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European Dance & song Book Turkey, Catalonia & the Netherlands

Content • Aims • Objectives • Activities • Time-line • Things to do • End product • E-book • Evaluation

Aims Learning about each other with the help of the music and dance.

Objectives • To value each other • To respect the differences and similarities • To learn a song and a dance in different languages

Activities • A video about the national festivals in April: to realize that we have festivities in common and we want to share it • A video from your own traditional dance and song: 3 songs, we have to learn the other ones, so we can share the emotion of another country. • Preparing a video clip of a common song in each country with the own languages: we learn different languages, with their differences and similarities (old mac Donald, father Jacob, BINGO, sound of Music) • Sing and dance together a modern song simultaneously through video conference in English: Happy (Pharell Williams), also on video.

Time line • Week 17 : making of the videos • Week 18: Presenting other countries works • Making a multilingual song common in each country in their own language • Uploading the traditional dance and multilingual song videos on 16th of May • 9:30 (in Netherlands and Spain) & 10:30 (in Turkey) 2nd of June : Modern Dance with different approaches ( Pharrel Williams – Happy) Inviting a speacialist “Jordi Pamies”

Things to do • Create a shared folder in google drive • Create a booklet with the traditional songs in 4 different languages. • Invite Jordi • Create google hangout • Create a website • Edit the E book

End product • A multilingual song in 4 languages • A product which describes the festivals and the traditional dance (background) • Videos of the festivals in April • Videos of the modern song • Own website • E book

E book • Filling the E book with all above and also some theory • In the end it has also some pictures and information of the different schools during the project.

Evaluation • With the children • With the teachers • How: format (self assesment)

European dance & song book  
European dance & song book