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MY BIOGRAPHY By Jorge Sebastián Rodríguez Iniesta A01371482 Group: 7


I was born in Mexico City, in January 4 of 1997, it was a very cold day, and since then I remember that every day of my birthday it has been very cold, with no exceptions, I spent my childhood living in “la Colonia Roma” and I spent almost all my childhood there.


In my childhood I set some goals, because I was very interested about it, some of my dreams are:

1. To play guitar like my favorite guitar player “Dimebag Darrell”. 2. To meet Dimebag ( this dream can ’t be completed becauser he was murdered in 2004”). 3.

To study something related to medicine or to study engineering.

4. To start a band and be recognized by others. 5. To practice a sport that I really like.


I completed 3 of my childhood dreams:

1. To play guitar like Dimebag. 2. Start my band (of metal) and being known by a lot of persons. 3. To practice something I like ( silat and muay thai).


Some steps I have been making to complete my childhood dreams are:

1. Practice every day guitar and find someone that knew how to play like Dimebag. 2. To know some persons that play well and start a band with them, later they became my best friends. 3. To search in martial arts wich one I would like to practice, and I found that MMA, but mostly I love silat and muay thai.


I moved to “Interlomas”, at the age of 8, I remember I have spent almost all my life there, because I don’t remember a lot past years, I moved from school to “Colegio Anglo Americano Lomas”, where I meet my best friends.

I spent almost all my school there, I practiced another sport that I discovered I liked, which was “basquetball”.

I also learned a lot of things, but the most important thing was that I had one professor that was such a great person, and he thought me a lot of life lessons, also he helped me to realize some of my dreams since child.


I spent my Junior High at the same school, I meet some of my best friends, I realized what I wanted to study and some of the talents that I have.

I graduated from junior high with an average of 94, so it can be said that I had a great education there.

I finished last year junior high, and started my education at “tec” last semester.


Some of my hobbies are

1. To play video games. 2. To workout a lot. 3. To read. 4. To play guitar and make my own stuff.

5. Hang out with friends.


I have lived a great life, I really hope to fulfill my other dreams that has been left, even though my guitar idol is dead I want to visit his grave that is in Texas, just to visit the grave of someone that thought me a lot of things without knowing him.


I have the best persons around me that I could imagine and I hope everything in the future will be as awesome as my life has been until now.

My life