tthhee rr uum moorr ss.. Rocco is a common sense, tell-itDear Rocco, like-it-is, no-nonsense kind of guy This week, I am going to take an offering real advice on any subject open spot on my husband’s mixed put before him. Why pay thoudoubles bowling team. I have not sands of dollars on a high-priced bowled in a while because of a therapist when he’ll straighten you shoulder injury. I’ve always out for free. If you’d like advice enjoyed bowling and look forward from Rocco e-mail him at goaskrocto getting back into it. I usually or drop him a line carry about a 160 average. My hus- at Ask Rocco c/o Enigma P.O. Box band wants me to intentionally set 825 Chattanooga, TN 37401. about a 125-130 average. He said that the team would benefit from my higher handicap when I start bowling higher. The idea of set-

Dear Rocco, I am a successful 30-something woman who has a great career, own my own house and drive a very nice car. I have put career in front of other things in my life – especially my personal life. At this point I am still unmarried and obviously have no kids. It’s not that I don’t like to date or not like kids I just haven’t put much of an effort into it and unlike some people around me I don’t need a man or a family to complete me. I’ve heard people whispering amongst themselves wondering if I’m gay or something else. For the record I am not – I like men, I just haven’t ENIGMA

JANUARY 30 2014


NEW YORK - A woman accused of stealing a New York cat refused a deal to keep her out of jail, saying she feels she was in the right because the cat appeared abused. Nancy Glassman appeared Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court and declined the deal offered by prosecutors, which would have dismissed the charges in six months if she avoided further legal trouble, the New York Post reported Thursday. Glassman said she encountered the cat,

Cosmo, at the Bagels & Co. shop Sept. 22. “I see the cat walk from these huge filthy dusty bags in the corner and this guy brooms him to the side,” she said. “I saw this abuse then saw the cat’s ears and thought what’s wrong with him? This cat has a massive infection and needs help.” Glassman took the cat to Animal Care and Control NYC. She said a pair of detectives soon visited her North Woodmere, N.Y., home and asked her to come down to the precinct and identify the cat. “They tricked me and when I got there they started read-


ing me my rights,” she said. Glassman spent the night in a holding cell before being arraigned on a burglary charge, which she said she will fight in court. “I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” she said outside the courthouse. “The whole world is saying how can we stop abuse, how can we stop the Adam Lanzas of the world but no one wants to get involved. I thought he needed help so I helped. It was automatic.” A veterinarian determined the cat’s sores and large ears were the result of a congenital defect and not caused

JANUARY 30 2014


by neglect. The animal was returned to his owner. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A California grandmother who went with a friend to a concert at a restaurant said she was shocked to find “Old Ladies” printed at the top of her bill. The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she and a friend won tickets to the concert at the Bull Shed Bar and Grill in Bakersfield and they discovered their bill for the food they ordered

at the show had been labeled “Old Ladies,” KERO-TV, Bakersfield, reported Thursday. “Not everyone is a stereotype person and I think the idea of tabling, tables with names that are appropriate for people, they can be at table one, table two, table three, whatever, but our table was named ‘Old Ladies,’” she said. “At first, I was like ‘oh, no way,’ and my girlfriend that was with me, she thought it was funny and said it’s funny, but to a point,” the woman said. A picture of the bill posted on Facebook garnered numerous comments supportive of the women and critical of their server. Angel Gonzales, owner of the restaurant, said the server had only been working for a few weeks and was likely overwhelmed on the night of the concert. “This is not the way we run our business,” he said. “That night, it was extremely busy. It was the night of the concert. It’s not an excuse. It shouldn’t of happened, no matter what,” he said. Gonzales said he personally apologized to the woman. “The lady took the time to come down here to talk to me. I explained to her what happened and I apologized to her,” he said. PHILADEPHIA, Penn. - Problem: your wife is days away from giving birth but you live at the top of a hill in the middle of one of the snowiest winters in years and you’re afraid your car won’t make it up the hill in the snow. Solution: Park at the bottom of the hill and

keep a sled handy in case you need to slide your pregnant wife down the hill. That was exactly the thinking of Philadelphia resident Fabian Bonanni when a particularly heavy snowstorm was predicted on the very day his wife Shirley was due. Sure enough, as more than a foot of snow was falling on the northeast earlier this week Shirley went into labor. “The contractions went from 10 minutes apart to, ‘Oh, she’s delivering right now,’” Bonanni said. “She couldn’t walk; she was going into labor with every step.” As the neighbors looked on Fabian started pulling his wife through the snow on his sled, but things began moving faster that he anticipated. Fabian delivered his daughter right there on the sled, scooping her into his arms as his wife braved the morning’s subzero temperatures. He took her into a neighbor’s house where paramedics were called. “It was like something you’d see in a movie,” the neighbor said. “At first, I thought they were having fun. It’s probably the strangest thing to ever happen here.” At last report the entire family was doing fine. GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Police said a woman arrested on a drunken driving charge allegedly drove her freshly crashed vehicle, which was missing a tire, into a Florida jail parking lot. The Gainesville Police Department said Brielle Irene Watkins, 33, pulled her silver Ford Escape into the Alachua County Jail parking lot and jail staff noticed


the vehicle had what appeared to be fresh crash damage to its right side and was completely missing its right rear tire, the Gainesville Sun reported Tuesday. Jail workers contacted police, who determined Watkins was showing signs of impairment. She was arrested after failing a field sobriety test and police measured her blood alcohol content at .222 and .215, nearly three times the legal limit in Florida, the newspaper said. Watkins was charged with driving under the influence and was being held Monday afternoon at the same jail she drove up to. The police report did not say how Watkins’ car was damaged or whether she knew she was driving onto jail property. TUNBRIDGE WELLS, England - A 19year-old British man who came down with a case of the hiccups in November said he has since hiccuped more than one million times with no sign of stopping. Chris McKernan, 19, of Tunbridge Wells, England, said his case of the hiccups started Nov. 20 and he has since been hiccuping an average 25 times per minute for a total of more than 1.4 million hiccups, the Mirror reported Monday. McKernan said folk cures such as breathing into a bag, sucking on a lemon and standing on his head have failed to stop the hiccups, and doctors were left baffled when acid relieving medications failed to stop the ailment. “Everyone gets annoyed or laughs at me [when I

JANUARY 30 2014


can’t stop hiccuping],” McKernan said. “My girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind, but it would be better for everyone if they went.” The world record was set by Charles Osborne of the United States, whose case of the hiccups lasted from 1922 until 1990 and totaled an estimated 430 million hiccups. EL EJIDO, Spain - While a lot of Americans find some of our gun control laws intrusive, it can’t be argued that firearms shouldn’t be kept out of the hands of some people, like this homeless man in Spain, for example. A 34-year-old man in the southern Spanish city of El Ejido was attempting to illegally occupy an apartment in a residential building when a group of neighbors confronted him. Panicked by their reaction, he pulled out a gun and fired several shots to intimidate them, but when the man attempted to put the weapon back in his pocket, he mistakenly shot himself in the pubic region. That’s “pubic” region, not public region. It was the very same people he had threatened minutes before who then took him to the Emergency Room in the local Hospital. The man had lost a considerable amount of blood since the bullet punctured his testicles. Although the squatter is still recovering from his injuries, he faces charges for illegal possession of firearms as soon as he is released from hospital.

TT U UEESSD DA AYY FFeebbrruuaa rryy 44

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TTH HU U RRSSD DA AYY JJ aannuuaarr yy 3300 CCO OM MEE D DYY CCA A TTCCH H Ty Barnett BBU UD D’’ SS DJ Hammer TTRREE M MO ON NTT TTA AVVEE RRN N Songwriters Showcase SSIIN NG G IITT O ORR W WII N NG G IITT Karaoke VVA AU UD DEEVVII LLLL EE CCA AFF EE “Mystery at the TV Talk Show” BBA ARR TT’’SS LLA AK KEE SSH HO ORREE Open Mic CCA AM MPP H HO OU U SSEE Open Mic SSK K YYZZO OO O Karaoke ARRII ’’SS H A HA ARR BBO ORR LL IIG GH HTTSS Keyz Brown LLO OSS RREE YYEESS (( Ringgold) Thirsty Thursdays w/ DJ Scubasteve RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREE W WSS Jordan Hallquist, Amber Fults, Ryan Oyer HO H ON NEE SSTT PPIIN NTT The Kernal and His New Strangers, Christian Lee Hutson TTIIVVO OLLII TTH HEE A ATTRREE Chattanooga Symphony & Opera: All Brahms SSU UG GA ARR’’ SS The Loop CCO OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PP EERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G AARRTTSS CCEE N N-TTEERR (Atlanta) Aaron Neville, Dirty Dozen Brass Band

FFRRIID DA AYY JJaannuu aarryy 33 11 CCO OM MEE D DYY CCA A TTCCH H Ty Barnett RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREE W WSS The Breakfast Club SSIIN NG G IITT O ORR W WII N NG G IITT Karaoke BBA ARR TT’’SS LLA AK KEE SSH HO ORREE DJ E VVA AU UD DEEVVII LLLL EE CCA AFF EE “Mystery at the Redneck-Italian Wedding” TTH HEE PPA ALL M MSS DJ TTH HEE TTA AVVEE RRN N (Soddy-Daisy) Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment BBEE EEFF O O’’ BBRRA AD DYY’’ SS (Ooltewah) Karaoke w/ RCB Entertainment TTIIVVO OLLII TTH HEE A ATTRREE Black Jacket Symphony: Led Zeppelin’s House of the Holy SSU UG GA ARR’’ SS Soul Survivor TT--BBO ON NEE ’’SS Roger Alan Wade LLA A SS M MA A RRG GA ARRII TTA A’’ SS (Cleveland) Convertibull TTH HO OM MPP SSO ON N--BB O OLL IIN NG GA A RREE N NA A (Knoxville) Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dustin


Lynch MAA RRAATTH M HO ON NM MU U SSII CC W WO ORRK KSS (Nashville) Moe FFRRA AN NK KLLII N N TTH HEEAA TTRREE (Franklin) Art Garfunkel OPP EERRAA (Atlanta) Passion Pit O

SSA A TTU U RRD DA AYY FFeebbrruu aarryy 11

TTH HEE BBII G G CCH HIILLLL Karaoke w/ Chris of Alternative Images RRA AW W DJ Spicolli JJ EEFF FF EERR SSO ON N’’SS Kamakazi Karaoke SS IIN NG G IITT O ORR W W IIN NG G II TT Karaoke TTRR EEM MO ON NTT TTAA VVEERR N N Open Mic w/ Mike McDade SS U UG GAA RR’’SS Tim Starnes & friends RR H HYYTTH HM M && BBRR EEW W SS Uptown Big Band TTH HEE TTAA BBEERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) The Pixies, Cults CCEE N NTTEERR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Skinny Puppy RR YYM MAA N N AAU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Neutral Milk Hotel EE X XII TT//II N N (Nashville) Zach Deputy TTEE N NN NEESS SSEE EE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Jonny Lang

W EED W DN NEESSD DA AYY FFeebbrr uuaarr yy 55

CCO OM MEE D DYY CCAATTCCH H Ty Barnett RRH HYYTTH HM M && BB RREE W WSS Dave Matthews Tribute Band SSIIN NG G II TT O ORR W WIIN NG G IITT Karaoke BBA ARRTT’’ SS LLAA K KEE SSH HO ORREE DJ E VVA AU UD DEE VVII LLLLEE CCAA FFEE “Mystery at the Redneck-Italian Wedding” TT--BBO ON NEE ’’SS Gabe Newell BBRRIID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch EEX XII TT//IIN N (Nashville) The Whigs D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSSLL EE YY (Nashville) The Black Lillies TTEERRM MII N NAA LL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Paper Diamond BBU UCCK KH HEEAA D D TTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Kristian Bush, Larkin Poe TTEEN NN NEE SSSSEE EE TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Queens of the Stone Age NVV N N NIIG GH HTTCCLLU U BB (Knoxville) Twrk RRYYM MAAN N AA U UD DIITTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Jake Bugg

RRAA W W Open Jam w/ Jonathan Wimpee and friends SS IIN NG G IITT O ORR W W IIN NG G II TT Karaoke FF A AN NAATTII CCSS Karaoke w/ DJ Hammer PP LLA AYYO OFF FFSS SS PPO ORRTTSS BBA A RR Karaoke w/ Captain Karaoke DO D OU U BBLLEE H HII LLLL BBIILL LLIIAA RRD DSS Karaoke LL A ASS M MAARRG GAA RRIITTAA’’ SS Priscilla & Little Rickee BBA A RRTT’’ SS LLAAK K EE SSH HO ORREE Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment SS M MO OK K EE YY BBO ON NEE SS Wild’n Out Wednesdays W/ DJ ScubaSteve FF O OXX && H HO OU UN ND D Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment A RRII’’ SS H A HAARRBBO ORR LLII G GH HTTSS Keyz Brown TTH HEE TTAA VVEERR N N (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims PP H HII LLIIPP SS AA RREE N NAA (Atlanta) Kings of Leon, Gary Clark Jr.

SSU UN ND DA AYY FFeebbrruu aarryy 22



MO M ON ND DA AYY FFeebbrruu aarryy 33 SSIIN NG G II TT O ORR W WIIN NG G IITT Karaoke RRA AW W DJ Spicolli TTRREEM MO ON NTT TTAA VVEE RRN N Trivia Night TTH HEE O OFF FF IICCEE SpeakEasy FFO OXX && H HO OU UN ND D DJ Exphacter ON O NEE --EE LLEE VVEE N N (Lafayette) CSA Writers Night TTH HEE BB AASSEE M MEE N NTT (Nashville) Abigail Washburn

JANUARY 30 2014


TTH HEE TTAA BBEERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Corey Smith February 6 TTRRA A CCK K 2299 Eli Young Band February 7 RR H HYYTTH HM M && BBRR EEW W SS Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ February 7 TTH HEE TTAA BBEERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Panic! At the Disco February 7 TTH HEE M MAASS Q QU UEE RRAA D DEE (Atlanta) Yellowcard February 7 BBO OII SSFF EEU U IILL LLEE TT JJ O ON NEESS CCIIVV IICC CCEE N NTTEE RR (Atlanta) Katt Williams February 7 VVA A RRIIEE TTYY PP LLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Angelique Kidjo February 7 TTH HEE EE AARRLL (Atlanta) Sebadoh February 7 RR IIA ALL TTO O CCEE N NTTEE RR FFO ORR TTH HEE A ARR TTSS (Atlanta) Art Garfunkel February 7 BBRR IID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREE N NA A (Nashville) Kings of Leon, Gary Clark Jr. February 7 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSSLL EEYY (Nashville) Suzy Boggus February 7 GRRA G AN ND DO OLLEE O OPPRR YY H HO OU USS EE (Nashville) Dierks Bentley February 7

MEE RRCCYY LL O M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Man Man February 7 RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREE W W SS “Music For Mutts” Beyond Red, Natural Habitz, Strata-G, Subkonscious, Stoneline Ba Nd, The Hillbilly Sins February 8 AM A MEE RRIICCAA N N LLEE G GIIO ON N (Cleveland) Convertibull February 8 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Lewis Black February 8 SSCCH HEE RRM MEE RRH HO ORRN N SS YYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEE N NTTEERR (Nashville) Jonny Lang February 9 IIRR O ON N CCIITTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Trey Anastacio February 9 BBO OTTTTLLEE TTRREE EE (Birmingham) Sebadoh February 10 MEE RRCCYY LL O M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Ash, Deaf Havanan February 10 NVV N N NIIG GH HTTCCLLU U BB (Knoxville) Chimaira, Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Fit For An Autopsy, Reflections February 11 SSLL U UG GG GO O’’ SS N NO ORR TTH H Black Mask February 13 SSYYM MPP H HO ON NYY H HA A LLLL (Atlanta) Buddy Guy February 13 VVA ARR IIEE TTYY PPLL AAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Dave Mason February 13 TTH HEE TTAABB EERR N NAA CCLLEE (Atlanta) Lauryn Hill February 13 IIRR O ON N CCIITTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears February 13 NVV N N NIIG GH HTTCCLLU U BB (Knoxville) AFK February 13 TTH HEE TTAABB EERR N NAA CCLLEE (Atlanta) Trey Anastacio February 14 VVA ARR IIEE TTYY PPLL AAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Jim Jefferies February 14 SSCCH HEE RRM MEE RRH HO ORRN N SS YYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEE N NTTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers February 14 D && LL IIN 33RRD ND DSSLLEE YY (Nashville) Edwin McCain February 14 BBIIJJ O OU U TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears February 14 HAARR RRAAH H H’’ SS CCH HEE RRO OK K EE EE CCAASSII N NO O (Cherokee) REO Speedwagon February 14 JJ ..JJ..’’ SS BBO OH HEEM MIIA A The Whigs February 15 TTRRA A CCK K 22 99 Steep Canyon Rangers February 15 AN A NG GEE LLO O’’ SS (Cleveland) Convertibull February 15 BBJJ CCCC A ARR EEN NAA (Birmingham) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves February 15 TTH HEE TTAABB EERR N NAA CCLLEE (Atlanta) Flogging Molly February 15 W IILLD W DH HO ORRSS EE SSA ALL O OO ON N (Nashville) Rick Springfield February 15 SSCCH HEE RRM MEE RRH HO ORRN N SS YYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEE N NTTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers February 15 BBIIJJ O OU U TTH HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Edwin McCain February 15 TTRRA A CCK K 22 99 Lettuce, The Floozies February 16 CCO OBBBB EEN NEE RRG GYY PP EERR FFO ORR M MII N NG G AARRTTSS CCEE N N-TTEE RR (Atlanta) Craig Ferguson February 16 MEE RRCCYY LL O M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Chad Valley February 17

HIIG H GH HW WA ATTTT (Nashville) Sebadoh February 17 JJU U PPII TTEERR O ON N TTH HEE SSTTRR IIPP (Tuscaloosa) Lettuce, The Floozies February 17 TTH HEE EEA A RRLL (Atlanta) Cibo Matto February 17 TTEERR M MIIN NA ALL W WEE SS TT (Atlanta) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Chad Valley February 18 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Scotty McGreery February 18 PPIILL O OTT LLII G GH HTT (Knoxville) Sebadoh February 18 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) Dark Star Orchestra February 18 RRH HYYTTH HM M && BBRREE W WSS (Tuscallosa) Smile Empty Soul, (hed)pe February 19 WA W A RR M MEE M MO ORRIIA A LL A AU UD DII TTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Buddy Guy, Robert Randolph & the Family Band February 20 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Jennifer Nettles February 20 AN A ND DRREE W W JJA A CCK KSS O ON NH HA A LLLL (Nashville) Tony Bennett February 20 SSTTA A TTIIO ON N IIN NN N (Nashville) Gretchen Peters, Tom Russell February 20 TTH HEE EEA A RRLL (Atlanta) Drag the River, Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves February 20 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) Brett Dennen February 20 JJU U PPII TTEERR O ON N TTH HEE SSTTRR IIPP (Tuscaloosa) Randy Rogers Band February 20 FFO OXX TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Robin Thicke, Jessie J, DJ Cassidy February 21 PPH HIILL IIPPSS A ARR EEN NA A (Atlanta) Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix February 21 CCO OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PP EERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G AARRTTSS CCEE N N-TTEERR (Atlanta) Amy Schurmer February 21 EED DD DIIEE ’’ SS A ATTTTIICC (Atlanta) Scott Miller February 21 TTH HEE M MA ASSQ QU U EE RRA AD DEE (Atlanta) Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies, Eyes Set To Kill, Cilver February 21 TTH HEE 112200 TTA AVVEE RRN N (Marietta) Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ February 21 MEERR CCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) The Black Angels, Roky Erickson February 21 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEE YY (Nashville) Brett Dennen February 21 IIRRO ON NH HO ORRSS EE CCA AFF ÉÉ (Birmingham) Smile Empty Soul, (hed)pe February 21 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Young the Giant, Caycaus February 22 VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLL A AYYH HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) G. Love & Special Sauce February 22 CCEEN NTTEE RR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Mayor Hawthorne, Quadron February 22 TTEERR M MIIN NA ALL W WEE SS TT (Atlanta) The Black Angels, Roky Erickson February 22 JJEE N NN NIIEE A AN ND DEE RRSSO ON N TT H HEE A ATT RREE (Marietta) Mel Tillis February 22 MA M ARRA A TTH HO ON NM MU U SS IICC W WO ORRK K SS (Nashville) Randy Rogers Band, Josh Abbott Band, Wade Bowen February 22 JJA AM MEESS K K .. PPO OLLK K TTH HEE A ATTEE RR (Nashville) The Tenors February 22 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEE YY (Nashville) G. Love & Special Sauce February 23 BBJJCCCC CCO ON NCCEE RRTT H HA ALL LL (Birmingham) Bill


Maher February 23 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) Imagine Dragons, The Naked and Famous February 24 PPH HIILLII PPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) The Eagles February 24 BBIIJJO OU U TTH HEE AATTRR EE (Knoxville) Randy Roger Band February 25 PPH HIILLII PPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Imagine Dragons, The Naked and Famous February 26 CCO OBB BB EE N NEERR G GYY PPEE RRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G AA RRTTSS CCEE N N-TTEE RR (Atlanta) Clint Holmes, Nnenna Freelon, Kirk Whalum February 26 TTH HEE TTAA BBEE RRN NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Austin Mahone, Midnight Red, W3 The Future, Becky G February 27 SSM MIITTH H’’ SS O OLL D DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Graham Colton February 28 ALLYYSS RRO A OBBII N NSSO ON N SS TTEEPP H HEEN NSS PPEE RRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G ARRTTSS CCEE N A NTTEE RR (Birmingham) Carolina Chocolate Drops February 28 JJU U PPIITTEE RR O ON N TTH HEE SSTTRR IIPP (Tuscaloosa) Big Gigantic February 28 EEX XII TT//IIN N (Nashville) The Delta Saints February 28 H && PPO 1122TTH ORR TTEERR (Nashville) Graham Colton March 1 TTH HEE TTAA BBEE RRN NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Emblem3 March 1 WO W ORRK K PPLLAA YY TTH HEE AATTRREE (Birmingham) Graham Colton March 2 SSM MIITTH H’’ SS O OLL D DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Two Cow Garage March 2 TTEERRM MII N NAA LL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Stephen Malkimus & the Jicks, Purling Hiss March 4 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LLIIVV EE (Birmingham) Dropkick Murphys, Lucero, Skinny Lister, Lucero March 5 BBO OTTTTLLEE TTRREE EE (Birmingham) Stephen Malkmus And the Jicks March 5 RRYYM MAAN N AA U UD DIITTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Band of Horses March 5 SSM MIITTH H’’ SS O OLL D DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) NRBQ March 5 BBA ARRK K IIN NG G LL EEG GSS TTH HEE AATTEE RR Beppe Gambetta March 6 TTH HEE TTAA BBEE RRN NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice & Men March 6 TTH HEE BB O OW W EE RRYY (Knoxville) Wayne “The Train” Hancock March 6 TTH HEE N NIICCK K (Birmingham) Agent Orange March 7 VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAA YYH HO OU U SS EE (Atlanta) The Black Lips, Deerhunter March 7 SSM MIITTH H’’ SS O OLL D DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds March 7 RRYYM MAAN N AA U UD DIITTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Emblem3 March 7 WAA RR M W MEE M MO ORRIIAALL AA U UD DIITTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Issues, Letlive March 7 TTH HEE W W EE LLLL (Knoxville) Local H March 7 VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAA YYH HO OU U SS EE (Atlanta) Sharon Corr March 9 CCEE N NTTEE RR SS TTAAG GEE (Atlanta) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 11 TTH HEE TTAA BBEE RRN NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Broken Bells,

JANUARY 30 2014


JAN 30 - FEB 1











Au Revoir Simone March 11 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Young the Giant, Vance Joy March 11 IIRRO ON N CCII TTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 12 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Switchfoot, Kopecky Family Band March 13 W IILLD W DH HO ORRSSEE SS A ALLO OO ON N (Nashville) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 13 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Widespread Panic March 13 SSYYM MPPH HO ON NYY H HA ALL LL (Atlanta) Chris Botti March 14 HEEAA VVEE N H N@ @ TTH HEE M MA ASS Q QU UEE RRA AD DEE (Atlanta) Children of Bodom, Death Angel, Tyr March 14 TTEE N NN NEE SSSS EEEE TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Knoxville) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 14 BBRRII D DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Bily Joel March 14 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Widespread Panic March 14 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Jason Isbell, Amanda Shines March 15 KN K NO OXXVVII LLLLEE CCO OLLII SSEE IIU UM M (Knoxville) Indigo Girls March 15 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 15 JJA AM MEESS K K.. PPO OLLK K TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Nashville) Jillian Michaels March 15 BBJJ CCCC A ARREE N NA A (Birmingham) Elton John March 15 TTH HEE M MA ASSQ QU U EERR A AD DEE (Atlanta) Agent Orange March 16 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 16 HEELL LL @ H @ TTH HEE M MA ASS Q QU U EE RRA AD DEE (Atlanta) Breathe Carolina, Jonny Craig, Ghost Town, Divided By Friday March 16 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Indigo Girls March 17 MEERR CCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Gary Numan, Big Black Delta, Roman Remains March

17 CCEEN NTTEE RR SS TTAAG GEE (Atlanta) HIM March 18 MAARRAATTH M HO ON NM MU U SSIICC W WO ORRK K SS (Nashville) The Glitch Mob March 18 MAARRAATTH M HO ON NM MU U SSIICC W WO ORRK K SS (Nashville) Cut Copy March 19 HEEAA VVEEN H N AA TT TTH HEE M MAASSQ QU U EE RRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, Noisem March 19 EED DD DIIEE ’’SS AA TTTTII CC (Atlanta) Al Stewart March 20 FFO OXX TTH HEEAA TTRR EE (Atlanta) Elle Goulding March 20 TTH HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) The Glitch Mob March 20 MAARRAATTH M HO ON NM MU U SSIICC W WO ORRK K SS (Nashville) James Blake March 20 SSCCH HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEEN NTTEE RR (Nashville) Kenny Loggins March 20 WAA RR M W MEE M MO ORR IIAALL AAU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson March 20 ALLAA BBAAM A MAA TTH HEE AATTRR EE (Birmingham) Brian Regan March 20 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) George Strait, Sheryl Crow March 21 SSCCH HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEEN NTTEE RR (Nashville) Kenny Loggins March 21 RRYYM MAAN N AAU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Crosby Stills & Nash March 21 RRO OCCK KEE TTO OW WN N (Nashville) The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen, Dangerkids March 21 CCEEN NTTEE RR SS TTAAG GEE (Atlanta) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson March 21 FFO OXX TTH HEEAA TTRR EE (Atlanta) The Moody Blues March 21 ALLAA BBAAM A MAA TTH HEE AATTRR EE (Birmingham) Ron White March 21 CCO OTTTTO ON N-- EEYYEE D D JJO OEE ’’ SS (Knoxville) Aaron Lewis March 21


PPH HIILLIIPP SS A A RREE N NA A (Atlanta) George Strait, Sheryl Crow March 22 FFO OXX TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Crosby Stills & Nash March 22 ZZYYD DEECCO O (Birmingham) The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen, Danger Kids March 22 IIRRO ON N CCIITTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Gavin DeGraw March 24 JJ..JJ..’’ SS BBO OH HEEM MIIA A Peelander-Z March 25 PPH HIILLIIPP SS A A RREE N NA A (Atlanta) Miley Cyrus March 25 VVA ARREE IITTYY PP LLA AYYH HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) The Johnny Clegg Band March 26 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Gavin DeGraw March 26 RRO OCCK K EE TTO OW WN N (Nashville) We Are The In Crowd, William Beckett, Set It Off, State Champs, Candy Hearts March 26 BBIIG G EE A ARRSS FF EESS TTVVA ALL G GRRO OU UN ND DSS (Knoxville) “Big Ears Festival” Colin Stetson, Dean & Britta March 28 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE A A RREE N NA A (Nashville) Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Cher Lloyd March 29 RRIIA ALL TTO O CCEEN NTTEE RR (Atlanta) Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn March 29 BBLLIIN ND DW W IILLLL IIEE ’’SS (Atlanta) The Nighthawks March 29 JJEE N NN NIIEE A AN ND DEE RRSS O ON N TTH HEE A ATTRR EE (Marietta) Jim Stafford March 29 BBIIG G EE A ARRSS FF EESS TTVVA ALL G GRRO OU UN ND DSS (Knoxville) “Big Ears Festival” Colin Stetson, Dean & Britta, Glenn Kotche, Television March 29 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Amy Shumer March 30 BBIIG G EE A ARRSS FF EESS TTVVA ALL G GRRO OU UN ND DSS (Knoxville) “Big Ears Festival” Colin Stetson, Dean & Britta, Glenn Kotche March 30 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE A A RREE N NA A (Nashville) Cher March 31

JANUARY 30 2014


PPH HII LLIIPPSS A ARR EEN NA A (Atlanta) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves April 1 CCO OBBBB EEN NEE RRG GYY PPEE RRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G AARR TTSS CCEE N N-TTEE RR (Atlanta) John Edward April 1 SS YYM MPP H HO ON NYY H HA ALL LL (Atlanta) Yo Yo Ma April 2 CCO OBBBB EEN NEE RRG GYY PPEE RRFF O ORRM MIIN NG G AARR TTSS CCEE N N-TTEE RR (Atlanta) Jesse Cook April 2 WO W ORRK KPP LLA AYY TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Birmingham) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson April 2 BBA A RRK KII N NG G LLEE G GSS TTH HEE A ATTEE RR Pierre Bensusan April 3 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Grouplove, MD MR, Smallpools April 3 II RRO ON N CCIITTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Umphrey’s McGee April 5 TTH HEE SSTTA A RR BBA A RR (Atlanta) Mobb Deep April 5 TTH HEE EE A ARRLL (Atlanta) Gringo Star April 5 CCEE N NTTEERR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Scott Stapp April 9 TTH HEE M MA ASS Q QU U EE RRA AD DEE (Atlanta) The Wonder Years, Defeater, Citizen, Modern Baseball, Real Friends April 9 VVA A RRIIEE TTYY PPLL A AYYH HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Brett Dennen April 10 JJ EEM MIISS O ON N CCO ON NCCEE RRTT H HAA LLLL (Birmingham) John Prine, Holly Williams April 11 TTU U SSCCA A LLO OO OSSA AA AM MPPH HIITTH HEE AATTRREE (Tuscaloosa) Brantley Gilbert, Thomas Rhett, Eric Paslay April 11 SS CCH HEE RRM MEE RRH HO ORRN N SSYYM MPPH HO ON NYY CCEE N NTTEERR (Nashville) Whoopi Goldberg April 11 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Superchunk, Bully April 11 WA W ARR M MEEM MO ORRIIA A LL A AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie April 12 NA N ASS H HVVIILLLL EE M MU UN NIICCIIPP AALL AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) The Family Stone April 12 CCEE N NTTEERR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Stephen Marley April 13 RRO OCCK K EETTO OW WN N (Nashville) Blessthefall, Silverstein, The Amity Affliction, Secrets, Heartist April 15 BBU U CCK KH HEE A AD D TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) The Milk Carton Kids April 18 BBRR IID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE A ARR EEN NA A (Nashville) Miley Cyrus, Icona Pop, Sky Ferreira April 18 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Alter Bridge April 19 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Rob Thomas April 22 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Santana April 23 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Rob Thomas April 23 CCEE N NTTEERR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) The Mavericks April 25 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Katie Herzig April 25 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Joe Bonamassa April 26 SS YYM MPP H HO ON NYY H HA ALL LL (Atlanta) Boz Scaggs April 27 TTH HO OM MPPSSO ON N--BB O OLL IIN NG G AARR EEN NAA (Knoxville) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves April 27 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Haim April 27

W AARR M W MEE M MO ORRIIA ALL A AU UD DIITTO ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Bastille April 28 SSLL O OSSSS FFU U RRN NA ACCEE SS (Birmingham) Vampire Weekend April 28 CCA AN NN NEERR YY BBA ALL LLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Christina Perri April 29 BBU U CCK KH HEE A AD D TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Christina Perri April 30 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Local Natives April 30 BBRRII D DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Arcade Fire May 1 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Bend Folds May 2 AAA RRO A ON N’’ SS A AM MPPH HIITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Atlanta) Arcade Fire May 2 CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Mogwai May 2 EE X XIITT//IIN N (Nashville) Mogwai May 3 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Ben Folds May 3 BBA ARR K KIIN NG G LL EEG GSS TTH HEEA A TTEERR April Verch Band May 4 FF O OXX TTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Vampire Weekend May 5 PPH HIILL IIPPSS A ARREE N NA A (Atlanta) Lady Gaga May 6 CCEE N NTTEE RR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Primal Scream May 6 TTH HEE TTA ABBEE RRN NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) The Wanted May 7 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEE YY (Nashville) Iris DeMent May 8 ATTLL AAN A NTTIICC SS TTA ATTIIO ON N PPA A RRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” The National. Cage the Elephant May 9 MEERR CCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Tokyo Police Club May 9 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Ghost B.B. May 10 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITTO ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Garrison Keillor May 10 ATTLL AAN A NTTIICC SS TTA ATTIIO ON N PPA A RRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” The National. Portugal,

The Man, Packway Handle Band, Tokyo Police Club, Gregory Alan May 10 FFO OXX TTH HEEAA TTRR EE (Atlanta) Mike Epps May 10 ATTLLAA N A NTTII CC SSTTAA TTIIO ON N PPAA RRK K “Shaky Knees Music Festival” The National. Mason Jennings, Trampled By Turtles, San Fermin May 11 PPH HIILLII PPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Cher May 12 TTEERR M MII N NAA LL W W EE SSTT (Atlanta) Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Canoe May 13 EEX X IITT//IIN N (Nashville) Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Canoe May 14 EEX X IITT//IIN N (Nashville) The 1975 May 15 CCA AN NN NEERRYY BBAALLLL RRO OO OM M (Nashville) Portugal the Man May 16 AAARR O A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH HIITTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr May 17 BBU U CCK KH HEEAA D D TTH HEEAA TTRREE (Atlanta) The 1975 May 22 SSYYM MPPH HO ON NYY H HAALLLL (Atlanta) Ben Folds May 23 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AA M MPPH HIITTH HEEAA TTRREE (Pelham) Dave Matthews Band May 23 AAARR O A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH HIITTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Dave Matthews Band May 24 HAARRRRAA H H H’’ SS CCH HEERR O OK K EE EE CCAASSII N NO O (Cherokee) Dolly Parton May 25 VVA ARRII EETTYY PPLLAAYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Tommy Emmanuel May 26 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AA M MPPH HIITTH HEEAA TTRREE (Pelham, AL) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 27 AAARR O A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH HIITTH HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 30 VVEERR IIZZ O ON NW WIIRR EELL EESS SS AA M MPPH HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE A ATT EEN NCCO ORREE PPAA RRK K (Atlanta) Jack Johnson, Amos Lee June 3 RRIIVVEE RRBBEE N ND D FFEE SSTTII VVAALL Widespread Panic June 7


SSO OU UTTH HEE RRN NG GRRO OU UN ND DA AM MPPH HIITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Fayetteville) Gary Puckett & the Union Gap June 7 BBJJCCCC A A RREEN NA A (Birmingham) Bruno Mars, Alan Blacc June 11 BBJJCCCC CCO ON NCCEE RRTT H HA ALL LL (Birmingham) Mike Epps June 13 AA A ARRO ON N’’ SS A AM MPP H HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Randy Houser, Leah Turner, Charlie Worsham June 22 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE A A RREE N NA A (Nashville) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 27 PPH HIILLIIPP SS A A RREE N NA A (Atlanta) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 28 SSO OU UTTH HEE RRN NG GRRO OU UN ND DA AM MPPH HIITTH HEE A ATTRREE (Fayetteville) Jefferson Starship June 28 TTRR A ACCK K 2299 Lindsey Stirling June 30 CCO OU UN NTTRRYY TTO ON NIIG GH HTT TTH HEE A ATTRREE (Pigeon Forge) Mark Chesnutt July 4 TTH HEE W WO OO OD DSS A ATT FFO ON NTTA AN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Fall Out Boy, New Politics July 13 AA A ARRO ON N’’ SS A AM MPP H HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Tim McGraw, Cassadee Pope July 13 AA A ARRO ON N’’ SS A AM MPP H HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Van’s Warped Tour July 24 TTEE N NN NEESS SSEE EE SSTTA A TTEE FFA AII RRG GRRO OU UN ND DSS (Nashville) Van’s Warped Tour July 29 AA A ARRO ON N’’ SS A AM MPP H HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Fall Out Boy, Paramore, New Politics July 30 LLPP FF IIEE LLD D (Nashville) One Direction August 19 OA O AK KM MO OU UN NTTA A IIN NA AM MPP H HII TTH HEE A ATTRR EE (Pelham) Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldridge August 23 CCH HA A SSTTA AII N N PPA ARRK K (( Atlanta) Chicago, REO Speedwagon August 24 AA A ARRO ON N’’ SS A AM MPP H HIITTH HEEA A TTRREE (Atlanta) Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Glorianna September 11 GEE O G ORRG GIIA AD DO OM MEE (Atlanta) One Direction

JANUARY 30 2014


October 1 BBRR IID DG GEE SSTTO ON NEE A ARR EEN NA A (Nashville) Bassnectar December 31

CCO ON NTTIIN NU UII N NG G FF IIRRSS TT CCEE N NTTEE N NA ARRYY U UN NIITTEE D DM MEE TTH HO OD DIISS TT CCH HU U RRCCH H (Room 135) Singles One Mondays @ 6 PM GRREE A G ATTEE RR CCH HA A TTTTA AN NO OO OG GAA AASS PPIIEE SS Third Tuesday of each month, 6-8 pm BBII G G CCH HII LLLL Karaoke Tuesdays DEE VVEELL O D OPPM MEEN NTT RR EESS O OU URRCCEE BB U UIILL D DIIN NG G (1250 Market Street) Chattanooga Alliance for Animals First Wednesday of the month MIILL LLEE RR M M MO OTTLLEE TTEE CCH HN NIICCAALL CCO OLLLLEE G GEE CHEO Complimentary Health Education Organization Chapter Meeting Third Sunday 2-4 PM TTH HEE CCH HA ATTTTA AN NO OO OG GA AN N Breakfast Education & Networking Workshop Second Wednesday of the month BBRR A AD DFFO ORRD DH HEE A ALL TTH H CCEEN NTTEE RR (6160 Shallowford Rd.) Free Parent Support Meeting Thursdays 5-6pm TTH HEE EE LLK KSS LL O OD DG GEE (Cleveland) Joe Collins Tuesdays LL A ASS M MA A RRG GA ARRII TTA A’’ SS (Cleveland) Collins Brothers Band Thursdays LL A ASS M MA A RRG GA ARRII TTA A’’ SS Priscilla & Little Rickee Wednesdays TTH HEE O OFFFF IICCEE SpeakEasy Mondays SS O OU U TTH HSSII D DEE TTA A VVEERR N N Troy Underwood Tuesdays CCA AM MPP H HO OU U SSEE Open Mic Thursdays TTH HEE TTA AVVEE RRN N (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims Wednesdays

OPENI NG T HIS WEEK Labor Day PG-13 Thirteen-year-old Henry Wheeler struggles to be the man of his house and care for his reclusive mother, Adele, while confronting all the pangs of adolescence. On a back-to-school shopping trip, Henry and his mother encounter Frank Chambers, a man both intimidating and clearly in need of help, who convinces them to take him into their home and later is revealed to be an escaped convict. The events of this long Labor Day weekend will shape them for the rest of their lives.

ship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?” NOW S HOWING

American Hustle R Brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld, along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent named Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey power-brokers and mafia that’s as dangerous as it is enchanting. Carmine Polito is the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con-artists and Kate Winslett and Josh Brolin in Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife That Awkward Moment R Rosalyn could be the one to pull the Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues Three best friends find themselves thread that brings the entire world PG-13 With the 70’s behind him, San Diego’s where we’ve all been - at that confus- crashing down. top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy ing “moment” in every dating relationreturns to the news desk. Also back for more are Ron’s co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone, weather man Brick Tamland, man on the street Brian Fantana and sports guy Champ Kind. All of whom won’t make it easy to stay classy... while taking the nation’s first 24-hour news channel by storm. August: Osage County R The story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose lives have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Midwest house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them. Dallas Buyer’s Club R Real-life cowboy Ron Woodroof’s freewheeling life was upended in 1985 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. Shunned by many of his old friends and bereft of government-approved effective medicines, Ron decided to take matters in his own hands, tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. Bypassing the establishment, the entrepreneurial Woodroof joined forces with an unlikely band of renegades and outcasts, establishing a hugely successful buyers’ club.

Paramount Pictures’ “Labor Day”.

themselves dealing with an earlierthan-planned pregnancy. While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves, but, as the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body and mind have a much more sinister origin. Frozen PG Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey-teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.

Gimme Shelter PG-13 Based on a true story that centers on 16-year-old Agnes “Apple” Bailey, Gimme Shelter uncovers the struggle for survival and the hope of redemption through the harsh realities of life on the streets. As a pregnant teenager, Apple’s journey plummets her into a perilous struggle until finding salvation in a suburban shelter for homeless teens. With provisions of unprecedented comfort, a collective sisterhood connection and female empowerment, the shelter elevates Apple to break the shackles of her past and inspires her to embrace the future Devil’s Due with clarity, maturity and hope not After a mysterious, lost night on their only for herself but her unborn child. honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds ENIGMA

JANUARY 30 2014


Her R In Los Angeles, in the near future, lives Theodore Twombly - a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people. Heartbroken after the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new, advanced operating system that promises to be an intuitive entity in its own right, individual to each user. Upon initiating it, he is delighted to meet “Samantha,” a bright, female voice, who is insightful, sensitive and surprisingly funny. As her needs and desires grow, in tandem with his own, their friendship deepens into an eventual love for each other. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The second installment of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, a diminutive creature who resides in a place called “Middle-Earth” before he is compelled to go on a quest to find a treasure buried deep in the heart of Lonely Mountain. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire PG-13 Katniss Everdeen has returned home safely after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way, Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) - a competition that could change Panem forever.

high-level Taliban operative who are tion. ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan.

quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly underprepared.


The Nut Job PG Surly, a mischievous squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy, plan a nut store heist of outrageous proportions and unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a much more complicated and hilarious adventure.

About Last Night A modern reimagining of the classic romantic comedy, this contemporary version closely follows new love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world.

Ride Along PG-13 For the past two years, high-school security guard Ben has been trying to show decorated APD detective James that he’s more than just a video-game junkie who’s unworthy of James’ sister, Angela. When Ben finally gets accepted into the academy, he thinks he’s earned the seasoned policeman’s respect and asks for his blessing to marry Angela. Knowing that a ridealong will demonstrate if Ben has what it takes to take care of his sister, James invites him on a shift designed to scare the heck out of the trainee. But when the wild night leads them to the most notorious criminal in the city, James will find that his new partner’s rapidfire mouth is just as dangerous as the bullets speeding at it

Endless Love PG-13 The wealthy parents of a teenage girl disapprove of her new boyfriend, which leads to tragedy.

Saving Mr. Banks PG-13 Walt Disney spent twenty years in pursuit of the film rights to P.L. Travers’ popular novel, “Mary Poppins,” a quest he began in the 1940s as a promise to his two daughters. When Travers travels from London to Hollywood in 1961 to finally discuss Disney’s desire to bring her beloved character to the motion picture screen, Disney meets a I, Frankenstein PG-13 prim, uncompromising sexagenarian 200 years after his shocking creation, not only suspect of the impresario’s Dr. Frankenstein’s creature, Adam, still concept for the film, but a woman walks the earth. But when he finds struggling with her own past. himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he The Secret Life of Walter Mitty PG holds the key that could destroy Walter Mitty is a daydreamer who humankind. escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit PG-13 with heroism, romance and action. In a story taking place prior to the When his job, along with that of his cooriginal Jack Ryan stories, Ryan is a worker are threatened, Walter takes young stockbroker working for a bil- action in the real world, embarking on lionaire in Moscow before joining the a global journey that turns into an CIA. When the billionaire he is advis- adventure more extraordinary than ing frames him for a terrorist plot and anything he could have ever imagined. kidnaps his wife, Ryan must race against time to clear his name, stop Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas PG-13 the plot, and save his wife. Madea is coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the The Legend of Hercules PG-13 country for Christmas, but the biggest In the origin story of Hercules, the son surprise is what they’ll find when they of Zeus is a half-god, half-man blessed arrive. As the small, rural town prewith extraordinary strength. Betrayed pares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, by his stepfather, the King, and exiled new secrets are revealed and old relaand sold into slavery because of a for- tionships are tested while Madea dishbidden love, Hercules must use his for- es her own brand of Christmas Spirit to midable powers to fight his way back all. to his rightful kingdom. Through harrowing battles and gladiator-arena The Wolf of Wall Street PG-13 death matches, Hercules embarks on a Jordan Belfort, a Long Island penny legendary odyssey to overthrow the stockbroker, served 20 months in King and restore peace to the land. prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case Lone Survivor that involved widespread corruption The story of four Navy SEALs on an ill- on Wall Street and in the corporate fated covert mission to neutralize a banking world, including mob infiltraENIGMA

The Lego Movie Emmet is an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic

Across 2. Worn to protect the clothing 6. Fermented grape juices 11. Lady's-finger 13. State resident 15. English princess 17. Fixes 18. Ogles 19. Underground part of a plant 20. Deuces 21. Thin glutinous mud 22. Authentic 23. Finish first 25. Biddies 26. Person whose religion is Judaism 30. Devote 32. Modify 36. Complete change 37. Shooting sport 38. Sealing compound 40. Purchase

JANUARY 30 2014

The Monuments Men An unlikely World War II platoon is tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission: with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys – seven museum directors, curators, and art historians, all more familiar with Michelangelo than the M-1 – possibly hope to succeed? But as the Monuments Men, as they were called, found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of culture, they would risk their lives to protect and defend mankind’s greatest achievements.

12. Flightless bird 14. Small dam 16. Part of speech 24. Rich and fashionable travellers 26. Trash 27. Spouse 28. Group of tents 29. Genus of vermin 30. Step in ballet 31. Short letter 33. Paint unskillfully 34. Be sorry for 35. Plaything 39. Highest 42. Public exhibition Down 43. Judges 1. Florida city 2. Inert elemental gas 44. Metal fastener 45. Mathematics 3. Move past 46. Raised platform 4. Lubricates 47. Evade work 5. Yuletide 6. Of moderate tem- 48. Unwieldy ship 51. Career golfers perature 52. Unpleasant smell 7. Insert 53. Salver 8. Planet 54. Stylish 9. Breathe noisily 10. Hates intensely 41. Places to sleep 47. Shaft horsepower 49. Executive Officer 50. Away 54. Pal 55. Imitator 56. Tester 57. Hawaiian port 58. Draw near 59. Book of the Bible 60. Annoys 61. Native of Switzerland 62. Type of packsack


1199 5566 Buddy Holly And The Two Tunes record their first tracks for Decca Records in Nashville. Backing Buddy on four songs are Grady Martin on guitar and Doug Kirkham on drums.

go on to score several hits in the seventies, including “Summer Breeze” as Seals And Crofts. 11 996611 The Shirelles became the first girl group to have the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 when “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” reached the top. They would go on to place ten more hits in the Top 40. The song reached #4 in the UK.

Elvis Presley’s smash single, “Heartbreak Hotel” was released by RCA Records, who had just purchased Presley’s contract from Sun Records for $35,000. The song sold 300,000 copies the first week and would eventually sell over a million, becoming 119966 22 The house band from New York’s Elvis’ first Gold record. Peppermint Lounge, Joey Dee And The Elvis Presley records a cover version Starliters had the number song in the of Carl Perkins “Blue Suede Shoes” US with “The Peppermint Twist”. The which will reach number 20 on the US single reached #33 on the UK chart. Pop chart in April. Warner Brothers Records signed Peter, Paul And Mary to their first 11 9955 77 20-year-old Don Everly and his 2-year- recording contract. Their self-titled younger brother Phil sign a recording album would stay in the US Top 10 for contract with Cadence Records. ten months, remained in the Top 20 During their career, The Everly for two years and did not drop off the Brothers will have 35 Billboard Hot Hot 100 album chart until three-and100 singles. a-half years after its release. Their only single to make it all the way to 1199 5588 number one was 1969’s, Leaving On a Little Richard left Rock and Roll and Jet Plane, written by John Denver. enrolled in bible school at Oakwood 119966 33 College in Huntsville, Alabama. Richard explained that while flying The Four Seasons’ “Walk Like A Man” over the Philippines on tour, the wing is released. Five weeks later, it will of his plane caught fire and his become their third Billboard number prayers that the flames go out were one single. answered, so he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to God. Some of the A trio called The Rooftop Singers took members of his touring band found “Walk Right In” to the top of the work with James Brown’s Famous Billboard chart. The song had been Flames. During his four years in written in 1930 by Gus Cannon, who school, Richard still had hit records had been living in poverty until he with previously recorded material started earning royalties from the hit like “Good Golly Miss Molly”. By the record. time he returned to music in 1962, the British Invasion had started and the The Beach Boys record “Surfin’ USA”, best Richard could do was a minor UK which will climb to number three in hit, “He Got What He Wanted”. In the US by mid-April. Although it was 1965, Jimi Hendrix backed him on “I credited as being composed by Brian Don’t Know What You’ve Got, But It’s Wilson, the tune was a note-for-note Got Me”, but the song barely cracked cover of Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little the US Hot 100, topping out at number Sixteen”. Following a lawsuit, Berry was granted writing credit and royal92. ties from the record. A band called The Champs release “Tequila”, an instrumental that will 119966 44 hit number one in mid-March. The Beatlemania comes to America when group included sax player Jim Seals “I Want To Hold Your Hand” becomes and drummer Dash Crofts, who would the first of twenty Billboard number ENIGMA

one hits for The Beatles. It would stay boards, The Beatles performed in on top for seven weeks, with world public for the last time when they played a 42 minute rooftop concert wide sales of fifteen million copies. above Apple Corps headquarters. The Matthew Walsh, the Governor of show was stopped by the police after Indiana declares the song “Louie neighbors complained about the Louie” by the Kingsmen (which was noise. It had been 2? years since the currently #6 on the Hot 100) to be Beatles had played Candlestick Park, pornographic. He asks the Indiana San Francisco, on August 29th, 1966. Broadcasters Association to ban the 11 997700 record, although stations claim it’s impossible to accurately figure out The Jackson 5 score the first of four the lyrics from “the unintelligible ren- straight Billboard number one hits dition as performed by the with “I Want You Back”. The song Kingsmen.” Although much has been reached #2 in the UK. written about the controversy, Indiana was the only state to actually 119977 22 ban the record from radio play. The New Seekers receive a Gold record for “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. The song received 11996655 At the Arthur Smith Studios in extensive airplay as the music for Charlotte, North Carolina, James Coca-Cola commercials. Brown records “Papa’s Got A Brand 119977 33 New Bag”, which will reach #8 on the Billboard Pop chart and #1 on the R&B Stevie Wonder scores his second US chart the following August and later number one with his twenty-third Top win a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm 40 hit, “Superstition”. It reached #11 in the UK. and Blues Recording. 1199 6666 Brian Poole quit The Tremeloes for a solo career. The move didn’t work out for him as he would only achieve moderate success, but the rest of the band would score two big hits with “Here Comes My Baby” and “Silence is Golden”.

Johnny Rivers received a Gold record for the Billboard #6 hit single, “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu”. Huey “Piano” Smith And The Clowns had a #52 hit with it in 1957.

After recently changing their name from Wicked Lester, Gene Simmons, “I Fought The Law” by The Bobby Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Fuller Four is released. It will enter Criss make their first appearance as the Hot 100 two weeks later and even- KISS at the Popcorn Club in Queens, tually reach #9 during an eight week chart run. 11996677 General Motors begins offering an eight-track tape player as an option in their Buick line. They had been available from Ford since September, 1965. Although they were very popular for awhile, the tapes would be phased out of US retail stores by late 1982. 11 996688 Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay” is released, six weeks after he was killed in a plane crash. It will become the first posthumous numberone single in US chart history. Otis had intended to return to the studio at a later date to add lyrics in place of the whistling that is heard during the closing bars. The Bee Gees played their first American concert at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. After collecting their $50,000 fee, they headed immediately back to England. Jim Morrison of The Doors is arrested and charged with public drunkenness after harassing a security guard at a Las Vegas adult movie theatre. 1199 6699 With Billy Preston sitting in on key-

JANUARY 30 2014


New York. 11 997744 Ringo Starr went to #1 on the Billboard singles chart with his version of Johnny Burnette’s 1960, #8 hit “Your Sixteen”. The track featured Paul McCartney on kazoo and Harry Nilsson on background vocals. It reached #3 in the UK. 11 997755 The Bee Gees begin recording “Jive Talkin”, which will become their second US chart topper and their fourteenth Billboard Top 20 hit. Barry Gibb’s inspiration for the song came when his wife commented on the sound their car made while crossing a bridge over Biscayne Bay into Miami. She noted, “It’s our drive talkin’.” 11997777 As the Punk music movement continued to grow, The Clash sign a £100,000 contract with CBS Records, a remarkable amount for a band that had played a total of about thirty gigs and very few as a headliner. Rose Royce, the former backing band for The Temptations, went to #1 on the US singles chart with “Car Wash”.

“Business As Usual”. This feat had not missed from his Trinity Broadcasting been accomplished since Rod Stewart Network program, Gospel America. He would later make an appearance did it in 1971. on TBN with the president of the netAir Supply’s third album, “Now And work, Paul Crouch, and his pastor, Jack Hayford, where he explained Forever” is certified Platinum. that the album was a “parody of him119988 44 self.” Trinity Broadcasting then reinMichael Jackson suffers scalp and stated him and Gospel America was neck burns when his hair catches fire brought back during an accidental explosion on the set of a Pepsi commercial shot in Los David Bowie released part of his holdAngeles. Pepsi paid Jackson a $1.5 mil- ings in intellectual property for sale lion settlement, which he then donat- on the stock market, becoming the ed to the Brotman Memorial Hospital first Rock star to offer Wall Street where he was treated. The commer- stock options on his career. cial debuted on MTV on February 27, 2200 0044 1984 with the fire scene edited out. Justin Timberlake caused a huge uproar when he tugged at Janet 119988 55 Forty-six major American recording Jackson’s outfit and revealed her left artists came together at A&M Studios breast live on US TV during the halfin Hollywood, to record “We Are The time show of Superbowl XXXVIII (38). World”, a song written by Michael Four days later, that scene would Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. The effort become the most searched for image was part of an album called “USA for in the history of the internet. Africa” and featured Bob Dylan, 22 0000 66 Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Dionne Gene McFadden, R&B vocalist and Warwick, Daryl Hall, Huey Lewis, songwriter, best known as half of the Cyndi Lauper, Kim Carnes, Willie Philly soul team McFadden & Nelson, Steve Perry, Ray Charles and Whitehead, died of cancer at the age others. Those attending the session of 56. The duo reached number 13 on were asked to “leave your egos at the the Billboard chart in 1979 with “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”. door.”

1199 7799 Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” is certified Platinum in the UK, where it tops the 11 998888 22 0000 99 Pop chart. The song will also rise to The Cars, who had placed 15 songs on Billy Powell, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s keynumber one in the US the following the Hot 100 between 1978 and 1987, boardist who played on “Sweet Home announce their break up. Alabama” and survived the 1977 plane April. crash that killed three band members, died of a suspected heart attack. He 11998800 119999 33 Three years after signing with Warner Warner Brothers Records announces was 56. Brothers Records, 21-year-old Prince that it is releasing rapper Ice-T (real makes his US television debut on name Tracy Marrow) from his con- Dewy Martin, drummer and backing American Bandstand where he per- tract due to “creative differences.” vocalist for Buffalo Springfield on forms his R&B chart topping hit, “I The previous summer the record com- their 1967 hit “For What It’s Worth”, Wanna Be Your Lover”. pany found itself in the middle of died from hardening of the arteries at controversy over Ice-T’s song, “Cop the age of 68. Killer”. Marrow would go on to co11998811 22 0011 00 Blondie tops the Cashbox Best Sellers star in the police drama, Law and Pete Townshend’s 2003 child pornoglist and The Billboard Hot 100 with Order in 1999. raphy scandal came back to haunt “The Tide Is High”, a song written and recorded in 1967 by John Holt and his Geffen Records files a $30 million him just days before he was to perKingston, Jamaica band, The breach of contract suit against Don form during the half-time show at The Paragons. Henley, claiming that he failed to Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. Protect deliver the final two albums that he Our Children officials distributed fly1199 8822 agreed to in his contract. The suit ers to local homes, warning parents Hall And Oates’ “I Can’t Go for That” would be settled before coming to that The Who’s guitarist admitted using his credit card to view images hit number one on the Billboard Pop trial with undisclosed terms. on a child porn website. Townshend chart and the R&B chart simultaneouswas placed on a British sex offenders ly, one week after reaching number 11 999966 one on the Disco chart. It becomes Country superstar Garth Brooks list following his arrest, but was not only the fourth single by a white act refused to accept his American Music convicted after protesting that he was to reach the top of the R&B chart Award for Favorite Overall Artist, say- only researching a book. since 1965. The record was also a #8 ing that Hootie and the Blowfish had done more for music that year than hit in the UK. 22 0011 11 Gladys Horton, whose lead vocals he did. 1199 8833 helped The Marvelettes establish their career with such hits as “Mr. Radio station WDHA, 105.5 in New 119999 77 Jersey, claims to be the first US sta- Pat Boone releases an album of Heavy Postman”, “Playboy” and “Beechwood tion to play music from a compact Metal tunes called “In A Metal Mood: 4-5789”, died following a stroke at the No More Mr. Nice Guy”, a tongue-in- age of 66. disc. cheek collection of tunes like “Smoke Men At Work top the UK and US sin- on the Water” and “Stairway to Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil said gles charts with “Down Under” and Heaven”. When the religious commu- that he was ready to serve his 15-day the UK and US album charts with nity failed to get the joke, he was dis- jail term for a driving under the influENIGMA

JANUARY 30 2014


ence conviction, insisting he’s learned his lesson. “I just have to move on and get past it and get it behind me.” Neil was to surrender to authorities at the Clark County Detention Center on February 15th. 220011 22 Elton John took another swipe at his Pop rival Madonna. When asked if he had any advice for her before she played the half-time show at The Super Bowl, Elton replied “Make sure you lip-sync good. Of course you have to play live, but I don’t think you can.” Don Cornelius, the host of TV’s Soul Train, who helped break down racial barriers and broaden the reach of Black culture, died of an apparent suicide. He was 75. 2200 1133 The Ohio Players frontman Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner died of unknown causes at the age of 69. He led the group to the top of The Hot 100 with “Fire” in 1974 and “Love Rollercoaster” in 1975. Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of The Andrews Sisters, died of natural causes at the age of 94. Although they never had a hit record during the Rock ‘n’ Roll era, the trio placed 43 songs on the Billboard Top Ten and sold over 75 million records during a career that began in 1938. They are most often remembered for the 1940 hit, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.

RRU UM MOO UURR HH AASS IITT … … …A Alliiccee IInn CChhaaii nnss plans to rack up the mileage come April when JJeerr rryy CC aannttrr eellll && CCoo. embark on a month-long escapade beginning in Tulsa, Okla. Stops include Austin, Atlantic City, Cincinnati, Cleveland and other rock-luvin’ markets. …Concerns regarding LLee m mm myy KKii ll m miiss ttee rr’’ ss health have caused M Moottöörr hhee aadd to cancel its European tour that was scheduled to begin in Scotland next month. …Back when she was a nobody, long before she blasted to stardom on “American Idol” and H uuddssoonn sang “Dreamgirls,” JJeennnnii ffeerr H on a cruise ship. And on Wednesday, the singer said she would do it again – this time as the headliner for a new concert series on Carnival Cruise Lines called Carnival Live. …Michigan police say the father of multi-platinum-selling Maa rryy JJ.. BBllii ggee was stabbed singer M and critically injured. Police say his ex-girlfriend is in jail on an attempted murder charge. Battle Creek police say the attack happened about 7 a.m. Thursday at the maass apartment of 63-year-old TT hhoom

BBlliiggee . Police say he had a neck wound and was taken to Kalamazoo’s Bronson Methodist Hospital, which says it has no information on his condition. mM Maa rrtteennss tells the Detective Sgt. JJiim Battle Creek Enquirer that officers recovered the knife and found BBlliiggee ’’ss ex-girlfriend with blood on her clothing. She’s in the Calhoun County jail and is expected to be arraigned Friday.

tions” to minors. JJoohh nn said Wednesday that he visited Russia in December concerned that the new law would affect how he was treated as “an openly gay foreigner.” He says he received a warm welcome. But if foreign visitors are unaffected by the law, John says it has legitimized “vicious homophobia” against gay Russians. JJoohh nn calls the legislation “deeply dangerous” to the gay and lesbian community, and “deeply divisive” to …Los Angeles police say Russian society. they have arrested rapper SSoouu lljj aa BBooyy on suspicion of carrying a conAffgg hhaann W W hh ii ggss will …A cealed weapon when he and anoth- release their first new album in 16 er man were stopped for a traffic years later this year. The band, violation. Police spokesman fronted by G G rr eegg D D uull llii , will release RRiicchhaarr dd FF rree nncchh says the 23-year-old Do To The Beast on April 14 via Sub rapper, whose real name is Pop. It is their first album of new DDee AAnnddrr ee CC oorrttee zz W W aayy , was a passen- material since 1965 was released in ger in the vehicle when it was 1998. The band reunited briefly in pulled around 4 a.m. in the 2012 for a series of festival dates. Granada Hills neighborhood. The A Affgghhaann W Whh iiggss will play live at FFrree nncchh said he did not have any Coachella around the release, perinformation on the type of firearm forming at the Californian festival that officers found. W Waa yy was on April 11 and 18. booked and released on $35,000 and ordered to appear in court on …SSuu ssaann BBooyyllee reportedly Feb. 20. His arrest was first report- applied for a minimum wage job as ed by the celebrity website TMZ. a cashier at a branch of bookmakers Ladbrokes. Despite earning an …Entertainer-songwriter estimated £20 million since finishEEllttoonn JJoohhnn is declaring his support ing as runner-up on ‘Britain’s Got of the Russian people, and he says Talent’ in 2009, BBooyyll ee filled out an they still accept him despite that application for the job in the country’s harsh new anti-gay law. Blackburn, Lothian branch of the Passed last year, the so-called “gay chain. The Sun On Sunday reported propaganda” law bans promotion that BBooyyllee saw the advert for the of “non-traditional sexual rela- job on Thursday and immediately inquired about taking the role. Deputy manager D D aavviidd CCoorrrr said he was shocked to see the singer in the shop and for her to then speak to him about the job. He told the paper: “SSuu ssaa nn BBooyyll ee walked into the shop and inquired about the job advertised in our window. We were all in shock. She explained she was really keen on working there and she lives nearby. Obviously she doesn’t need the money so I think she saw it as a way of getting her out of her house and taking her mind off things.” …A Azz eeaall iiaa BBaannkk ss has slated her label Universal in a fresh ENIGMA

JANUARY 30 2014


Twitter rant this afternoon. The New York rapper is known for not shying away from causing controversy on her social media channels and has been at the center of many spats including heated arguments H iill ttoonn and A Annggee ll H Haazz ee. with PPeerr eezz H BBaannkk ss started tweeting about her dissatisfaction with her current label this afternoon, with an initial tweet declaring: “I REALLY should have signed with Sony.” She quickly followed this up by asking: “Can someone at Sony buy me off of Universal please?? i’m really in hell here.” Later, she wrote: “I would literally give anything to be on XL right now” referring to her time on a development deal on RRii cchhaarr dd RRuussss eell ll’’ss label, which ended with BBaannkk ss telling Self-Titled magazine: “ RRiicchh aarrdd was cool, but as soon as I didn’t want to use his beats, it got real sour. He wound up calling me ‘amateur’ and shit, and the XL interns started talking shit about me. It just got real fucking funny. I was like, ‘I didn’t come here for a date. I came here to cut some fucking records.’ I got turned off on the music industry and disappeared for a bit. I went into a bit of a depression.”

w oooodd M Maacc have …FFll ee eettw said that they will be recording a brand new album with former member CChh rrii ssttii nnee M MccVViiee , who it was recently revealed is set to rejoin the band. Earlier this year a spokesperson for the band MccVVii ee, who originally announced M left FFll eeeettw w oooodd M Maacc in 1998, was returning to the fold and that a 2014 tour featuring the reunited line-up would be announced soon. If you know any truths, half-truths or outright lies about the music and club scene send it to Sissy Vance c/o

- Sissy Vance

New Bands/Artists: 14 For 2014 Baby Pink Baby Pink are a new band worth taking note of. Forming a little over six months ago; the Brummies' might be one of the first 'new wave' bands to form on the back of the B-town movement (think Swim Deep/Peace). Success does breed success, but the youngsters have crafted their own niche, which hopefully won't see them constantly being pigeon holed with the above. Childhood Childhood are a band that have grown and grown in 2013. The band first came to many people's attention with frequent support slots with Palma Violets but as the year came to a close they released their mammoth new single 'Pinballs' and showed they are a band to be taken seriously Circa Waves Listening to Circa Waves takes your mind back to the early-noughties when The Strokes reigned supreme and the good ship of Albion was on-course to arcadia. Their no holds barred style of indie is kinda addictive. They may find a fair deal of mainstream success awaits them in 2014. Coastal Cities Coastal Cities are a young band with sharp haircuts and even sharper melodies. Wanna know what they sound like? Think 80s influenced pop; smashing head first into modern day Indie-rock with dreamy consequences. Darlia Hailing from Blackpool, Darlia take you back to a time when Cobain was still in his prime and the music landscape was laced in snarly grunge. The young three-piece recently released their debut EP 'knock knock' which reached national acclaim and is filled with all the raw energy and teenageangst you'd expect to find in a bunch of confused kids growing up in a coastal town.

Drowners A little of trivia for you... New York based Drowners are named after a Suede's debut single, fronted by Welch born ex-male model, Matt Hill. But that is where the Suede comparisons end as the band specialise in lo-fi post-punk. They've spent 2013 recording their debut album. Supporting The Vaccines and receiving much love from Zane Lowe!

The Wytches have got their Grungy Garage-Rock sound down to a (T). And are a band that need to be caught 'live' in a small cramped sweat-box to be really appreciated. They've spent 2013 playing extensively up and down the country; making a name for themselves along the way. They recently came off tour with Toronto punks Metz and showed they've got the material to hold their own on a bigger stage.

Eagulls Leads based punks Eagulls have a real empathy for noise, they really do, and when we played their last single 'Trouble' for the first time late last year, it took a few listens to really begin to take it all in such is the rawness and lo-fi of their sound. All in all, they should cater for all your post punk needs.

Fat White Family Fat White Family have built quite a buzz around them over the past six months. With the NME quick to declare them as "probably the best band in London right now" no pressure on the lads from Peckham then!. If you think 'indie' and guitar music in general as gone stale over recent years, then the Fat White's may be one of the new breed to Ecstasy More chilled out than its chemical rekindle your enthusiasm a-little. counter-part and less likely to give you the old come-down, ECSTASY Superfood are a synth-led indie band from Superfood spent large parts of 2013 London. Gigs have been low on being hyped up by many a blogger ground until recent times; but what and journo, but as the clock strikes the group do have are a cluster of 2014, it's now their time to show they have the substance to match brilliant tracks. that hype. With a plethora of Each one I've listened to by them impressive demos lying around we has been tweaked and manoeuvred know they can, and all eyes will be to go in its own different direction, on their debut LP when it drops from 'White Limos' which is a later this year. dreamy synth-led pop song, filled with uplifting lyrics and a euphoric IYES are a band that have had us in melody, to their recent track the music industry scurrying 'Teenage Coma' which though again around in excitement, since their synth-led has a harder slightly debut single dropped late last year. darker sound to anything they've We'd describe their sound as a mish-mosh of contemporary elecput out before. tronica and tribal percussion that'll get your pulse racing. Such Hounds Firing out of Brooklyn, NY, is Such Hounds; a band you shouldn't let Wolf Alice pass you by... You could try many a What more is there to be said word to describe them; but one about Wolf Alice? They've been a thing they can't be accused of is favourite of ours since we started being another 'rock-clichĂŠ'. They IYJYM early last year. Their debut feel like the result of throwing Bob single 'Fluffy' kicked things off for Dylan in with The Ramones back in them and since then they've done the 70's... A-little messed up but nothing but progress. Look out for their debut LP later this year. brilliant. The Wytches ENIGMA

- Michael Lee Jamison JANUARY 30 2014


1. Paul McCartney 2. Beck 3. Broken Bells 4. Lorde 5. Tokyo Police Club 6. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks 7. Hurray For The Riff Raff 8. Los Lonely Boys 9. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings 10. Kings Of Leon 11. Arcade Fire 12. Echosmith 13. U2 14. Lo-Fang 15. Pearl Jam 16. The Wild Feathers 17. Bruce Springsteen 18. Imagine Dragons 19. Wild Child 20. Roseanne Cash

ADVENTURE PICKS 1. Foster The People 2. Needtobreathe 3. Against Me!

© Photo by Chris Oughtred

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tivoli Theatre, Chattanooga, TN The Tedeschi Trucks Band played to an enthusiastic full house Tuesday at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga. I have literally seen Derek Trucks grow up before my eyes. I remember a 12year-old Trucks performing at the old Sand Bar. Owner Mike Dougher told me of Trucks’ heritage (he’s the nephew of Allman Brothers Band drummer and cofounder Butch Trucks). Trucks has made a name for himself as one of the most accomplished guitarists. In 2011 Rolling Stone listed Trucks as the 16th greatest

Derek Trucks Band), and since ent bands). A few years ago they 1999 he’s been a member of The decided to put their individual Allman Brothers Band. bands on hiatus (except the Allman Brothers Band) to collabSusan Tedeschi started to come orate and work together in part into her own not only as a gui- to spend more time together, tarist but a singer as well in the thus giving birth to the Tedeschi late ‘90s. Her raspy vocals played Trucks Band. well with her bluesy guitar tendencies. The band was officially formed in

In 1999 Tedeschi and Trucks met. Tedeschi’s band, The Susan Tedeschi Band toured with the Allman Brothers Band as the opener. In 2001 they were marguitar players. Over the years he ried. They each toured with their has played and toured with his own separate bands (at one point eponymously titled band (The Trucks played with three differENIGMA




2010 and won a Grammy for in 2012 for their debut album, “Revelator” for best blues album. The following year they put out a live album and last year their second studio album, “Made Up Mind” was released.

The husband and wife duo (along with the other nine members of the band), traded guitar licks as Tedeschi kept up for the most part with Trucks one of the best slide guitarists around. Trucks may be second only to Duane Allman as far as that goes. Tedeschi’s raspy vocals brought to mind a love child of Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin as her vocals matched the music perfectly. Of the 16 songs played nine came from the studio albums with the remainder coming from Trucks’ and Tedeschi’s solo work. Also thrown in for good measure was a nice cover of Elmore James’ “The Sky Is Crying”. Opening for Tedeschi Trucks Band were The London Souls. Fresh off a tour with the Black Crowes this past summer the three-piece. The brash threepiece brazenly wore their influences on their collective sleeve bringing to mind Led Zeppelin and the late ’60 British rock movement. Their set was strong and they got the packed house in a groove and ready for the headliners. Teeddee sschi Tr ucks Ba nd Se t List T Don’t Let Me Slide Don’t Miss Me Part of Me Made Up Mind It’s So Heavy Palace Of The King Do I Look Worried All That I Need Nobody’s Free Come See About Me / I Know The Sky Is Crying (Elmore James cover) Midnight in Harlem Bound for Glory The Storm Encore: Don’t Drift Away Love Has / Space Captain

- Dave Weinthal Photos by Chris Oughtred © Photo by Chris Oughtred


JANUARY 30 2014


© Photo by Chris Oughtred





© Photo by Chris Ooughtred





Enigma 1/30/14  
Enigma 1/30/14  

The Tedeschi Trucks Band and so much more.