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Thank you to all our fantastic customers. To our new customers, “Welcome to the family.” We’re in this together! Your success is our success.

An engraved compass rose surrounded by concentric circles add an air of sophistication to this outdoor space.

Color concentration is key when choosing stains to coordinate with a home’s exterior.

Custom logos are a cinch to engrave using the KaleidoCrete system and Engrave-A-Crete templates. Staining and engraving an outdoor space adds instant curb appeal.

Timeless tile designs are always a crowd pleaser. 2

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Give a driveway a fresh and flattering look with an engraved circular brick pattern and tile border.

Custom templates and a great stain job make this memorial special.

What a transformation! The concrete entryway of this stable becomes a real showpiece when stained and engraved patterns are added. Circular brick and tile designs create a win-win situation.

Concrete or wood? It’s concrete! Engrave and stain a wood plank pattern, always a favorite. 1-800-884-2114

Decorative concrete engraving is limited only by your imagination. 3

Decorative Concrete Training, Processes, Tools & Equipment

We are the manufacturer with real people working for you! For over 20 years Engrave-A-Crete has been revolutionizing the way the world views concrete and flooring. You can easily reach us by phone, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear a real, on-site person answer during business hours to take your order or connect you with our technical support team. Visit our website and online store if you would like to learn more about decorative concrete staining and engraving, have a product question, or want to place an online order. We offer hands-on decorative concrete training at our world-class facility. Check our website for a date that works for you, or order the Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD to get a jump start on your career in decorative concrete. Our processes, precision-crafted tools and equipment are changing the world, one surface at a time.

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Education & Marketing

Stains & Supplies

Engrave-A-Crete®, Inc.

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Three packed days of intense hands-on learning Workshops are held in our 16,000 square foot training wing in Mansfield, Missouri. Schedules are posted online at or call 1-800-884-2114

See the catalog back cover for more information on becoming an Engrave-A-Crete installer.

Engraving Techniques Learn fast & easy techniques to cut decorative patterns:

• Tile • Brick • Cobblestone • Flagstone • Geometric • Borders • Wood Plank • Slate • Logos


Specialty Tools

Stain and Sealer Learn the secrets of quick layout Application and engraving using:

• Cobra • Mongoose X • KaleidoCrete Business Management • Structuring Your Business • Pricing Jobs • Marketing

Discover how easy staining concrete can be when you use the right products.

• RAC and WRC Stains • Surface Prep & Repair • Paint & Sealer Remover • Acrylic and Epoxy • Mantello Resurfacing


With Engrave-A-Crete’s unique tools, processes and products, you can transform ugly surfaces into awesome works of art. These Before and After shots tell the story.


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Engrave-A-Crete’s Line of Tools

Tool Comparisons

Engrave-A-Crete tools are designed with a range of capabilities. Some are more suited for one application than another. That can make deciding which tool to buy a bit confusing. This chart simplifies the issue a bit. It’s meant only as a guide, and it’s based on the ease of use and the effectiveness of each tool according to the application. Of course your tool choice will depend on a number of factors, including the types of installations you want to make, whether you’re adding to your business or starting a new one, and your budget. If you have further questions about a particular tool or process, please give us a call at 1-800-884-2114. We’re here to help you. Blade Installed

SawKart Mongoose 3 Mongoose X 3.1” x .09” 3.1” x .125”

Available Blade Sizes

.090” - .125” - .090” - .125” .250” - .375” .250”- .375”

Motor Size

8.5 Amp

Vertical Applications Template Based Floor Surface Prep


KaleidoCrete Sandroid Impactors Sandblast Media

Blastin’ Betty Blastshot Media

10.5 Amp

.090” - .125” - .250” - .375” - .500” 15 Amp

18 Amp




Yes 1/4”

Yes 1/4”

Yes 3/8”














110/120v or 110/120v 220/240v Yes Yes Yes Yes

Stand Up Handle Adjustable Depth Max. Depth of Cut Crack Control Joints Dust Collection/Vac Attachment Center Pivot Attachable for Circles/Arcs Linear/Circular Brick Tracking System Available Straight Line Cutting Free Form Curves Spring Loaded Cutting (Push Down to Engage) Front Pointer Rear Pointer Lateral Pointer Power Supply

Cobra 4.5” x .125”





Yes Yes Yes



Varies by saw

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes 110/120v or 110/120v or 220/240v 220/240v

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes 110/120v or 220/240v

Yes Yes



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Nothing Engraves Like A Mongoose Mongoose X Pro Pack Includes: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mongoose X Concrete Engraver Removable Handle 3.1 x .125 USA Diamond Blade .090 Premium USA Diamond Blade .250 Premium USA Diamond Blade .375 Premium USA Diamond Blade Center Pivot and 6 Connecting Tubes Trammel Point Layout Kit Extension Handle On/Off Switch Custom Storage Case Wide, High-Traction Wheels Training Manual w/ Design Ideas

Attention Professional Installers: Take it for a test drive... The Mongoose X has a money back guarantee. Try it for 90 days. If the X isn’t worth every penny you paid for it, return it and we’ll refund your money. You only pay for return freight.

Lifetime Warrantparyts)

(On all Aluminum

Mongoose X Cutting Unit Great for straight lines, perfect circles and free form curves, the versatile X quickly and efficiently transforms existing concrete into works of art. Xactly what the decorative concrete industry has been waiting for. .125” Blade included.

Model #: MGX-72 $2,495

Mongoose X Handle

Add a handle to your Mongoose X for stand up operations.

Model #: MGX-80 $399.95

One Year Full Warranty

Mongoose 3 Cutting Unit The Mongoose 3 is the latest addition to the Mongoose family and features innovative three-wheel design. This versatile engraver cuts straight lines, tile and wood plank patterns, and polygons in nearly limitless designs. Upgrade with a center pivot to cut perfect circles and arcs. The Mongoose 3 comes equipped with a flip-up front pointer, spring loaded cutting head, vacuum port, adjustable length wheel base, 8.5 Amp, 10,000 RPM motor, depth control screw and deluxe wide wheels. Includes .090” blade.

Model #: MG-530 $1,295



Precision Center Pivot Engraving perfect circles and arcs just became a one-man operation using the Precision Center Pivot. The aluminum, 14” diameter pivot provides smooth, accurate action and features a rubber, non-skid, non-marring base that’s heavy enough to remain in place without attaching to the floor. If additional weight is required for intricate patterns, a bucket of weights set atop the bucket tray won’t interfere with maneuverability. Twin connecting tubes stabilize the Precision Center Pivot to eliminate racking. Located in the exact center is a sighting pin hole and alignment “cross hair” for precise marking and engraving. Parallel connecting tubes extend to attach the pivot to the cutting tool. Multiple connecting tubes can be added to perfectly cut large arcs and circles. Connecting tube support wheels support long tube extensions, preventing connecting tube drag on the slab.

Model #: MGX-96 $995.00

LINEAR RAIL TRACKING SYSTEM Makes cutting linear patterns, such as wood plank designs, quick, accurate and easy. Simply determine the measurement between lines, set up the Linear Tracking System, attach your Engrave-A-Crete saw and go! Perfectly spaced lines every time. • No holes to drill in the concrete • No chalk lines to measure and snap • Use multi-directional wheels on your saw to easily move to the next line • Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 3, Cobra, Lil’ Beaver and SawKart

Model #: MGX-536 $965.00

Standard Center Pivot Base

20” Connecting Tube

Engrave perfect circles using the center pivot and connecting tubes. The unique base is machined out of rigid, non-marring plastic with cross hair sighting slots and mounting holes. For use with Mongoose 411, Mongoose AIR and Mongoose X.

Each connecting tube is 20” long and screws together to form extensions for any size circle you need to cut. Fits Precision Center Pivot and Standard Center Pivot. 2 Connecting Tubes = 7’ dia. circle 6 Connecting Tubes = 20’ dia. circle 10 Connecting Tubes = 33’ dia. circle For use with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411 & Mongoose AIR.

Model #: MG-505 $199.95

Model #: MG-502 $39.95 per tube

Trammel Point / Edge Parallel Marker Kit

Water Kit for Mongoose AIR

A dual purpose tool for circular and angular layout as well as drawing border lines which follow the edge profile of a slab. As a trammel point kit, it acts just like a drawing compass for paper (just a much larger scale). You will use this tool to find perfect angles, straight lines, and trace perfect circles. You can add additional connecting tubes to extend the radius of this tool.

Featuring quick release connectors for quick and easy connection to the Mongoose Air, this dust control and water mist cooling system keeps your diamonds cool and open for the quickest cutting speed possible. When combined with the use of a wet vacuum (connected to the Mongoose AIR), there is no dust produced and very little slurry left behind.

Model #: ME-406 $99.95

Model #: MG-615 $99.95


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Power through concrete with a Mongoose Narrow Wheel Kit Used for track free engraving of free form curves and shapes or for cutting small radius circles and arcs when attached to a center pivot. Kit includes (4) wheels, (4) axles and hex wrench. Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411, Mongoose AIR and Cobra.

Mongoose X and AIR Concrete Engraving Blades Item 3.1” x .090”

Model # BL-31090

Approximate Cut Width

3.1” x .125”

Model #: ME-349 $99.95

Price $129.95 Made in USA


$139.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

3.1” x .250”

Non-Marking Wheel Kit Specifically designed for cutting overlayments, microtoppings and other surfaces that tend to mark easily. Sealed bearings. Set of 4. Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411, Mongoose AIR and Cobra. Model #: MG-513 $195.95


$199.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

3.1” x .375”


$259.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

Mongoose X or Mongoose 3 Motor Model #: MGX-85 Mongoose X (2015+) Replacement Motor $299.95 Model #: MG-526 Mongoose X (Prior to 2015) Replacement Motor $299.95 Model #: MG-521 Mongoose 3 Replacement Motor $299.95

Mongoose 411 Parts Mongoose 411 Concrete Engraving Blades Item 4.0” x .090”

Model # BL-40090P

Price $149.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

4.0” x .125”


Mongoose Blade Change Tools

Replacement socket and wrench for removing the hub bolt on the Mongoose tools. For Mongoose 411 - Model #: MG-518 $19.95/set For Mongoose X, Air and Mongoose 3 - Model #: MGX-93 $19.95/set

$159.95 Made in USA

Mongoose 411 Motor

Approximate Cut Width

Keep your Mongoose 411 running strong

4.0” x .250”

BL-40250PM *RCT

$219.95 Made in USA

on Mongoose 411 Replacement Motor $299.95

No L

Approximate Cut Width

4.0” x .375”

BL-40375PM *RCT

$279.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

* RCT- Reduced Core Thickness. Blades .250” and .375” wide MUST have this RCT area to safely operate on a Mongoose 411. Standard thick core blades will not properly mount on a Mongoose 411.


ilable a v A er #: MG-509 gModel

3/16” T-Handle Driver

Replacement for adjusting Mongoose 411 depth limiting screw

Model #: MG-510 $9.95

Mongoose 411 Hub Bolt

Left hand thread. Replacement spindle bolt for securing blades to the Mongoose 411.

Mongoose 411 Motor Brushes Model #: MG-507 $9.95 Set of two Model #: MG-508 $19.95


Cobra - The Decorative Concrete Engraving Dream Machine Fast. Powerful. Versatile. Precise. All the features you’re looking for in a heavy-duty engraver in one tool. With the easy to use yet super-strong Cobra, the world of designs on concrete is literally at your feet. Whether you choose geometric layouts, linear or circular brick, slate, tile or any of thousands of other patterns, Cobra puts you ahead of the decorative concrete competition and on the cutting edge of profits.

Powerful Motor Adjustable Handle

Cobra’s two piece multi-position, adjustable height handle allows for stand-up operation by any operator.

Vacuum Port

Catches dust at the source for a cleaner work environment.

Cobra’s German made 15 Amp, 8500 RPM motor screams through concrete so you complete engraving jobs in nothing flat.

Solid Aluminum Chassis

Cobra is proudly machined from solid blocks of 6061 T-6 billet aluminum at our manufacturing facility right here in the USA.

Spring Loaded Cutting Head Blade Width Variety

Cobra accepts 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” blades to give you the design flexibility you want.

Depth Control Screw Precisely set the engraving depth to fit the job – up to a maximum of ¼” deep.

Contour Following Wheel

Rides the surface of the concrete to maintain a constant depth of cut. Adjustable to compensate for blade wear.

Front and Rear Pointers Wheel Options

Interchangeable wheels allow you to choose the best option for the job. Cobra cutting unit comes with straight line wheels.


Cobra’s precision pointers help you make exact cuts every time, even in the most complicated designs.

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Circular and Linear Brick Kit

Cobra Cutting Unit Cut straight lines, free-form curves, square tile, random Ashlar slate, and geometric designs using the professional grade Cobra. The Cobra Cutting Unit comes equipped with a two piece, multiposition adjustable height handle, 4.5” x .125” premium diamond blade, wide high-traction straight line wheels, flip up front pointer, and rear pointer. Also included: spanner wrench, 3/16” T-handle, Operator Training Manual, and a Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD.

Add versatility with the Circular and Linear Brick Kit. Cut circular, fan pattern, arched, linear running and stack bond brick · arched or fan pattern slate or block ·circular, arched or fan pattern tile and cobblestone · perfect circles and arcs. Model #: SC-172 $2,295

Model #: SC-169 $3,495

Cobra Pro Pack

Lifetime Warrantyts)

(On all Aluminum par

Pro Pack Includes:

• Cobra Cutting Unit • Wide, High-Traction Straight Line Wheel Kit • Dynamic Direction Wheel Kit • Front Flip Up Pointer • Rear Pointer • Spanner Wrench • 3/16” T-Handle • Operator Manual • Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD • 4.5” x .125” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .090” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .250” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .375” Premium Diamond Blade • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter • Dust Control Plate • Aluminum Rigid Pointer System


• (1) Center Pivot • Concrete Anchoring Kit • Edge Parallel Marker / Trammel Point Kit • Primary Connecting Bar Assembly • (3) - Sections Connecting Bar • 50 Connecting Bar Screws • Straight/Linear Tracking Carriage

• (2) 4’ Linear Rails • 47’’Linear Rail Full Base Assembly • Mobile Wheeled Storage Locker • 1 year Full Warranty • Lifetime Warranty on Aluminum Parts Model #: SC - 203 $7,295


The right wheel for every job!


Non-Marking Wheel Kit

Wide Wheel Kit

Specifically designed for cutting overlayments, micro-toppings and other surfaces which tend to mark easily. Sealed bearings. Set of 4. Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411, Mongoose Air, SawKart and Cobra. Model #: MG-513 $195.95

Sealed bearings. Really cool all aluminum rims. Provides better traction and stability on concrete especially for straight-line cuts. Set of 4. Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411, Mongoose Air, SawKart and Cobra. Model #: MG-512 $175.95

Your key to speed and precision Cobra Concrete Engraving Blades Item 4.5” x .090”

Model # BL-45090P

Price $149.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

4.5” x .125”


$159.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

Dynamic-Directional Wheels

Narrow Wheel Kit

Dynamic wheels allow the machine to move freely in any direction. Used with linear tracking system and when attached to a center pivot. Kit includes (8) wheels, (4) axles and hex wrench. For use with the Cobra. Model #: SC-182 $199.95

Used for track free engraving of free form curves and shapes or for cutting small radius circles and arcs when attached to a center pivot. Kit includes (4) wheels, (4) axles and hex wrench. Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 411, Mongoose Air, SawKart and Cobra. Model #: ME-349 $99.95

See the Cobra in action at /cobra


4.5” x .250”


$219.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

4.5” x .375”


$289.95 Made in USA Approximate Cut Width

Note: To prevent a thin core blade from spinning between the hub nuts, reverse the outside nut so the raised flanges do not bottom out.

Shop online at

Cobra Accessories For Precision Control

The CobraTM Tracking system

Primary Connecting Bar Assembly

Standard Aluminum Connecting Bar

Attaches the Super Compact to the tracking systems. Includes Clamp Block, Stabilizer Assembly, Star Knob, 9/64” T-Handle, 4” and 8” Spacer

28” long with indexing holes drilled on 4” centers, includes splice insert and screws.

Model #: SC-155 $495.00

Linear Carriage Carriage glides on linear rails for smooth cuts. Used for linear designs such as straight brick, offset tile, block and cobblestone.

Model #: SC-111 $499.95

Model #: SC-108 $99.95 (each)

4” Spacer for Primary Connecting Bar Model #: SC-146- $11.95 8” Spacer for Primary Connecting Bar Model #: SC-145- $11.95

Helps prevent connecting bar sag. Recommended when extending the connecting bar beyond 16 feet .

Model #: SC-110 $69.95

Connecting Bar Screws

4 Foot Linear Tracking Bar

4 Foot Linear Full Base

When cutting large areas of linear brick or cobblestone, connect multiple sections together with dowel pins to achieve desired length.

Cuts small areas of linear brick or cobblestone without the need to anchor to the concrete. Model #: SC-116 $389.95

Special under cut heads 1/4-20 UC. Used to attach connecting bars together. These screws are NOT standard screws. Use of any other type of screw will result in a loose fit between the bars. Bag of 50.

Model #: SC-109 $14.95

Model #: SC-181 $199.95

Center Pivot

“Stand On” Base

Use two or more center pivots to weave circular brick patterns together. Machined from solid aluminum. Complete with indexing pin, star knob, and smooth rotating ball bearing.

Cut circles without anchoring the center pivot to the concrete. Machined out of rigid, non-marring plastic with crosshair sighting slots. Simply stand on the base to weigh down the center pivot. Center Pivot sold

Model #: SC-103 $199.95

Connecting Bar Support Wheel


Model #: SC-175 $149.95

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Groov-E News Blog Keep up with the latest tech tips, safety issues, marketing info, and news from the world of decorative concrete.



Convert your standard portable circular saw to do beautiful concrete engraving, cutting, grooving and scoring with ease and precision. Along with decorative engraving, SawKart’s maximum cutting depth of 1½” makes it ideal for cutting crack-control joints, especially in tight spaces not accessible to a slab saw. Easy to maneuver. Saw’s Blade Guard Remains Operational

Solid 6061 T-6 Billet Components Aluminum Chassis

Just lift the wheels slightly off the slab and the blade guard flips forward to cover the blade.

Manufactured using strict quality standards in our state-of-the-art milling and turning centers right here in the USA.

Cuts Straight Lines, Arcs and Circles

Straight line cutting is a cinch. Add the optional center pivot and connecting tubes for limitless designs. Center pivot and connecting tubes on page 8.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Simply slide your saw into the SawKart and tighten the set screws for a secure and precise fit.

Precision Front Guide/Pointer

Accurately follow cutting lines for exact designs. Flips up and out of the way to cut close to walls.

3.150” Diameter Non-marking Polyurethane Wheels


The same sintered bronze bushings that have proven to be extra long lasting in the gritty concrete engraving environment. The diameter and the grip of the wheels make cutting track-free straight lines nearly effortless. See other wheel options on page 13.

Model #: SK-604 Price: $495.00 $395.00 You Save $100

SAW NOT INCLUDED. Fits the following saws: PC: 15TCSMK PC: 15CSLK Skil: 5680-02 Skil: 5480 Skil: 5380 Hitachi: C75B2 De WALT: DWE57 De WALT: 368 De WALT: 364 Evolution: RAGEB


Makita: 5007MG Makita: 5007F Rigid: 32032 Rigid: 32022 Rigid: R3250 Ryobi: CSB142LZK Ryobi: CSB133L Milwaukee: 6390-21 Porter Cable: 347 *Fits Additional Saws Also


SawKart for Makita 4100NH Model #: SK-605 Price: $495.00 $395.00 You Save $100

Shop online at

9 Reasons Why

Concrete Engraving Is Your Customers’ Best Choice

Get Templates & Stencils in Any Size or Design Template Pricing

1. The pattern is cut into your customer’s ordinary, existing, hard concrete. And the best part is, customers understand it is better for the design to be “IN” not “ON” the concrete.

Standard templates including any templates in our online gallery, are priced by the square foot.

2. By remodeling your customers’ existing concrete with easy to install concrete engraving, you will save them time, mess and money.

Don’t see what you want in our gallery? Give us a call. We manufacture custom templates from your picture, drawing or idea.

3. The pattern will last the life of the concrete. Many engraved concrete patterns look even better as they age.

Custom or standard designs are $15 per square foot. Minimum charger $90. Template kits are also available.

4. Engrave-A-Crete is not a topping or overlay that can delaminate. 5. The concrete engraving process disguises cracks, repairs and imperfections as it beautifies the surface.

Call Stephen if you have any questions about template designs or pricing. 1-800-884-2114 x107

6. Concrete engraving is fast, clean and surroundings are undisturbed. There is NO intrusive demolition nor is the concrete replaced. Your customers want you in and out ASAP.

Preferred formats for art submission are: EPS, DXF, DWG or AI files. It is best to send a variety (if available) including JPG.

7. A wide variety of designs, patterns and logos are available along with a huge color selection. 8. No mandatory maintenance is needed. • Ordinary dirt and grime wash away with a garden hose. • Resists tire marks. • Oil drippings wipe right off the surface. • Weeds cannot grow between these “grout” lines. • Engraved brick, tile, stone or paver patterns can never come loose. • Enhanced resistance to salt and moisture penetration. 9. Engrave-A-Crete process is a property investment that adds distinctive value, beauty and curb appeal to any home or business.


Add 50% for Sandroid version. Prices are for 0.200” HDPE plastic. Use the chart above to figure the estimated price of your template. Please note: Not all designs can be made to all sizes. If your design is extremely large or small please call first. Some designs are not square, so be mindful of your design proportions.

Artisan Package

Any design can be a template or a stencil

Templates: Our templates are made of dense plastic. They are waterproof, UV stable and impact resistant. Once you finish a job, just wash off the template and it’s ready to be used over and over. Stencils: Bello Imperial Stencils are made of heavy, sticky-back vinyl. These stencils are for single use applications and can be simple or very intricate. Gelled RAC Stains and Metallic Stencil Spray work perfectly with Bello Imperial Stencils.

Tools for the craftsman. Our precision engineering makes it easy for you to accomplish excellence in decorative concrete engraving. Here are the tools to get the job done. The Artisan Package includes: Mongoose X™ Concrete Engraver Center Pivot 3 Connecting Tubes 3.1” x .125” Premium USA Blade Wide, High-Traction Wheels

Barracuda Concrete Engraver Wasp Concrete Engraver Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD Training Manual w/ Design Ideas

Model #: BP-108 $3,495.00



Engrave-A-Crete Templates and Stencils

Standard Template Sets

Fancy Lettering Template Set Engrave names, initials, numbers or addresses. Letters are 8” tall and have alignment slots for letter spacing and sighting chalk lines.

Address Number Set Finish the driveway with the house number. 4” tall numbers can be framed in either an oval or a chamfered corner rectangle.

Model #: KC-216 $263.95

Model #: KC-267 $499.95

Border 1 Template Set Expand your possibilities 46” x 6” Barbed Wire 46” x 9” Lazy S 45” x 10” Square - Aztec 14” x 14” Corner 1 18.5” x 18.5” Corner 2 44” x 12” Celtic 44.5” x 8” Geometric 22.25” x 3” Rope

Model #: KC-280 $399.95

Border 2 Template Set “Wow” your customers with more beautiful borders. 45” x 8.5” Intertwining 46” x 8” Wave 41” x 6” Celtic Braid 44” x 8” Vine 12” x 45” Phoenix 40” x 6” Fleur de Lis 22.75” x 4” Ivy 43.5” x 9.25” Knots

Model #: KC-285 $399.95

Sportsman Set Sure to please sportsmen and nature lovers alike! 25.04” x 29.28” Deer 24.08” dia. Bass 24.49” x 12.22” Gone Hunting 28” dia. Duck 7.13” x 10.01” Fly Lure 18.24” x 23.54” Marlin 19.68” x 4.42” Rifle .97” x 1.24” Paw Print 4.21” x 4.00” Foot Print 3.95” x 5.50” Hoof Print

Ashlar Slate Template Set

Create a beautiful square stone design. The ashlar slate set combines 3 different templates to create a completely unique and random looking pattern. Also included are 3 touch up templates for finishing edges and areas near walls (not pictured).

Model #: KC-211 $399.95

Flagstone Template Set Create the rich look of random flagstone with this five piece template set. This design works great to disguise a cracked or poorly finished concrete slab. Pieces measure 23 x 23, 24 x 17, 20½ x 16, 17½ x 14¾, 21¼ x 12

Model #: KC-212 $299.95

Model #: KC-224 $399.95

f Thousands o s other design online at

ns Engrave-A-Cr


Templates are available in vinyl, steel and plastic. Not sure what is right for your job? Give Steve a call.

Shop online at

See our online gallery for more template choices. We have templates for just about every style and theme. Grout Line Template Set There are unlimited design possibilities with the grout line template set. Simply lay out the desired pattern using a chalk line then cut using the grout line set. Stack bond or running bond; block, brick, or stone. Even slate or random stone. An extremely versatile set.

Model #: KC-266 $299.95

Small Cobblestone Fan Template Set

Large Cobblestone Fan Template Set

Complete fan template set comes with a linear cobblestone border.

Now you can offer your customer the classic look of interwoven European fans. It looks very complex but is simple to use. Complete fan template set comes with a linear cobblestone border. Larger stones than KC-214 means faster cutting time.

Model #: KC-214 $399.95

Available in any size Steve says: “Absolutely true! Since we manufacture our templates and stencils when you order them, you get to tell us what you want rather than having to choose from what we have on hand.” Available in any design Steve says: “We have several design examples in our catalog, and hundreds more on our website. We can also create your template or stencil from a picture, line drawing, logo or even just a sketch that you provide. With our advanced CAD/ CAM computer programming, coupled with my magical touch, anything you want is possible. Simply give me a call and we’ll get started on your design. And we won’t stop until it’s just the way you want it!”

Model #: KC-217 $399.95

Upsell Your Decorative Concrete Jobs & Earn More Are you upselling every decorative concrete job, to every customer, every single time? Sure, those simple stain jobs make you some bucks, but wouldn’t life be easier if you earned more on every job rather than marketing to a new customer each time? Engrave-A-Crete templates can spell success – literally and figuratively. Use custom and standard templates to upsell your customers on these ideas…

Beautiful engraved design combination.

Meet Steve! He’s the expert here at Engrave-ACrete when it comes to designing and producing those fantastic templates. He’s taken some of the claims we make about our line of templates and weighed in with his thoughts—which are pretty awesome since he is the Template Master.

A stunning compass rose ups the “wow” factor.

Custom templates are affordable Steve says: “Don’t let the words ‘custom design’ discourage you because it sounds expensive.” Standard designs are $15 per square foot., minimum charger $90. Custom designs are $20 per square foot, minimum chage $120. Template kits are also available. Templates are versatile Steve says: “Our templates work equally well with the KaleidoCrete System, the Sandroid Blasting System, and Blastin’ Betty.” Templates are reusable Steve says: “Our templates are made of dense plastic. They are waterproof, UV stable and impact resistant. Once you finish a job, just wash off the template and it’s ready to be used over and over.”

A special interest symbol to personalize a home

Flagstones to disguise cracks.

A medallion for added sophistication.

For even more inspiration, check out our gallery or take a look at our Idea Book. You’ll find a complete line of standard templates on our website. Or, we can create a custom template from your picture, drawing or even a simple sketch. These job pictures were sent to us by Engrave-A-Crete installers and have been shared on our Facebook page. If you use Engrave-A-Crete tools, products or supplies and you’d like for us to feature your work, please email your pictures to


Templates More in Practically questions? Any Size Give Steve a call at 1-800-884-2114


Choose the KaleidoCreteTM System For Impressions That Last A Lifetime

The KaleidoCrete System... • 2 tools used with design templates to engrave concrete anywhere. • Tools have high-speed reciprocal impacting teeth that knock off tiny bits of concrete to leave a detailed image. Staining concrete prior to engraving the design adds “wow” factor.

The Tools... • Barracuda—mid-size for hard-to-reach places and intricate designs. • Wasp—perfect for touch-ups and adding fine details.

The Applications... • Vertical—one of the most overlooked concrete surfaces. KaleidoCrete is perfect for engraving garden walls, steps, basement walls, adding house numbers... The possibilities are endless! • Horizontal—floors, patios, pool fact any horizontal surface regardless of the condition of the concrete. • Large or small designs—a variety of templates allows you to engrave vines wrapped around a corner, logos onto a glass wall, emblems onto a floor... you’re limited only by your imagination.

The Designs... • Online template catalog of hundreds of images. • Reusable, custom design templates from your photo, line drawing or idea. • Any size template you need to fit your job.

The Benefits... • Easy to learn, easy to use • Multiple surface capabilities make KaleidoCrete an economical choice for you and your customer. • Template selection, including custom designs you create, give you an edge over the competition.


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The KaleidoCrete Pro Pack

Includes: • Barracuda 2.0 Concrete Engraver • Wasp Concrete Engraver • Deluxe Template Set • Storage Case • $400 Template Credit

• • • • •

50’ Air Hose with Couplers Replacement Impactors (130/pk) Replacement Stingers For Wasp (6 pack) Air Tool Oil Mastering Decorative Concrete Engraving DVD Model #: KC-302 $1,849

Barracuda 2.0™ Concrete Engraver

Wasp™ Concrete Engraver

Mid-sized Mochton Stylus Barracuda Concrete Engraver has 29 replaceable impactors. This mid-sized concrete engraver is great for cutting designs that have fine detail. With its specially designed head it can cut into most small template openings. Precision made of billet aluminum, hardened tool steel and nickel plated steel. Compressor required to power the Barracuda (5 CFM at 90 PSI).

When it comes to touching up, removing bridge shadows, voids, and adding extra details to the engraved pattern, the Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp Concrete Engraver is an extremely handy tool. The Wasp’s name comes from its design and sound - it has a single reciprocating cutter, called a Stinger. Compressor required to power the Wasp (1 CFM at 90 PSI).

Model #: KC-208-20 $767.45

Model #: KC-204 $299.95

Replacement Shark and Barracuda Impactors This 130 piece set of teeth will divide into 2 complete sets of impactors for the Shark Concrete Engraver, or 4 complete sets of impactors for the Barracuda Concrete Engraver.

Model #: KC-203 $48.95

Bulk Pack 1000 Impactors 1-800-884-2114

Model #: KC-269 $229.95

Wasp Replacement Stinger Tungsten Carbide Tip Wasp Stinger

Model #: KC-205 -(one stinger) $19.95

Wasp Stinger Value Pack (6/pack) Model #: KC-260 - (six stingers) $99.95


Sandroid The Sandroid is a highly versatile, mobile, recirculating sandblasting system capable of a range of tasks from surface cleaning and preparation to decorative applications. Sandroid creates beautiful images in decorative concrete (stained or unstained), glass, granite, marble, and many other vertical or horizontal surfaces, interior or exterior, by blasting away the top layer in a pattern defined by a template. Designs are unlimited. Uses Standard Pulse-Bac Vacuum Head Automatic Self-Cleaning Engrave-A-Crete Templates Vacuum Control Technology separates the fine dust

Choose from our standard template designs or contact us for custom designs made specifically for your job.

particles and reuses the blasting media. No more clogs!

Twist-on HEPA Rated H-13 Filters

16 Guage Powder Coated Steel Body

Highly efficient, durable filters for nearly dust free blasting.

Looks sharp on the job site yet is strong and durable.

Operates at 30-50 CFM, 90 PSI

HD Steel Chassis

The ideal specifications to get the job done.

Industrial strength for the toughest of jobs.

Machined Aluminum Nozzle

Heavy-duty Vacuum Hose

Precisely channels blast media for easy engraving. Replaceable wear points are simple to install.

Allows you the flexibility to move as you work while blasting media is recirculated and dust is captured.

The Sandroid Pulse-Bac Pack Sandroid Blasting Media

Premium quality blasting media designed for use in the Sandroid. This media has sharp points for best cutting speed, reusability and does not contain silica. 50 lb. bag. Model #: SD-101 $109.95

Two Great Tools For the Price of One

Sandroid Nozzle

When you want to use your Sandroid, simply place the Pulse-Bac vacuum head on the Sandroid Body. When finished, return the vacuum head to its body to use as a dry vacuum. The package includes the Sandroid Base, 50lbs of Blasting Media, the Flexi-Blast Template starter set and the Pluse-Bac HEPA Vacuum.

Model #: SD-200 $5,495


The Sandroid nozzle is the gun component where the air and blast media mix. It is a wear item that must be replaced prior to it wearing out to avoid replacing the gun. *Routinely check for wear (thin side walls).

Model #: SD-102 $39.95

Shop online at

Go from template to

completed project in as

little as fifteen minutes

Works Great for Floor Prep! Blastin’ Betty is the perfect way to quickly remove: Old carpet glue Sealers - no matter how ancient Paint marks Existing acid stains Existing pigmented stains Pigmented concrete dyes Epoxy coatings Overlay coatings And just about anything stuck on concrete can be easily and quickly removed with the Blastin’ Betty.

Blastin’ Betty

Whether used for floor prep or engraving, Blastin’ Betty’s powerful motor fires steel blasting media to cut the surface of concrete. Power: 110 volt, 18 AMP Length: 45” Width: 11” Height: 37” 8” Wide Blast Pattern Dry weight: 116 lbs

Model #: BF-100 $6,995

Premium Blast Shot Media Blastin’ Betty Bullets! Betty fires this steel blasting media to cut the top surface of the concrete. Made of high quality recycled steel and packaged in a convenient plastic bucket. Pick up the stray media and reuse it over and over. 50 lb net weight.

Model #: BF-200 $69.95


This 24” heavy duty floor magnet is used to pick up the blast shot media that escapes the recapture function of Blastin’ Betty. It features a quick release handle that is operated while standing.

Model #: BF-210 $249.95

Shot Funnel This collapsible shot funnel is constructed from heavy duty rubberized fabric. After picking up the stray blast media with your magnet, the shot funnel makes it easy to capture and replace the media into Blastin’ Betty or back into your bucket. It comes complete with replaceable aluminum side support rods and carrying handles.

Model #: BF-211 $99.95



A Complete Business on Wheels Market your business EVERY HOUR of the day… • Parked on your job site, in plain view of all passersby of course • Rolling from one job to the next, or simply to the quick stop to grab a candy bar • Visiting a prospect to place a bid • Attending a sporting event • Parked in your own driveway • And any of the hundreds of other places you go

What’s included in the Engrave-A-Crete trailer package? Engrave-A-Crete Precision Crafted Tools & Templates... Cobra Pro Pack

• Cobra Cutting Unit • Wide, High-Traction Straight Line Wheel Kit • Dynamic Direction Wheel Kit • Front Flip Up Pointer • Rear Pointer • Spanner Wrench • 3/16” T-Handle • Operator Manual • Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD • 4.5” x .125” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .090” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .250” Premium Diamond Blade • 4.5” x .375” Premium Diamond Blade • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter • Dust Control Plate • Aluminum Rigid Pointer System • (1) Center Pivot • Concrete Anchoring Kit • Edge Parallel Marker / Trammel Point Kit

• Primary Connecting Bar Assembly • (3) - Sections Connecting Bar • 50 Connecting Bar Screws • Straight/Linear Tracking Carriage • (2) 4’ Linear Rails • 47’’Linear Rail Full Base Assembly • Mobile Wheeled Storage Locker

Mongoose X Pro Pack • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mongoose X Concrete Engraver Removable Handle 3.1 x .125 USA Diamond Blade .090 Premium USA Diamond Blade .250 Premium USA Diamond Blade .375 Premium USA Diamond Blade Center Pivot and 6 Connecting Tubes Trammel Point Layout Kit Extension Handle On/Off Switch Custom Storage Case Wide, High-Traction Wheels Training Manual w/ Design Ideas

• Replacement Impactors (130/pk) • Replacement Stingers For Wasp (6 pack) • Air Tool Oil • Mastering Decorative Concrete Engraving DVD • Barracuda Concrete Engraver • Wasp Concrete Engraver • Deluxe Template Set • Storage Case • $400 Template Credit

Grout Line Template Set Trailer

• Custom Graphics Package • Rear Ramp and Side Entry Door • Interior Organized for Easy Access & Storage including Standing tool box and wall hooks • Lock Set for Tongue & Hitch • Keyed Alike Padlocks • Tandem Axle with Brakes on all Aluminum Wheels

KaleidoCrete Pro Pack • 50’ Air Hose with Couplers


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Your 14’ trailer, complete with custom graphics, acts as a rolling billboard for your business. Why custom graphics? • Colorful pictures show the awesome transformations you can create • Your company name is prominently displayed – so it’s the first name that comes to mind when potential customers consider beautifying their concrete • Contact information info is easily seen – expect your phone to ring • No expensive ads to keep paying for. Once your trailer is wrapped, your ad work goes where you go!

...and the equipment you need to prosper in decorative concrete. • ¾” Side Walls


• Free training with purchase of a trailer package with On-going tech support

Cleaning/Prep Equipment • Heavy Duty Floor Machine • 13 HP Pressure Washer • Pressure Washer Wand • Washing Deck • Shut-off Nozzle • Nylon Brush for Floor Machine • Black Pads – case of 5 • Sanding Screens – Case of 10 • Vacuum Hose – 15’

• Air Hose – 3/8” Diameter 50’ • 2.25 gal. Sprayer for Solvent Based Sealers • 2.25 gal. Sprayer for RAC & WRC • 24 oz. ReCharger Acetone Sprayer • Natural Rubber Vacuum Squeegee • Extension Cord – 10-3 100’ • Extension Cord – 12-3 100’ • Cotton Mesh Filters • Graduated Measuring/Mixing Cups • Safety Glasses • Cotton Rags • (4) Safety Cones • 7” Scraper • 14” Scraper • Stirring Sticks

• 1 Box Dust Masks • 1 Box Ear Plugs • Framing Square • Wet/Dry Vacuum • (2) Flagging Tape • 1 Box Latex Gloves • Orange Chalk • Chalk Box • Mop Bucket • Finishing Mop • Gas Can • Foam Brushes – Assorted • Bristle Brushes - Assorted • 3/8” Nap Rollers/Mohair Rollers/Roller Pans/ Roller Handle

Other Equipment & Supplies • 5.5 HP Compressor

Model#: BP-112 $39,887



Concrete Resurrection™ Materials Reactive Acid Chemical Stains (RAC)

Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) Stain physically reacts with minerals in concrete to change the color of the concrete. RAC Stain color varies from slab to slab. Repairs to the concrete, such as filled cracks or divots, tend to color differently from the area around them. The RAC color chart gives you a representation of the color you will get, but if you are very color specific in what you want (for instance trying to exactly match an existing floor or counter top) then RAC Stain is not the best choice. Always test RAC stain in an inconspicuous area prior to applying to the entire surface. RAC Stain can be used on exterior and well-ventilated interior concrete.

Intense Reactions FREE Technical Support

Incredible Color Selection Highest Quality Materials

RAC Stain 16oz. Sampler Kit You get a 12-Pack (one of each color) of 16 ounce bottles. Perfect for deciding the right color for your next job.

Model #: CR-600-12PK- $139.95

RAC Stain 16oz. Convenient 16 oz. size for small jobs, touch up and color testing. Covers 13-63 sq. ft. 16oz. Bottle $24.95

RAC Stain 1 gallon

Economical one gallon size covers 100-500 sq. ft. depending on dilution rate. 1 Gallon Bottle $59.95

Coverage will vary based on dilution ratio, application & porosity of concrete.


Stains marked with an asterisk (*) are for indoor use only.

Shop online at

Ten Second ColorTM (TSC) Dyes Ten Second Color™ (TSC) Dye penetrates and colors concrete and other cementitious surfaces. When properly applied, TSC creates beautifully mottled effects similar to acid stain in a matter of seconds without the wait time required by acid, saving you time and money. A translucent dye, TSC colors can be combined into countless variations and hues, or layered for unique effects. TSC comes in a convenient pre-measured plastic container. Simply fill with acetone, mix and go! For interior and exterior use.

TSC Dye 1 Gallon

TSC Dye 32oz. Ten Second Color comes in a convenient pre-measured metal container. Simply add acetone to the fill line to make 32 ounces of TSC dye. Covers up to 150 sq. ft. $59.95

Ten Second Color comes in a convenient pre-measured metal container. Simply mix with exactly 1 gallon of acetone to make 1 Gallon of TSC dye. Coverage rate is an average of 400-600 sq ft per gallon. $79.40

TSC Dye Sample Pack

Sample kit contains 16 trial sized bottles, one of each color. CR-202-16pk $49.95

CR-200 Ebony

CR-201 Cherrywood

CR-202 French Roast

CR-203 Imperial Blue

CR-204 Evergreen

CR-205 Amber

CR-206 Violet

CR-207 Cranberry

CR-208 Caribbean

CR-209 Hazelnut

CR-212 Citron

CR-213 Rosewood

CR-214 Tuscan Brown

CR-210 Cinnamon

CR-211 Montana Wheat

The Ten Second Color™ Dye samples shown above are representative of TSC applied to standard, gray concrete using the directions provided on the Technical Data Sheet. Results may vary depending on the condition, age and makeup of the concrete, and/or the application methods used. Always test prior to use.

CR-215 Espresso Bean



Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) Stain Colors

Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) Stain is a water-based, pigmented stain that bonds to the open pores of the concrete. It is very color specific (what you see is what you get.) WRC Stain colors can be blended for variations in color and it is ideal for faux finishing. WRC Stain is most often diluted 4 parts water to 1 part stain, but can be diluted up to 8 parts water to 1 part stain for a more transparent look.Proper surface prep is vitally important to the success of WRC Stain. Can be used on interior and exterior concrete.

WRC - Water Reducible Concentrate Stains in 8 oz. and 32 oz. bottles

One 32 oz. bottle makes up to 2.25 gallons!

32 oz. bottle makes 1.25 to 2.25 gallons of ready to use stain and covers 100-300 sq. ft. per gallon. $44.95 8 oz. sample bottle makes 40 to 72 oz. of ready to use stain and covers 65 sq. ft $17.95

30 Pack Sampler Kit

What Makes WRC Stain Different? More colors - Choose from more than 30 beautiful colors - WRC Stain also allows the applicator to make custom colors by mixing different concentrate colors together. Hyper-Concentrated - You control the concentration rate. UV Stable – We utilize specialty pigments that are designed to be used indoors and outdoors No Inert Fillers -1 quart of Concrete Resurrection contains 1 quart of stain, not a bunch of unnecessary junk. No Thickeners - Some companies thicken their pigmented stains- Not Concrete Resurrection. Ongoing Technical Support - When you purchase Concrete Resurrection, you get FREE ongoing Technical Support









CR-710 Chestnut


CR-715 Burnt Sienna



Brilliant Colors B

CR-900 Sangria




CR-901 Sapphire Blue






CR-902 Emerald






CR-709 Autumn Umber



CR-714 Cedar Brown




CR-719 Tobacco Leaf

CR-718 Mocha




CR-713 Pumpkin

CR-722 Charcoal

CR-721 Onyx




B CR-704 Sage

CR-708 Beach Sand

CR-717 Fossil Wood

CR-716 Fire Brick

CR-720 Dark Slate






CR-712 Soft Terra Cotta



CR-703 Dark Olive





CR-707 Custard

CR-711 Caramel





CR-706 Mustard Seed

CR-705 English Ivy




CR-702 Alpine Green

CR-701 Cloudy Lake

CR-700 Midnight Sky




You get a 30 -Pack (one of each color) of 8 ounce bottles. Perfect for touch-ups or deciding the right color for your next job. Model #: CR-8030 $299.95


CR-723 Winter White



CR-903 Golf Course



CR-904 Sunshine



CR-905 Radiant Red

A = 1 Coat B = 2 Coats C =3 Coats

Porosity of the concrete will affect amount of stain needed to achieve desired color. *Texture and hue of concrete affects final look Colors displayed are on gray broom finished concrete, applied using a gravity feed HVLP sprayer.


Shop online at

Integral Colors Color packets to add to Mantello Resurfacer overlay products

Use pre-measured Integral Color admix to color your concrete overlay during batching. Non-fading, streak-free colors. Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Does not compromise durability or strength of the concrete. Concrete Resurrection Integral Color Packs are specially formulated to mix easily with Mantello Resurfacer and Micro Topping.

Colors one 50lb bucket of Mantello Resurfacer. Basic Series - $9.45 Intermediate Series - $10.90 Designer Collection - $12.45 Diamond Collection: Pistachio - $18.65 Mallard - $25.65 Surf - $40.50 Denim - $59.45

Colors may be affected by the composition of the concrete mix and/or water source. Read and follow Technical Data Sheet carefully. The samples displayed above are representative only and do not guarantee the final color to be an exact match. Always test prior to application.



Liquid Nebula Metallic Pigment for Epoxy Coatings Why limit your colors to this planet? With Liquid Nebula, you can choose from the color palette of the gods…Galactic, Ghost of Jupiter, Super Nova, Helix…20 outrageously beautiful metallic color additives for epoxy.

Choose from 20 dazzling colors for out-of-this world flooring options

Made of millions of suspended reflective pigments, Liquid Nebula powder mixes into epoxy to give both residential and commercial spaces the high-end, ultra-modern look so popular today. Use a single color for elegance, or blend colors for a breathtaking effect.

Metallic pigment for Epoxy. Add one 16oz container of Liquid Nebula metallic pigment to Epoxy (until desired opacity is achieved). 16 oz. Bottle $44.00

Liquid Nebula offers infinite design possibilities based on color choice and application techniques. The result is a durable, glossy surface with the breathtaking depth of color found only in the cosmos.


Liquid Nebula Sample Kit Want to try out Liquid Nebula or make sample boards for your customers? This kit includes all 20 colors of Liquid Nebula. Simply mix each color with 12 oz of Inside Epoxy (not included).


Liquid Nebula Starter Kit This complete kit features all 20 Liquid Nebula colors, one ¾ gal of CR-530 Inside Epoxy, 10 Mixing Cups, 50 Stir Sticks, and 10 pairs of Latex Gloves. $124.95

Shop online at

ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayers The intelligent solution to aerosols. Re-energizes quickly with a small compressor. Environmentally responsible. Completely portable. Made in the USA.

8 oz. ReCharger Sprayer Model #: ME-418-8oz $56.50

24 oz. ReCharger Sprayer Model #: ME-417 $96.00

16 oz. ReCharger Sprayer Model #: ME-418-16oz $62.70

24 oz. ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayer

8 oz and 16 oz ReCharger Sprayers

The 24 ounce ReCharger Sprayer is easily re-energized with compressed air and is refillable and reusable. This industrial quality sprayer has corrosion resistant working parts, chemical resistant anodized interior and exterior finish and features an adjustable nozzle that ranges from extra fine mist to pin stream. Ideal for use with Concrete Resurrection Ten Second Color™ Dye and Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain. Not for use with acid stain. Black finish.

The 16 oz and 8 oz ReCharger Sprayers are refillable and reusable. Each sprayer comes with an extra valve and nozzle assortment that includes 2 Fine, 2 Regular, 2 Medium, 2 Coarse and 1 Pin Stream. They are easily re-energized with compressed air. Simply add liquid and then charge with compressed air to a maximum of 200 psi. These sprayers have corrosion resistant working parts and chemical resistant finish on the interior and exterior. Ideal for use with Concrete Resurrection Ten Second Color™ Dye and Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain. Not for use with acid stain. Brushed aluminum finish.

Replacement Parts:

Complete Repair Kit Model #: ME-417-CR $30.00 Partial Repair Kit Model #: ME-417-PR $22.00 Pinstream Nozzle Model #: ME-417-PN $3.40 Assorted Nozzle Kit Model #: ME-417-NK $28.00 Nozzle Extention Model #: ME-417-NE $8.80

Replacement Parts:

Complete Repair Kit (Acetone) Model #: ME-418-CRA $11.86 Complete Repair Kit (Xylene) Model #: ME-418-CRX $11.86 Complete Valve Assembly (Acetone) Model #: ME-418-CVA $7.20 Complete Valve Assembly (Xylene) Model #: ME-418-CVX $7.20


Adjustable Stream Model #: ME-418-AN $4.00 Butyl Valve Model #: ME-418-BV $2.10 Coarse Stream Model #: ME-418-CN $1.40 Fine Stream Model #: ME-418-FN $1.40 Medium Stream Model #: ME-418-MN $1.40 Pin Stream Model #:ME-418-PN $1.40 Regular Stream Model #: ME-418-RN $1.40

Have questions about your stain and sealer applications? Visit for tips and trouble shooting information.

Sprayer for RAC & WRC Stain

Sprayer for Solvent Based Sealers

Designed for applying Concrete Resurrection RAC Stain, WRC Stain, Degreaser and Paint & Sealer Remover. This pump sprayer has a 2 1/4 gallon capacity and adjustable conical spray tip. It can be used for the application of any acidic material. Never spray solvents with this unit.

The only pump sprayer on the market designed to hold up to Xylene and Acetone. Special seals allow this sprayer to handle any harsh solvent. 2 1/4 Gallon capacity, heavy duty hose, professional trigger/wand assembly, and 2 sizes of spray tips. Designed for application of Concrete Resurrection Outside Acrylic Sealer. Never spray acidic products with this unit. Fan tip.

Model #: ME-393 $118.95

Model #: ME-392 $159.95

ME-393 Sprayer Parts

ME-392 Sprayer Parts

Fan Tip Model #:ME-539 $9.36 Conical Tip Model #:ME-399 $9.62 Rebuild Kit (replacement seals) Model #:ME-397 $17.22 Wand Model #:ME-413 $14.95 Trigger Model #:ME-415 $38.95

Fan Tip Model #:ME-398 $9.36 Tank Gasket Model #:ME-412 $13.84 Pump Unit Model #:ME-392 $49.92 Rebuild Kit (replacement seals) Model #:ME-396 $34.12



CR-561 Outside Acrylic – Exterior Concrete Sealer (400 voc)

This industrial and professional grade sealer gives you the superior protection you need for exterior decorative concrete. • Dual action UV protection to keep colors true and resist fading • Outstanding resistance to salt and chemical intrusion making it ideal for use on drives, pool decks and other outdoor surfaces. • Resists hot tire pickup • Super strong adhesion when applied to properly prepared concrete • Non-yellowing • Covers 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft per coat

CR-515 Inside Acrylic - Interior Floor Sealer Inside Acrylic produces outstanding color richness, durability and gloss. Simply the best polymer technology available in a water based sealer. For added durability and shine, use CR-520 Inside Floor Finish as a maintenance top coat. Covers 200-400 sq. ft/gallon.

CR-515 - 1 Gal $59.95 CR-515 - 5 Gal $219.95

Matte Urethane

Matte Additive

Easy to use, pourable, concentrated matting agent for solvent based acrylic sealers. Reduces gloss levels to satin or matte finish. Do not use in the first sealer coat to ensure good sealer penetration. Add Matte Additive for subsequent coats. Reduces your inventory costs and allows for more floor space as opposed to offering gloss and matte sealers. Contains 0 g/L VOC content.

CR-560M - $25.00

CR-545 - 3 Gal $365.00

CR-580 Degreaser

A multipurpose high strength industrial cleaner and degreaser. Used during the initial cleaning process to remove grease and suspend particles to ensure a clean surface. For interior and exterior use.

CR-580 - 1 Gal $39.95

CR-521 Inside Floor Finish Remover

CR-521 Concrete Resurrection Floor Finish Remover is a ready to use, fast acting floor finish stripping agent for most commercial and residential floors. It is ammonia free and has minimal light smell

CR-521 - 1 Gal $24.75

Weather Dance

Weather Dance is a water based silane-siloxane water repellent product for porous construction materials such as concrete, brick, block, stone and mortar. It forms an invisible protective barrier that bonds to the unsealed concrete, stone or masonry surface by impregnating and chemically reacting with the materials to reduce water ingress. Weather Dance does not add thickness and it is not a topical sealer. It does not make the surface glossy or change the appearance of the surface. Solvent-free WaterProofer is ideal for protecting concrete in harsh winter climates where salt and ice melt chemicals are commonly used, or where there are repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

CR-500-16oz $24.95 CR-500-1 Gal. $64.95 CR-500-5 Gal $219.95

CR-590 Paint & Sealer Remover

Paint and Sealer Remover is the most effective non-hazardous coatings remover on the market. CR-590 Paint and Sealer Remover is specifically designed to attack the chemical bond of the coating with the concrete. This process effectively “lifts” the coating off the surface rather than emulsifying it. Removes paint, sealers, glues and adhesives. For interior and exterior use.

CR-590 - 1 Gal $74.95


Inside Floor Finish is a high gloss, long lasting and renewable maintenance coat for interior decorative concrete floors. It dries quickly and is easy to apply, making it ideal for commercial venues with high traffic and limited time for refreshing floors. (Must be applied over the top of a cured sealer.) Covers 1000 sq. ft. per gallon.

CR-520 - 1 Gal $41.95

CR-561- 5 Gal $229.95

Matte Urethane is ideal for applications where a low odor, matte finish, abrasion resistant (including hot tire pick up) coating is required. It is a high solids, two-component, water based, aliphatic polyurethane with low VOC. See Technical Data Sheet on our website for product compliances, specifications and prep/application procedures. Coverage rate: First Coat: 200-300 sq ft/gal @ 3-4 mils.

CR-520 Inside Floor Finish – Interior Floor Protector

CR-765 Surface Prep & Etch

CR-645 RAC Stain Color Extender

CR-765 - 1 Gal $39.95

CR-645 - 1 Gal $24.95

A concentrated phosphoric acid-based etching solution with specialty additives to safely prepare concrete surfaces before applying stains and sealers. Surface Prep & Etch gently removes topical laitance and creates a porous surface to increase the penetration of concrete stains and sealers. It produces minimal fumes, is biodegradable and safer for use near grass and plants.

When diluting RAC Stains to achieve a lighter shade of color, it is imperative to maintain the proper pH balance of the entire mix of material. With Concrete Resurrection’s blend of proprietary enhancers, your RAC Stains will maintain the vivid tones even when diluting for lighter shades. RAC Stain Color Extender allows you to achieve the desired color without having the color wash out when removing the residue.

CR-585 Surface Neutralizer

A concentrated and highly effective non-suds pH balancing solution to be used following the application of CR-765 Surface Prep & Etch and after the application of RAC Stain. CR-585 Surface Neutralizer is a blend of ammonium hydroxide (a high powered pH increaser) and proprietary neutralizing agents. It effectively increases the pH level of the concrete surface to ensure stain and sealer performance

CR-585 - 1 Gal $21.95

Shop online at

Concrete Coatings Coloring System by Concrete Resurrection

Makes coloring your Epoxy, Polyaspartic or Acrylic sealers a cinch. Colors can range from opaque to translucent, depending on the concentration ratio when mixing. When ordering, please specify whether you will be adding the color to Epoxy, Polyaspartic or Acrylic as each type of sealer requires a different system formula. The usage chart below is for OPAQUE COLOR. Epoxy – enough to color 3 Concrete Resurrection Epoxy Kits $32 Polyaspartic – (32 oz) colors 4 gallons of Polyaspartic sealer $54 Acrylic – (32 oz) colors 4 gallons of Acrylic sealer $54

Specify use with Epoxy (E), Polyurethane (P) or Acrylic (A) A versatile Epoxy System from Concrete Resurrection. Use CR-530 Inside Epoxy as a clear sealer or add our specialty pigments for a solid or metallic color floor. Bronze

CR-535 Polyaspartic – Floor Sealer

Concrete Resurrection Polyaspartic gives concrete, natural stone, and other cementitious surfaces a high gloss shine that protects from harsh climates, hard wear, UV rays, freeze/thaw cycles, and even hot tire pick-up. Gives the hard shine of epoxy without the long cure time, saving you man hours and maximizing profit. Covers 200-600 sq. ft. per kit. CR-535 -2 Gallon Kit $268.40

Gold Copper


Metallic Pearl Additive Add the look of rich bronze, gold, silver or copper to your floor. Great as an accent when added into cut lines or logos. Fantastic if you coat an entire floor to give the appearance of metal plating. When using a solid color floor coating, add (1) bottle of metallic pigment into one can of “Part A” inside epoxy resin. * Must be trowel or squeegee applied for best appearance. Color samples are general representations of color after applying two coats of pigmented inside epoxy. See product technical data sheet (CR-530) for additional information. CR-420 CR-421 CR-422 CR-423

Bronze Metallic Pearl $9.95 Copper Metallic Pearl $9.95 Gold Metallic Pearl $9.95 Cream Metallic Pearl $9.95

Pigment - for 3/4 Gallon and 3 Gallon Kits When using epoxy as a cut line back fill, add pigment to the resin to tint the color you need. Less pigment will give a translucent color; add more pigment to make the color opaque. When using epoxy as a solid color floor coating, add (1) bottle of pigment into one can of “Part A” Inside Epoxy resin. Color samples are general representations of color after applying two coats of Pigmented Inside Epoxy. See product Technical Data Sheet (CR-531) for additional information. CR-410-3/4G WHITE $15.95 CR-413-3/4G GREEN $18.95 CR-411-3/4G BLACK $15.95 CR-414-3/4G YELLOW $21.95 CR-412-3/4G BLUE $18.95 CR-415-3/4G RED $23.95 CR-410-3G WHITE CR-411-3G BLACK

$33.00 $33.00

CR-531 Inside Epoxy – Interior Floor Coating

Inside Epoxy is a two component, 100% solids resin system used as a low, medium or high build coating. Inside Epoxy provides an outstanding balance of strength, flexibility, chemical resistance and clarity. 100-300 sq. ft. per kit. CR-531 - 3/4 Gal Kit $78.95 CR-531 - 3 Gal Kit $209.95

CR-536 Inside Moisture Barrier Epoxy

Inside Moisture Barrier Epoxy is a two component, high performance epoxy primer system designed to reduce water vapor transmission. When applied to properly prepared concrete, Inside Moisture Barrier Epoxy has shown to have improved adhesion to concrete surfaces where moisture in an issue and other high performance coatings have failed. Superior adhesion for concrete affected by moisture vapor transmission Excellent base coat for many epoxies and urethanes Approximate coverage per kit is 300 sqft CR-536 - 1.5 Gal Kit $147.00 CR-531 - 3 Gal Kit $259.90



60cc Epoxy Syringes


10 pack 60 cc. epoxy syringes. Model #: EP-404 $39.95

Soapstone makes an easy to see, temporary mark without damaging the surface. It will completely wash away during the cleaning process. It’s also useful for quick sketch on the customer’s concrete. 10 Pack - Model #: ME-314 $14.95 144 Pack - Model #: ME-315 $59.95

35cc Epoxy Syringes 10 pack 35cc. epoxy syringes. Model #: EP-405 $19.95

Mantello Micro Topping MicroTop is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that creates a new, unblemished top surface for damaged, worn or unsightly concrete. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives MicroTop exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking. Readily accepts Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) stain and Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain (see TDS for application instructions.) Coverage rate per 35 lb bucket: Interior Floor using Magic Trowel/Squeegee 1/64” (15 mils) thick……….400 sq ft Interior Floor using Magic Trowel/Squeegee 1/32” (31 mils) thick………..200 sq ft Exterior Surface using pressure pot sprayer at 2-4 mils thick..…1,000 – 1500 sq ft

Model #: CR-108 White 35LB $69.95 1.4Lb Sample Size $24.95 Model #: CR-109 Gray 35LB $69.95 1.4Lb Sample Size $24.95

Save time with Mantello Fast Setting Patch Concrete Resurrection Fast Setting Patch is a highperformance, fast-setting, multi-purpose concrete repair material. Durable in wet environments, it is a blend of hydraulic cement and specially graded aggregates. Fast Setting Patch is non-metallic and no chlorides are added. It is ideal where rapid strength gain and high durability are desired. Sets in 15 minutes and achieves structural strength in 1 hour. Use for general and structural concrete repair, tack strip hole repairs, spalled concrete, doweling and anchoring, industrial grouting, formed work, vertical and horizontal trowel applications.

Model #: CR-115 5lb. Bag $36.95 50lb. Bucket $114.76

XtraDimensional Vertical Mortar Admix A multi-component admixture kit for converting standard 80lb Type S mortar mix into a high performance, ultra-tough decorative vertical coating. Conveniently packaged as a 30 LB bag in box dry admix, to be blended with an 80 LB bag of standard Type S mortar this combination yields a superior mix design for decorative vertical installers.

Model #: CR-116 $59.25


Graduated Measuring/ Epoxy Stirring Sticks Cotton Mesh Filters Mixing Cups 50 pack epoxy stirring sticks. Package of 250 filters. A clog in a Used to measure and prepare epoxy and stains.50 Pack of 16 oz. wax coated paper measuring cups. Model #: EP-406 $19.95

Model #: EP-420 $3.15

sprayer wastes time and is extremely frustrating. Eliminate clogs by straining all material that you put in your pump sprayer.

Model #: ME-363 10 Pack $12.95 Model #: ME-384 250 Pack $49.95

Mantello StamP Overlay Mix StamP is a mini fiber fortified coating for immediate surface texture stamping on horizontal concrete. It is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that provides superior coverage to transform damaged, worn or unsightly concrete into a new textured surface. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives StamP exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking.

Model #: CR-111 White 50lb. Bucket $79.95 Model #: CR-112 Gray 50lb. Bucket $79.95

Mantello Spray Trowel Mix Spray Trowel is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that provides superior coverage to transform damaged, worn or unsightly concrete into a fresh new surface. It is specifically designed to be versatile for the application process, whether spray or trowel, it holds its place. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives SprayTrowel exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking.

Model #: CR-113 White 50lb. Bucket $79.95 Model #: CR-114 Gray 50lb. Bucket $79.95

Mantello Counter Top Admix Get the high performance concrete mix you need for counter tops with Mantello Counter Top Admix. No need to pay high shipping costs for 80 lb. bags of material. Simply purchase your concrete bag mix locally and add Mantello Counter Top Admix right on the job site. Mixing ratio: (1) pkg. Admix to (1) 80 lb. concrete bag mix · Increases strength · Lightens concrete color · Adds fine particles resulting in a denser top finish · Reduces shrinkage · Accelerates set time · Improves finishing characteristics

Model #: CR-110 $59.25

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Unsightly and damaged concrete becomes a stainable and engravable surface! Transform unusable to beautiful with Mantello

Mantello Resurfacer is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that provides superior coverage to transform damaged, worn or unsightly concrete into an unblemished surface. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives Mantello Resurfacer exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking.

Mantello Resurfacer

Does not qualify for free shipping.

CR-106 Premium White CR-107 Premium Gray 2Lb Sample Size $24.95 50 lb. Bucket $79.95

Just add water and stir

Moving cracks must be structurally repaired prior to resurfacing. Coverage per 50 LB Bucket- Micro-topping application - 1/32” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM or Squeegee - 205 SF. Smooth Coat application – 1/16” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM, Squeegee, or Fresno – 102 SF Heavy Coat application – 1/8” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM, Squeegee, or Pool Trowel – 51 SF



Everyday Clean Bronze




Keep your beautiful floors clean without damaging the surface! Floor Cleaner is a concentrated, no rinse cleaner for commercial, retail and residential floors. It has a neutral balanced pH to protect the surface shine and aggressive cleaners to remove tough dirt. Its fresh fragrance leaves a pleasant aroma to let you know the floor is clean. Add 4oz of floor cleaner per gallon of water.

Polychromatic Metallic Stain Finally, the rare luminescence of natural pearls embodied in a flooring material. Polychromatic Stain lets you transform even the most mundane concrete into a luxurious shimmering surface fit for a king. No longer just for fine automobiles and expensive jewelry, the infinite beauty of pearlescence is now yours in Concrete Resurrection Polychromatic Stain.

1 Gal. Interior or Exterior $74.95 16 oz. Interior Only $32.95

CR-300 Interior Bronze CR-301 Interior Gold CR-302 Interior Copper CR-303 Interior Silver

Model #: CR-587 Decorative Concrete Day to Day Floor Cleaner 64oz Bottle $29.75 16oz. bottle $19.95

CR-351 Ext. Gold CR-353 Ext. Silver CR-352 Ext. Copper CR-350 Ext. Bronze

Skid Reducer Broadcast Skid Reducer additive on the surface prior to spraying on the final clear coat to give the surface “grip”. Also can be broadcast into epoxy if slip resistance is required. Covers 800-1200 sq. ft.

Metallic Stencil Spray

Model #: ME-335 Fine Skid Reducer $32.95 Model #: ME-337 Coarse Skid Reducer $32.95 Model #: ME-353 Aggressive Skid Reducer $32.95

Luxurious, sophisticated and stunning--just a few of the qualities you add to a project with Metallic Stencil Spray. Use with a Bello Imperial Vinyl Stencil to get spectacular results that combine the practicality of decorative stained concrete with the opulence of fine design.

Moisture Meter Used for detection of excessive amounts of moisture on concrete prior to applying stains and sealer. Simply contact the probes to the surface and read the large dual scale indicator. Model #: ME-390 $49.00

Model #: CR-451 Gold Stencil Spray $44.95 Model #: CR-452 Silver Stencil Spray $44.95 Model #: CR-453 Copper Stencil Spray $44.95 Model #: CR-454 Bronze Stencil Spray $44.95

Add Beauty and Protection to Your Countertops CounterTop Wax is an easy to apply non-toxic natural beeswax finish for counter tops. Made with food grade ingredients, it seals the surface and has natural antimicrobial properties. CounterTop Wax can be applied directly to the concrete counter top or over the top of densifiers and/or water proofers. It can also be used on wood tops, chopping blocks, and metal tops such as copper and stainless steel. Easy to apply, easy to renew and easy to fix scuffs and scratches. Model #: CR-526 24oz. Can $45.88

Great for a Low Gloss Finish Color Enhancing Concrete Floor Wax is an environmentally friendly material using natural waxes . It is breathhable, non-flammable, non-combustible and safe to use in any interior environment. Pleasant smelling and easy to use, Floor Wax is an excellent choice for a low sheen sealer alternative. Recommended for Acid Stained Concrete, Integral Colored Concrete, Micro Toppings, Plain Gray Concrete, and Smooth Masonry Surfaces. Model #:CR-525 5lb $64.75


Magic Trowel Flexible blade smooths like magic! The Magic Trowel’s patented blade is designed to smooth out and spread materials without leaving those annoying trowel lines. Used for epoxies and microtoppings. A real time and labor saving product.

Model #: ME-500 14” Magic Trowel $39.95 Model #: ME-501 22” Magic Trowel $42.95 Model #: ME-502 26” Magic Trowel $45.95

ReCharger Measuring Pitcher This handy plastic container features a pour spout specially designed for the ReCharger line of sprayers. Graduated markings up to 32 oz (one quart). Screen filter. Screw-on lid.

Model #: ME-419 $14.00

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Hard to find supplies for your floor buffing machine

Nylon Bristle Brush with Riser Used for removing residue after RAC staining an interior floor, or for interior cleaning after engraving is finished.

Pad Driver - Used for gripping (attaching) pads to a floor machine.

17” Black Pad - Best pad for scrubbing an interior floor prior to staining.

Model #: ME-372 $199.95

Model #: ME-374 (Case of 5) $45.95

Model #: ME-373 $199.95

Sanding Screen - 17” 100 grit sanding screen, 10 per box. Use on interior floors to remove the shiny hard troweled top surface to open the floor up so it will accept stain. More aggressive than a black pad and designed for use with water. These sanding screens will cut faster and last longer then conventional black (wood) sanding screens. (Use a black pad on a floor machine as a driver.).

17” Coatings Removal Pad - 36 Grit - This very stiff pad is impregnated with abrasive grit to cut off sealers, paints and concrete. For quickest coating removal use plenty of water and add weight to your floor machine

Model #: ME-368 (Single Pad) $79.95 Model #: ME-381 (Case of 5) $349.95

Model #: ME-391 (Case of 10) $149.95

Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools use diamond coated segments (blades) to grind through hard-toremove coatings without the use of heavy grinding equipment or dangerous chemicals. Removes mastic, carpet or tile adhesive, thin-set and thin mil coatings, and other difficult to remove coatings . Mounts to any standard floor buffer or auto scrubber. Apply water to eliminate dust and to flush debris away. Blades are replaceable. Easily replace worn or used segments with a quick turn of the two screws, minimizing downtime.

Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools 16” Model #: ME-532 $517.32 Replacement Blades - Model #: ME-533 $362.26 Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools 7” Model #: ME-531 $159.00 Replacement Blades - Model #: ME-534 $119.00 Coatings Eraser Mastic Removal Tools 4.5” Model #: ME-530 $109.00 Replacement Blades - Model #: ME-535 $82.00


17” Floor Machine Good floor prep is critical for successful decorative concrete installations. This 17” industrial strength floor machine is ideal for cleaning surfaces prior to staining or sealing. • 1.5 HP, AC Dual Capacitor Induction Motor • TEFC Motor Cooling • 180 Motor Frame and Chasis • 175 RPM Speed • Triple Planetary Gearbox with Steel Coupler • 5-Year Motor, Gearbox Chassis Limited Warranty Model #: ME-424 $1,887.00

Mal-Grit Brush An aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces. Effectively cleans wide grout lines

ME-425 $345.08

Bassine Scrubbing Brush Used for general scrubbing purposes. Water absorption properties make this an excellent, low cost choice for hard surface scrubbing.

ME-426 $71.48

Union Mix Polishing Brush These natural fiber brushes are used for a variety of Hard Surface scrubbing and polishing.

ME-427 $101.08


Pulse Bac Self Cleaning Vacuum The Pulse-Bac can take on the dirtiest environments without ever clogging the filters. Equipped with patented Pulse-Bac® automatic self-cleaning vacuum control technology, the Pulse-Bac can vacuum dust and debris from the finest materials and media. The non-clogging filtration system is ideal for capturing dust generated by surface preparation equipment, manufacturing machinery, or for general everyday jobsite clean-up. Durable P.T.F.E. Coated Spun Bond Polyester filters capture dust particles to .3 micron and last 10x longer than conventional filters and are Hepa H-13 Rated. Sturdy wide-stance dolly for easy, yet stable maneuverability. All metal parts are galvanized or powder coated to withstand even the harshest environments. One year limited warranty from manufacturer. Model #: ME-319 $2,695

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Valve Kit

13 HP Honda Engine, General Pump, 4000 PSI, 4.0 GPM with stainless steel frame and wand assembly. 50’ non-marking hose with couplers. Direct drive. Pull start. Includes wand, tips and chemical injector.

Change attachments without having to shut down your pressure washer. Simply shut off the water flow at the hose end. Includes male and female quick couplers.

Model #: ME-317 $99.95

Model #: ME-316 $1,895

Pressure Washing Deck Use this washing deck to quickly clean flat surfaces evenly and easily. Clean large areas consistently and in half the time. Will not leave any pesky wand marks behind. 20” diameter with nylon brush skirt. Model #: ME-382 $1,495

Electric Start Version Model #: ME-316E $2,095

Rac-A-Tac Creeper

Compressor Gasoline powered engine, 2 stage pump compressor provides plenty of power to run Mongoose Air, Sandroid and KaleidoCrete tools. Includes a regulator, in-line oiler, air regulator and air filter. Available in 8 HP and 5.5 HP models. Model #: ME-410 5.5HP $1,299 Model #: ME-407 8HP $2,595


Strong aluminum frame weighs only 8-1/2 lbs. and enables you to move, spin and shift your leverage to different positions. Adjustable seat allows you to roll to move instead of crawling and bouncing on your knees. Features 3” Polyurethane casters and tool tray and thick foam knee pads.

Natural Rubber Vacuum Squeegee

Optional Chest Support (sold separately) supports a leaning or an all-four-down kneeling position.

Replacement Rubber Fin Model #: ME-364 $18.95

Vacuum squeegee nozzle attachment comes with two piece chrome steel wand, removable squeegee head and replaceable natural rubber fins that won’t mark up your concrete. Separates into 3 pieces for easy storage. Fits standard 2” wet/dry vacuum hoses.

Model #: ME-365 $123.95

Model #: ME-347 $199 Chest Rest ME-348 $75.60

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S.A.L.E.S. Simulated Artistic Layout Engraving Software Version 2.0 Don’t just tell your prospects what a difference decorative concrete makes. Show them! You’ll close more sales by working interactively with your customers in the on-screen design of projects. They’ll be amazed as their concrete is transformed right before their eyes to look like brick, tile, stone, with or without pictorial inlays or a border. With S.A.L.E.S. it’s quick and easy to seal the deal. This unique and proprietary PC based software allows you to simulate a nearly unlimited variety of colors, patterns, textures and designs within a digital photo of any proposed concrete engraving project. Simply take a digital photo of your client’s concrete, load it onto your computer, then transform the photo to show the many options available for the project. Customers choose patterns and colors based on a visual of their own setting. This easy-to-use software comes loaded with standard patterns, colors, templates, and lots of extra tools.

Version 2.0 SALES Software Model #: ME-455 $199.95

Your Own Custom Brochure A professional tri-fold brochure, mailer and home show handout all in one. Have a custom brochure for your company, customized with your name and contact information. Brochures are printed, folded and delivered* to your door. Three designs to choose from. Call for more details about design choices and order form.

Model #: ME-420 500 count $249.95 Model #: ME-421 1000 count Model #: ME-422 2500 count Model #: ME-423 5000 count

Engrave-A-Crete Idea Book The full-color Concrete Staining and Engraving Idea Book from Engrave-A-Crete is full of examples of beautiful decorative concrete floors, both stained and engraved. Some of the most common stain color combinations and the most popular engraved designs are represented in this 32 page book. This is an excellent way for your customers to see what is possible with decorative concrete staining and engraving. Alternatively, the Idea Book is available as a FREE download at Model #: ME-430 Printed Copies (Pack of Ten) $39.00

$299.95 $499.95 $749.95

*Free ground shipping within the continental US only. Please allow 15-20 business days from proof approval for brochure delivery.

Mastering Concrete Engraving - Training Video In this 1 hour and 40 minute production, the experts at Engrave-A-Crete share decades of experience in transforming plain existing concrete into works of art.

Poster Pictures 19” x 27” laminated photos for use at home shows, displays, or group presentations. One each of 13 different poster photos.

Whether you are a beginner or a master craftsman, Mastering Concrete Engraving, is a must. If you are just getting started, this step by step instructional video will provide the knowledge necessary to tackle a Decorative Concrete Engraving project. If you are an experienced Decorative Concrete Specialist, Mastering Concrete Engraving will be a comprehensive expert reference tool packed with tips and hints that will improve the results of your projects. Model #: ME-389 $9.95

Model #: ME-328 $99.95



Frequently Asked Questions What is the Engrave-A-Crete® System?

The Engrave-A-Crete® System consists of several combined processes that remodel concrete to produce a pleasing appearance. Briefly, a deep penetrating acrylic or chemical/acid stain is used to transform the color, then a permanent precise, pattern is engraved (cut) INTO the hard concrete. The Engrave-A-Crete® Process is NOT a topping or overlayment that could chip off.

Where can Engrave-A-Crete® be used?

Driveways, floors, parking lots, entries, walkways, basements, pool decks, patios, restaurant and retail floors--any residential, commercial or municipal concrete. Many homes, office buildings, restaurants, stores, fast food establishments, and convenience stores have Engrave-A-Crete® inside and out.

How long does it take to do a job?

A job may take from one to several days depending on the size of the job, the weather, operator skill and pattern. Here are some averages to give you an idea of the time required for engraving. · 16 man hours to engrave 1900 sq. ft. driveway in a linear 8” x 8” tile pattern · Two days to engrave a 1000 sq ft. brick pattern driveway · 1.5 to 2.5 minutes per square foot to engrave flagstone

Some of the designs in the pictures look difficult to do. Do I need construction skills or artistic talent?

It’s really very simple but don’t tell your customers. Customers (homeowners and businesses) think it looks difficult and artistic - that’s what you get paid for. At first glance, most think the circular patterns could be difficult to learn but actually they are the easiest and most profitable to do. Almost anybody can learn to do the most complicated looking designs.

How much do the materials and supplies cost?

It’s very important to keep those costs low, and that’s one of the great benefits of this system. Materials and supplies, including concrete coloring stain or dye, clear seal coat, roller covers, concrete preparation supplies and other miscellaneous items cost about $.25 to $.85 per square foot for exterior jobs, and $.40 to $1.35 per square foot for interior floors. Diamond blades cost about 2 to 8 cents per square foot depending on the aggregate hardness, operator techniques, and depth of cut.

Can the Engrave-A-Crete® process be done indoors?

Yes. Interior work is the main business of many operators.

How many people does it take to do the engraving? Many times one person can do the entire process.

Is the process difficult to learn?

We often use the phrase “coloring book easy” to describe the Engrave-A-Crete process. Simple tile designs and flagstone patterns are good sellers and are quite simple to lay out and engrave. Even detailed designs can be easily engraved using the KaleidoCrete tools or the Sandroid combined with templates. After a bit of experience, you’ll be able to lay out complex geometric designs and engrave them with ease, and from there the sky’s the limit. You’ll find some training options further down in the FAQ’s.


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Frequently Asked Questions Can I stop in the middle of a job?

A major advantage of the Engrave-A-Crete® Systems - most of the time, if you find it necessary to leave a job site during operations, it’s no problem. If it rains or gets too hot to work, just quit. It won’t damage the finished product. Simply return when you are able and start where you left off. This is very important due to things that are beyond your control such as the weather, illness, golfing, or major sporting events! Some phases, like the application of stain or sealer should be finished, but generally it’s no big deal to simply stop work.

How does weather affect the installation process?

Although it may not be practical, concrete can be engraved on the coldest or the hottest days. The concrete surface temperature needs to be between 50 and 90 degrees for the application of stains and sealers.

Is there a warranty on the engraving equipment?

Yes, Engrave-A-Crete® warranties engraver components for 1 year. Warranties cover manufacturing defects. Except for normal wear, tear, and usage, we will fix, repair or replace the equipment and /or parts as we determine. Items that we don’t manufacture but resell as a convenience (such as air compressors) are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Cobra and Mongoose X carry a lifetime Warranty on all aluminum parts. Original owner only.

What is the going rate for engraved concrete? In other words, what are other people charging?

Pricing depends on your location, the pattern, the size of the job, the number of colors, and a few other factors. Generally we suggest that you charge more than products like overlayments and toppings. The perception of price and quality go hand in hand. The complete Engrave-A-Crete® process sells in a price range of $4.00 to $9.00 per square foot for an average driveway. Prices are higher ($6 to $10 per square foot) in some areas where they have good marketing and sales techniques. You should charge more for small areas like patios and sidewalks or borders.

What are the options for training?

Ideally everyone interested in decorative concrete engraving would attend our Discovery & Training Workshop. There you’ll get hands on experience using our stains, sealers and equipment. You’ll fast track through basic to advanced techniques and learn valuable tips and tricks of the trade. While you’re here, there’s no pressure to buy and no obligation to purchase. If attending a workshop isn’t a possibility for you, then self-train with the aid of the Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD and machinery manuals. Also check out our You Tube training videos at We welcome your comments, questions and ideas. We are here to help. Just give us a call at 800-884-2114.

See more FAQ’s at or give us a call if you have any more questions. 1-800-884-2114



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Engrave-A-Crete 2018 Product Catalog  
Engrave-A-Crete 2018 Product Catalog