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English - 4º ESO Descriptive adjectives

Descriptive adjectives Which adjectives do you think describe the people in the pictures below? attractive ▪ rude ▪ competitive ▪ lazy ▪ selfish ▪ serious ▪ friendly ▪ talented ▪ energetic ▪ adventurous ▪ generous ▪ funny ▪ clever ▪ confident ▪ polite ▪ stupid ▪ shy ▪ boring ▪ weak ▪ interesting ▪ beautiful ▪ fat ▪ happy ▪ dark ▪ young ▪ tall ▪ light ▪ poor ▪ thin ▪ ugly ▪ sad ▪ old ▪ short ▪ rich

Which of the adjectives above do you think describe you? Describe someone you know. Use adjectives. e.g. My sister is short and thin. She’s very friendly and she’s talented, too.

Describe a famous person (actor, singer, footballer, politician, writer, historical figure, etc.). Your classmates will have to guess who you are describing. You can give as many clues as you want! e.g. He is one of the most famous actors in the world along with his wife. He is very attractive and rich.

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