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James Cook Serve: Shay Gutman, Gal Hadar, Yuval Yativ, Noa Kashash, Maya Weinberg

Teacher : Edya Nifusi

I.D card Last name: Cook First name: James Occupation: British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy. Birth Date: 7 November 1728. Death Date: 14 February 1779. Place of Birth: Marton in Yorkshire, near the town of Middlesbrough. Place of Death: Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii.

Special Events: * At a young age he lost five brothers and sisters. * In his late teens Cook moved to the town Steizs in the North Sea. * He was the first person who sailed around the earth from east to west. * In 1768 the British naval commander offered Cook to lead a delegation astronomical to watch the planet Venus across the sun. * In 1755 at the age of 27 he received the command of the flagship of the Royal Navy

Journey One: * James Cook first journey took place on 25 August 1768. * The purpose of the journey was to set up on the island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean an observatory, so you can expect him to eclipse by the planet Venus. Another purpose of the journey was to explore the legendary southern continent is probably in the Pacific Ocean. * James Cook discovered the Botanic Harbour and Sydney Harbour. * He was the first European man who get on the east coast of Australia, that was on his return route.

* But despite his successes he had some difficulties with his ship: * At first some people thought that his ship is a pirate ship but this problem was solved with the delay and the journey continues. * In the Great Barrier Reef the ship hit from one of the reef in a severe, and had to throw heavy things and after Two days the journey continue * After a while he stopped the team again for repairs on the island of Jakarta. * He returned on 13 July 1771.

Journey Two: * Cook's second journeys took place on 13 July

1772. * The purpose of Cook's second journey was to explore the maritime legendary continent that is probably in the Pacific Ocean and to give a final answer to this question although he himself rejected this hypothesis. * In this sea journey Cook used a new device called a chronometer. This device can be measured very precisely on time despite the many shaking.

* Cook finally convinced that the blocks of ice extended to the South Pole and that no continent is hidden behind them, but still he had no solid proof. * Cook could not continue to sail further south, because of the huge blocks of ice float around, Cook turned back north, Ocean. and survey many islands in the Pacific Ocean. * Cook was the first man to surround the world from east to west. * Cook returned in 1775.

Journey Three :

* Cook's third journey took place in 1776. * The purpose of the third journey was to discover the north-west connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. * Cook discovered the Christmas Islands and Hawaii. * Cook's intention to cross the Northwest Passage encountered difficulties due to ice blocks. He found that after passing the Alaska and Bering is unable to go to the Atlantic Ocean. Another problem is that there was no chance of passage of ships under the conditions of that time. * James Cook return from his journey in 1779.

summery During his discoveries James Cook Out of three Journey`s. His First journey was between 25 August 1768 to 13 July 1771. The purpose was to build an observatory from which you can will watch at Venus when doing the eclipse. Another purpose is to discover the fabled continent. During this journey, Cook discovered two Harbor's and became the first European man came to the east coast of Australia. In this journey the ship ran into difficulties because they could not identify the ship and the ship was damaged in her body. Cook's second journey began exactly a year after his return from his first Journey until the year 1775.

The purpose this time was the same as the first time: to give a final answer does the continent exists. This journey James Cook used chronometer to precisely measure time. Large ice disturbed James Cook on his Journey so he didn't continued south and came north and he became the first person who encompassed the world from east to west. His third Journey took place between the years 1776 to 1779 and ended in his death. The purpose of this trip was to discover the relationship between the North West Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

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