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DSGN 110 MIDTERM PORTFOLIO Erika Nieves Fall 2010

Table of Contents A Note on Images Used Early Days No More No. 2 Pencil & Pen Character Design Middle of Semester Overall Reflection

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A Note on the Images Used • I used two methods to make all my images digital: scanning & photographing. Images that were able to be scanned are white & can be blinding if not viewed at the right angle. Images that were photographed are dark & can be difficult to see. I apologize for the difference in quality between the two, but I had no other way to digitize my large sketchbook pages.

Beginning of Semester


My First Day - Notes

My First Day – In-class Exercise & Reflection Written reflection: * This & the previous image were from my first day of this class * I tried to copy what I saw on the projection, but it was too fast. The complexity of the images didn’t help either. I broke out of the pitiful boxes I drew since I feel better drawing that way. No one is too good in their first day, right? 8/24/10. Exercise on overhead.

Notes on 2 point boxes

Notes on 2 point boxes

In-class Exercise with Wood Blocks I ended up hurting my eyes with the sighting techniques. I felt like I couldn’t get the proportion & outside box right. I fell back on more intuitive “sighting”: sketching what looked right. Associating numbers with what I see isn’t easy for me. I’ve never been too good at it…

Book Exercise 1.2 (unfinished)

Book Exercise 1.3 (One point boxes)

Book Exercise 1.4 (Two point boxes)

Book Exercise 1.5 (Three point boxes)

Book Exercises I.1, I.2, 1.3

I couldn’t get a variety of lines with my mechanical pencil, so I.1 was absurdly short‌

Book Exercise I.5 & I.6

Book Exercise I.7 & I.8

Notes – Multiple Boxes in 2 Point

Notes – 3 Point

I was experimenting with an H pencil since it made lighter marks. That didn’t turn out too well obviously. From 8/24/10. Sorry for the bad quality here.

Ice Breaker

It doesn’t look like much, but I did my best to think outside the obvious for an apartment ad. I missed a key detail or two unfortunately.

Notes – Boxes with Measurements

From Here On Out


Quick Reflection – No More No. 2 • Up until this point I’ve been using a No. 2 mechanical pencil. I eventually started experimenting with different pencils after I bought a set for another class. When I write or draw I tend to make dark marks, so a pencil that made lighter marks than the No. 2 I was using was critical. The H pencils made only light marks, which wasn’t too useful.

Notes – 3 Point again Last time I worked with an H pencil. It’s too light to photograph… Again, sorry for the poor quality.

Exercise 1.6

Exercise 1.7 Straight lines are still bad. Obviously more practice, of course. I drew some random circles for practice I guess. Those obviously need practice as well.

Exercises 1.8 & 1.9 It was a mistake to put these two on the same page. I was trying to save money by using the least amount of tracing paper possible, but for things that big it didn’t work. I’m still using a ruler for lines to the vanishing points, but it’s freehand otherwise. For 1.8 I traced what was in the book, but my tracing skills are lacking. “Practice makes perfect.”

Exercise 1.10

This one annoyed me to do with all the foreshortening & such, so I checked with a classmate for comparison. I was off by a bit, but the ruler keeps it from being too bad. Again, my tracing skills aren’t too good.

Exercise 1.11

Written reflection: Used 2 sheets of tracing paper because it started getting messy. I traced them together & used colors to identify the directions (green for original, orange for front & back, blue for left & right, & pink for above & below). [I used highlighters that didn’t scan very well.] I found that extending the lines toward the vanishing point(s) helped a lot with connecting the dots. I also used my discerning eye to decide where to connect & start boxes in addition to techniques learned in class. A ruler also was also a major source of aid. I learned to vary line weight as well.

Notes – Multiple Squares in 3 point I got lost while following along with the demonstration, so I started drawing some lines for practice instead.

Notes – Multiple Squares & Diagonal VP

Notes – More Complex Shapes

It got to complicated for me to follow along, so I started to write notes in text. That helps me to remember things better sometimes.

Notes – Con’t

I got even more lost & started drawing straight lines. I also wrote some notes & a quick comment: “I have issues with straight lines. The only way to fix it is by drawing ‘em over & over…(ugh)”

Notes - Assorted

I got lost again & received some help from a classmate in the form of early exercises.

In-class Exercise & Doodles Trying to draw a guitar with the box method in different perspectives. I failed miserably. Later we were told about drawing circles from squares. I drew some doodles based on that idea.

Straight line practice

I took a sheet from my sketchbook, folded it in half, & drew some lines with an artist pen. Long lines are troublesome, so this has to be done more often.

More Knowledge on Tools


Quick Reflection – Pencil & Pen • I was using a 2B pencil until it got shorter than I liked. The marks were also darker than I wanted, so I switched to an F pencil. This pencil seems to work well with my usual pressure, so varying pencil weight is easier. I also started to use my artist pens to make the profile lines & such. When I used only a pencil it didn’t seem to be enough, so I used pen as well. It looks cleaner & makes bad lines more tolerable. Oh, and the contrast makes the pencil lines seem more like construction lines. I also get 1 chance to fix or mess up my lines.

Exercise 1.12

I started using my artist pens (Faber-Castell PITT) here. I used the S & tried to see what effect the Brush pen would have. I also added some light shading for the heck of it on 2 of them.

Exercise 1.14 Written Reflection: Used 2 pt. since that seemed to be the most efficient method. Horizontal lines are still troublesome to do freehand for me, so I used a ruler. For the connections to the v.p.’s, I also used a ruler since those lines are kind of horizontal. I don’t have as many [problems] as with vertical lines, however. Not perfectly straight, but more than when I draw horizontals. I added shading to add some 3D effect. I messed up my numbering & didn’t have time for the rest…

In-class & out of class exercise – Bottle Design

I had fun with this. I started on the top left with some common bottle tops, stuck with one, then moved to the right. Then I diverged to more random lines & then went back to my original idea. I tried some measuring & drawing in a box, but those work better when A) it actually helps & B) I have no choice. In this case, A) was true.

A Break From Rigidity


Character Design Reflection • I liked doing this group project. I felt like I could draw freely & not worry about making things perfect. All the time I spent on the initial character designs put me behind on the book exercises. It was fun & somewhat necessary, so I have no regrets. • On the storyboards I started using 1 point, 2 point, & 3 point perspectives for visual interest & effect. On the two scenery sketches I drew I used 1 point perspective. • Collaborating with my group members was interesting since there were a few leading voices & lots of quiet voices. Everyone’s input was welcome & encouraged, but the leaders came out strongest. My voice was strong at first, but then I backed off to focus on catching up with the book exercises. It was nice seeing everyone’s contributions throughout the whole project. The difference between all of our drawing styles made things easier & provided more perspectives on Dolce.

Character Design Pt. 1 – Initial sketches

Character Design Pt. 2 – Exploring Chihuahuas’ shape

Character Design Pt. 2 – Exploring Chihuahuas’ shape Con’t

Character Design Pt. 3 - Emotions

Character Design Pt. 3 – Front, Back, & Side Views

Character Design – Group Notes

Character Design Pt. 4 – Getting a More Consistent Dolce

Character Design Pt. 4 – More Emotions

Character Design Pt. 5 – A Possible Location Dolce May Visit

Character Design Pt. 6

Character Design Pt. 6 Con’t

Character Design Pt. 7 – Storyboard 1

Re-d0 of 1.3 & 1.5

I messed up when tracing the original which made one upside-down, hence the labeling on top & bottom. My tracing skills need tons of work, but time works against me. Also, I wasn’t aiming for perfect cubes, just general “this is what you do.” I also made the tiny error of labeling 1 pt as 2 pt since I was in a rush to redo my initial storyboard. I was just thinking “before 3 is 2” & mislabeled. “Haste makes waste” as they say. I fixed it before scanning it in.

Character Design Pt. 8 – Better Storyboard 1

Exercise 1.15

Written Reflection: Overall, not too bad. I used a ruler for the horizon line & lines to the vp’s. There are some lines I did without a ruler which aren’t perfectly straight, but some are decent enough. The hardest part was this one on the right. [Pointed to in image.] I gave up after lots of frustration & 2 nights.

Character Design Pt. 9 – Storyboard 2

Close to the Due Date


In-class Exercise – Some Church buildings

Written Reflection: - 10/5/10. In class thing. Applying box method to actual buildings is hard. Mostly because of the v.p.’s. “Sketch & adjust” worked faster. Time management is key, but what if there isn’t much time to spare?

Exercise 1.16

In-class Exercise

Started w/ a box, drew a circle on box, divided circle, used intuitive sketches for the rest. 1 pt guides too.

2pt didn’t work too well here, but I didn’t have time to change perspectives. I managed not to use a ruler, but it still curves a bit. Started w/ a box & drew on top of it. Not too good. Another approach’d be better.

<- Oops o.o

<- Placement drawing/sketch

Same as 3, but time was against me. Could be worse.

I started w/ the tiniest circle & then used some guidelines to align the other circles. Shadows were poorly done in favor of time, (It was time for the next one.)

Overall, I can’t draw quickly. 15 minutes would be better so I can properly experiment. Not to mention sharpen my pencils.

I went back & did 2 more renditions of the maracas, but the hastiness shows. I need to sharpen my pencil for those.

More than 5 minutes for this. I actually used some boxes to base my circles. The pencil was blunt. I didn’t have time to sharpen it.

Overall Reflection • I didn’t spend as much time as I should have on practicing the exercises. I basically did them to get it over & done with. I was also in the midst of working out a schedule for myself in addition to getting used to the area. Those two things made practicing harder & less appealing. • Despite how little practice I did, I feel that I have become better than when I started. In the beginning I couldn’t draw remotely straight lines, didn’t care about the different types of pencils, & never would have thought to use boxes as a base for circles. It might not be much improvement, but it is sizable enough for me. • For the rest of the semester, I’ll try to practice a little more. If I add more interesting challenges to the exercises, maybe I’ll get more into it. Or if I make the copy of the pages as big as a normal sheet of paper to make drawing easier. As for my ruler use, it is probably too far in to fix. The most I can do is use the ruler as guide for 1 or 2 vanishing point lines & try to freehand based on those lines.


Erika Nieves's DSGN 110 Midterm Portfolio  

My midterm learning portfolio for the Fall 2010 semester of DSGN 110, Rapid Viz.

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