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My name is Martha Fernanda Noriega Navarro, I was born in Mexico City on January 11, 1996.

I wasn't born in a hospital just in a sanatory called San JosĂŠ . My parents decided to call me Martha Fernanda because those are my mother and father's name. I have two older brothers whose names are Adrian and Fernando. As usual brothers we always fight but we love each other

The older, Adrian, leads me ten years. He studied Accounting in La Salle and two years ago he finished the mastery in UP. The middle one, Fernando, leads me eight years. He studied communication in Tec. I had a lot of problems because I almost died, first the umbilical cord was around my neck and I cried just a little bit after my mom asked the doctor what has happening. Then I didn’t like the milk my mum gave me and one week later I got sick. After all that stuffs my mum decided to stop working in the consultory.

When I was 4 months old I was baptize. My godparents are friends of my parents and here we are at the church. This church is special because my brothers and I were baptize and made our first communion there.

At the age of three I entered at the kindergarten in Ovalle Monday. I don't remember my fist day there but my mum told me that I threw out and she almost took me back home but a teacher told her to let me stay there, my mum agree and I just remember taking a dinosaur and playing with it. After that day I never say I didn’t wanted to go to school, I really enjoy playing and making different stuffs there.

My days in kindergarten were full of fun. Each year your group presented a mini play. Sometimes it was about an especial day like Independence Day, February 14, spring, etc. I remembered in second grade when I made it, I think about colours. Now sound like it was nothing but when I was little I enjoy it a lot because I wore short and a yellow t-shirt and it was comfortable because I wasn’t wearing the uniform. After we presented it we had like a ritual, at the end you return to your classroom and eat hamburgers from Burger King.

But we weren’t the only ones who make presentations. On children’s day some teachers made a fantastic performance about Beauty and the beast. The costumes were amazing specially the one from beast. The professor who made that character made my brother and I got really scared. On Halloween they also made another play and again I was scared.

Also one thing I did was singing. My school used to have a chorus. I have to be honest I only entered because some friends were also taking it up and it gives you some extra points, for what? I really don’t know but it was a motivation. I sang there but I quit, it was until third grade that I tried it again. In that year we were supposed to participate in a competition but the principal said no and we just stay practicing and the ones who were one year above will participated the next year. The only thing that we did was singing Christmas songs, I don’t know how but we listened very well. My teacher recorded and gave us a cassette with all the songs we sung, I still having it and in that Christmas my family put it and we listened to it while we were having dinner.

Apart from my artistic moments I also made a lot of sports. At recess I preferred playing football instead of playing with dolls. I used to have more boys friends than girls. Every teacher knew me because I was the only girl who was playing football with the boys. We needed to ask for the ball with the woman who was next to the pharmacy, the first time I asked for the ball she thought I was joking and she gave me a doll but I said to her that I wanted a ball to play with my friends. After that everyone saw me playing and said that I was really good and if I fall down I just raised up and continue as if it hasn’t pass anything. A funny thing was that after a week she knew that I wanted a ball and every recess when she saw me running toward her automatically she goes to find the ball I was looking for.

As a normal school we had an escort but we were in kindergartner and how could we form it if almost the most of us had 100? So the teacher selected the ones who were in it. In the three years I was in it because the teacher told me I was an excellent student.

After kindergartner I kept in Ovalle, I was a little bit lucky because I don’t like being in the same school as my brothers and one year before the middle one was going to secondary. My first day in first of English was lovely. I was surprised that after my brothers were there all their lives, they never told me that in the first day you have a godfather during all that year. This godfather were children from 6th grade, the purpose of this was that you don’t feel lonely during your first day and if you have a question or a problem you can always asked them.Also some days they went to visited you and gives you a candy, chocolate, etc. I was excited until I met the one that was my godfather; it was the son of a friend of a friend of my mum. He wasn’t sweet; the only thing that he gave me was a grape popsicle and a Kinder egg. That’s why I promised myself that when I was in 6th I will always give a little present to the girl that I was going to take care.

Since kindergartner I met one of my old best friends, her name is Paulina. She was totally different from me some years ago. She was extrovert, joyful, sociable, etc.

In 1st of English and in 1st grade she and I competed in a relay race with other two girls. Both years we won first place. As well there were only just running competitions, on the second year I almost won but the trainers I used weren’t for running. I nearly felt down and hurt myself and if that had happened I couldn’t be able to run in the relay race, thanks god I finished it without a scrape.

At the end of 1st of English we made a big presentation. We dance a song call Magalena.

During my childhood I love sports. I used to play football with my father and his friends, they used to tell me that I wasn’t afraid of older people. As I mentioned I wasn’t afraid of getting knock.

I also went to swimming classes. My mom told me that I needed to learn because it was essential for surviving.

My first amazing experience was in Six Flags with my old best friend. It was amazing because before that I stayed in her house and we played as if we were spies. I wasn’t really excited until I arrived, I was scared but after I rode on Batman game I was excited.

During my first grade I discovered that I love the woods. I went five years camping to Icaros, it was a camp that the school send us. There I spend the most amazing days of my life until now. We made different activities but I will always remember their delicious chocolate. In Icaros I learnt how to make tortillas, figures with mud, archery, enjoy life and respect nature.

Some years ago I was thinking when did my obsession for chocolates begin. My father used to work in Turín and every time he had time he bought a jar of chocolates, they were delicious. Until now I have this little obsession, I like to eat different kinds of chocolates specially the ones that comes from other countries. My favourites are the ones that have filling. For the last Christmas I asked for a jar of Turin’s chocolates fill with Kalúa.

When I was seven years old my father became unemployed. We decided to open cyber cafÊ and after two years my father founded a job, the only bad thing was that it was in Playa del Carmen. We needed the money because my brother was in high school (Tec) and the other was going to begin the university at La Salle so my father went there for two years and a half. I think I saw him during that time only seven times and that was a lot. We took advantage of that and sometimes my brother or mother visited him and could have where to stay at vacations. Two months before he came back we decided to buy a house there because we didn’t know how much we has going to stay and especially for his comfort because he used to live in a little room just for him. My family like a lot that house; my parents said that we bought that house to share with family and friends. Two years ago my cousin was getting married and for their honey moon we lent them the house, a friend of the family each Christmas go with her family and she always stays in our house, my uncle went with his family and have an excellent time there, and many other have gone. Some Christmas and new years we spent them there, we could say that we know almost everything there except from all the touristic parks and cenote. At 2008 I went for the fisrt time, I stayed one month to celebrate Christmas and New Year. During this month I went to Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Tulum, I ate the best pizza I have ever eaten, the most delicious ice-cream, Ferrero Rocher in a cone, fantastic tacos of cochinita pivil, etc.

Next time I went to Xplore, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and one more time to Xel-Ha.

When I was eleven years old I started playing basketball. First it was just in sport class but then I found it interesting. Sometimes I thought in enrolled in a class but I didn’t wanted I just like to play sometimes and of course maybe a childhood dream was playing in a match but that wasn’t possible because I even wasn’t in a team. A long-term goal was going to a basketball match from the NBA. After going to Maroon 5 concert I discovered that Magics and Hornets were going to be playing in Mexico City. I told my best friend Vale and my mom that I wanted to go and that if they wanted to accompanied me, both of them love this sport. My brother told us that we could buy tickets in the suits and we could eat, drink, and have an excellent view. We paid for that tickets. It was unbelievable that my best friend dream and I were going real.

My family likes to take many courses such as Feng shui, astronomy, PNL, etc. Two years ago I took three courses with my best friend about PNL, and I also had taken from human development, etc.

My best friend, boy, is called Luis Angel, I know him since we were children. We didn’t know we knew each other until now.

When we were in 5th grade we started taking French classes and that were our friendship started. We have gone to many parties, spent our birthdays, and gone to trips together.

We made a best friend promise that we were going to build a hotel together called LuiMar.

As I already said I took French classes first with a private teacher, then we change with another professor, and we ended going to the Ifal each Saturday in Reforma. I leave it after four years because I was getting exhausted.

And my best friend, girl, is called Vale. I have known her for four years and a half .We were at the same room in second grade but we don’t talk to each other until another friend invited us to a Halloween party. She told me that I dance excellent and she needed to learn and that I have to teach her. After that we started getting on well. She invited me to her party and after that we were inseparable.. It’s curious that her birthday is six days after mine but we always have an excellent time together.

When I was

little I made the promise that when I was in 6th grade I will take care of the girl that I was going to take care. The moment arrived and I met this little girl called Abigail, she was amazing. I think I was we had something in common because some things she did I found it familiar. Every Friday I went to saw her and I always took her a chocolate, candies, toys, etc. because I have already mention that my godfather wasn’t cool.

At 6th grade I won a prize because in all my primary school I got more than 95, it was a huge surprised for me. I felt so proud of myself that day .

I enjoyed my primary prom. It was the first time I saw I was keen in dancing even my family was surprised. That was the last moments I was going to see my friends because I was going to change school. After that we made a close ceremony where we played the flout, sing two songs, sang with the mariachis, and said goodbye to each others. For secondary school I change to Centro Escolar del Tepeyac. Everyone asked me why I was going to that school that is so far away but I was interested in that school because in high school they have twenty scholarships for different universities. There I meet friends for life.

For high school I was supposed to stay in the same place and actually I did but just for six months then I changed to Tec because that was my dream since my brother was there. I’m planning to study communication or organizational psychology in Tec or Ibero. I hope one day I work for Disney. Recently the thing that I love doing is going to concerts. I have gone to Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Reik and Swedish House Mafia. I planning to buy tickets for David Guetta´s concert. Now I have seventeen years old and I’m studing first semester in Tec, I have two dogs called Chocolate and Petite. My way of life is to always enjoy what you are doing.

My Biography  
My Biography  

My life until now.