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Deforestation throughout Time VANESSA MONSALVE

Deforestation started really long time ago to be specific, when man discovered fire. At first caveman’s used it logically just to build their fires to make animals go away, cook food and to avoid being cold in the nights.

What else did caveman’s used wood for? They used it for a lot of things but mainly it was to make fire but other examples of what they used wood chopped down were fore weapons and musical instruments.

But when did it start to be a problem? It wasn’t a thread to the world until 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 when the Industrial Revolution started where machines replaced people. There deforestation became a bigger problem. Deforestation became one of the biggest world issues especially because the demand of wood products became to increase.


How has deforestation grown throughout years? Deforestation nowadays is starting to become a major issue and one of the most affected places is the Amazonian Forest were millions of trees are cut off. But many may ask why does it keep growing? The reason some people are against stopping deforestation is because if people stop deforestation poverty increases and with the overpopulation in the world poor countries are the ones that suffer the most. Deforestation keeps growing and increasing all around the world.



Tree Cutting in Numbers FRANCISCO SEVILLA

Deforestation statistics are data tables that show how many trees had been cut down in a year, to its show how many trees had been cut in a country or in a village. This is the statistics that were in a year, square miles of mature forest that originally covered the planet in 1947 the hectares lost were 5.9 million per year and square miles of mature forest that have been cut down in 1047 is 3 million. Here are the top 10 endangered forests, Indo Burma in Asia-Pacific, the remaining habit is a 5 % of the forest, New Caledonia in AsiaPacific the remaining habitat of the forest is a 5%, Sundaland in Asia-Pacific a 7%, Philippines in AsiaPacific is a 7% more of habitat, Atlantic Forest in South America a 8% of the forest if left, Mountains of Southwest China in Asia-Pacific a 8% of habitat left, California Floristic Province in North America a 10% of the forest left, Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa in Africa 10%, Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands in Africa a 10% of the forest left and in Eastern Afromontane in Africa 115 of the forest left.


The statistics of 2000-2005, the countries with the highest Deforestation of natural forests are: Brazil minus 3,466,000 hectares lost per year, Indonesia minus 1,447,800 hectares lost per year, Russian Federation minus 532,200 hectares lost per year, Mexico minus 395,000 hectares lost per year, Peru minus 224,600 hectares lost per year, United States of America minus 215,200 hectares lost per year, in Bolivia minus 135,200 hectares lost per year, Sudan minus 117,807 hectares lost per year and Nigeria minus 82,000 hectares lost per year. The countries with the most forest cover are: Russian Federation hectares of forest 808,790,000, Brazil hectares of forest 477,698,000, Canada has hectares of forest 310,134,000, United States of America hectares of forest 303,089,000, China hectare of forest 197, 290,000, Australia has hectares of forest 163,678,000, Democratic Republic of the Congo hectares of forest 133,610,000, Indonesia hectares of forest 88,495,000, Peru hectares of forest 68,742,000, India hectares of forest has 67,701,000, Sudan has hectares of forest of 67,546,000, Mexico hectares of forest 64, 238,000, Colombia hectares of forest 60,728,000, Angola hectares of forest has 59,104,000, Bolivia hectares of forest 58,7 40,000, Venezuela ( Bolivarian Republic) hectares of forest 47,713,000, Zambia hectares of forest 42,452,000, United Republic of Tanzania has 35,257,000 hectares of forest, Argentina has 33,021,000 and for last in the top 20 countries with most of forest cover is Myanmar with 32,222,000 hectares of forest.




Oil Drilling a National Park Ecuador´s Yasuni-ITT Destruction JULIA MADRIÑAN

Ecuador’s government decided to explode the Yasuni’s blocks (31, 43). This has made a huge impact on society since a lot of people have made protests to save the Yasuni. On the proposition Rafael Correa made it said that supposedly there aren’t any tribes that are not in contact with society. This made the people from Ecuador and all around the world speak since we are in lack of untouched jungles/forests. The people who agree to explode it and the people who don’t agree are right, there is no wrong opinion. The ones who agree to explode it think of the economics of the country. The president said that this will help the country grow an 8% annually. This exploitation would help the country to have better education, highways, and help the very poor. Rafael Correa said that he would eradicate extreme poorness till 2017. It is true; this will give the country a lot of money and could help the poor in a lot of ways. With this exploitation Ecuador would make 18.000 million dollars. "We cannot be so irresponsible to leave more


than 18,000 million (dollars) below ground, in a country that still has 24 percent of child malnutrition” said Ecuador’s president. People immediately started to make protests and to complain for many reasons. In Yasuni there are many tribes that are in no contact with society, so we don’t know if by exploding the jungle they are destroying people’s homes. Second, in one hectare of the Yasuni there are more species than in all North America, so species would be extinct. By the cut down of trees not only humans lose their houses, but animals too. Humans can find another place to live, I agree, but some animals won’t survive and die too. There are a lot of campaigns going around the world to save forests and jungles and they decide to explode Yasuni here for money. Correa is not paying attention to any of the protests the community is making and is still choosing to explode the Yasuni.

The Yasuni is one of earths with more biodiversity. The government has been working on this for about 6 years now, but only recently they made it a fact. If deforestation keeps happening at this range there is a study that in 50 years we could have no green land. To take out the petroleum they are planning on taking they will not only destroy that part of the rain forest, but to actually get to that point, they need highways. A lot of equipment has to pass through the whole rain forest. According to experts, they say that the exploitation will affect the ITT (Ishpingo, Tambococha and Tiputini). The block 31, the one they are exploiting, is in the heart of the Yasuni, where there is the most biodiversity. A lot of rivers around that zone will get infected. "Informe Sobre Explotación Petrolera En El Yasuni No Incluye 'zona Intangible'" El Universo. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013. "Explotación En El Bloque 31 Del Yasuní Sí Afectará Al ITT." Amazoniactual. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.





Deforestation: The End of our Home or an Improvement in our Lives Our planet is a green and blue planet with thousands of living things and amazing views of the world’s best landscapes. Forests cover over 31% of the surface of the planet. Different species of animals and plants live in this area where they are safe from any outer threat. Natives in this areas call forests their home since their ancestors have lived there for centuries, living with what the land provides for shelter and food. As other civilizations have improved in technology and construction, the population has increased and the need for more sources to live has caused a lot of damage in nature. A new threat to nature and the survival of the humanity has appeared during these years. Deforestation, the destruction of nature by cutting down trees. Forests from the entire world have been cut down to provide a heat source, medicines, and a shelter or protection against nature for humans but have left a space for humans to harm animals and plants and has made a lot of changes in climate, air and heat in our world. No place in the world where forests are found is safe form deforestation. People have created big organizations that try to take care of nature and explain the community why they should take care of the world and taught them how to protect nature. Organizations from different parts of the world have united to search for solutions to the possible extinction of all the life in planet Earth. Organizations like WWF and Greenpeace are trying to protect forests and their wildlife but, the need of many overcomes the idea of the survival of the planet. Forests, home of many species and humans are been reduced due to the constant and newly needs of mankind. When humans cut down trees, burn forests down and damage nature, the world slowly travels to its end. Forests have been cut down and destroyed because of agriculture, illegal logging affects nature when new constructions or vehicles are created or are near them. Nature gets contaminated, polluted and all the fresh air forests provide to the world banishes and the carbon dioxide contaminates the entire planet. With the destruction of forests comes the loss of the world’s biodiversity in animals and plants species that will be endangered of extinction since hunters and poachers will search for them and new predators looking for food will also hunt them down. Tropical rainforests are also threatened by deforestation. These forests are the home of almost all the world´s biodiversity in plants and animals. An example of this is the Amazon that has been reduced in size because of ranching and cutting trees down. Remote areas of the world with forests have banished due to the search of oil, gold or any resource that our modern world needs every day, destroying nature no matter what lives there or what consequences can come from the devastation of our planet.


Based on these facts and evidence that support that deforestation around the world is destroying the environment and the future of mankind, I think that deforestation must be stopped before it gets worst. Deforestation contaminates the planet, threatens species of animals and plants that depend of forests for food, shelter and a place where to live protected from any harm from humans or other species. Stopping this problem might seem easy but the truth is, that it requires a lot of works since there are opinions in favor and against deforestation. What we as humans, organisms living I this planet who must take of it, should think in this present days is that our world might not last any longer if it continues been contaminated and destroyed by deforestation and other changes made by us to improve our lives and try to live longer. Will there be any future for mankind if our planet is destroyed because of our needs, not considering how we have affected the Earth?

Image created by WWF (World Wildlife Federation) Information provided by: World Wildlife Federation. For more information enter to to learn about any other topic of interest. "Deforestation." World Wildlife Fund, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2013.



Killing the Amazon: Peru ALEJANDRA PINTO

Deforestation is clearing forests all around the world in a big scale, the consequence of this is the damage in land. Forest still represents 30 percent of worlds land area, but large amounts of land are lost every year. In some years worlds rainforest could disappear completely based on the current rate of deforestation. Trees are cut down for human necessities like paper, building homes, cities, farms, etc. farmers are the ones that use wood the most, farmers use wood to create more space for their crops to grow. Farmers also use wood to provide their families with food, they use the process of cutting down and then burning trees called “slash and burn”.

Peru’s rainforest which represents 20 percent of the amazon is now facing a lot of problems related to deforestation. One of them is the trafficking of endangered species of wood. Although people try to stop this problem by creating campaigns wood keeps disappearing. "Deforestation has been advancing through the Brazilian Amazon, although the Brazilians have made some significant reductions in their deforestation rate," said Cabarle in an interview with recently a new highway has been inaugurated in Peru but to build it workers had to cut down many trees. This generates a possibility for people to build houses near the highway and to build them they also have to cut down trees. Deforestation is also one of the many causes of climate change. When we burn wood lots of pollutants are released to the earth’s atmosphere which is very important for us. The atmosphere is the coat that protects us from getting too much sun or UV rays that are dangerous for our skin. The UV rays can cause cancer to our skin. Today, a very big amount of people is dying because of cancer, the treatments are very strong. Getting those treatments can cause your hair to fall and very little times you can get cancer free.


If we are able to reduce emissions, in which deforestation is a piece, we would reduce the amount of pollutants released to the atmosphere. Organizations also plan on educating developing countries to stop deforestation from magnify. Rich countries could start the change by reducing emissions since they have enough resources to develop a good plan. Another way to reduce deforestation is reducing greenhouse emissions, which will affect Peru’s forest in a good way. This will also reduce the amount of trees cutted on the forest , therefore many other countries will be interested to this and deforestation will reduce all around the world creating a new, good, impact on the environment and changing the future for other generations.



Technology: Helping less Trees to fall, But to Fall Faster BY: NICOLĂ S GUZMĂ N Technology is advancing in every aspect of science and in every work. This means that technology has also advanced in deforestation. New technology helps regulate illegal logging, but also helps for faster and more efficient tree cutting.

On our world, trees are very important to our life. When cutting trees, they provide very necessary materials. These materials are used to make daily life objects as paper, fuel and money. Cutting trees also helps to clear out space for agriculture, cattle or for population growth. On the other side, trees also produce oxygen from carbon dioxide, which right now, is needed to lower the level of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere. Additionally, these plants help control the weather and the water cycle. By cutting trees, it has an economical advantage, as well as an environmental loss.


Technology in Deforestation Technology is advancing against forests. Every day, people want to do things more efficient, and in deforestation is not the exception. There are better machines being created to cut down trees easier. Machines bring down trees faster and in more space. This tree weapons destroy forests massively. There are also machines that help the entire logging process (tree cutting, skidding and making trees logs) more efficient to do.



With these technologies, the deforestation industry becomes bigger and more powerful which can help to the destruction of more forests and jungles. 20

Technology against Deforestation Technology has also advanced in the trees side. There are technological devices for controlling deforestation and illegal logging. The Global Forest Watch 2.0 is an initiative that helps control illegal logging. Designed by Google, this satellital monitoring technology helps groups know when an illegal deforestation group may cut down trees and to prevent it. Global Forest Watch 2.0 There are more technological improvements that help governments and communities to control, guard and preserve their forests

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