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For the Spirit and Soul Of Woman


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For the Spirit and Soul of Woman


UP CLOSE & PERSONAL This month’s SOUL MESSAGE by Sibyl English, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of SIBYL Magazine LIVING FOR TODAY My Body Is My Closest Temple By Carol Browning

WITH A SONG IN YOUR HEART Nature's Rhythms By Charline Savoie

THE PLANETARY CYCLES OF YOUR LIFE Embodiment … Unconscious Wounding of Worthiness By Laurie Rezanoff

COMMUNION WITH THE DIVINE Creating A Sacred holiday Season By Therese Inzerillo

CONVERSATION WITH THE GODDESS Unveiling the Sacred Woman By Hualani - Janice Mark

A SPIRIT OF HEALING Peacefulness Within By Janet Gallagher Nestor

INNER ALCHEMY -- PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Transforming Sorrow To Joy! By Laurie Buchanan

BREAKING THROUGH THE BARRIERS Start Living Your Eulogy Now! By Nancy Newman

BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS I Am My Own Awareness By Brenda Theretha Brown

GROWNG BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE The Power Of Choice: Create the Life Your Want By Maria Elena Escobar

AN INTIMATE DANCE WITH ENERGY The (Almost) Silent Wisdom of the Body By Victoria Pendragon

WHEN GOD LEADS THE WAY In the Stillness Of the Night By Rose Plesz

FINDING YOUR WAY ... ANY HOW! Shining the Light On a Path Dimly Lit By Wendy Stokes SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE PASSION POWER: Let Your Passion Fill Your Wallet By Jean Adrienne


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Women of Love & Light Rise up from the ashes like the phoenix that you are; and yes, it is true we do indeed, soar so close to the sun that our feet are still hot from dancing with God ... !



--- Sibyl English


Sibyl English Jon Mitchell

SIBYL Magazine and SIBELLA Poetry Magazine is published by Woman Speaks Publications, with the earnest intent of cultivating a greater healing vibration within the world -- embracing every woman’s journey as sacred. Honoring each step she takes as divine and blessed, knowing her life-purpose is forever in process toward the highest good.

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UP CLOSE & PERSONAL This month’s SOUL MESSAGE From the desk of our Editor-In-Chief Sibyl English, Founder of SIBYL Magazine Publication established since 2006

Celebrating 5 Successful Years Of Online Publishing Connecting Women Of Love & Light Around the Globe

BE ENCOURAGED WOMEN OF LOVE AND LIGHT. YOUR VISIONS ARE NEARER THAN EVER BEFORE! Forging forthrightly and focused straight ahead with a positive and powerful Love and Light intention into this new year is most important toward the full manifestation of your highest hopes and dreams. Dare to see clearer than you chose to see last year. Continue to see from the perspective of your mind’s eye the life you truly desire to live. Make the necessary changes needful, creating room for this brand new lifestyle to come. Yes, you can believe it! Your best is yet to come. So what, if the road signs ahead seem to be turned upside down or that the light on your path seems strangely dim. It’s during these uncertain phases and steps in our lives that God is shifting the playing field, expanding our territory and broadening our faith --- preparing us for the greater, deeper, richer life that is on the way! Rejoice for this newness of LIFE!!! Love, Light and Joy ALWAYS, Sibyl English, Founder and Editor-In-Chief SIBYL Magazine & Sibella Poetry Magazine CLICK to LIKE SIBYL Magazine on Facebook. While there, share a word of encouragement with other readers

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Be well my fellow sojourner until we meet again within the pages of SIBYL Magazine. Let us remain strong for one another as we continue moving through each phase of our lives. Together trusting in the forward motion of our faith; seeing and believing in the vision God has inscribed upon each of our hearts. Be One. Embrace all that is good. Send love and light to all who are in pain or grief. Pray that freedom and truth of Spirit and Light be in the earth forever.


Oct. 29 - Nov. 5, 2012

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Come join me, Sibyl, where I live, in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for an amazing seven day retreat focused on expanding our awareness and deepening our meditation experience toward wholeness and healing for ourselves and for the world. I welcome you all to the 2012 Women With Sacred Souls Retreat. --- In love and light, Sibyl English

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LIVING FOR TODAY My Body Is My Closest Temple By Carol Browning IT'S A NEW DAY! In my own quiet way I intend to honor my precious body, for she has been, and continues to be, my best friend no matter the adversities I face. When I am distracted by the mind's banter and worry, this body keeps on breathing, reminding me she has her own life force. She loves to be massaged with coconut oil as part of our wake-up ritual. She loves warm liquids, lovely music, a few minutes of dancing just for the fun of it. She loves attention and praise and smiles. A grumpy face or depressing news on the radio are real turn-offs, for within her is a deep yearning for pleasure, movement, joy to be alive this new day! She loves bright, vibrant colors, even more important on a gray and dreary day. Outside the leaves have fallen, exposing tree limbs and branches, and a view of the mountainside hidden the past six months. Winter is a darker, colder season where I live, and my sweet body needs reassurance I'll keep her warm and full of hearty soups and songs to bring cheer to the hearts of friends as well as myself. When her blood sugar is low, she lets me know. When I get too busy writing or doing tasks that ignore her needs, she has her ways of saying, "Give me attention. I am feeling neglected!" Part of aging wisely is learning to read our body-signals before our bodies go into fight or flight. No outside person can be as present, as intimate, with our sacred body that houses our spirits. Our bodies need maintenance, regular tune-ups, exercising so they feel good, and rest when we are tired. When we are young, we can abuse and override our body's signals, but this disengagement and lack of respect creates inner unrest and disease as we age. If we want peace in our lives, it begins with honoring our bodies and taking their needs seriously. Would you rudely interrupt your best friend when she/he confides in you? Would you ignore warning signs like insomnia, an unreliable bladder, the onset of a cold when you have a busy schedule? When we treat our body as our best friend, we begin to dialogue with her: “What’s up? What can I do to help you feel better for the next twenty minutes?” It is true, the past is history, and we may need to learn from past mistakes so we can better befriend this body once taken for granted. The more compassion and kindness we show toward our body in our daily choices, the happier we shall be. Feeling grateful and loving makes for a deeper, lasting friendship with this partner we have for life!

Yin and Yang happiness is not for granted it permanently changes its face today you are worried tomorrow the sun breaks through the clouds dull days passing by lucky ones walk over your doorstep again life is low tide and high tide Yin and Yang one element complements the other do not try to suppress your negative feelings they come through the surface in a more powerful way give them the same attention and you learn to respect them too © Antge Klugmann Embracing the written works of this International Woman Poet CLICK & SHARE YOUR FEMININE THOUGHTS OF LOVE & LIGHT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

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THE PLANETARY CYCLES OF YOUR LIFE Embodiment ...Unconscious Wounding of Worthiness? By Laurie Rezanoff THERE MAY COME A TIME IN ANY PERSON’S LIFE WHEN WE EMBODY EMOTIONALLY an event or action/ reaction due to trauma, a rejection by someone we love, which can play havoc in that life for years to come. As an Astrologer, I see how current planetary and luminary (Sun and Moon) cycles will activate or make conscious something long buried within a client. Looking at the truth of what we thought had already been dealt with can be a huge surprise for any of us. The July 30th New Moon in Leo (all about romance) triggered buried memories of something I embodied, unconsciously, nine years ago. I had connected mentally, emotionally and spiritually right away with this man, having many talks long into the night about all things spiritual, personal and esoteric, sipping Earl Grey tea. Totally magical and enjoyable for both of us, and after several weeks we both decided it was time to become more intimate. Two weeks later, “I am no longer attracted to you physically, yet I am attracted to your mind.” Thunk. Somehow I had been punched in the stomach. What? Did I just hear you correctly? What did I do wrong? How did we get from magic to breakup so soon? Back to current time, as the emotional eating was surfacing yet again I noted the date - O, right, Christopher - now what else is there to know? Going into a deep meditative state I revisited that day, his words of rejection of my body totally riveted into my brain and I realized I had embodied his rejection with my Taurus Moon’s Shadow of insecurity and unworthiness rushing up to meet it, and started right then to reject myself physically (Taurus is the sensual earth sign, ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love). I have punished myself (self-sabotage) to numb that pain of rejection via junk food and over-eating ever since. Totally suppressed and unconscious (the Moon reflects our unconscious Ego Shadow issues) I slowly built a see-saw life of binge eating and eating well - eating for two really - my Ego-self punishing me for being rejected; my Soul-self looking after me with wholesome foods otherwise. Deep emotional release has ensued by forgiving myself for that self-abandonment. The desire to punish my body has ceased. Forgiveness is necessary and cleansing, especially of the Ego. I created a wound when I abandoned Me for another. Back then, being rejected by the man I was falling in love with seemed worse than abandoning myself! I was wrong. I reclaim my Divine Feminine Power with self-love. I am worthy of being loved, by me, for my entire self, no matter who else is in my life.

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CONVERSATION WITH THE GODDESS Unveiling the Sacred Woman By Hualani - Janice Mark CONVERSATIONS WITH THE GODDESS … Unveiling the Sacred Woman We are living in tumultuous times of great change, regeneration and higher frequency activation. When we can’t see, feel, or understand what is happening to us, then our attention simply dismisses the strange occurrences, physical maladies and emotional imbalances as par for the course of life as we know it. It can be challenging to explain the unexplainable. As we step across the golden bridge into the greater possibilities of 2012, we are being prompted to develop our multi-dimensional core and our ability to read quantum influences. The moment we understand that divine order is conducting this symphony of creation, we’re playing indispensable instruments as we make music with the heavens in this evolutionary emergence through every action. We must commit to consciously participating by attunement with each infusion of purity and paramount transmission that comes in along the way. As we experience the Earth and our human bodies in the divine dance of cosmic influx, we often forget that vibrating at these higher levels is going to impact our own density. We must digest and regulate these new alchemical frequencies at neurological/ chemical/hormonal levels at each shift. Our cellular make-up is changing radically, resulting in common unexplainable symptoms as our eco-system seeks new thresholds of harmony. The master glands are being energetically impacted which is affecting the alchemical secretion from the glands into the body. The throat chakra is purifying and transmuting the inner ear so that a deeper sense of perception can awaken. The technology of the heart chakra is changing to permit and encourage the flow of this expanded vibratory field of light and essential life force. And the pineal and pituitary glands are being bombarded by stellar light activity – a clarion call into new energetic constellations to live as a Creator Being. Divine codes are being activated to assist the physical system in adjusting to the massive influx of melodic resonance that is showering our experience with overtones of peace, love and oneness. Actualization of a new universal paradigm now imprinted and activated in physical density is revealing itself in new structures of manifestation in our outer world. The shift of a new era has blessed our consciousness. Our cellular intelligence is being initiated to mirror this divine love in order that oneness may truly be grounded on Earth. This acquisition of Light generates purification for fluid cellular regeneration and immersion in this higher vibration of light dancing with Light, so we can consciously bring forward an empowered relationship through the living body. As the sacred woman within you unveils, you’ll know that you contain worlds, universes and galaxies within your body. Celebrate this golden temple of divine creation infusing all. Anchor Writer 2011

INNER ALCHEMY -- PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Transforming Sorrow to Joy By Laurie Buchanan LIKE WEEDS, OUR INNER LANDSCAPE CAN BECOME OVERRUN WITH EMOTIONS—sorrow, fear, anger, worry, guilt—that consume the health of the garden. Alchemy is the process of changing lead into gold. Inner alchemy is personal transformation to our highest best, transforming emotions that don’t serve us well, to emotions that are positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing. Sorrow doesn’t discriminate, it’s non-biased. Transcending cultural differences, it can affect people of every race, faith, income bracket, academic achievement, and geographic location. It’s part of the human experience; no one is immune. Perceived or real, sorrow is born from loss. Its razor-sharp blade cuts to the heart—the seat of our emotions—whether we’ve lost our job, our home, an opportunity, or a loved one. Some of the world’s most beautiful artwork and literature come from deep places of pain and suffering. But prolonged or unrelenting sorrow—despair and hopelessness—can destroy. Happiness is a feeling. It fluctuates based on external circumstances. It’s temporary, fleeting at best. For instance, we check the mailbox and find a notice from the IRS informing us that we owe a considerable sum in back taxes. For most people our happiness level would plunge. On the flip side, we check the mailbox and find an unexpected refund check and our happiness level soars. Happiness can also be a result of manufactured merriment such as going to the circus, watching a funny movie, or attending a party. Different than happiness, when our perspective—the lens through which we view life—is governed from the inside out, the external pressures fall away and we experience joy. Joy is a state of being. It’s inexplicable peace, even in the midst of turmoil. Joy is internal and when nurtured and encouraged, it becomes resident—abiding—regardless of external circumstances. There are people who suffer tremendous personal devastation, yet still retain a state of joy—inexplicable peace. Viktor Frankl is a perfect example. As a Vienna Jew, he was interned by the Germans for more than three years, but being confined by the narrow boundaries of a concentration camp didn’t rob him of joy. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he wrote, “In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.” Joy is our inner response to meaning—to hope. Cultivating and maintaining our inner garden eases the struggle that exists along life’s path, and with the passage of time, the weeds of unhealthy emotions amazingly transform into colorful blooms of love, forgiveness, humor, contentment, gratitude, and a renewed sense of purpose. Anchor Writer for SIBYL Magazine 2009, 2010, 2011

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For the Spirit and Soul of Woman

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BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS I Am My Own Awareness By Brenda Theretha Brown SUDDENLY I LOOK AT MY HANDS and I see they have grown up like me. My hands are much bigger now. I remember when I was a child I looked at my hands and wondered what they would do when they grew up. I only knew who I was by looking at my hands. I didn't relate to the reflection in the mirror because I didn't know me. My hands were always visible and I could always see what they were doing. My hands have accomplished many things in my lifetime and certainly they have grown up and matured. I am fully aware of my existence in this world. I have a place and a purpose. I belong to me. I belong to the universe. My hands keep producing wonderful forms of art in my life. I do things for myself to keep me healthy and strong because at the drop of a tear I know loneliness and fear also. My thoughts are constantly reminding me of my years gone by and my today. I don't grab onto tomorrow because it is completely out of my hands reach. What I know, right now, is that happiness is always a thought away. Happiness can be manufactured in the mind. I think happy so I am happy. We become our thoughts and what we think actually transforms itself into our being. Knowing the secret of happiness keeps us free from self-destruction. When thoughts enter our consciousness we can choose whether or not to keep them or pass them by. It is a simple process of elimination. Good thoughts stay and others are allowed to travel through us as we undeviatingly cast them out of our mind. Our mind's thoughts are the source of all our joy. We look forward to giving and sharing and passing on the multitude of experiences. We already have done this through our hands. Touching, smiling, laughing, giving, sharing are all forms of hands-on communication. If you find yourself in a place that does not add value to your life, leave it alone. Fight your way back to yourself and know that loving yourself is the first sign of your own awareness. In my own awareness I know that I am responsible for me. What I say and what I do first becomes a thought in my mind. My reaction to what is said or done to me becomes a thought in my mind. I cannot blame my existence or my feelings on another individual because I have created my own awareness. Keeping true to yourself is the only way to becoming a rich spiritual person who has the insight to give whole-heartedly, peace of mind that ignites others souls to become their best person.

A QUOTE IN THE WIND There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. WASHINGTON IRVING The Sketch Book

AN INTIMATE DANCE WITH ENERGY The (Almost) Silent Wisdom of the Body By Victoria Pendragon I’M HERE, ALIVE, TYPING THIS PIECE on a brightly still October morning because twenty-three years ago I made a very good decision to follow the wisdom I felt in my body. Some people might call it guidance, others, intuition. At the time, I didn’t call it anything; I just paid attention; I had to because I had no other choice, dying, as I was, from scleroderma, a disease that is usually considered to be both incurable and fatal. The human body, I would later come to understand, is an amazing and complex layering of energetic systems that range from things as obviously electric as the firing of neurons in the brain to things as subtle as what acupuncturists call meridians. We are energy. And when we malfunction it is inevitably because either that energy has become stuck somewhere or because there is what we might call a leak in the system. Happily, unlike many things about the universe, this energy is no mystery. We can even interact with it, dancing with the life force that vivifies us, talking to it, moving it, playing with it, but first we have to acknowledge it, listen to it and be consciously grateful to it. Energy, manifest as feeling, is the language of the body, how it expresses itself to us. It’s not subtle but it’s nothing that most of us receive any instruction about as children. I’d be willing to bet that in the days before so-called civilization, this information was both known and passed on, perhaps from shaman to shaman or mother to daughter because when you remove the veneer of politeness and political correctness, power over others and the power of those who call themselves experts, what you find are feeling beings who have most likely been unconsciously taught to repress and/or hide their feelings, feeling beings who have forgotten the unspoken language of the body and who may be suffering in a variety of ways from physical to psychological to spiritual. You can start a path to energetic wholeness just by talking to your body…start with gratitude, thanking her for the tasks she does for you throughout every day. Give her permission to speak to you as loudly as she needs to and, most importantly of all, listen. You’ll have to still the mind chatter we all tend to endure, but you can do that simply by paying attention to the world around you and to what you are doing at any given moment. The Bach Flower Remedy, White Chestnut can help as well. Commit to the quiet that will allow you to hear the voice of your body and you will become peaceful, centered and possibly even quite vibrant.

You deserve this tranquil paradise vacation

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Women With Sacred Souls San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO UNESCO World Heritage Site



Beyond Religion:


12 Reasons To Go Beyond Religion 1. Religion is limited by our human understanding. Spiritual truth is as wide and broad as the mind of God. No human attempt to comprehend the reality and plan of God could be complete and final. There is always more to learn. 2. Religion is the grammar school of spirituality, the place where we learn the basics about God. But those lessons are couched in very elementary concepts. In the same way that we are intended to move beyond grammar school into ever higher levels of learning, so we must be willing to move beyond childhood concepts and embrace the larger truths that God continually offers us. 3. We are physical/spiritual beings. We have a body which will eventually die, and a soul which will live forever because it is part of God. As a result, we have two sets of senses - the five which connect us with the physical world and others that connect us with the spiritual world (intuition, dreams, visions, psychic abilities, etc.) Religion is an expression of the physical side of our nature, while spirituality is connected to our divine nature. Our goal as humans is to become more like God, to turn the world into the Kingdom of Heaven. We can do this only as we turn away from human/intellectual images of God and seek a broader understanding of divine truth. Go and visit this web site to discover the other nine (9) reasons why we should all go beyond religion. www.beyondreligion.com

FINDING YOUR WAY … ANY HOW! Shining the Light On a Path Dimly Lit By Wendy Stokes WHEN A BONE IS BROKEN AND MENDED, it is stronger than before. When skin heals after an injury, scar tissue is stronger than ever. Do not be disheartened when things go wrong but ensure greater strength to achieve success. Beware that sometimes greater strength is a liability without flexibility or foresight. Remember, there are two sides to every story. Don’t jump to conclusions. Beware of fantasies and illusions, either in your own mind or in others and search for truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Dreams and hopes will be dashed unless rooted in knowledge, work, contacts and efficiency. Love is helping another to gain spiritual growth and to be the best person they can be. Love is a verb, a “doing” word. If it hurts, it’s not love! Mature love helps others to reach their full potential. Find those who love you, and believe in you and be the best you can be and you will deserve dedication, respect and support. You don’t miss the water until the well has run dry! Appreciate now what you have and tell others you appreciate them. Work towards committed relationships with others. Partnership and collaboration are the way forward. Seek reconciliation; this might be a family member or social acquaintance, one who can help you in the future. Be open to a proposal which could be related to a business, social or family invitation. Is someone controlling you? Gain full control over yourself and all aspects of your life, you will have nothing to fear from another’s attempt to dominate. Who is trying to make you jealous? You are special; there will never be another person like you in the entire world. Celebrate your individuality, talents and friendships. Delay making a promise or signing a contract until you have read the small print. Do as you would be done by. Be forgetful of the past and start again. Seek to give to others, the good you wish for yourself. There will be a test of your resolve, an ordeal where you will learn many things that will stand you in good stead for the future. There are many beauties in life, not just physical beauty but the beauty of seeing yourself as a deeply blessed person, loved by family and friends, secure in your ability to love and be loved, enjoying nature, music, crafts and all other wonders in life. Ask for an answer to a problem and sleep on it. In the morning, consider anew your decision. Time management is a priority. You are in a time of transition, give attention to this moment. You are warm and affectionate person and you inspire people. You have not yet reached your full potential. You are in the process of becoming, as we all are! You will need to be self-reliant over an upcoming issue. Believe in yourself and move forward in confidence. You are a responsible and wise person, methodical, dependable and capable.

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International Poetry Contest begin accepting written works on January 1st.

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SIBYL Magazine & SIBELLA Poetry Magazine POETRY CONTEST GUIDELINES From these submissions we not only select the winners of the contest, but also, the poets for next yearʼs publication of SIBELLA Poetry Magazine

Our editorial staff would really like to read your written works. Hence, it is very important to read and follow the enclosed guidelines carefully before sending in your submission(s). The editors are open to receive incoming email submissions (original poetry, prose, short stories, etc.) starting January 1, 2012. Email submissions can reflect on any subject matter. Our interest is that each piece inspire, encourage, and enlighten on some level. Never mind the length; yet, less is sometimes more! Send in the original poems you think have editorial merit. Of course, all writers retain their copyright on all submitted works. Donʼt wait until the last minute to send yours in!

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All 4 winnerʼs will receive PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR WORK. THANK YOU. A full page on the SIBELLA Poetry Magazine Website (view last yearʼs poet pages on our web site to see how great this prize is - huge publicity). All 4 winnerʼs will receive A ¼ page ad to run in the remaining 3 issues of SIBELLA Poetry Magazine starting in June/July issue (6 months worth of FREE advertisement inside SIBELLA POETRY Magazine. Wow!) All 4 winnerʼs poems will be published inside 3 issues of SIBELLA Poetry Magazine 2012

SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE PASSION POWER: Let Your Passion Fill Your Wallet! By Jean Adrienne ARE YOU TIRED OF WORKING IN A J-O-B, MAKING MONEY FOR SOMEONE ELSE? Are you appreciated for the work you do? Do you wake every morning, excited about what you do for a living? Unless you can answer “yes” to these three questions, you have not yet found your passion. And until you begin living in your passion, you will be stuck in the cycle of lack, settling for less than you deserve. Shifting out of this rut is a fairly straightforward process. There are six (6) basic steps you will need to follow:

- What is your passion? If money was no object, but you still had to work, what would you do—that you could do every day and make your heart sing while you support yourself?

- How much money do you desire and require? Make two lists that reflect monthly amounts. The first list is the require list, and on it, quantify the amount of money you require to meet your current obligations (rent, insurance, car payment, gas, utilities, food, etc.) The second list (mandatory!) quantifies the extra money you desire for fun things like vacations, clothes, movies, lattes, manicure/pedicures etc. Add the two amounts and tell the Universe that this is how much money (or more) that you desire to receive for living your passion.

- How much time will you devote? Include the amount of time you will spend each week doing your passion, plus the amount of time each week you will spend in PLAY, plus the amount of time you commit to rest.

- Do you require any additional training in order to do what will make your heart sing? How much and when can you get it?

- Address your fears about this process. Make a list of all your limiting beliefs about why this can’t possibly work for you. Go back over this list and analyze where each of the beliefs originated. Then re-write each one into the positive so that it SUPPORTS you in doing what you love to do.

- Finally – decide when you are going to start! We are at an amazing time in the evolution of our consciousness. We have the ability to create everything we desire with our thoughts and our mind. Not only that, but it happens very quickly now as well. Therefore, why would any of us limit ourselves if we don’t have to anymore? It is up to each of us to take responsibility for creating what we want, and this passion power process is the first step. We ARE the creation of our reality, and by honoring that and loving it, the Law of Attraction steps in and just keeps giving us more of what we desire. Anchor Writer 2010, 2011

WITH A SONG IN YOUR HEART Nature's Rhythms By Charline Savoie WE ARE SURROUNDED BY A CONSTANT RHYTHM THAT ROCKS US; sometimes gently, other times quite vigorously. Our perception evolves, if we allow ourselves to be open to new challenges, which become opportunities for self growth. The shoreline surrenders to the sea, while it redesigns her banks and carves the most exotic scenes. Life’s waves can throw us off balance at times; however, if we remember to trust and have faith, there is always a valuable treasure to be found in all circumstances. Being caught in the undertow is never enjoyable, but a very precious pearl is to be found as we keep searching the deep ocean’s floor. If we always resist change, how will we recognize our full potential which is limitless? Do we take the time to discover what rhythms we dance to? Are we boogieing at such a fast pace, trying to keep up, that we forget to ask ourselves if what we are doing is serving us, or are we waltzing slowly enjoying precious moments? Silence and stillness teach us a new rhythm, an inner rhythm, which guides us all, to our own Divine calling. Quieting ourselves to hear our own personal melody embarks us on a quest of discovery. Our inner voice resonates to its own vibration and keeps evolving forever. Words on paper evoke certain feelings, but when added to music, become magical and vibrant, making us feel alive. A mood is created and our cells recognize the emotions stirring at our core. Some music makes our feet tap; other brings tears to our eyes. Some we listen to loudly as we are energized with our body requesting our permission to dance. Soft, gentle music soothes our heart bringing us to quiet moments of reflection and healing. How do you feel today? What type of music are you listening to? This might reveal more to you than you think. We surround ourselves with people, events and things that help us create the experience we choose to live and perceive. When we begin to notice what we attract in our lives, we can then choose how we wish to react and view our world. If you gaze at the ocean on a windy day, you can choose to see rough waters, but if you are a surfer, you can choose to see excitement and challenges. The rhythm of nature is always there to show us many sides and angles to new dimensions and possibilities. I leave you with this link to a small 2 minute video called “Mumuration” that is sure to delight your senses. The beauty of nature’s rhythm is mesmerizing and the uplifting music adds yet more joy to this exhilarating feeling. Enjoy! http://

Sing the Song Of Mountains Let us listen to the timbers of our personal soul-sound and know in our hearts how this great journey of life reflects the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys of each and every step we have chosen to take in our lives. May we be wise enough to allow the mountain AND the valley to sing together, creating a harmonic balance that keeps each of us in tune with one another and with life itself. --- Sibyl English





MOVE ON? If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you. -- T.S. Eliot If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind. -- Norman Vincent Don't go through life, grow through life. -- Eric Butterworth Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. --Harold Whitman

Come, and let us sit together and wait for the voice of Reason to speak; and may we have listening ears to hear when God again reveals the Truth ... That we are all ONE. --- Sibyl English

WOMAN POWER Growth & Evolution

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive. --- Bettie Eadie

--- Gail Sheehy

Spiritual progress is like detoxification. Things have to come up in order to be released. Once we have asked to be healed, then our unhealed places are forced to the surface. --- Marianne Williamson

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. --- Anais Nin When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak. --- Audre Lorde

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

COMMUNION WITH THE DIVINE Creating A Sacred Holiday Season By Therese Inzerillo THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS UPON US once again. As we scurry to put up the Christmas lights, plan for Hanukah, wrap the gifts, fight the crowds, attend the parties and social events, make travel plans, and prepare for guests …. we often become lost and overwhelmed by the demands of the season and the sacredness of what we are celebrating eludes us. The tranquility and harmony our souls long for is gifted to us when we learn to embrace simplicity. It is in the quiet moments, when we stop to breathe and allow the busyness of the day to float away, that the sacredness of life embraces us. Sacredness is an essence which captivates our soul and escorts us to new dimensions of joy and love. It is a deep peace that comforts the heart and embraces the beauty of acceptance of the now moment. Sacredness celebrates beauty and expands our consciousness to new levels. It is Divine Grace in the fleeting moments of our lives. We are gifted with it in every moment, but only those who are attuned to its unique vibration call it forth into their lives. Sacredness can be found in the swirled orange and red hues of the sunset, as the rays slip behind the horizon, or from the warmth of your heart as you peek in at your little ones deep in slumber. We dance with sacredness through our lover’s touch as we gaze deeply into one another’s eyes. We live it when we rise before dawn to practice our morning sadhna (yoga and meditation), or when we make an appointment with ourselves to take a long, luxurious bubble bath and curl up with a book we’ve been longing to read. We experience it when we are moved to tears through music which touches our heart, or sharing with a friend at a soul level. It is hugs and kisses and moments of preciousness. It is a reverence for and connection with all life …. hiking a mountain trail, smelling a flower, experiencing the pain of a swaying redwood tree. It is the miracle of new life or love renewed. These are the precious moments we live for and long to celebrate. So this holiday season, instead of exhausting yourself attempting to create a superficial sense of wonderment, give yourself and your loved ones the most precious gift available - the authentic gift of you, your time and your love – with simplicity and beauty. It is then that you will experience connection with the Divine and a universal sacredness that expands your consciousness and blesses you beyond our wildest dreams. Happy Holidays!

The THOUGHT manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care, and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings. --- The Buddha

When’s the last time you felt the flutter of your butterfly wings?

LARGER THAN LIFE Dare to reach up and out; to touch the highest part of your greatest Self today. Just give it a try! ---Sibyl English

A SPIRIT OF HEALING Peacefulness Within By Janet Gallagher Nestor “WHEN YOUR SENSE OF SELF IS NO LONGER TIED TO THOUGHT, is no longer conceptual, there is a depth of feeling, of sensing, of compassion, of loving, that was not there when you were trapped in mental concepts. You are that depth.” ~ Eckhart Tolle You are that depth. You have within you an inner oasis, a place of harmony and love. It is there to provided you with the comforting feelings of self-love, including the feelings of peacefulness. We all have a memory, or an experience that defines peacefulness for us. Can you remember a special moment when things came together perfectly and you felt absolute peace? Maybe you were a child playing alone in your tree house. Maybe you were holding your new born baby in your arms. Maybe you were walking along the sea shore watching the waves roll in and out. Whenever it was, whatever you were doing, you'll never forget that sensation, the feelings of unity, joy and safety. And because you felt it, you know it is possible. You want to feel the same peacefulness, the same unity and love over and over again. You desire to live within those feelings. I have a memory that seems impossible and is little more than a somatic snapshot of awareness - a gift that continues to inspire my journey. I was a baby, not yet walking. I was placed on my back on a blanket spread on the ground under a big tree. I can remember a woman's legs and her skirt moving about. Then I was alone. My whole world was the blanket, the leaves dancing overhead, the warm sunshine and the blue sky. As I lay there watching the leaves dance about, looking at the blue sky, something happened. I merged with creation. I became complete bliss and contentment – perfect peacefulness. The experience was so powerful it etched itself into my consciousness. This little snapshot of awareness is always there to remind me of my ideal state of being … the state of innocent oneness. Perfect peacefulness within. This new year, 2012, is a mystical year, a year of peace, transformation and rebirth. Let it be your rebirth. Shine your light. Let peace grow within your heart and shine out into the world. The more your light shines, the better you feel. The better you feel the more contentment and peacefulness you experience. The more contentment and peacefulness you experience, the more your light shines … and the process continues to evolve into infinity … each one of us in a beautiful cycle of peacefulness, each heart shining. The world shifting and becoming peaceful, one person at a time.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday & Peacefulness Within during 2012

Anchor Writer 2011




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By Nancy Newman HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HOW YOUR FRIENDS, family and the world will remember you after you have passed? Following the death of Elizabeth Edwards in December, 2010, I was touched by her daughter’s eulogy in which she referred to her mother as a “lighthouse to us all.” Friends referred to Elizabeth as intelligent, compassionate, articulate, and assertive. It resonated with me because these are some of the ways in which I want to be remembered after I’m gone. I hope people will say about me: “Nancy was intelligent, compassionate, articulate, patient, generous, a great listener, a compelling writer, a wonderful teacher and mentor. She made a difference in my life and was a lighthouse to us all.” As I contemplated this thought, it suddenly dawned on me: To be remembered in these ways, I have to be LIVING THAT LIFE NOW! I can't just think I will start doing those things "someday," or simply "hope" that people will perceive me in those ways. I have to BE a lighthouse now. I have to BE compassionate, articulate, generous, etc., right now. As Ovid said, "If you want to be loved, be lovable." It is such an obvious, simple concept, but that moment was an "a-ha" moment of transformation for me. Since that epiphany, I strive to BE that person every single day. How are you currently living your life? Are the qualities you consistently express the ones you want for your eulogy? Do you want to be remembered as critical, judgmental, impatient, and stingy – OR would you rather be remembered as generous, patient, non-judgmental and accepting of everyone? YOU hold the power to change. Your beliefs and thoughts of the past year, the past month, the past week, the past hour, the past minute and the past second have created your current reality. But a belief is only a thought, and thoughts can be changed. The point of power is right now: This very second! Your future is being created by your beliefs and thoughts in the next second, the next minute, the next hour, the next week, the next month, the next year. Don’t wait, the time is NOW! It is never too late to begin living the life for which you want to be remembered! Every second is a new opportunity to transform. The philosophies and teachings of Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, Michael Tamura and others all have techniques and methods which can be helpful to modify your thoughts and beliefs. If you need assistance, do whatever it takes – if necessary, seek out a support group, visit a therapist. Just do it! How do you want to be remembered? Start living your eulogy right now, this very second!


GROWING BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE The Power of Choice: Create the Life You Want By Maria Elena Escobar “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” --- Maria Robinson JUST LIKE DOROTHY IN THE WIZARD OF OZ, the power to change has been inside us all along. That is so encouraging to me because no matter how far we’ve traveled or what mistakes we’ve made, we can choose to create the life we want today. Think about it, in the tiniest acorn lays a Mighty Oak. What lies inside of you? What is waiting to bust out? Recently, a colleague asked, “What does ‘empowerment’ mean to me?” As a Professional Empowerment Coach, it’s my goal to give people their power back by helping them to see that they always have a choice. We are not powerless victims helpless to elicit the smallest change in our lives. Look at the word responsibility; we have the ability to respond. We have a choice! We are powerful! We create our reality! When we choose to sit in a victim mentality we are choosing to give our power to others or circumstances. When we recognize that we can choose to forgive, we can choose to change what we are telling ourselves about the experience, we can choose how we feel, then we are in control and we live empowered. Each day we have to make deliberate choices to empower ourselves. We are not our past experiences. We can be whoever we choose to be today. Even in the middle of the day, turn it around by making different choices in the moment. It takes discipline and practice but we can rewrite the scripts in our head and we can make choices not to listen to the negative self-talk anymore. We can change our thinking, one thought at a time if need be, and when we do, we can change our lives! It is a choice! We can become who we want to be. Our past does not determine our future and we are not limited by our circumstances. As the saying goes, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” What self-imposed limits are you allowing to dictate your future? We are not our past; don’t choose to identify yourself by your worst choices or most horrific experiences. We can choose to create a new identity. When people ask you about yourself, what story have you been telling over and over? Are you making bad choices or feeling stuck in a relationship or a situation you created by your previous bad choices? What is it going to take to change your situation? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You want to change your life, make different choices. What one choice can you make different today to create a new tomorrow? This is not a dress rehearsal, go for it! Click to ʻLIKEʼ us on Facebook today!

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A SPECIAL LESSON FOR 2011 Here are the Unhappy Results of Believing Only What You Want to Believe By Vernon Howard 1. You will be nervous and uncertain and afraid.  2. You will try to cover up your nervousness by bluff and bluster and one lie after another.  3. You will be in a state of self-deception, a state which angrily refuses self-honesty.  4. You will be desperately eager to claim that other people, especially prominent authorities, support your false claims.  5. You will be unable to see the strain and the unnaturalness of      believing that untruth is truth.  6. You will receive a neurotic thrill from the inward burning of your confusion.  7. You will have no hesitation in attacking and hurting anyone who threatens to expose your deceit.  8. You will be unaware that you are believing only what you want to believe, for your preferences for delusion has succeeded superbly.  9. You will be the self-chosen victim of repeated mental movies in which you see yourself as heroically right and everyone else as wrong. 10. You will refuse to see that the sense of doom you feel is caused by your own refusal of the light.

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11. You will be inwardly tortured, while pretending outwardly to other people that you are free and happy. 12. You will continue to fall and get hurt unless you stop believing only what you want to believe, and have the courage and the decency to receive what is true and good.

A Little Buddha Wisdom An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. -- Buddha All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain? -- Buddha

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. -- Buddha

Walk and touch peace every moment. Walk and touch happiness every moment. Each step brings a fresh breeze. Each step makes a flower bloom. Kiss the Earth with your feet. Bring the Earth your love and happiness. The Earth will be safe when we feel safe in ourselves. -- Thich Nhat Hahn

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.� --- Thomas Merton Confused by thoughts, we experience duality in life. LikeSibylMagazine Unencumbered by ideas, the enlightened see the one Reality LikeSibylMagazine -- Hui Neng LikeSibylMagazine

WHEN GOD LEADS THE WAY In the Stillness of the Night

Anchor Writer 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

By Rose Plesz

In the stillness of the night, Sleep a distant friend. My mind a highway Thoughts racing As numerous as the stars. Events of the day Fleeting glimpses of the future. Plans, schemes, questions, doubts Stealing my rest – Robbing my soul. Thoughts of you weave in and out. Like a tapestry I am drawn to you. Are you there Lord? Can you hear my pleas? My prayers are plenty My requests overflow. My mind wanders to Reminders of your love, your faithfulness - your grace. Wrapping me like a warm blanket, They comfort my soul Bring peace to my spirit. Father, take my mind And renew it. Let visions of you Quiet my stirring. Bring sleep to my weary eyes. In the stillness of the night, You are near and I am yours.

Psalm 5:8 Lead me, O LORD, in your

righteousness because of my enemies--make straight your way before me. Psalm 25:4 Show me your ways, O LORD, teach

me your paths; Psalm 25:9 He guides the humble in what is

right and teaches them his way. Psalm 26:12 My feet stand on level ground; in

the great assembly I will praise the LORD. Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way, O LORD, and I

will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.

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My Spirituality By Sibyl English © 2006

Personality mixed with sensuality reflects the essence of my soul and when I talk to the Father and He talks back to me I meditate, then resonate within the bounty of His love Then suddenly, I am filled with the glory of His holiness; the fullness of His joy For He is the Light and I am one of His children We are called the ‘Children of the Light’ Shining brightly for all the world to see and believe ... In the Father, my Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and everything else I need Him to be I am, that I am, because He is. Freedom, love, peace and joy Are forever mine, an inheritance I am sure of This is ‘My Spirituality’

H I S T O RY Of the Original

SIBYLS sibyl (sĭb`ĭl), noun. In classical mythology and

religion, means prophetess, foreseer, oracle. There is said to be as many as 10 sibyls, variously located and represented. The most famous was the Cumaean sibyl, described by Virgil in the Aeneid. When she offered Tarquin her prophetic writings, the so-called sibylline books, he refused to pay her high price. She kept burning the books until finally he bought the remaining three at the original price. Although the historical origins of the books are uncertain, they were actually kept in Rome at the Capitol and were consulted by the state in times of emergency. The books were destroyed in the burning of the Capitol in 83 B.C., but a new collection was made. This was burned in 405 A.D. The sibyls achieved a stature in Christian literature and art similar to that of the Old Testament prophets.

IN THE FIFTEENTH CENTURY, Marsilio Ficino put it as simply as possible. “The mind,” he said “tends to go off on its own so that it seems to have no relevance to the physical world.” At the same time, the materialistic life can be so absorbing that we get caught in it and forget about spirituality. “What we need,” he said, “is soul, in the middle, holding together mind and body, ideas and life, spirituality and the world."

Nothing real can be threatened Nothing unreal exists Herein lies the peace of God --- A Course In Miracles

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Mississippi Memoirs Night stars sprinkle above our heads the fecund night soft and warm around us. My skin is breathing stars the river’s silver moonlight beckons just out of sight. In a time of long ago on the same land drummers, the Sac and the Fox, hunted here. You could hear their night cries or was it the owl? You can hear them now. their history buried deep in the earth that remembers. The memory of these nights like glitter stuck to skin, A humid washcloth of Mississippi river essence skin that rubs against the folds and memories of my own ancient ones. Great-grandmother of the stories, Great grandmother of ripe strawberries, tomato seeds dribbling from her chin Great-grandmother who named me. My hands are year by year turning into yours, my memories are yours, I live with the ghosts of all of you from those grand black velvet nights, The same stars sing in memory of you now.

Linda Joy Myers “I can help you find your voice for memoir, poetry, and autobiographical fiction through private coaching and editing-support for the writer within who is emerging into the light.”

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Surrender there is a form of surrender I am considering this form frees me from the ravages that I feel so deeply this is not a passive activity but an activation this form welcomes what is as contrast or shadow to the light of what I want to create as I maintain this light in myself I will be a better prayer a better balm a better broadcaster of love to myself and everything outside of me I surrender in gratitude in hope in acceptance and allowing the perfection of what is to be what it is becoming I surrender in love made action being mindful that I am as the movement of angels wings creating a breeze that will blow a seed that will travel to new ground that will root and grow that will bud and bloom make new seed and continue life with or without me ⓒ 2011 Mosa Baczewska “I’m thrilled to be a winner in this year’s SIBYL Magazine poetry contest. I am so grateful, excited and blessed to be aligned with your fine publication!”

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Out of the Blue In the hue of the early morning all things look blue When night is still present, yet morning is crescent Things seem so simple when the day is new. Like a black and white photo that in color lies inept Creates a dichotomy between simplicity and depth I reach my conclusions to questions never asked. Then comes the evening and the sky fills with color My busy mind spreads into the pinks, reds and yellows And the answers that filled my head with sweet sound Become questions again as I turn them around. As the sun falls low and sinks into the night Things begin returning to black and white. The complexities of the day stick in my soul As the blunders and mistakes regain their control But then without fail comes the very next morning My soul arrives giving my ego no warning I get lost in the moment that always is new And changes everything when all things turn blue. I think that poetry creates a space between raw human emotion and a story, and within that space the reader is able to slide themselves into the emotion the writer felt. All pain in life, even death, can be seen as something beautiful when you can find a rhyme and reason for it, eventually that awareness leads to spiritual transformation . I have this same goal in my practice, helping others find value in what they are feeling to live a more authentic and purposeful life. Â

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THE DEEP JOURNEY In the nowhere, there is nothing I begin to take shape By the lake of calm I wait and feel Movement becomes my stillness As I follow the dream The deep self emerges with painted wings I am coming home To laugh and spin in the dizzy dance of the child self You are with me again Both you and I Now to breathe open closed doors Breath, wings, points of light Flashes of brilliant yellow Light returning memories of itself Waves of red dissolving into blue and green seas From sleep to joy of sky and earth The dance of a gentle breeze I have sensed the dark steps The one who knows now retraces them slowly Lightening by layers Body, mind, spirit Her heart smile lights her eyes the world lights up once more Beauty, joy The deep journey My poem is an expression of the most amazing, powerful and beautiful experience of my life. The healing I was blessed with has inspired me to help others through their own deep healing with powerful medicine people in the sacred jungles and mountains of Peru and Bolivia.

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