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Poet Predtheev’s Poetry United Nations International School of Hanoi, Vietnam Grade 6HN English A.

Table of contents 1. Authors array of words. 2. Next stop, Dad Station! 3. The Tangerine.

4. Clinkaty Clankaty Coin 5. 3 ways of looking at a football 6. R.I.P Fish. 7. Citation, Crazy but Created

Author’s array of words Hi I am Predtheev. I am a 12 year old student from United Nations International School of Hanoi, Vietnam (UNIS Hanoi) but I am Singaporean. I am a first language English speaker and English is my favorite thing in school. In my 6th grade English A class, I have been writing many poems but I have just picked my 5 best poems to share in this presentation.

The Tangerine On the outside, you look like a worn out basketball used by Michael Jordon You feel like a gumball saved by my grandpa for centuries, molding away When I peel you, you sound like my neighbors Harley Davison's engine coughing smoke Inside you look like my dog's ball covered in saliva and my grandma's hair Inside you feel like oil covered scallops from Ramsey's kitchen You smell like the expired wine rejected, sulking on my dads wine rack Tell me tangerine, are you a long lost creation that rolled out of Einstein's lab?

Next Stop, Dad Station! My dad is a bullet train,

Constantly moving from place to place. He gets up bright and early, To begin his work.

He picks me and my brother up in a snap, Drops us off and goes in a clap. He has everyone, Making sure they do their job. But when he is knocked off his track, He has fun as time travels back.

Clinkaty Clankaty Coin I am a coin An ordinary coin I ran into the vending machine And fell in like a bean I ran away being Misused by my owner who spent me on something And made me a loner I miss my leathery bed Pure and Italian made I want to have someone that can toss me but I hate it when I land on something gross Spend me wisely And you will be manly Now that you lost me I shall become frosty

3 ways of looking at a football 1

The planet on the pitch Orbits around the players


About 90 minutes for each and every ball year.

White and Black

With alternate patterns of hexagons and some lovely pentagons. 3 Stitched pieces of plastic 32 sheets I suppose

Make it an equipment though.

I remember the day that I tried to pick my dear pet fish I met

R.I.P Fish

And realized that I squished your guts yet Split splat splat I was not horrified that My long wanted pet Had to leave me and I get Nothing but a dead pet. I'll die with you if you let But I will always never forget

The hours that I had Spent with you when I get So Rest in Peace my dear pet

Split Splat Splat

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Eng06 - Imaginary Worlds - Poetry - Predtheev Ravi  
Eng06 - Imaginary Worlds - Poetry - Predtheev Ravi