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issue 83, September 2013

International Christian University By Megan Chen, ELP Cultural Assistant

Graduate of History, University of Toronto


or six weeks, ELP welcomed a fantastic group from the International Christian University in Tokyo. Twenty students participated in two sessions of Speaking English to learn and study English as a credit towards their English for Liberal Arts degree. Here is what a few students had to say about their time in Toronto: “I made a lot of friends from foreign countries with different backgrounds who came to ELP. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate using English, but it became a precious experience. This experience inspires me to learn English more. I appreciate everyone and everything.” ­­— Naomi Koyama “I’m very glad to have come here and learn at ELP because it gives me a lot of chances to improve my English skills. There are a lot of activities that make the experience fun, such as going to Toronto Island, Music Club, and Coffee Chat. If I had more time, I would love to be here longer. I could make a lot of friends and have quality time here.” — Keita Ishii “I enjoyed being at ELP and I can make a lot of friends here.” — Ayano Fukui

“I learned its important not to be shy to speak English in front of everyone. I got courage to speak English and the CAs helped us improve our skills through lots of activities.” — Kana Terashima “It was a great time. Everyone was very kind and I love Toronto.” — Momo Matsuo

Chukyo University E

LP was pleased to welcome Tsubasa Ono and Takuya Miura, two students from Chukyo University. They arrived on August 18th to participate in two Speaking English sessions before studying Academic English in the Fall. Best of luck, boys!


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