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‘TIS THE SEASON Join the Brian Setzer Orchestra as they celebrate the holdiays in high style as they perform some swing and rockabilly classics as they perform Sunday and Monday at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

ENCINO MAN The 'Weaz' is back! You’ve seen him in films such as Son-in Law, Encino Man ,and Pauly Shore is Dead and on TV in Entourage and his own show Minding The Store. Now is your chance to see his unique stand-up show. He’s here for one night only and tickets will move fast for this one! Shore will be at the Comedy Catch this Thursday, December 5.



Robin Thicke is one of a bunch of celebrites celebrating Christmas as part Rock and roll veterans the Goo Goo Dolls invade Track 29 Tuesday night of Power 96.1’s Christmas Bash Tuesday night. Joining Thicke at Philips playing their uptempo pop and rocks songs that include suc radio clasArena in Atlanta will be Pitbull, Flo Rida, Travie McCoy and more. sics as “Iris” and “Slide”. ENIGMA



KICKSTARTING A DREAM Crowdfunding from the website Kickstarter has helped to launch everything from music, films and stage shows to comics, video games, and toys. It supports creativity and offers tangible rewards to those who will financially help great ideas come to life. Not only does it support these endeavors with money, but it gives the creative minds behind these ideas a feeling of purpose and a venue to realize their dreams. This is the story of one such dream, and how right here in Chattanooga the next great thing could be just a donation away from reality‌ and maybe you could be a part of it. Hunter Billings was raised by a storyteller. His father prided himself on his ability to make campfire stories come to life, intertwined with humor and fear as his words danced

through the mind of his young share the story of Dottie was Arghandab River Valley in son. Each of those stories cap- ignited, but he was reserved in Afghanistan. Being in the militured a suspenseful young wanting it to be done correctly, tary tends to have a lasting effect on those who serve, but how it affects each individual soldier varies. For Hunter, his deployment gave him insight into the man that he wanted to be and what he wanted to do with his life. While serving, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, but he left with so much more. It was in Afghanistan that he made the decision that so many of us are too afraid to make‌ he decided that his passion would become his life, that he would not settle for a mundane life filled with regrets and opportuman's attention, but one story so that each person who expe- nities lost. He did what all great held fast in Hunter's mind. That rienced it would share in the men do, he went all in. was the story of "Dottie and the same emotions that it once creLiver". That story inspired him ated within him. When Hunter returned to the to be creative and drove his states he enrolled in film desire to share his creativity in After high school, Hunter school and was quick to his passion for film. A desire to joined the United States Army receive praise for short films and was soon deployed to the




'Hunter Billings' or 'Dottie and The Liver'. You can donate to help fund his project, or at the very least you can share his project on social media to get the word out. You have the opportunity right now to be the first stepping stone and to one day reflect back on what you that displayed his passion and creativity to his peers. Each film focused on a different aspect of his art, from the technical side of directing to story development. With each new project, he was educated by mistakes and success, his passion fueled by both. Through all of this, in the back of his mind sat the one project that had ignited this flame… the one story that pushed him into his chosen field… Dottie. He began pre-production work in his limited spare time. With a script that is almost complete, he began holding auditions and a storyboard artist came on board to help create the vision and challenge his pre-conceived notions on imagery for the film. A crew was selected and locations found for shooting around Chattanooga, and props were collected. His foresight and understanding of making a film lead him to be proactive and secure the most expensive aspect of the movie, which is post-production. Now, all he needed was the funding… the money to make his dream become a reality. He needed a Kickstart. That is where I come in. I met Hunter on a warm spring day and was immediately taken with a fire in his eyes. He held a passion that reminded me of… well, a younger version of

me. He told me of the movies that he had made and his aspirations to bring Dottie to the screen and how he was going to begin a Kickstarter campaign to make his dream a reality. Upon leaving, I began to reflect on my own life. I thought about the passion that drove me to do what I love and how fragile all of those steps were. I reflected on the people that saw that same passion in my eyes, and chose to step up and do something to help me make that passion a reality. In each of us in greatness, and as much as I would like to think that my accomplishments are my own, I know they are not. They belong to each and every person that made the next step attainable, to every person that believed in me, as I believe in Hunter. Right now, Hunter is sitting in a room working day and night to make his passion become a reality. Just as Steven Spielberg did… just as Hitchcock and Kubrick and Tarantino and Coppola. That is the drive that ends in greatness. That is the drive that transcends and that is the drive that will make it. If you would like to be a part the project that could launch a promising career, to support yet another local to achieve so much beyond what most even attempt, to help create the career of the next great director… you can. Just go to Kickstarter and search for ENIGMA



did. To be able to sit inside a theater somewhere watching a summer blockbuster and say, "I had a hand in this. I helped to launch his career. I helped to shape the movie industry."

- Eric Bradley


501(C)(3) TO BE OR NOT TO BE? Whenever people mention that they have started a non-profit agency, the first question they are asked is, "Is it 501 (c)(3)?" In the minds of many Americans this is the only kind of tax exempt status available through the IRS. According to IRS Publication 557, entitled "Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization," the IRS identifies at least ten categories of organizations that could qualify for tax exemption. There are also more than thirty (30) classification codes for tax exempt organizations. Some of these organizations include charitable organizations, social and fraternal organizations and political organizations. There is no way I would dare attempt to explain the various ways organizations can qualify for tax exempt status, so let's keep it simple. We will focus only on charitable organizations. By definition a charitable organization is an organization that is organized and operated for "charitable" purposes. Recently I registered a non-profit that is indeed organized to operate only for charitable purposes, but it is also faith based. My goal is to design and operate this company in a way that is consistent with God's kingdom principles. According to the Bible,

paying taxes is our way of giving honor to the government for allowing us the opportunity to do business under their jurisdiction. So the idea of going tax exempt was one that needed much thought and prayer. On one hand, you could argue that since the earth is the Lord's, his sons and daughters should not be required to pay taxes. Yes, we could make that argument, but that is not what Jesus taught. There was a story in the Bible (Matthew 17:24-27), about a tax man who came to Peter to collect temple tax. The tax collector asked Peter if Jesus also paid taxes and he responded "Yes." Then Jesus asked Peter, "Of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? Of their own children, or of strangers?" Peter said, "Of strangers." Jesus responds, "Then are the children free." If kings didn't require taxes from their children then by right Jesus (son of God) shouldn't have to pay temple tax. Jesus could have easily refused to pay temple taxes because the temple belonged to God, but that is not what he did. Jesus told Peter that even though he should be tax exempt, he rather not offend the officials by not paying taxes. So, he told Peter to go fishing and look in the mouth of the first fish he caught. In that


fish's mouth would be enough money to pay taxes for the both of them. Jesus did what was required as not to offend temple officials.

plied. Therefore, the concept behind tithing and paying taxes is quite similar. Shouldn't I do my part?

There may be times when doing what is required also offends God. Here is what the Holy Spirit shared with me concerning America's financial condition in general."America had become a nation of takers, not givers. Everyone feels a sense of entitlement, like the government owes him or her. The wealthy won't give up their tax breaks, ministries won't give up their tax-exempt status and the poor won't give up their welfare, and no one is willing to give up their social security. How can any government survive under those conditions?" Then I began to have second thoughts about becoming tax exempt. People will give to charity. They just don't want to give to government. But what if my paying a normal share of taxes, I am able to help America get back on her feet? Jesus told us to render to Caesar that which is Caesar's. Taxes are necessary government entities to survive and pay for their own responsibilities. In God's kingdom tithing is comparable to taxes. Tithes are necessary so that the needs of God's house will be sup-

The obvious benefit of 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status is the perceived seal of government approval. Donors trust the IRS governance over nonprofits. In addition, people are awarded tax deductions for giving to 501 (c)(3) organizations. Again, in God's kingdom charitable giving in its truest form is done because people want to give. It has little to do with desiring a tax deduction.



These are just a few factors I had to consider if I desired my non-profit to be a kingdom model. Will I apply for tax exempt status? Yes, I will, but not because I desire to be tax exempt as much as I desire to go through the 501 (C)(3) application process. If the IRS sets the bar for how non-profits should operate, I definitely want to comply. On the other hand, if what they require conflicts with how God has told me run this organization, well that is another story all together and will be the subject of yet another article.

- Paula Matthews

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Your obviously unique way of doing things has caught the eye of someone in a higher position. Be careful when dealing with loved ones. Toning, fitness, pampering should all be scheduled. It will be important that you have your priorities straight. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You may find yourself in an opportune position if you are willing to take a bit of a risk. Your self esteem will come back if you take part in organizational functions that allow you to be in the lime light. Past partners may try to come back into your life. Financial gains can be made. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You are best to get out of the house this week. Do a little investigating if there is someone at work you don’t trust. A friendship might suffer if money becomes an issue. Chances are you split up the last time because you didn’t really want to make a commitment.

(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Social activities that involve the Your lucky day this week will be whole family will be enjoyable. Be discreet about any information you Saturday. uncover. Try to do things with children that will enable you to bond LEO closer to them. Don’t use the inter(July 23-Aug 22) Some situations may be blown out state as a racetrack. of proportion. You will be erratic and quite likely to make personal Your lucky day this week will be mistakes. Expect problems with Sunday. settlements that you are trying to resolve. Be discreet about any SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) information you uncover. Be careful not to show your temper Your lucky day this week will be when dealing with the boss. Emotional upset may prevail on the Tuesday. domestic scene if you have neglected your duties or your mate. Don’t VIRGO let your personal dilemmas inter(Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Don’t reveal anything about your fere with your goals. You can personal life that could be used expect changes at your work place. adversely. Refrain from overspending on entertainment or luxury Your lucky day this week will be items. You can increase the value Wednesday. of your dwelling. Look into residential moves that will give you CAPRICORN more space. Someone you live with (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) may cause drastic alterations in A day at the beach may satisfy the whole family. You are best not to your usual routine. confront situations that deal with Your lucky day this week will be in-laws or relatives. Try to deal with it quickly; don’t dwell on past Wednesday. doubt attract a lot of attention.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don’t let others know about your private affairs. Broaden your horizons and look into programs that will teach you awareness and Your lucky day this week will be relaxation. Caustic language may cause you to want to get out of the Tuesday. house. Don’t try to deal with important issues or make changes CANCER that will upset the apple cart. (June 22-July 22) Refuse to let others make unrealistic demands of you. Your profes- Your lucky day this week will be sional attitude will not go unno- Monday. ticed. Don’t overspend to impress others. Your charisma will no SCORPIO ENIGMA



regrets. You’re eager to learn. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Uncertainty regarding your direction is likely. Enjoy the company of relatives this week. Get into some activities that will help you in making new friends. Look out for yourself this week. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Extend an invitation to clients you enjoy spending time with. Investments that deal with property will pay off but could cause conflict with some family members. Family outings will make you feel secure and happy. Use your ingenuity to manipulate things to get what you want. Someone you live with will, be impossible. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

A WILD FINISH As Alabama lined up to attempt a potential game-winning 57yard field goal at Auburn last Saturday, I remember thinking about how much I hate the college football overtime procedure. Regulation time had seemed to expire several minutes earlier, but the “replay official” in the box ruled that Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon had run out of bounds at the Auburn 39-yard-line with one second left on the clock. Tide coach Nick Saban could have let quarterback A.J. McCarron try a “Hail Mary” pass for a touchdown… or take a knee and play for overtime. Instead he opted to let redshirt freshman kicker (and Calhoun, Georgia native) Adam Griffith try for a gamewinner. Cade Foster had already missed three field goal attempts and Griffith was supposedly better at long kicks… …The rest, as you probably know, is history. One of the most dramatic plays in college football history, to be precise. Griffith’s kick fell short and Auburn senior Chris Davis took the missed kick from deep in his own end zone all the way to the other end zone. Auburn had a 34-28 victory, clinched the SEC West and earned a trip to the conference’s title game. Alabama saw its dreams of another SEC championship and a third straight national championship ground into the Jordan-Hare stadium turf by a massive swarm of Tiger fans…

…Davis’ dramatic return overshadowed Auburn’s spectacular, game-tying drive just a few minutes earlier. The Tigers started on their own 35 with just 2:15 left to play, down seven points. Six runs by workhorse running back Tre Mason brought the ball to the Bama 39 with 32 seconds remaining. Then Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall rolled to the left and tossed a woundedduck pass to a wide open Sammie Coates, who strolled into the end zone. Cody Parkey’s point-after kick tied the score at 28 and gave the Tide its last possession as the nation’s top-ranked team… …Finishes such as this always give rise to “what-if’s” and speculation. What if there had been no replay on Yeldon’s last run? What if McCarron had been given a chance to try that “Hail Mary”? What if Foster had had one of his typical kicking performances? I was glad to see Alabama lose and am no big fan of Nick Saban, but secondguessing him for any of his decisions is a bit ludicrous. I’m sure he’s been second-guessing himself a bit as well, though… …In a rather anticlimactic Saturday nightcap game, Tennessee avoided the first eight-loss season in school history with a 27-14 win at Kentucky. Butch Jones finished his first season at the Vols’ helm with a 5-7 record and has to be looking forward to getting his first recruiting class into ENIGMA

Knoxville. Several UT players ended the season on a high note in the win over the lackluster Wildcats. Senior running back Rajion Neal passed the 1,000yard rushing mark on the second play of the game, a 60-yard touchdown run that put the Vols up 7-0. Neal finished with 137 yards on 20 carries. True freshman quarterback Joshua Dobbs had his best game of the season, despite playing with a sore thumb and a wrap on his leg. Dobbs completed 14-of-23 passes for 199 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He also had a 40-yard touchdown run. But defensive lineman Corey Miller was the player of the game for Tennessee… and was named the NCAA defensive player of the week for his performance. Miller notched 4.5

sacks, eclipsing the former school record of four sacks (notched by the legendary Reggie White)… …The SEC title game should be called “The Surprise Bowl.” Auburn had an amazing season, but Missouri had an astounding season. It’s tough to pick a winner, but I’d give Auburn a slight edge based simply on momentum. The Tigers believe they can do anything after their miracle victories over Georgia and Alabama. And it’s hard to argue with them. But Missouri’s Tigers have been defying expectations all year. Regardless of who wins, it will be nice to see a SEC championship game without Nick Saban on the sidelines…

- Mark Bedford P.O. Box 825 Chattanooga, TN 37401 (423) 267-6072 (423) 991-1657




Dear Rocco, I once dated a woman and Deeaarr JJAA D later found out she really didII w w oouu lldd nn’’tt ppuu tt uupp w wiitthh hh iiss sshhiitt.. n’t want to go out with me. She TTeellll hhiim m ttoo gg rroow w uu pp aanndd ssttoopp was just bored. Now that I am seeing someone new how can aacc ttiinngg lliikk ee aa ssppoo iilleedd bb rraatt.. I prevent this from happening Dear Rocco, again? I am a 24-year-old single moth- ND er of a five-year-old boy. I want to marry and have more D D eeaarr N ND D Asskk yyoouu rr family. But I do not meet ANY SS ttaarrtt ddoo iinngg ff uunn ssttuu ffff.. A w gg iirrll w whhaatt sshhee lliikkeess ttoo ddoo men! I work with women as a nneew mw wiitthh hheerr.. nurse and all my friends are aanndd sstt aarrtt dd ooiinngg tthh eem married. I very rarely have any TT aakkee tt rriipp ss tt oo ff uunn aanndd eexxoo ttiicc free time. I am extremely lone- pp llaacceess.. TTrryy nneew w aacc ttiivviittiieess tthhaatt wiillll eennjjoo yy.. ly. My mother started her yyoo uu bboo tthh w adult life as an unwed mother, friendless, and a nurse. She is Rocco is a common sense, tellnow 56 and still unmarried. it-like-it-is, no-nonsense kind The last man she dated was my of guy offering real advice on father. I am terrified of being any subject put before him. Why pay thousands of dollars like her on a high-priced therapist WG when he’ll straighten you out for free. If you’d like advice DDeeaarr W WG G RRee llaaxx yyoo uu hhaa vvee oo pp ttiioo nnss.. from Rocco e-mail him at PPeeoo ppllee m meeeett iinn sseevveerraall w waayyss.. or IInntt eerrnneett dd aattiinngg,, cc hhuu rrcchh ,, sscc hhoo ooll drop him a line at Ask Rocco ffuunncc ttiioonnss aanndd w woorrkk aarree aallll c/o Enigma P.O. Box 825 ppooss ssiibb llee m meeeettiinngg w waayyss.. SStt aarrtt Chattanooga, TN 37401. sseerriioo uussllyy lloo ookkiinngg.. JA

Dear Rocco, What is the role of the police department? Are they to uphold the laws of the land and keep peace or are they around for revenue enhancement? It seems they arrest people on petty things jut to fine them or send them to court where they have to pay a “court cost”. Half the times the charges are dismissed except for the court costs and crime in general doesn’t seem

to be getting better any way. SE

DDeeaarr SS EE PPoo lliiccee aarree ttoo uupphh oolldd tthhee llaaw w aanndd m maaiinntt aaiinn pp eeaaccee aanndd oo rrddeerr iinn ssoo cciieett yy.. HH oow wee vveerr tt hhee cc oouu rrttss aanndd jjuuddgg eess hhaavvee ffiinnaall ssaayy oonn ppuu nniisshhm meenntt oo ff tthhee vviioollaattiioo nnss.. TThhee rree aarree ssee vveerraall pp eeoopp llee tt hhee ccoo uurrtt ss m meerreellyy ffiinnee ff oorr tthheeiirr ccrriim meess iinnsstt eeaadd oo ff sseenntt eenncc iinngg tthhee m m ttoo ssee rrvvee ttiim mee.. II aagg rreeee,, iitt ddoo eessnn’’ tt sseeeem m ttoo bb ee w w oorrkkiinngg.. Moo nneeyy sseeee m M mss tt oo bbee tt hhee rroo oott oo ff aallll ee vviill aanndd m maann’’ss gg rreeeedd sseeeem mss ttoo ff eeeedd tt hhee ccyycc llee oo ff oo uurr jjuusstt iiccee ssyysstteem m bbuu tt tt hhee pp oolliiccee aarree nnoo tt oouu tt ttoo m maakkee m moo nneeyy ff oorr tt hhee lloocc aall ggoo vveerrnnm meenntt...... Dear Rocco, I’m dating a guy that’s kind of a hipster. He’s really smart, likes good music and even plays some. I have trouble dealing with his mood swings and his attitude towards me sometimes. He’ll go off at random times and leave and then I won’t hear from him for days. Other than that, he’s really an intriguing person. I’m not sure how to deal with \or address his temper tantrums. What would you do if you were me? ENIGMA



OKLAHOMA CITY - A UPS spokeswoman said the company is investigating photographs appearing to depict a sexual encounter in the back of an Oklahoma delivery truck. Susan Rosenberg, a spokeswoman for the delivery company’s corporate office, said officials were investigating after an Oklahoma City-area woman who identifies herself as a “happiness consult-

ant” named “Mary Ann” posted pictures of herself in the back of a UPS truck on her website, KXTV, Oklahoma City, reported Tuesday. The pictures depict Mary Ann with her breasts exposed while wearing an open UPS shirt. “Look at my naughty time from yesterday,” a caption on the pictures reads. The pictures were brought to the company’s attention by Brian Bates, who uses his website to expose prostitution in Oklahoma City. “What really


shocked me is that a driver would put himself in this position, no pun intended, and then allow the pictures to be posted publicly,” Bates said. Bates said the post also included graphic details of Mary Ann’s sexual encounter with the driver of the UPS truck. Rosenberg said UPS officials are outraged about the use of company property for the encounter. “It disrespects UPS drivers and customers. This is not behavior we would ever condone for anyone, let alone



for our company. We want to assure other drivers and our customers that this will be fully investigated,” Rosenberg said. UPLANDS, Wales - A Welsh bar that posted a sign on behalf of a woman who wanted to tell her husband she was divorcing him changed the sign again to say she is “keeping the dog.” Noah’s Yard in Uplands, which has a history of changing its sign to

give special messages, put up the words “Paul... I am divorcing you” on the exterior of the building during the weekend and the sign was changed Tuesday to read “BTW I am keeping the dog,” using the “BTW” text-speak for “by the way,” the South Wales Evening Post reported Tuesday. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she asked Noah’s Yard to change the sign during the weekend to publicly shame her husband for his alleged infidelity. “I was angry and upset so wanted a sign to go up for everyone to see,” she said. “When I found out I went through a mixture of emotions but felt angry and wanted him to pay. I had a drink in the bar on Tuesday and decided to get my own back. We have been married for years and it is so sad it has come to this. I am absolutely devastated and going through a really tough time at the moment. A lot of my friends and family have seen it and have been supporting me. I did feel a bit better once the sign went up. I wanted to name and shame him.” It was not certain Tuesday that the dog-themed sign was a request from the same woman, the Evening Post said.

AUSTRALIA - An Australian man and his family has set the Guinness World Record - again for the most Christmas lights on a residential home. It took 502,165 lights and 31 miles of wire, but David Richards and his family have done it again. The family set the record in 2011 with over 331,000 lights, but lost the title to a New York family with more than 346,000 lights in 2012. Each month’s electric bill for this holiday spectacle tops $2,345. Lucky for the Richards family, a local power company has offered to foot most of it. The Richards say most of their neighbors support the display, but there are a few who haven’t spoken to them since they set the first record. “I have always loved Christmas. Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better, I guess,” Richards said. KOLKATA, India - The head of India’s largest household said election days are a trial for the family of 209, which includes 98 voting-eligible adults. The head of the household, identified as Ziona, 69, said he has 39 wives, 41 sons, 46 daughters, 22 grandsons, 26 granddaughters and


seven great-grandchildren all living under the same roof in Mizoram, making it complicated, but not impossible, for the 98 eligible voters to cast their ballots in the state’s elections, Gulf News reported Monday. “All the eligible voters of the family have voted. Both the Congress and the opposition have been wooing us, considering addressing our family as a small political rally,” Ziona said Monday. “Voting day is a challenge for us since our daily work is affected. Also our mothers and wives cannot do the daily chores,” said Ziona, whose oldest wife is 73. MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis doctor preparing to celebrate her birthday on Thanksgiving Day said her parents, “hippies,” named her Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds. Reynolds, 43, a family physician, said her parents gave her the unusual name when she was born on Thanksgiving when the holiday fell on the same date 43 years ago, the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press reported Monday. “I was the child of hippies,” Reynolds said. She said they decided the universe was helping them name their newborn. “It was total universe magic time for them,” Reynolds said. Reynolds said she has learned to love her name, which



she described as an “unintentional gift.” She said she has gotten job interviews just because employers were curious to meet someone named Happy Thanksgiving. “I’m someone you’re not going to forget based on the name,” she said. MEMPHIS, Tenn. - It seems a Tennessee man gave his entire estate to his two cats instead of his family. And we’re not talking some ratty old furniture in a retirement condo that smells like Metamucil and cat pee. Leon Sheppard Sr. left behind a 4,270-square-foot house and $250,000 for his two cats, Frisco and Jake. His will outlines that the money is to care for his cats and the maintenance of the home. “If their owner sees fit, they can create a trust for the welfare and benefit of the cats and their care,” attorney Randy Fishman said. Fishman, who has practiced law for almost 35 years, explains that this is a rare case. “I don’t know if I’ve ever come across one,” Fishman said. The family could see some money from the estate eventually. When Frisco dies, whatever is left of the estate including the home can be passed to Sheppard’s human heirs, but Jake must be cared for still.

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This week’s calendar covers events from Thursday, December 5, through Wednesday, December 11. We would be happy to publish your free listing in future Billboards, space permitting. Simply mail us the information so that we have it 7 days before the publication date. A photograph may be sent with the announcement. Send information to: Calendar Editor, Enigma, P.O. Box 825, Chattanooga, TN 37401 or e-mail to All dates subject to change without notice.








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WEEDDNNEESSDDAAYY DDeecceem W mbbeerr 1111 RR AAW W Open Jam w/ Jonathan Wimpee and friends SSII NNGG IITT OO RR W WII N NG G IITT Karaoke FFAANNAATTII CCSS Karaoke w/ DJ Hammer PPLLAAYY OOFFFFSS SSPPOORR TTSS BBAARR Karaoke w/ Captain Karaoke DDOO UUBB LLEE HHII LLLL BBII LLLLII AARRDDSS Karaoke LLAASS M MA ARR G GA ARR IITT A A’’SS Priscilla & Little Rickee BB AARRTT ’’SS LLAAKKEESSHHOO RREE Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment SSM MO OK KEEYY BBO ON N EESS Wild’n Out Wednesdays W/ DJ ScubaSteve FFOO XX && HHOO UUNNDD Karaoke w/ Choo Choo Entertainment AARR II’’SS HH AARR BB OORR LLII GGHHTT SS Keyz Brown TT HHEE TTAAVVEERR NN (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims CC AAM M PP H HO OU USSEE Emily Hearn SSUUGGAARR ’’SS Dan Sheffield PPHHII LLII PPSS AARREENN AA (Atlanta) Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Flo Rida, Armin Van Buuren, Travis McCoy EEDD DDIIEE’’SS AATT TTII CC (Atlanta) Joseph Arthur EEXXIITT //IINN (Nashville) Devon Allman TT EENNNNEESSSSEEEE TT HHEEAATTRR EE (Knoxville)

Martina McBride

UPPCCO U OM MIIN NG G EEVVEEN NTTSS TTRR A ACCK K 2299 The Infamous Stringdusters, Paper Bird December 12 SSU UG GA ARR’’SS Jonathan Wimpe December 12 VVA ARR IIEETT YY PPLLA AYYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) John Waters December 12 MEERR CCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Joseph Arthur December 12 BB IIJJO OU U TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Knoxville) Carolina Chocolate Drops December 12 SSU UG GA ARR’’SS The Pool December 13 BB JJCC CC A ARR EEN NA A (Birmingham) Pink December 13 BB IIJJO OU U TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Knoxville) Carolina Chocolate Drops December 13 MAARR A M ATTH HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO ORR K KSS (Nashville) The Features December 13 SSU UG GA ARR’’SS SRO Band December 14 RR YYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR II U UM M (Nashville) Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell December 14 HII G H GH HW WA ATTTT (Nashville) Kevin Gordon, Webb Wilder December 14 CCEEN N TTEERR SSTTA AG GEE (Atlanta) Butch Walker December 14 TTEERR M MII N NA ALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) Minnesota December 14 PP H HII LLII PPSS A ARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) Andrea Bocelli December 15 EED DD DII EE’’SS A ATTTT IICC Ed Roland December 15 FFO OXX TTH HEEA ATTRR EE (Atlanta) Vince Gill December 16 TTH H EE M MA ASSQ QU UEERRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Misfits December 16 EED DD DII EE’’SS A ATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Ed Roland December 16 ARREEN A NA A@ @G GW WII N NN NEETT TT CCEEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, Colbie Calliat December 16 PP H HII LLII PPSS A ARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) Justin Timberlake December 17 CCO O BBBB EE N NEERRG G YY PP EERRFFO O RRM M IIN NG G AARR TTSS CCEEN N TTEERR (Atlanta) Brian Setzer Orchestra December 17 II RRO ON NH HO ORR SSEE CCAAFFÉÉ (Birmingham) (hed)pe December 17 WAARR M W M EEM MO O RRII AALL AAU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) John Tesh December 18 RR YYM MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO ORR II U UM M (Nashville) Brendan Benson December 18 BB LLU UEEBB IIRR D D CCA AFFÉÉ (Nashville) Wild Ponies December 18 LLA AU UG GH HII N NG G SSK KU ULLLL LLO OU UN NG G EE (Atlanta) Bobcat Goldthwait December 19 BB A AM MA A TTH H EEA ATTRR EE (Tuscaloosa)

Alabama Shakes December 19 BBJJCCCC CC O ON NCC EERRTT H HA ALLLL (Birmingham) “Mythbusters” December 20 SSTT O ON NEE FFO OXX (Nashville) Those Darlins December 20 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Love & Theft December 20 LLA AU UG GH HII N NG G SSK KU ULLLL LLO OU UN NG GEE (Atlanta) Bobcat Goldthwait December 20 JJ.. JJ.. ’’SS BBO OH HEEM MII A A Diarrhea Planet December 21 WO W ORR K KPP LLA AYY TTH H EEA ATTRR EE (Birmingham) Delbert McClinton December 21 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Aaron Tippin December 21 LLA AU UG GH HII N NG G SSK KU ULLLL LLO OU UN NG GEE (Atlanta) Bobcat Goldthwait December 21 PPII LLO OTT LLIIG GH H TT (Knoxville) Those Darlins December 21 D && LLIIN 33RR D ND D SSLLEEYY (Nashville) Andy Davis December 22 LLA AU UG GH HII N NG G SSK KU ULLLL LLO OU UN NG GEE (Atlanta) Bobcat Goldthwait December 22 PPH H IILLIIPP SS A ARR EEN NA A (Atlanta) Jay Z December 27 TTH HEE TTA ABB EERR N NA ACCLLEE (Atlanta) Lunice December 27 TTH HEE EEA ARRLL (Atlanta) Dead Confederate December 27 BBJJCCCC A ARR EEN NA A (Birmingham) Jay Z December 28 CCU ULLTTU URR A ALL CC EEN NTTEERR (Roswell) Sixpence None the Richer December 28 SSYY M MPP H HO ON NYY H HA ALLLL (Atlanta) Widespread Panic December 30 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Old Crow Medicine Show December 30 PPH H IILLIIPP SS A ARR EEN NA A (Atlanta) Widespread Panic December 31 FFO OXX TT H HEEA ATTRR EE (Atlanta) Cedric the Entertainer December 31 VVA ARR IIEETT YY PPLLA AYYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ December 31 WII LLD W D BB IILLLL’’SS (Duluth) Florida Georgia Line December 31 ““BB A ASSH HO ON N BB RRO OA AD DW WA AYY”” (Nashville) Hank Williams Jr. December 31 BBRR IID DG GEESSTTO ON NEE A ARR EEN NA A (Nashville) Bassnectar, Zoion 1, Ill-Esha December 31 MA M ARR A ATT H HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Moon Taxi December 31 TTEEN NN N EESSSSEEEE TTH H EEA ATT RR EE (Knoxville) The Dirty Guvnahs December 31 MEERR CCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Civil Twilight January 4 IIRR O ON N CCII TTYY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) Clutch January 6 JJ.. JJ.. ’’SS BBO OH HEEM MII A A Saintseneca January 8 BBRR IID DG GEESSTTO ON NEE A ARR EEN NA A (Nashville) Jeff Dunham January 8 ENIGMA

WO W ORR K KPP LL AAYY TT H HEEAATTRR EE (Birmingham) Queensryche January 9 BBIIJJO OU U TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Steep Canyon Rangers January 9 PPH HII LL IIPP SS AARREEN NAA (Atlanta) Jeff Dunham January 9 CCO OBB BB EEN NEERR G GYY PPEERR FFO ORR M MII N NG G AARR TTSS CCEEN NTTEERR (Atlanta) Travis Tritt January 10 CCEEN NTTEERR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) Queensryche January 10 FFO O XX TTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) The Allman Brothers Band, Trace Adkins, Jackson Browne, Eric Church, Natalie Cole, Brantley Gilbert, Warren Haynes, John Hiatt, Jaimoe’s Jasssz, Taj Hahal, Keb’ Mo’, Martina McBride, Pat Monahan, Sam Moore, Robert Randolph, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Don Was, Widespread Panic January 10 KN K NO OXX VVIILL LL EE AAU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M && CCO OLL II -SSEEII U UM M (Knoxville) Jeff Dunham January 11 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Eric Church January 11 EED DD DIIEE’’SS AATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Iris DeMent January 12 IIRR O ON N CCIITT YY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) B.B. King January 14 VVA ARRII EETTYY PP LLAAYYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Leon Russell, Hot Tuna January 15 EED DD DIIEE’’SS AATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Fred J. Eaglesmith January 15 WO W ORR K KPP LL AAYY TT H HEEAATTRR EE (Birmingham) The Wailers January 15 B Emancipator January 16 BBLL IIN ND DW WII LLLL II EE’’SS (Atlanta) Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials January 16 TTH HEE EEAARR LL (Atlanta) The Paul Collins Beat, Parasite Diet, Vito January 16 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Blackberry Smoke, The Delta Saints January 17 EED DD DIIEE’’SS AATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Lucy Kaplansky January 17 TTH HEE 1122 00 TTAAVVEERR N N (Marietta) Shooter Jennings January 17 NVV N N NIIG GH HTTCCLL U UBB (Knoxville) Emancipator January 17 TTIIVV O OLL II TTH HEEAATTRR EE Don Williams January 18 VVA ARRII EETTYY PP LLAAYYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) The Grapes January 18 TTEERRM M IIN NAALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) Earphunk January 18 CCO OBB BB EEN NEERR G GYY PPEERR FFO ORR M MII N NG G AARR TTSS CCEEN NTTEERR (Atlanta) Billy Gardell January 18 CCEEN NTTEERR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) AFI January 18 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSSLLEEYY (Nashville) Melissa Manchester January 18 CCA AN NN NEERR YY BB AALLLL RR O OO OM M (Nashville) Emancipator January 18

















TTEEN NN NEESSSSEEEE TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Knoxville) Bill Cosby January 19 TTII VVO O LLII TT H HEEAATTRR EE Tedeschi Trucks Band January 21 BB IIJJO OU U TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Knoxville) Big Head Todd & the Monster January 23 WO W ORR K KPP LLAAYY TTH HEEAATT RREE (Birmingham) Paper Diamond January 23 SSCCH HEERR M MEERR H HO ORR N N SSYYM MPP H HO ON N YY CCEEN NTTEERR (Nashville) Kathleen Madigan January 24 TTH H EE LL O OFFTT (Atlanta) Cody Simpson, Plug In Stereo January 24 NVV N N NII G GH HTT CCLL U UBB (Knoxville) Paper Diamond January 24 MAARR AATT H M HO ON NM MU USSII CC W WO ORR K KSS (Nashville) AFI January 25 VVA ARR IIEETT YY PP LL AAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Amy Ray January 26 CCO O BBBB EEN NEERR G GYY PP EERR FFO O RRM M IIN NG G AARR TTSS CCEEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) The Midtown Men January 26 D && LL IIN 33RR D ND DSSLL EEYY (Nashville) Big Head

(Knoxville) Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch January 31 MA M ARRA ATTH HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Moe January 31 BBRR IID DG GEESSTTO ON NEE A ARREEN NA A (Nashville) Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch February 1 TTEERR M MII N NA ALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Paper Diamond February 1 TTEEN NN NEESSSSEEEE TT H HEEA ATTRR EE (Knoxville) Queens of the Stone Age February 1 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M (Nashville) Jake Bugg February 1 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M (Nashville) The Pixies, Cults February 2 TTH HEE TTA ABB EERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) The Pixies, Cults February 4 CCEEN NTT EERR SSTT A AG G EE (Atlanta) Skinny Puppy February 4 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M (Nashville) Neutral Milk Hotel February 4 TTEEN NN NEESSSSEEEE TT H HEEA ATTRR EE (Knoxville) Jonny Lang February 4 PPH H IILL IIPP SS A ARREEN NA A (Atlanta) Kings of Todd & the Monster January 26 Leon, Gary Clark Jr. February 5 MEERR CCYY LL O M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Cody T T R R A A C C K K 2 2 9 9 Eli Young Band February 7 Simpson, Plug In Stereo January 26 (Atlanta) Panic! At T T H H E E T T A A B B E E R R N N A A C C L L E E TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU UEERR AAD DEE (Atlanta) Falling In the Disco February 7 Reverse, Escape the Fate, Chelsea TTH HEE M MA ASSQ QU UEERR A AD D EE (Atlanta) Grin, Survive This! January 27 Yellowcard February 7 TTRR A ACCK K 22 99 Umphrey’s McGee January B B O O I I S S F F E E U U I I L L L L E E T T J J O O N N E E S S C C II VVII CC CCEEN NTT EERR 29 (Atlanta) Katt Williams February 7 SSCCH HEERR M MEERR H HO ORR N N SSYYM MPP H HO ON N YY CCEEN NTTEERR V V A A R R I I E E T T Y Y P P L L A A Y Y H H O O U U S S E E (Atlanta) (Nashville) Mary Chapin Carpenter Angelique Kidjo February 7 January 29 BBRR IID DG GEESSTTO ON NEE A ARREEN NA A (Nashville) CCO O BBBB EEN NEERR G GYY PP EERR FFO O RRM M IIN NG G AARR TTSS Kings of Leon, Gary Clark Jr. CCEEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) Aaron Neville, Dirty February 7 Dozen Brass Band January 30 D && LLII N TTH HO OM MPP SSO ON N--BBO O LLII N NG G AARREEN NAA 33RRD ND DSSLL EEYY (Nashville) Suzy


Boggus February 7 GRRAAN G ND DO OLL EE O OPP RRYY H HO OU USSEE (Nashville) Dierks Bentley February 7 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Lewis Black February 8 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORR N N SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY CCEEN N TTEERR (Nashville) Jonny Lang February 9 IIRR O ON N CCIITT YY LLII VVEE (Birmingham) Trey Anastacio February 9 SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY H HAALL LL (Atlanta) Buddy Guy February 13 TTH HEE TTAABBEERR N NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Trey Anastacio February 14 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORR N N SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY CCEEN N TTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers February 14 BBJJCCCC A ARREEN NAA (Birmingham) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves February 15 TTH HEE TTAABBEERR N NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) Flogging Molly February 15 WIILL D W DH HO O RRSSEE SSAALL O OO ON N (Nashville) Rick Springfield February 15 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORR N N SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY CCEEN N TTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers February 15 TTRRA ACCK K 2299 Lettuce, The Floozies February 16 CCO OBB BB EEN NEERR G GYY PPEERR FFO ORR M MII N NG G AARR TTSS CCEEN NTTEERR (Atlanta) Craig Ferguson February 16 MEERRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Chad Valley February 17 JJU UPP IITT EERR O ON N TTH H EE SSTTRR IIPP (Tuscaloosa) Lettuce, The Floozies February 17 TTEERRM M IIN NAALL W W EESSTT (Atlanta) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Chad Valley February 18 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Scotty McGreery February 18



WA W ARR M M EEM MO ORR IIAALL AAU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M (Nashville) Buddy Guy, Robert Randolph & the Family Band February 20 RR YYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Jennifer Nettles February 20 TT H HEE EEAARR LL (Atlanta) Drag the River, Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves February 20 FFO OXX TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Atlanta) Robin Thicke, Jessie J, DJ Cassidy February 21 PP H HII LLII PPSS AARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix February 21 TT H HEE TT AABB EERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Young the Giant, Caycaus February 22 VV A ARR IIEETT YY PPLL AAYYH HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) G. Love & Special Sauce February 22 D && LL IIN 33 RRD ND DSSLL EEYY (Nashville) G. Love & Special Sauce February 23 BB RRII D DG GEESSTTO ON NEE AARR EEN NA A (Nashville) Imagine Dragons, The Naked and Famous February 24 PP H HII LLII PPSS AARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) The Eagles February 24 PP H HII LLII PPSS AARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) Imagine Dragons, The Naked and Famous February 26 CC O OBBBB EE N NEERRG G YY PPEERR FFO ORR M MIIN NG GA ARR TTSS CC EEN N TTEERR (Atlanta) Clint Holmes, Nnenna Freelon, Kirk Whalum February 26 II RRO ON N CC IITT YY LL II VVEE (Birmingham) Dropkick Murphys, Lucero, Skinny Lister March 5 TT H HEE TT AABB EERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice & Men March 6 TT H HEE N N IICCK K (Birmingham) Agent Orange March 7 CC EEN NTTEERR SSTTAAG GEE (Atlanta) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 11 TT H HEE TT AABB EERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Broken Bells, Au Revoir Simone March 11 RR YYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Young the Giant, Vance Joy March 11 II RRO ON N CC IITT YY LL II VVEE (Birmingham) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 12 WII LL D W DH HO ORR SSEE SSAALLO OO ON N (Nashville) George Thorogood & the Destroyers March 13 SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY H HAALLLL (Atlanta) Chris Botti March 14 TT EEN NN NEESSSSEEEE TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 14 KN K NO O XXVV IILL LLEE CCO O LLII SSEEIIU UM M (Knoxville) Indigo Girls March 15 RR YYM M AAN N AAU UD DIITT O ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 15 TT H HEE M M AASSQ QU U EERRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Agent Orange March 16 TT H HEE TT AABB EERR N NAACCLLEE (Atlanta) Bob Weir & Ratdog March 16 EED DD D IIEE’’SS AATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Al Stewart

March 20 FFO OXX TT H HEEAATTRR EE (Atlanta) Elle Goulding March 20 MAARR AATT H M HO ON NM MU USSII CC W WO ORR K KSS (Nashville) James Blake March 20 SSCCH HEERR M MEERR H HO ORR N N SSYYM MPP H HO ON N YY CCEEN NTTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Loggins March 20 WAARR M W MEEM MO ORR IIAALL AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson March 20 ALLAABB AAM A M AA TTH H EEAATT RREE (Birmingham) Brian Regan March 20 BB RRII D DG GEESSTTO ON N EE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) George Strait, Sheryl Crow March 21 SSCCH HEERR M MEERR H HO ORR N N SSYYM MPP H HO ON N YY CCEEN NTTEERR (Nashville) Kenny Loggins March 21 CCEEN NTT EERR SSTTAAG GEE (Atlanta) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson March 21 ALLAABB AAM A M AA TTH H EEAATT RREE (Birmingham) Ron White March 21 PP H HIILL II PPSS AARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) George Strait, Sheryl Crow March 22 IIRR O ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVV EE (Birmingham) Gavin DeGraw March 24 PP H HIILL II PPSS AARR EEN NAA (Atlanta) Miley Cyrus March 25 VVA ARR EEIITT YY PP LL AAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) The Johnny Clegg Band March 26 RR YYM MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O ORRII U UM M (Nashville) Gavin DeGraw March 26 BB RRII D DG GEESSTTO ON N EE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Cher Lloyd March 29 RR IIA ALLTT O O CCEEN NTTEERR (Atlanta) Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn March 29 BB RRII D DG GEESSTTO ON N EE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) Cher March 31

PPH H IILL IIPP SS A ARREEN NA A (Atlanta) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves April 1 SSYY M MPP H HO ON NYY H HA ALL LL (Atlanta) Yo Yo Ma April 2 CCO OBB BB EEN NEERR G GYY PP EERRFFO ORR M MII N NG G AARRTT SS CCEEN NTTEERR (Atlanta) Jesse Cook April 2 WO W ORR K KPPLL A AYY TTH HEEA ATTRR EE (Birmingham) J.J. Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, Luther Dickinson April 2 BBA ARR K KII N NG G LL EEG GSS TT H HEEA ATTEERR Pierre Bensusan April 3 TTH HEE TTA ABB EERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Grouplove, MD MR, Smallpools April 3 IIRR O ON N CCII TTYY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Umphrey’s McGee April 5 CCEEN NTT EERR SSTT A AG G EE (Atlanta) Scott Stapp April 9 JJEEM M IISSO ON N CCO ON NCCEERR TT H HA ALLLL (Birmingham) John Prine, Holly Williams April 11 SSCC H HEERR M MEERR H HO ORR N N SSYY M MPP H HO ON NYY CC EEN NTTEERR (Nashville) Whoopi Goldberg April 11 CCEEN NTT EERR SSTT A AG G EE (Atlanta) Stephen Marley April 13 BBU UCC K KH H EEA AD D TT H HEEA ATTRR EE (Atlanta) The Milk Carton Kids April 18 BBRR IID DG GEESSTTO ON NEE A ARREEN NA A (Nashville) Miley Cyrus, Icona Pop, Sky Ferreira April 18 RRYY M MA AN NA AU UD DII TTO O RRII U UM M (Nashville) Joe Bonamassa April 26 SSYY M MPP H HO ON NYY H HA ALL LL (Atlanta) Boz Scaggs April 27 TTH HO OM MPP SSO ON N--BBO OLL II N NG GA ARR EEN NA A (Knoxville) Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves April 27 MEERR CCYY LL O M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) Haim


April 27 BBRR IID DG G EESSTT O ON NEE AARR EEN NAA (Nashville) Arcade Fire May 1 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Bend Folds May 2 AAARR O A ON N’’SS AAM MPP H HII TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Atlanta) Arcade Fire May 2 EEXX II TT//IIN N (Nashville) Mogwai May 3 RRYYM M AAN N AAU UD DII TTO ORR IIU UM M (Nashville) Ben Folds May 3 BBA ARRK KII N NG G LLEEG G SS TTH H EEAATT EERR April Verch Band May 4 TTH HEE TTAABBEERR N NAACCLL EE (Atlanta) The Wanted May 7 PPH HII LL IIPP SS AARREEN NAA (Atlanta) Cher May 12 BBU UCCK KH H EEAAD D TTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) The 1975 May 22 SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY H HAALL LL (Atlanta) Ben Folds May 23 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTTAAIIN N AAM MPP H HII TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Pelham, AL) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 27 AAARR O A ON N’’SS AAM MPP H HII TTH HEEAATTRR EE (Atlanta) Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power May 30 SSO OU UTTH HEERR N NG GRR O OU UN ND D AAM MPP H HIITT H HEEAATTRR EE (Fayetteville) Gary Puckett & the Union Gap June 7 SSO OU UTTH HEERR N NG GRR O OU UN ND D AAM MPP H HIITT H HEEAATTRR EE (Fayetteville) Jefferson Starship June 28 LLPP FFII EELLD D (Nashville) One Direction August 19 GEEO G ORR G GIIAA D DO OM MEE (Atlanta) One Direction October 1



CCO ON NTTIIN NU UII N NG G FFII RRSSTT CCEEN NTT EEN NAARRYY U UN NII TTEED D M EETTH M HO OD D IISSTT CCH HU URR CCH H (Room 135) Singles One Mondays @ 6 PM G RREEAATTEERR CC H G HAATTTTAAN NO OO OG GA AA ASSPP IIEESS Third Tuesday of each month, 6-8 pm BB IIG G CCH H IILL LL Karaoke Tuesdays DEEVV EELL O D OPPM M EEN NTT RR EESSO OU URRCC EE BB U UIILL D DII N NG G (1250 Market Street) Chattanooga Alliance for Animals First Wednesday of the month M IILL LLEERR M M MO OTT LLEE TTEECC H HN NII CCA ALL CCO OLL LL EEG GEE CHEO Complimentary Health Education Organization Chapter Meeting Third Sunday 2-4 PM TT H HEE CC H HAATTTTAAN NO OO OG GAAN N Breakfast Education & Networking Workshop Second Wednesday of the month BB RRA AD DFFO ORR D DH HEEAALL TTH H CCEEN NTT EERR (6160 Shallowford Rd.) Free Parent Support Meeting Thursdays 5-6pm TT H HEE EELL K KSS LL O OD DG G EE (Cleveland) Joe Collins Tuesdays LL A ASS M MAARR G GAARRII TTAA’’SS (Cleveland) Collins Brothers Band Thursdays LL A ASS M MAARR G GAARRII TTAA’’SS Priscilla & Little Rickee Wednesdays TT H HEE O O FFFFII CCEE SpeakEasy Mondays SSO OU UTT H HSSIID DEE TTAAVVEERR N N Troy Underwood Tuesdays PP O OK KEEYY’’SS 2nFro Wednesdays CC A AM M PP H HO OU USSEE Open Mic Thursdays TT H HEE TT AAVV EERRN N (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims Wednesdays


12 Years A Slave R In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty at the hands of a malevolent slave owner, as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity. In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist will forever alter his life.

Out of The Furnace R Russell Baze has a rough life: he works a dead-end, blue collar job at the local steel mill by day and cares for his terminally-ill father by night. When Russell’s brother Rodney returns home from serving time in Iraq, he is lured into one of the most ruthless crime rings in the Northeast and mysteriously disappears. The police fail to crack the case, so-with nothing left to loseRussell takes matters into his own hands, putting his life on the line About Time R TThh ee nnii gghhtt aa ffttee rr aa nnootthh eerr uunnss aattii ssffaacc -to seek justice for his brother. ttoorr yy NN eew w YY eeaa rr ppaarr ttyy,, TT iim m’’ss ffaa tthhee rr NN OOW W SSH HO OW WII N NG G tteell llss hhiiss ss oonn tthhaatt tthhee m meenn iinn hhii ss ffaam miill yy hh aavv ee aa llw waa yyss hh aadd tthh ee aabbiill iittyy

Christian Bale in Relativity Media’s “Out of the Furnace”.

ttoo ttrraa vveell tthhrroouugghh ttiim mee.. TT ii m m ccaann’’tt cchhaannggee hhiiss ttoorryy,, bbuutt hhee ccaann cchhaa nnggee whhaa tt hh aappppeennss aanndd hh aass hh aappppeenneedd iinn w hhii ss oow w nn llii ffee— — ssoo hh ee ddee cciiddeess ttoo m maakk ee hhii ss w w oorrll dd aa bbeettttee rr ppll aaccee.. ....bbyy ggee ttttiinngg aa ggii rrll ffrrii eenndd.. SSaaddll yy,, tthhaatt ttuurr nnss oouutt nnoott ttoo bbee aass eeaass yy aa ss yyoouu m miigghh tt tthhiinnkk .. The Best Man Holiday R When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited. Black Nativity PG Langston, a street-wise teen from Baltimore raised by a single mother, journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives Reverend Cornell and Aretha Cobbs. Unwilling to live by the imposing Reverend Cobbs’ rules, a frustrated Langston is determined to return home to his mother, Naima. Langston embarks on a surprising and inspirational journey and along with new friends, and a little divine intervention, he discovers the true meaning of faith, healing, and family.

invited by his idol Chester V to join The Live Corp Company, where the best and brightest inventors in the world create technologies for the betterment of mankind. Chester’s right-hand-gal - and one of his greatest inventions – is Barb, a highly evolved orangutan with a human brain. It’s always been Flint’s dream to be recognized as a great inventor, but everything changes when he discovers that his most infamous machine (which turns water into food) is still operating and is now creating food-animal hybrids – “foodimals!” With the fate of humanity in his hands, Chester sends Flint and his friends on a dangerously delicious mission – to battle hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, hippotatomuses, cheespiders and other food creatures to save the world again!

Dallas Buyers Club R Real-life cowboy Ron Woodroof’s free-wheeling life was upended in 1985 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. Shunned by many of his old friends and bereft of governmentapproved effective medicines, Ron decided to take matters in his own hands, tracking down alternative Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs treatments from all over the world 2G by means both legal and illegal. Inventor Flint Lockwood’s genius is Bypassing the establishment, the finally being recognized as he’s entrepreneurial Woodroof joined ENIGMA



forces with an unlikely band of a small town for the sake of his 10renegades and outcasts, establish- year-old daughter. The only probing a hugely successful buyers’ lem is he picked the wrong town. club. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Delivery Man PG-13 PG-13 An immature middle-age man dis- Katniss Everdeen has returned covers he has fathered over 530 home safely after winning the 74th children throughout the years Annual Hunger Games along with through sperm donations. When 142 fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. of his offspring file a class-action Winning means that they must turn lawsuit to reveal their dad’s identi- around and leave their family and ty, he must decide whether he is close friends, embarking on a going to become a real father. “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way, Katniss senses that Ender’s Game PG-13 a rebellion is simmering, but the In the near future, a hostile alien Capitol is still very much in control race called the Formics have as President Snow prepares the attacked Earth. If not for the leg- 75th Annual Hunger Games (The endary heroics of International Quarter Quell) - a competition that Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham, could change Panem forever. all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, the high- Jackass Presents: Bad Grampa R ly esteemed Colonel Hyrum Graff Irving Zisman, 86, is on a journey and the International Military are across America with the most training only the best young minds unlikely companion - his 8-yearto find the future Mazer. old grandson Billy. Along the way, Irving will introduce the young and Free Birds PG impressionable Billy to people, Two turkeys from opposite sides of places and situations that give new the tracks must put aside their dif- meaning to the term child-rearing. ferences and team up to travel The duo will encounter male stripback in time to change the course pers, disgruntled child beauty pagof history - and get turkey off the eant contestants (and their equally holiday menu for good. disgruntled mothers), funeral home mourners, biker bar patrons and a Frozen PG whole lot of unsuspecting citizens. Fearless optimist Anna sets off on Real people in unreal situations, an epic journey-teaming up with making for one really messed up rugged mountain man Kristoff and comedy. his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have Last Vegas PG-13 trapped the kingdom of Arendelle Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam have in eternal winter. Encountering been best friends since childhood. Everest-like conditions, mystical So when Billy, the group’s sworn trolls and a hilarious snowman bachelor, finally proposes to his named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff bat- thirty-something (of course) girltle the elements in a race to save friend, the four head to Las Vegas the kingdom. with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. Gravity PG-13 However, upon arriving, the four Dr. Ryan Stone is a brilliant engi- quickly realize that the decades neer on her first shuttle mission have transformed Sin City and testwith veteran astronaut Matt ed their friendship in ways they Kowalski. But on a seemingly rou- never imagined. The Rat Pack may tine spacewalk, disaster strikes. have once played the Sands and The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Cirque du Soleil may now rule the Stone and Kowalski completely Strip, but it’s these four who are alone—tethered to nothing but taking over Vegas. each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening Old Boy R silence tells them they have lost An advertising executive is abruptany link to Earth…and any chance ly kidnapped and held hostage for for rescue. As fear turns to panic, 20 years in solitary confinement. every gulp of air eats away at what When he is inexplicably released, little oxygen is left. But the only he embarks on an obsessive misway home may be to go further out sion to discover who orchestrated into the terrifying expanse of his bizarre and torturous punishspace. ment only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torHomefront R ment. A widowed ex-DEA agent retires to ENIGMA

Thor: The Dark World PG-13 Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos, but an ancient race, led by the vengeful Malekith, returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. CO MIN G SO ON The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The second installment of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, a diminutive creature who resides in a place called “Middle-Earth”

Across 2. Worn to protect the clothing 6. Fermented grape juices 11. Lady's-finger 13. State resident 15. English princess 17. Fixes 18. Ogles 19. Underground part of a plant 20. Deuces 21. Thin glutinous mud 22. Authentic 23. Finish first 25. Biddies 26. Person whose religion is Judaism 30. Devote 32. Modify 36. Complete change 37. Shooting sport 38. Sealing compound 40. Purchase


before he is compelled to go on a quest to find a treasure buried deep in the heart of Lonely Mountain. Saving Mr. Banks PG-13 Walt Disney spent twenty years in pursuit of the film rights to P.L. Travers’ popular novel, “Mary Poppins,” a quest he began in the 1940s as a promise to his two daughters. When Travers travels from London to Hollywood in 1961 to finally discuss Disney’s desire to bring her beloved character to the motion picture screen, Disney meets a prim, uncompromising sexagenarian not only suspect of the impresario’s concept for the film, but a woman struggling with her own past.

12. Flightless bird 14. Small dam 16. Part of speech 24. Rich and fashionable travellers 26. Trash 27. Spouse 28. Group of tents 29. Genus of vermin 30. Step in ballet 31. Short letter 33. Paint unskillfully 34. Be sorry for 35. Plaything 39. Highest 42. Public exhibition Down 43. Judges 1. Florida city 2. Inert elemental gas 44. Metal fastener 45. Mathematics 3. Move past 46. Raised platform 4. Lubricates 47. Evade work 5. Yuletide 6. Of moderate tem- 48. Unwieldy ship 51. Career golfers perature 52. Unpleasant smell 7. Insert 53. Salver 8. Planet 54. Stylish 9. Breathe noisily 10. Hates intensely 41. Places to sleep 47. Shaft horsepower 49. Executive Officer 50. Away 54. Pal 55. Imitator 56. Tester 57. Hawaiian port 58. Draw near 59. Book of the Bible 60. Annoys 61. Native of Switzerland 62. Type of packsack


the first time at a show in Honolulu. At a time when the airwaves and record charts where dominated by Rock and Roll, a most unusual song called “Winchester Cathedral” by The New Vaudeville Band became the number one tune in the US. It also reached the top in the UK. The song would go on to win the 1966 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Recording, edging out The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”, The Beatles’ “Elenor Rigby”, The Mamas & The Papas’ “Monday Monday,” The Association’s “Cherish” and The Monkees’ “Last Train To Clarksville”.

11995555 Elvis Presley’s first release on RCA Victor Records was announced. The first two sides were actually purchased from Sam Phillips of Sun Records: “Mystery Train” and “I Forgot to Remember to Forget”. Elvis was described by his new record company as ‘The most talked about personality in recorded music in the last ten years.’ 11995566 Elvis Presley stopped by un-expectedly at Sun Records in Memphis and found Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash watching Carl Perkins in the studio. The four ended up taping some songs together, but recordings from the impromptu session would not be pressed on to discs for another 25 years when they were released as “The Million Dollar Quartet”. 11995577 After his first two releases on Keen Records flopped, Sam Cooke finally had a hit record when “You Send Me” topped the Billboard Pop chart.

After hearing reports that many US radio stations had banned Elvis’ Christmas album because of their shock over “the Pelvis” singing religious songs, DJ Allen Brooks of CKWS in Kingston, Ontario, plays the entire album and invites listeners to call in their opinion. Of eight hundred callers, only 56 disapprove of Presley’s sacred music. 11995588 The Phil Spector written “To Know Him Is To Love Him” was the number one song in the US for The Teddy Bears. The trio consisted of Spector along with two friends, Marshall Leib and Annette Kleinbard.

Neil Sedaka signs with RCA Records, where he would enjoy 13 Billboard Top 40 hits over the next five years. 11996600 Elvis enlists the help of his father Vernon to try to convince Priscilla Beaulieu’s father to let her spend the holidays at Graceland. Their efforts would succeed and a scheduled two week stay over Christmas would be extended to nearly a month. 11996611 Gene Chandler’s “Duke of Earl” is released on Vee Jay Records. By the first week of February, 1962, it would reach number one in the US, on its way to selling over one million copies worldwide.

11996633 The Beatles appear on a UK show called Juke Box Jury, where host David Jacobs presided over a panel of four celebrities who rendered their judgments on the latest Pop record releases. John, Paul, Ringo and George turned thumbs down on Bobby Vinton’s “There, I’ve Said It Again”, which was currently number one in the US. They predicted that Elvis Presley’s “Kiss Me Quick” would be a hit, but it stalled at #34 in America the following summer. 11996644 Lorne Green becomes the second Canadian solo artist (after Paul Anka) to have a number one hit on the Billboard singles chart when his spoken word recording about a Western gun fighter named Ringo reached the top. It made it to #22 in the UK. The star of NBC-TV’s hit show Bonanza would record seven albums for RCA. The Zombies’ debut single “She’s Not There” tops the Cashbox Best Sellers chart. It reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #12 in the UK. Beach Boys’ leader Brian Wilson suffers a panic attack on a flight from L.A. to Houston, which leads him to stop touring with the group. 11 996655 Keith Richards steps on a microphone cable and is electrocuted and knocked unconscious during a Rolling Stones concert in Sacramento, California. After a short break, he recovers and is able to continue. The Byrds’ scored their second US number one hit with “Turn, Turn, Turn”. Unlike their first chart topper, “Mr. Tambourine Man”, the entire band was allowed to play on the recording instead of studio musicians. “Turn, Turn, Turn” made it to #26 in the UK. The Rolling Stones record “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “Mother’s Little Helper” at RCA’s Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles. 11996666 Tom Jones’ cover version of Porter Wagoner’s “Green, Green Grass of Home” tops the UK charts for the first of a seven week stay. It will become his biggest hit, selling over 1.2 million copies in Britain alone. The record reached #11 in the US. The Monkees appear ‘live’ in concert for


11996677 The Monkees album, “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd” went to number one in the US and was certified Gold. It was their fourth straight LP to sell over a million copies, following “The Monkees”, “More Of The Monkees” and “Headquarters”. Not a bad run, considering The Beatles’ classic, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” held the top spot for 15 weeks that year. Singer Jimmie Rodgers is found in his car with a fractured skull. Although he alleges that a police officer beat him, no charges are ever filed. Rodgers had three big hits in 1958, “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”, “Oh Oh, I’m Falling in Love Again” and “Honeycomb”. Finally allowed to play instruments on their recordings, The Monkees scored their third US number one single with “Daydream Believer”. 11996688 In his first appearance before a ‘live’ audience in seven years, Elvis Presley’s comeback TV special airs on NBC. At the end of the show, The King performs his latest single, “If I Can Dream”, which is currently #12 on the Billboard chart, his highest reaching single since 1965. An actual banquet held to launch the Rolling Stones’ newest album, “Beggar’s Banquet” comes to an abrupt end when a pie throwing fight breaks out. Eric Burdon announces that The Animals would split up after a December 22nd concert at Newcastle City Hall. He moved to California to embark on a largely unsuccessful acting career, while bass guitarist Chas Chandler would go on to manage Jimi Hendrix. 11996699 The Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb announces that he is “fed up, miserable and completely disillusioned” and is quitting the group. His brother Robin had made the same decision earlier in the year and all three brothers ended up releasing solo material before they would reform in late 1970. Robin was later quoted as saying, “If we hadn’t been related, we would probably never have gotten back together.” Cindy Birdsong of The Supremes was kidnapped at knifepoint by a maintenance man who worked in the building she lived in. She later escaped unharmed by jumping out of his car on the San Diego freeway. The kidnapper was arrested in Las Vegas four days later.



President Richard Nixon, Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, and forty US governors view “simulated acid trip” films and listen to Rock music in order to comprehend the generation gap. An eighteen-year-old man by the name of Meredith Hunter died of knife wounds inflicted by a member of The Hell’s Angels at a Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Raceway in California. The youth, who was sitting in the front row, had pulled out a gun before he was attacked. A fictitious group called Steam was given credit for this week’s Billboard chart topping tune, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”. The song was actually recorded by Gary De Carlo, who intended it to be the “B” side of his first single. Gary didn’t like the song and when record executives wanted to issue it as the “A” side, he insisted it be released under an assumed name. After the song became a hit, De Carlo still wanted nothing to do with it and a group from Bridgeport, Connecticut was recruited to tour in support of the record. 11997711 The Montreaux Casino caught fire and burned during a show by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. The incident was later immortalized by Deep Purple’s 1973 hit, “Smoke on the Water”. (some stupid with a flare gun, burned the place to the ground...”) Don McLean’s “American Pie” enters Billboard’s Hot 100. The eight and a half minute song will eventually sell over 3 million copies and become one of the most discussed, dissected and debated

songs that popular music has ever produced. Sly And The Family Stone’s “Family Affair” begins a three-week stint at the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. It is their third and final chart topper and their last to make the Top Ten before missed concert appearances and personal problems brought the band’s career to a halt. Paul McCartney’s new band, Wings, release their first album, “Wild Life”, in the UK. The LP would not be issued in the US until 1980. 11997722 Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” is released in the US where it will reach #1. The tune causes much speculation about who Carly was singing about, with popular guesses that included Mick Jagger (who sang unaccredited backing vocals on the song), Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson (with whom she had had brief relationships), her unfaithful fiancé William Donaldson, and her ex-husband, James Taylor.

The Temptations’ version of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” gave the Motown group their fourth US number one song. The Temps’ Otis Williams would later say that he considers “Papa” to be the last real classic the group recorded. An earlier rendition by The Undisputed Truth had stalled at number 63.

11997755 Disco group, Silver Convention, earns a Gold record for “Fly, Robin, Fly”, just as it hit #1 on the Billboard Pop chart. Fleetwood Mac’s tenth album goes Gold and will eventually reach Platinum status. This is the first LP by the regrouped band, including founders Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, veteran Christine McVie and newcomers Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. The album contains the tunes “Rhiannon”, “Say You Love Me” and “Over My Head”. Paul Simon reached #1 on the US album chart with “Still Crazy After All These Years”, which produced four US Top 40 hits, “Gone at Last” (#23), “My Little Town” (#9), “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” (#1) and the title track (#40). 11 997766 The Sex Pistols, who have just released their first single, “Anarchy in the UK”, appear on British TV’s Today Show as a last-minute replacement for Queen. After interviewer Bill Grundy asks them about their “nasty reputation”, bass player Glenn Matlock utters a four letter word on the air. In the resulting uproar, The Sex Pistols are banned from appearing in all but five cities that were booked for their first UK tour. By next month, no club or concert hall in Great Britain will book the group.

Billy Paul received a Gold record for “Me and Mrs. Jones”, which was still climbing the US charts on its way to number one in mid-December. Paul’s only other appearance on the Billboard Top 40 would come in 1974 when “Thanks For Saving My Live” would reach #37.

Bob Marley narrowly escaped an assassination attempt when seven gunman sprayed bullets into his Kingston, Jamaica home, where he and The Wailers were rehearsing. He had become unpopular in some circles because of his influence on local politicians. Marley moved to Miami Florida soon after the incident and the gunmen were never caught.

11997733 “Top Of The World” becomes The Carpenters’ second number one hit on the Billboard Pop Chart. It made #5 in the UK. An earlier version by Lynn Anderson had already topped the US Country chart.

Tommy Bolin, the guitarist who took over when Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1975, died from a drug overdose at the age of 25.

Trouble starts for Fleetwood Mac when their former manager, Clifford Davis, claims ownership of the band’s name and assembles a bogus group, which he puts out on tour. 11997744 Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” led the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold, eventually selling 11 million copies. Oddly enough, the song was recorded in just 10 minutes and started out as a B-side. His follow-ups, “Dance The Kung Fu” and “Blue Eyed Soul” would be a total flops and Douglas would be relegated to “onehit-wonder” status. After leaving the music business, he started a publishing company that co-ordinates films, documentaries and advertisements. Barry Manilow’s first hit, “Mandy”, enters the US charts on its way to number one. The song was originally written by Scott English and Richard Kerr as “Brandy”, but was changed by Manilow when a group called Looking Glass had a hit with that title six months before. Manilow’s version reached #11 in the UK.

Bob Seger’s fortunes are about to change when he releases the LP “Night Moves”. The record would turn out to be his breakthrough album and took him from being a local Detroit favorite to an internationally known Rock star. “Night Moves” reached #8 on the US album chart and sold over 5 million copies. 11 997788 Sid Vicious, out on bail from Riker’s Island Detention Center in New York after being charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, smashes glass in the face of Patti Smith’s brother Todd during an altercation at a New York club. 11 997799 Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand’s “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” topped the Billboard Hot 100. A radio station engineer had spliced together Neil’s version with Barbra’s rendition and got such good response, the station added it to their play list. When Neil got wind of it, he decided to re-record the song with Streisand herself and within weeks of its release, the single went to number one in the US and number five in the UK.


Just three months after Keith Moon’s death, tragedy struck The Who again, when eleven people were trampled to death while trying to reach unreserved concert seats at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati. The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island cancels The Who’s next concert, scheduled there in two days. Multiple lawsuits are filed by families of the deceased.

eye specialists involved inserting a microchip in the retina. Unfortunately, Stevie was later ruled out as a candidate for the procedure.

11998800 Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones inform the public of their decision not to re-form Led Zeppelin, following the death of drummer John Bonham. Page and Plant did get together for a highly successful tour in 1995.

2200 0033 The Recording Industry Association of America gave Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers a Diamond Award to mark the sale of 10 million copies of the band’s “Greatest Hits” album in the United States.

John Lennon gives an interview with BBC Radio 1 in which he tells deejay Andy Peebles that the great thing about living in New York City was that people leave him alone.

22000066 Mariska Veres, vocalist for Shocking Blue on their 1969 hit “Venus”, died of cancer at the age of 59. After Shocking Blue had disbanded in 1974, Mariska continued to tour and record as a solo act, with Jazz ensembles and a couple of reunions with her former band mates.

11998822 After nearly eight months in production, Michael Jackson’s milestone album “Thriller” is released. Seven of the album’s nine songs were issued as singles and all reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The LP won a recordbreaking eight awards at the 1984 Grammys and would become the largest selling album of all time, worldwide. 11998866 Lee Dorsey, who had two US Top Ten hits with “Ya Ya” (#7 in 1961) and “Working In A Coal Mine” (#8 in 1966), died of emphysema just three days shy of his 60th birthday. 11998888 Roy Orbison died of a heart attack at the age of 52. He had regained a huge fan following with solo hits, “You Got It” and “Mystery Girl” along with a million selling album with The Traveling Wilburys. 11999911 “Black or White” becomes Michael Jackson’s 12th US number one hit, tying him with The Supremes for the third most, behind The Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (17). 11999933 52-year-old Frank Zappa died of pancreatic cancer at his Los Angeles home, surrounded by his wife and children. At a private ceremony the following day, Zappa was interred in an unmarked grave at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, Los Angeles. The next day, his family publicly announced: “Composer Frank Zappa left for his final tour just before 6:00 pm on Saturday”. 11999955 Michael Jackson collapses and is treated for dehydration while rehearsing for the HBO special Michael Jackson: One Night Only at The Beacon Theater in New York. His latest release, “Earth Song” is currently the top tune in the UK, where it will sell over a million copies and become his all-time biggest hit. 11999999 It was reported that Stevie Wonder met with doctors to discuss an operation to regain his sight. The breakthrough by top



The Recording Industry Association of America launches a lawsuit against the on-line, file sharing company Napster, seeking $100,000 in damages for each song copied.

22001111 Dobi Gray, who reached #13 in 1965 with “The In Crowd” and #5 in 1973 with “Drift Away”, died at the age of 71 from complications following cancer surgery. 220011 22 Jazz legend Dave Brubeck, who reached #25 in 1961 with “Take Five”, died of heart failure one day before his 92nd birthday. His planned birthday party was recast as a memorial tribute. Although it has remained a light-hearted, yuletide staple annually, Dr. Elmo’s, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” topped a Billboard chart for the first time in 27 years when it climbed to the top of the Comedy Digital Tracks list.


RRU UM M OOUU RR HHAASS IITT … … …PPii xxiieess have split with KKiim m SShh aattttuu cckk less than five months after the bassist took the place of Kiim m. Not too many details the other K about SSttaattttuu cckk’’ ss departure are known – except it sounds like she was fired. SShhaattttuucckk officially joined the lineup in July on bass and backing vocals. Her previous experience includes playing bass for all-girl Los Angeles rock band TThh ee PPaa nndd oorr aass and guitar for pop punk band TT hhee Muu ffffss . M …Organizers of an outdoor festival featuring the IInnssaannee CCll oow w nn PPoo ssssee say they’re relocating from their site in Southern Illinois’ W eebbbb eerr is a Hardin County. JJaass oonn W spokesman for Psychopathic Records Inc., the organizers of the Gathering of the Juggalos. He told The Southern Illinoisan that the event is moving from Cave-In-Rock. He didn’t say where the festival would be held or why the venue was changing. The five-day concert that has been held in southern Illinois since 2007 draws tens of thousands of people. While it’s credited for bringing a boost to the region’s economy, the event has produced its share of unrest. One man died during this summer’s festival at the Hogrock campground and dozens of attendees were arrested on drugrelated and disorderly conduct

Gaaggaa …One-of-a-kind LLaadd yy G has been replicated. The pop star unveiled life-size dolls in her likeness, dressed in her flamboyant costumes, at a Tokyo event Sunday. A person leaning against the silicon Gaaggaa doll’s chest can hear LLaaddyy G Gaaggaa said she music and messages. G was honored to have replicas of herself. When her friends saw the dolls, “they were so excited to take pictures of me with the dolls and then all of a sudden the dolls took over. And the dolls were the most important thing in the room. And this is a beautiful thing,” she said. Japanese industrial and design companies teamed with her record label to create the Gagadoll, inspired by her new Artpop album. They’re prototypes not yet available for sale. …Two aspiring American rappers said Saturday that they had filmed part of a music video in North Korea, hoping the novel locale will make a hit. The rappers maann and PPee ssoo did not known as PPaaccm say where and how they filmed the footage, which their fundraising proposal suggested would be done on a karaoke party bus in Pyongyang. Their custom trip was arranged through a travel agency specializing in taking Westerners to North Korea, according to the proposal. Americans are able to travel to North Korea on arranged tours and are constantly accompanied by North Korea minders.

…A western Pennsylvania rocker whose biggest hit was “The Rapper” is suing Sony for allegedly not paying royalties for sampling a lesser-known song that wound up on a rap record, “Letter to the King.” Sony/ATV Music Publishing in New York didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment Friday on the copyright infringement suit filed in U.S. District Court, Pittsburgh by DDoom mii nniicc LLeerr aaccee and two others. Better known by his stage name of DDoonnnnii ee II rriiss , IIeerr aaccee co-wrote the song “Memoirs of the Traveler” when he was a member of TThh ee JJaaggggeerr zz. The other co-writers, who are also suing Sony, are EEuu ggeennee ““BBee nnnnyy”” FFaaii eellll aa, an original member of TThh ee JJaaggggeerrzz , and the estate of JJoossee pphh VV.. RRoocckk. RRoocckk managed the group when the song appeared on the album We Went to Different Schools Together in 1970. Iris, from the Pittsburgh area, wrote “The Rapper,” which was his biggest hit. IIrrii ss has had other hits since the band broke up in the mid-1970s, notably “Leah” and “Love Is Like A Rock” in the 1980s.

D yyllaann gave in the September view D issue of the French version of Rolling Stone magazine. In the article, he mentioned Croatia in the same sentence as the Nazi party. The American singer faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a fine of ¤45,000 (£37,000) if found guilty.

OuuttKKaass tt duo BBiigg BBooii and …O AAnnddrr ee 33 000000 have made a rare public appearance together for the first time since rumours the pair will reunite in 2014 emerged. BBii gg BB ooii posted the new picture to Tumblr and Instagram December 2. It shows the two rappers outside Stewart Avenue in Atlanta. BB iigg BB ooii is wearing a silver and black jacket with the O uuttK Kaasstt printed on it. When word O posting the picture online, BB iigg BB ooii included the hashtag #unfuckwittable. Though there is still no official confirmation that the pair are recording together again, the picture adds further fuel to the Ouu ttK Kaass tt will reform rumours that O Kaannyyee W Wee sstt continued for a series of live dates next sum…K to vent at former partner Nike, tak- mer, including a performance at ing to the mic during a concert again Coachella. this week to complain about his …Former Glee star treatment by the sports apparel m pp eennggccoo reportedly company. West spent more than 6 CC hh aarr iiccee PPeem minutes talking and singing about attempted to commit suicide due to the company during his “The Yeezus financial issues, according to her Tour” stop Wednesday night at the grandmother. TT eerr eess iittaa RReell uuccii oo Bridgestone arena in Nashville, reveals the singer slit her wrists, but Tenn. Taking on the role of a gave no timeline as to when the preacher in the cult of personality, incident occurred, according to Weesstt talked to the crowd about fol- RReelluu cciioo claims 21W mpp eennggccoo ’’ss bank account lowing a dream, creativity and cul- year-old PPee m had been cleared out and she was ture, alluding to the media and corporations who he feels have tried to distraught over her financial instakeep him from expressing himself bility when she decided to attempt fully. The 36-year-old rapper then to take her life. Reports of CC hhaa rriiccee’’ss started to leave the stage, but in a money troubles have surfaced in the feint returned to launch into a long past, but she denied them and even discussion that was alternately eso- showed off a new sports car she had purchased with cash. teric, comic and emotional. …BB oo bb D Dyyll aann has been charged with incitement to hatred in France following comments he made about Croatians in a recent interview. The charges, brought forward by French judges, relate to an inter-

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Dallas Buyers Club Imagine my surprise when I walked into a theatre at one thirty-five (p.m.) and had to look hard for a single seat to see "DALLAS BUYERS CLUB". Wow! I had never seen this theatre so packed for a matinee showing of a film. As I settled down and the movie started, there was something that I didn't like immediately. The pace hurried, and the dialogue seemed like handout scripts that never held the truth.

... "Woodruff Charges AIDS folks... trary to the law and to authorities in order to achieve what he cer!" tainly did, But I don't think seeing such a drug was not yet allowed to it on the screen has any worth-be dispensed in the U.S: So Ron except to teach young folks that to Woodruff (our AIDS hero) charges get what you want: you have to be AIDS folks four hundred bucks as willing to throw a punch at anyone their membership fee and then who stands in your determined allows them to have the drug free. way. I can't believe that sort of To help him gain credibility with a behavior works. This is supposed segment of this realm, he befriends to be based on a true story, but I and gets help from a transgender would bet the real Ron is not half soul mate named Rayon (played by as crazed and immature.

"The Main Guy Is Mathew... !" The main guy is Mathew McConaughey-- playing the part of an AIDS victim with just thirty days to live- looking oddly like a guy put in that position. But not for one second did I have any empathy for him. As I say, he looked the part, played the part, but his presence did not convince me that he WAS the part. I think the problem was, his character was so flawed there was no space for me to jump in and exist with him. He was like a cardboard cartoon. "From This Relationship... !"

Jared Leto). There are true legs to his (her) performance as a vamp. Then there was Jennifer Garner, playing a Dr. Saks. Though subtly attractive, Garner's acting (and maybe it was some weakness in her character) seemed boring and redundant.

Faced with his imminent demise, he scrambles to find some way out, and locates a disbarred doctor down in Mexico who sets him up with a drug that works somewhat. From their relationship he gets the idea of shipping large quantities back to the States and forming a ... "Based On A True Story... !" Buyers Club to help others with AIDS get some relief. I'll admit that a guy like Ron Woodruff probably had to act con-

"Why Would So Many Folks... ?" Why would so many folks come paying to see Jean-Marc Vallee's film? (Mencken once said: "No one loses money underestimating Americans' intelligence.") But listen, I am not sad that he gets viewers... But I am sad his film lacks much feeling and thinking force. ... "And There Was So Much Fear... !" Certainly those days when AIDS fell like a meteor hard upon all of our heads- and there was so much fearand sadness-- when good folks were dead- a grander film would have shown a brighter record--than this restless iconoclast. I can't recommend it for any right reason. So pin a FOUR upon its breast.

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1. Paul McCartney 2. Kings Of Leon 3. Pearl Jam 4. Arcade Fire 5. Haim 6. Wild Child 7. Echosmith 8. The Avett Brothers 9. Nine Inch Nails 10. Deer Tick 11. Matt Nathanson 12. The Head and the Heart 13. U2 14. Arctic Monkeys 15. Of Montreal 16. Hedley 17. Civil Wars 18. Sky Ferreira 19. Bruce Springsteen 20. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

ADVENTURE PICKS 1. Jake Bugg 2. Damien Jurado 3. Ducktails

Falcons Take Advantage of Long Overdue Opportunities That was more like it for Atlanta Falcons fans. The Falcons ventured north of the border to defeat the Buffalo Bills 34-31 in overtime in Toronto Sunday. For at least one week the Falcons looked like the Falcons of old (Mike Smith era). Roddy White looked like vintage Roddy White as he caught ten passes for 143 yards. Steven Jackson looked like Rams’ era Steven Jackson running for 84 yards and two touchdowns one from 27 yards as he powered through the line and cruised into the end zone cutting into Buffalo’s early 14-0 lead.

Atlanta 30. In overtime Manuel found tight end Scott Chandler over the middle at midfield when Moore stripped the ball that was recovered by rookie cornerback Robert Alford who lateraled to fellow rookie cornerback Desmond Trufant who returned it to the Buffalo 47. Four plays later Matt Bryant nailed a 36-yard field goal to win it for the Falcons who improve to 3-9. “Today’s game was a reminder that football is the ultimate team game. We needed every man in that locker room to get the win. I do believe we showed our resiliency as a team to be down 14 points in the mid part of the first quarter and to fight back shows the type of guys we have on this team,” said Smith.

“I saw some promising things. We have been working diligently on the run game. I thought that we blocked much better. We were able to get Steven [Jackson] to the second level and that helped us in our run game,” Things didn’t start so great for said Falcons’ head coach Mike Atlanta, however. After Antone Smith. Smith returned the opening kickoff to midfield Atlanta was Atlanta’s much-maligned three-and-out on their first posdefense gave reason for concern session. The Bills wasted no again but came up big when they time in getting it going. CJ needed to as they played more Spiller gained 77 of his 149 yards aggressively. The secondary as he broke free and rambled came up with two big strips and down to the Falcon five-yardfumble recoveries late in the line. Two plays later Manuel fourth quarter and then in over- dove over into the end zone hittime to lead the Falcons to their ting the pylon for the early 7-0 first victory in a month and a lead. half. With 20 seconds remaining in regulation the Bill’s EJ Manuel After another Falcons three-andcompleted a pass over the mid- out the Bills took advantage of a dle to Stevie Johnson. Safety short field thanks to a personal William Moore stripped and foul. Starting from the Atlanta 48 recovered the ball on the it took the Bills eight plays to hit ENIGMA

pay dirt as Fred Jackson ran the Jacquizz Rodgers Ryan hit Harry ball in from four yards out to Douglas for 11 more yards. make the score 14-0. Jackson then took the handoff from Ryan breaking through the “Obviously not the start that we line and jaunting into the end wanted to have. I thought the zone 27 yards later cutting the best thing about us was that we Bills’ lead in half. didn’t blink. When we started out we were down 14-0 but then Buffalo increased their lead to we had a great drive to get it 17-7 before Atlanta got hot again. back to 14-7. Then we battled Ryan hit three different back to get it to 17-17 at halftime. receivers putting the ball on the With fumbles, etc. in the fourth Buffalo 38. On the next play quarter we just kept responding. Smith took the pitch from Ryan That’s the thing I’m proud of and ran 38 yards virtually today,” said Ryan. untouched to bring the Falcons to within three points with 4:49 Atlanta finally caught fire after to go in the half. that. Ryan hit Tony Gonzalez for 11 and then White for 19. Tacked Atlanta got the ball back with on to the end of White’s catch 2:49 to go in the half as Ryan was a 15-yard unsportsmanlike engineered a game-tying drive. penalty. After a short run by Ryan hit White twice and



Rodgers once setting up Bryant’s for a 33-yard gain. Another 49-yard field goal as the clock unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the Bills a first down on expired in the first half. the Atlanta 36. Spiller found The second half opened with plenty of running room again promise for the Falcons as they this time running 36 yards for held Buffalo to a three-and-out the score and a 31-24 Bills lead before engineering a scoring with 11:48 to go in the game. drive to give them their first lead of the game. Ryan hit The teams then played hot potaWhite and Douglas and were to with the ball as neither team looking at a third and goal at the seemed to want it. The two Buffalo 11 when Ryan found exchanged two punts before Gonzalez open to give the Atlanta took possession on their 36 with 4:26 to go. Ryan was Falcons a short-lived lead. sacked for the fifth time in the After forcing the Bills to punt game and then hit Gonzalez on Ryan fumbled the snap deep in consecutive plays. Ryan then hit Atlanta territory. The ball was White once again this time for 24 recovered by Kiko Alonso on the yards giving them the ball on the Falcons’ 21. On the next play Buffalo 28. After back-to-back Manuel hit Fred Jackson to tie penalties on the Bills Ryan hit Darius Johnson for 13 yards and the score at 24-24. a first-and-goal at the Buffalo 5. After the two teams exchanged On third down Jackson was punts Manuel hit Robert Woods stopped on the one. On the play ENIGMA

Atlanta committed a personal foul that brought the ball back to the 16. On third and goal from the 16 Ryan tried to hit Douglas in the end zone. Douglas was open but the ball was knocked away and a flag was thrown. Pass interference. First-and-goal Atlanta from the 1 with 1:28 to play. Jackson dove in off tackle on the next play to tie the score 31-31.

“It was good, it feels good. Certainly we’ve had our ups and downs this year. We haven’t won the way that we would have liked to. To get it done today on the road and the way we did as well, overcoming a lot of things throughout the entire game and guys just making plays when they needed to make plays, I think that makes it feel even better,” said Ryan.

With 47 seconds to play Manuel hit Chandler across the middle for 23 yards. After two Fred Jackson runs Manuel hit Stevie Jackson who made it to the Atlanta 30 when Moore forced the fumble and recovered it with 20 seconds left in regulation. The game went into overtime and you know the rest. Atlanta ends their five-game losing streak and wins their first road game of 2013.

Atlanta remains on the road this week. They head to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers who may be getting Aaron Rodgers back in the lineup just in time to face the Falcons. Kickoff is scheduled for 1pm and the game will be aired on Fox.



- Dave Weinthal

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