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Alt Berguedà Tourist Guide By: 1st Grade Students of INS L’Alt Berguedà


Pedraforca Pedraforca is an emblematic mountain of Cataloina. It is very beautiful. There are 2 peaks. There are a lot of stones. It is very big and high. Down the mountain there are the villages of Saldes and Gòsol. Many people climb the mountain.

Forcat Forcat is a mountain located in the village of St JuliĂ de Cerdanyola .It is big. There are a lot of trees.There is a really natural zone .

Comabona It is an emblematic mountain. It is about 2.5000 metres high. It is located between Alt BerguedĂ and Cerdanya. The landscape is so beautiful. There are three types of routes to do some excursions.

La Volta del Catllars La volta is a route about 16,5 km. It starts at Coromines and finishes at la Pobla de Lillet. You can see houses from a thousand years. The approximate time is 5 hours

Natural Park of Cadí Moixeró The natural park of Cadí Moixeró is the only natural park of Alt Berguedà, Ripollés and Cerdanya. Most of the mountains are between 1000 – 3000 metres high and there is snow. In the mountains there are a lot of animals , for example: bears, deers , owls and eagles.

Fonts del Llobregat Fonts del Llobregat are located a mile from the town of Castellar de n'Hug. They are the birthplace of the Llobregat river. They are about 1300 meters above sea level. The best time to visit them is summer.

Cavalls del Vent Race Cavalls del Vent is a route of 80 km. The route connects the eight mountain hostels of Natural Park Cadí Moixeró. Since 2009 it is also an international race. It is so famous. The top runner Killian Jornet loves it. The race starts in Bagà. Some of the money collected is given to UNICEF.


Fia-Faia Fia-faia is a very important festival in Catalonia . People take a plant called Faia, it is dry. Then they burn the plant. After that people jump above the fire and dance. The people eat toast and cake with “all-i-oli.�. It is celebrated on 24th of December at night, in Porxada square.

La Patum

This festival is the one of most important in the world. Held in Berga in the Sant Pere square. People go to the square and jump with the music, the giants and the fireworks People drink a beverage made from muscat, sweet anise and white wine. It takes place in may or june.

Monasteries and churches

El Paller Paller is an old church. It was built between the years 1747 and 1748. Next to it there is a restaurant and a rural hotel. You can also find a little farm with animals like horses and a picnic area where you can eat with the family. It’s about 1,5 km from Bagà .

Sant Marc’s Church St. Marc is a small church. It is located in a mountain near Guardiola de Berguedà . There are a lot of cows in the mountain. There is also a river. The water is so fresh and you can find fishes in It.

St. Llorenç’s Monastery The monastery of St. Llorenç is from romanic style. It was built between the VIII- IX centuries . It ‘s located about 1 km from Guardiola del Berguedà. At 1427 – 29 half of the monastery was destroyed by an earthquake and it was rebuilt in the XXI – XX centuries. You can book a guided visit.

Guardiola de Berguedà ’s Church Next to the church there is a parking. Every Sunday there is a mass. The church is very old.

Queralt’s Sancturay

Queralt is a small town. There is a beautiful sanctuary. Queralt is above Berga, the capital of the BerguedĂ region.


The Mines of Cercs

It is a museum dedicated to the mine of coal. It is located in Sant Corneli. There they tell the history of the mines of Alt Berguedà . In the visit there is an exposition of the miner’s life. You can also go with a trolley inside the mine. And you can book a tourguide.

Jardíns Artigas Jardins Artigas in “La Pobla de Lillet” were built between the years 1905 and 1906. They were designed by the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. There are modern sculptures made of natural elements. To arrive there you need the train.

Fumanya It’s an establishment located in Fumanya. There you can see a stone wall full of footprints and bones of dinosaurs. There is a museum. In the museum you can learn about the different dinosaurs of the prehistory and old fossils .

Other places

Palomera It’s an adventure park located in Saldes. It has got 4 levels: -for children -for family -for fearless -for daring There you can do a lot of activities, like skiing or archery. There is a restaurant too.

Porxada’s Square

We can find it in BagĂ . It was built in the eighteenth century in the old side of the town. It has a big statue from the medieval age.

Tourist Guide - 1st ESO INS Alt Bergueda  
Tourist Guide - 1st ESO INS Alt Bergueda  

Tourist Guide made by the students of 1st ESO from INS Alt Bergueda