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Importance of Physical Activity Physical inactivity is the main cause of 21-25% of colon and breast cases, 27% of cases of diabetes and 30% of cases of ischemic heart disease. A 6% of deaths worldwide are attributed to physical inactivity. Nowadays, people have forgotten the importance of having an active life. This lifestyle has been replaced for long hours in front of the T.V. or the computer. Actually, the type of job that some people have affects more than others, because they have to be sitting all day. Society is not giving the importance of the regular physical activity that it really has, and we look for millions of excuses for not doing it, without thinking of the bad consequences that it hauls. Sometimes we are aware of the importance of having a regular physical activity, but excuses for not doing it are stronger than our motivation for a life change. There are a million reasons for having an active life. Exercising gives you physical benefits; for example, it strengthens the heart, lungs and joints, in addition, it prevents diseases like brain clots or diabetes. Also it reduces stress, improves learning ability and increases self-esteem. Moreover, it combats insomnia and fatigue. Furthermore, it burns a lot of calories what it is reflected in your body. If you want to make big changes in your life, this is a good way for doing it. Take control of yourself, your actions, feelings and your life.

Commonly people think that making exercises is something that requires spending a lot of money. What people say is that they will have to pay for the subscription at the gym, but it is not necessary to spend money if that is your main point of concern. Actually, if you take just a moment and look around you, you will find all you need for your objective; even if it is about losing some weight or just getting toned. Some options you have are: just going and trot minimum half an hour at the speed you feel comfortable around your neighborhood; also you can jump rope, and if you do not find a rope you can make some jumping-jacks. If you are interested in lifting weight for getting toned, you can take bottles and fill them with sand or cloves. On the other hand, you can download videos from the Internet; there are a lot and different trainings, and they show how to make exercises at home and also how to make them correctly without suffering a lesion. After you have determined a goal, and you found the solution for making it part of your daily routine, regardless if you planned to go to a gym or if it is necessary for you to save money and make your trainings at home, now comes the hardest step: being disciplined. This part of the process is the one in which the majority of people fail because it is not easy to make a change of lifestyle a new habit. Becoming a disciplined person will make an evolution in all areas of your life in a positive way. It is important to train your self-control, and you cannot abandon your goal because of your mood. The reality is that not every day you are going to be motivated; that is why you need to look for your own motivation. Maybe your boost could be an image, or a phrase and when you consider giving up your objective, remember what motivates you. You cannot be disappointed at this moment because at the same time there are studies which reveal that if you keep incessant for 30 to 60 days, your perseverance will become a habit. In addition, if you have already implemented that habit, it would be easier to have self-discipline because we get used to this and we will see it like a natural part of our day. As a result, you can conclude that for anybody it is an option to do or not do exercises. Having a healthy lifestyle, including making physical activity, provides a lot of benefits for your health and more than you think. As a consequence, you will enjoy a quality life for the rest of your life and this point is the one that should be the most important reason for keeping our body active and avoiding a sedentary life to a 100%. Then we have to remember that being a skinny person does not mean that you are healthy in your inside. We should not only take care about what we can see, our physical part, but we should also care in the same way about our internal part. To finish, you should forget about all your excuses, the ones that made you give up making the changes you want, because you are the only person that can stop your impulse, so start thinking differently and detect your capacity of doing what you want and hereinafter it will be less difficult.

By Diana Bonilla

Having a Nice Experience: up to You! Traveling is an activity that allows you to not only enjoy the wonders of the world but to also discover your own wonders. Like Henry Miller once said: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”. Beautiful landscapes, beaches, animals, flowers, amazing infrastructure and history are only one side of all the experience that you get when you travel. The other side is based on the richness of the culture, the people and the way you enjoy it. Traveling around the world is a unique experience, but you should keep in mind some positive and negative aspects that you might have to confront. International traveling gives you the opportunity of knowing and learning about new and different cultures while you are having fun. Culture is a concept that defines a country’s identity. First, traditions had been created by our ancestors and now these values are used as a foundation to live different than others. Second, food is what makes a trip more exciting, especially when the type of food is not familiar to you. Third, history is a huge part of a country’s culture because it shows you what people had to do to protect their legacy. To summarize, culture is a very good reason for traveling abroad because the experience of knowing other traditions and different lifestyles makes you open-minded and the most important objective is to enjoy and accept the different cultures.

On the other hand, when you practice this hobby, you might have to confront some difficulties that are very common while you are traveling to any place in the world. First of all, language difficulties are the major problem that a traveler will have to deal with, especially in countries that have their own dialect and this is not very known. Second, when you travel to a country or a city that is known as a dangerous site, you put your life in danger because thieves usually take advantage of the foreign people by steeling and tricking them, and on a higher level of criminality they kidnap travelers and use them for trafficking. Third, when you have traveled for a long period of time and usually to places far from home you can start to miss it; so, you could get homesick. In conclusion, you should try to get as much information as you can about your destination, including learning key words that would help you to communicate with native speakers so in that way you avoid getting confused, feeling lost, scared or hopeless when you are in trouble. After reading all these aspects, you should remember that the important reason for traveling abroad is to have the chance of knowing other countries along with their culture. At the same time you are aware of what is happening outside of your country which makes you appreciate the privileges that you have, compared to other people. Also, this experience gets you out of your daily life, your routine and allows you to live a different life full of unknown and exciting moments. As a recommendation, be prepared to confront the challenges that might arise before and during the trip and try to see the positive side of every one of them. Try to connect with local people because that could be helpful if you have plans to come back. As we finish this journey, we give you the last reasons to practice this incomparable hobby. First, remember, discovering culture, people and sights are the best way of knowing the world you live in. Second, be brave enough to live this unique experience, do not be afraid of the unknown, be positive, fearless, accept challenges, live your life in a different way, as St. Augustine once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page�. Third, traveling abroad gives you the chance of being a wiser and open-minded person because it shows you how different people and their lifestyles are across the world. As a final conclusion, you have to remember that having a nice experience is up to you.

By Mariela Morales.

Doping in Sport The first time that a doping test was applied in 1968 at the Olympics in Mexico (D.F.). The athletes are admired and applauded by millions of people, no matter what types of sport it is. Children and adults consider athletes as role models and even “heroes”. Many times doping is not an option for the athlete, is an obligation. The real problem is that many types of drugs are sold without prescription and for that reason many athletes see doping as a normal activity. “Doping” refers to an athlete using prohibited drugs or methods to improve trainings and sporting results (UNESCO) 1. Anabolic steroids, testosterone and EPO (Erythroietin) are the most used doping methods. Anabolic steroids are the oldest doping method, many athletes have used this drug since the early 60’s. Testosterone has been used since the 80’s and with steroids its main goal is to work as a hormone and muscle stimulant. Nowadays, EPO is the most popular kind of doping. EPO use is related to the extra production of red cells; that action alters the blood pressure and maximizes the athlete’s energy. This can cause a heart attack and even death. In every sport activity before competitions begin it is necessary to apply an anti-doping protocol. The Anti-doping Mundial Agency (AMA) is the organization responsible for applying these tests but there are many other similar organizations. The AMA uses two types of test; these tests are used together to obtain a clearer result. The first is a blood test; this test indicates if a drug was used few hours before the test. The second is a urine test; it shows if the athlete had used drugs in the last 3 to 5 days. Hormonal stimulants are used during the training to obtain best results, so many times when the test is applied, the drug is out of the body and the drug effect is done.

There are many ways to cheat on a drug test because it is a very superficial exam. The easiest way to cheat on the urine test is consuming a lot of water; this provokes urination. To ensure that the test is negative it is necessary to have a very clean urine sample, and that is achieved after many samples. It is more difficult to cheat on the blood test because cleaning blood is not an easy work. The most effective method is to do a blood transfusion before and after applying the drug. This method helps to hide the drug and to mix the blood. This way to cheat in the doping test has to be planned very well to succeed. For some athletes it was very easy to keep hidden their doping until now. In these times, anti-doping organizations are very cautious with the procedures. But even so, Lance Armstrong managed to fool many anti-doping tests and he even won several times “The Tour de France�. Right now Armstrong, after 20 years as a professional cyclist and winner, has gone through many legal and moral problems that destroyed his career. The rules are very clear; the participant who is discovered with performance drugs will be disqualified and expelled of competencies forever and ever. Many other athletes in different sports and categories have been involved in scandalous cases of doping, for example the famous Ben Johnson, Maria Luisa Calle and Robert Fazekas. So, is the athlete still respected and loved after doping-related cases? The answer is no, all admiration that a fan has to an athlete dies when his/her credibility was exposed and snatched. By Brenda Vargas.

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