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The positive aspects of social networking are being able to talk to all of your friends at once or being able to talk to relatives that aren’t within driving distances or are overseas and this can all be done in the comfort of your home. Now that social networking is everywhere and everyone is able to access it, Facebook is a key example of this because if you own a phone you have access to facebook 24/7 for free. One of the good things about social networking is the way you can stay in touch with everyone and most social networking is free to access. Another great thing about social networking is that you can use it to organise events such as parties, meetings and massive events. People have also started using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to raise awareness about issues all around the world. One of the biggest movements was to raise awareness about Kony who was a man who had killed 1000’s of people in Africa and had made child army’s. One man had made a video called Kony 2012 and from there it had kicked off to find and punish Kony for all the crimes he had committed. Within days this video had the whole World talking and millions of people had watched it; every news channel was talking about capturing Kony.

The plan was to catch Kony by April and if he had not been caught by then everyone would cover their towns at night to raise the awareness even more. Kony ended up being caught within a month of the video being posted. That is just one of the many ways we could use social networking to help the world. Another way social networking has been used to do something good is on facebook there was a page set up by an organisation. For every like it received it would donate $1 to charity it had ended up with millions of likes from everywhere around the world and they did donate the money. Those are reasons about how social networking can be used for good and to help the world become a better place.

By Jimmy Vogel

Positive aspects of social networking jimmy