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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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STATE Pacific volcano erupts near Marianas islands


NATION Sand Springs




SAIPAN, Northern Marianas (AP) — A volcanic eruption near the Pacific’s Northern Mariana Islands shot clouds of ash and vapor nearly eight miles into the sky, federal scientists said. The eruption occurred early Saturday and appeared to come from an underwater volcano off Sarigan, a sparsely inhabited island about 100 miles north of the U.S. commonwealth’s main island of Saipan. The Northern Marianas are about 3,800 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Dogs to be euthanized after attacking woman OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Authorities said the owner of four pit bulls who attacked a 46-year-old woman has agreed to allow the dogs to be euthanized. Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Myers said the woman, Mary Wolf, noticed some neighborhood dogs in her yard Monday morning and went outside to greet them. Once outside, she was attacked by the pit bulls. The dogs bit her on her arms and legs, but Wolf was able to reach her vehicle for safety. While in her car, Wolf couldn’t contact anyone inside the house. About an hour after being attacked, a neighbor noticed Wolf sitting in the car and called 911. Myers says Wolf was taken to a Midwest City hospital and received

Oath Keepers want sheriffs back as nation’s top cops HELENA, Mont. (AP) movement is on the rise — For Rex Nichols, the and was concerned about right person to guard the Oath Keepers making against unrestrained fed- inroads into law enforceeral power encroaching ment. The Oath Keepers are on the rural northwestern Montana county he calls similar to the tea party home is a figure straight crowd in that they often out of the old West — the disagree on what their aggressive, no-nonsense movement represents. While bred sheriff. from the libertariThe retired an spirit that police officer and courses through investment adviser intends to ABOUT IT the West, the Oath Keepers don’t make that a realihave a formal ty, joining at least a dozen candidates in structure beyond the other states running for vague principles outlined office on an interpretation in the 10 orders. They say the sheriff is of the Constitution they say means the sheriff is at the top primarily the highest law enforcer in because he is the highest the land, even above fed- elected law enforcement agent in the land, directly eral agents. “Frankly if he wants responsible to the voters, to, the sheriff can proba- and argue the Tenth bly do more for the Amendment gives the Constitution and protect- voters all power not ing the people than any- expressly given the federal government under the one else,” Nichols said. The candidates are part Constitution. The movement has of a loosely organized nationwide movement gained traction, including called the Oath Keepers, in dozen or more sheriff’s which is enlisting law races around the West enforcement and military from Orange County, personnel to vow to refuse Calif., to the northern bor10 orders they say are der. “It is time for the unconstitutional, from confiscating guns to war- sworn protectors of liberty, the Sheriffs of these rantless searches. Critics call the Oath United States of America, Keepers a dangerous anti- to walk tall and stand up government “patriot” for our Constitution and group recruiting on the Bill of Rights,” proedges of the militia move- claimed Larimer County, ment and taking advan- Colo., candidate Carl tage of the anger and fear- Bruning in his campaign mongering in some tea literature. The retired Air Force party circles. The Southern Poverty pilot is running against an Law Center is lumping incumbent, Sheriff James the “particularly worri- Alderden, who himself is some example of the popular with the gun Patriot revival” in with the rights supporters for hate groups it tracks. The refusing to enforce a group issued a report last Colorado State University year saying a new militia gun ban.


stitches for her wounds. Myers said it has not yet been determined if charges will be filed in the case. He said the animals will be euthanized by Midwest City’s animal control department.

21-year-old drowns in Lake Murray LONE GROVE (AP) — Authorities said a 21-yearold Lone Grove man drowned while swimming in Lake Murray in southern Oklahoma. Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials said Ronald David Berry was swimming near the lake’s Tee Pee Beach in Love County when he drowned at about 6:15 p.m. Saturday. Troopers said Berry was swimming with another person when he encountered unknown problems, went underwater and did not resurface. Berry’s body was recovered by divers at 8:35 p.m. Saturday in about seven


Oklahoma City Lexington Lone Grove

feet of water about 175 feet from the shoreline.

Personal watercraft rider injured on lake SAND SPRINGS (AP) — A 20-year-old Sand Springs man was critically injured while riding a personal watercraft on Keystone Lake. Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials said Donald Lee Tuttle Jr. was jumping waves behind a cabin cruiser on Sunday at 3:35 p.m. when he lost control and crashed. Troopers said Tuttle was unconscious and face-down in the water for an unknown amount of time before onlookers pulled him from the water and began performing CPR on him. He was taken to a Tulsa hospital in critical condition. Troopers said an odor of alcoholic beverage was noted on Tuttle and listed

the cause of the accident as reckless operation of a personal watercraft.

Stratford teen dies in ATV crash near Lexington LEXINGTON (AP) — Authorities say an 18-yearold man has died in an allterrain vehicle accident near Lexington. Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials said Marshell Connor Lucas of Stratford died at the scene of the accident, which occurred at 10:50 p.m. Saturday. Troopers said Lucas was driving the ATV on a dirt trail and was trying to catch up to another vehicle. They said Lucas was not familiar with the area and struck a tree. A passenger on the ATV, 18-year-old Ashley Dawn Lambert of Blanchard, was not injured.

Bill to make charities more accountable OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Financial reports filed by charities with the state can be indecipherable and misleading. Sometimes they’re not filed at all. To fix some of the problems, state legislators last week passed Senate Bill 1070, the Oklahoma Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Act. “This bill is about accountability and transparency,” said Senate author Susan Paddack, D-Ada. “It’s also about ... the wonderful work that so many of our charitable organizations do, and yet we know that there are some that don’t do exactly what the donors would want them to do.” Oklahoma law requires charities report financial and fundraising information with the Oklahoma secretary of state to be able to accept donations. But it doesn’t require a review of the forms, officials said. “Generally speaking,

states seem to spend most of their time collecting information and overseeing the collection of the information, but they don’t do a whole lot with the information once they get it,” said Laurie Styron, an analyst with the American Institute of Philanthropy. In such a case, “How helpful is the collection of it in the first place?” The Oklahoman found the following examples of questionable paperwork among charities operating in Oklahoma: • The Oklahoma Vietnam Veterans Charitable Foundation listed its gross amount of contributions as $11,875, which was actually the net after its fundraiser took a 90 percent cut of all donations. A charity representative said it was a simple mistake. • Although several charities listed Wisconsin-based Xentel as a professional fundraiser, the company’s registration with the state expired in July 2008 and had

not been renewed as of April 10. • Professional fundraising contracts often were out of date. Although filed as current, the effective dates in the contracts could be several years old. “Right now if you go look the contracts up, you got to damn near be a genius to find anything out,” Oklahoma American Veterans News Executive Director Henry Hall said.

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A big goal of the Oklahoma Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Act is to clear up some of the confusion. A comprehensive look at the law has not been taken in 50 years, Paddack said.

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