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By Taiga Boots

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Taiga is a elaborate and creative writer when it comes to poems. He is half Japanese and half American. He was born in Korea but he is not a Korean. He has achieved numerous awards for his poems in his own imagination.

Three talking tangerines tastily tasting tandoori thoroughly and thoughtfully thinking to taste tasty tandoori then thoughtfully thinking to eat more.

1. A glass globe. Filled with water, and covered in moss. 2. A blue magnet with hints of a faint green marker. Stuck to an old black board, speckled with dots of yellow chalk dust. 3. A planet of water, and above floating, Deep green clouds showing. 4. TVs in the junk yard, broken and frayed. cracked LCD display, yet one still alive. it flickers with green, and blue and with static flickering white. All other panels dark as the night. 5. Our earth, just another movie. Watched by giants. Endlessly playing. Forever delaying. a

I am a glowing ice cube, old and astray I want you to find me, but you delay I remember when I was bright and blue I loved you when I was new I am now a lonely gray Did you like me anyway? You put me down and told me to stay. You turned around and walked away, And let me die in dismay. So tell me, did you like me anyway?

Old majestic carp. Living silver jewel, Swimming in my pond.

Last second remaining With the score of 5 – 4 we were about to win Slam! Now the score was tied Time for shoot outs Slam! Again the puck went flying into the goal‌ our goal We had lost, we had been defeated This I would not forget throughout my whole life

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Eng06 - Imaginary worlds - Poetry - Taiga Boots  
Eng06 - Imaginary worlds - Poetry - Taiga Boots