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ENERGY CRISES IN PAKISTAN Engr: Ghulam Abbas Tanwari Guddu Dist: Kashmore @ Kandhkot Modern societies are characterized by a substantial consumption of energy which are needed to provide the operation of physical infrastructure upon which societies depend which are production of food , water , clothing ,shelter transportation , communication and other essential human services. So we need energy to cook our food, to light and to drive our transport. Today our country faces the energy crises due to wrong energy policy and lack of interest towards the alternative energy resources i.e. ( solar, wind, bio-energy and other renewable energy resources). Therefore generation capacity of electricity is less then the demand of people, thus causing the load shedding and lowers the living standards. Due to load shedding patients in hospitals, students in schools, collages , universities and even in homes, peoples in MASJID, shopkeepers and all the peoples of PAKISTAN facing so many difficulties. Therefore peoples of our country are in big trouble due to crises of energy. Due to crises of energy strikes in almost every part of PAKISTAN daily. Due to crises so many peoples of our country are disturbed almost every filed person is disturb. According to geological survey of PAKISTAN the quantity of coal in THAR is about 175 Arab tones can be a good source to overcome the energy crises. A question arises who is responsible for load shedding? In my opinion energy management department is responsible for energy crises. In the same way corruption in our country is a big problem for energy crises. Another question arises how to overcome the energy crises? There are few suggestions from my side to overcome the energy crises are given as under: 1). Distribution of energy resources utilization should be changed. 2). Energy resources having free running cost should be utilized to generate electricity. 3). Efficiency of energy utilization should be increased. 4). Main problem which is corruption should be decreased. 5). Sources of energy like wind , tidal and solar can be utilized to overcome the energy crises. 6). Coal which is in large quantity can be used to overcome the energy crises. 7). Energy Policy Management have to work hard and corruption should

1st Digital APTF Magazine be decreased from their department. Finally I say that we have to use our sources like hydro (water),wind, Tidal and solar. These resources are in good capacity to utilize them for generating electricity. Some of them like wind and solar are free of cost but their initial cost is high. We have to increase our generation of electricity to overcome energy crises.


Engr: Ghulam Abbas Tanwari Guddu Dist: Kashmore @ Kandhkot 1 st Digital APTF Magazine 1 st Digital APTF Magazine be decreased from their dep...