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verdure engraved issue 22

contents page 3-33: 1960’s japanese advertising page 34-41: taisia afonina page 42-57: vera stone (norman) page 58-62: violet neish page 63-69: johs rian page 70-91: thomas wilfred page 92-102: t. enami page 102-107: john cecil stephenson page 108-116: miroslav sasek page 117-126: iela mari

1960’s japanese advertising

taisia afonina

vera stone (norman)

violet neish

johs rian

thomas wilfred

t. enami (b. 1859 d. 1929)

john cecil stephenson

miroslav sasek

iela mari *

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verdure engraved - issue 22  
verdure engraved - issue 22  

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