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Overweight and its risks Diabesity is a term that used to describe the link between diabetes and obesity. They are critically connected. Leptin and adiponectin are the key hormones responsible for this link. In the past 20 years the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased considerably with more than 20 million in USA above the age of 20 having type 2 diabetes. In a recent World Health Organisation Report, India is ranked as a country with the highest number of diabetics followed by the United States. In Asia China, Japan and Korea are also reporting increase in obese people and pre-diabetic patients. About 90 percent of people with newly diagnosed diabetes are overweight. Many adults and children are now taking more on a sugary diet and meat dishes eating out as a result of a smaller family unit and a stressful lifestyle. This gives rise to a medical condition called Metabolic Syndrome. It describes a condition of people with increased fat in the belly, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and low good cholesterol. Metabolic Syndrome is a major risk for cardiovascular disease-heart attacks and strokes. So common are these problems that it has become a standard medical care for adults in the over 40 age group which is considered the high-risk group. Being overweight or obese is the No.1 cause of cardiovascular disease death. As soon as you gain weight you will start to feel tired after meals, craving for more carbohydrates, dizzy, frequent urination and so on. This is because your metabolism starts to change. Blood sugar. blood pressure and blood fats will all increase and eventually affects your cardiovascular system. But the good news is you can reverse this by changing your eating will lead to problems like coronary heart disease (CHD),and peripheral vascular disease (PVD) that will cause damage to the blood vessels of the arms and legs and other complications like blindness, nerve damage, bowel problems and even erectile dysfunction. Finally, some other problems commonly associated with Overweight, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Back pain Gallstones Gout Sleep apnea Varicose veins Infertility Insomnia

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Overweight and its risks