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You Wouldn’t Steal A Handbag, So Why Steal Music? Ryan Lieschke

it is easier and cheaper than buying music from websites such as ITunes.

Piracy is just a fancy name for stealing. So when you pirate music, you are stealing music from artists and their producers. Stealing music is just as bad as stealing a handbag or robbing an ATM, and if you’re caught you will have to pay a hefty fine or possibly be imprisoned.

The top 10 countries for music theft are Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Paraguay, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. Percentages of pirated music is greater than people buying music in 31 countries, with China have 85% of music sold being pirated, 80% in Indonesia and Russia, Ukraine and Russia having 60% pirated music.

The criminal offences act states the rules on piracy and the consequences if caught. “It is an offence for a person to manufacture, sell, hire, distribute or offer for sale or hire, infringing (pirate) copies of films, in any format, or to have in his/her possession for the purpose of sale or hire a film in any format. The maximum criminal penalties for individuals under the Copyright Act can be as high as $60,500 and up to five years imprisonment.”-(section 132 of the Criminal Offences Act) There are advertisements on nearly every movie you watch about stealing movies and music, some people take this in but the majority do not. The fact is, downloading music illegally has become quite accessible through programs such as Utorrent or file converters on the internet. These programs are also free, so

But who does music theft really hurt? You may think that illegally downloading a song here or there doesn’t hurt anyone, but imagine that 1 million other people are doing it at the same time. So 1 million songs are being downloaded at one time and the people who made it don’t get any compensation for it, this puts people out of jobs and could stop artists making music in the future. So, by illegally downloading music you aren’t just hurting the artists or producers, or even people working in music stores, you’re hurting yourself as your favourite musicians and bands could stop making music.

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