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My name is homero elias blanco castillo i was born in mexico city in december the 30 in 1996, my fathers name is Homero Blanco, my mothers name is Mariana Castillo, i also have two sisters, Daniela of 11 and Gabriela of 6. Im 16 years old now, i live in Mexico city and im studying high school in Tec de Monterrey campus CEM. My nickname in the family is wiki.

I have lived in many diferent places because of my fathers work, here are a few ones: Ciudad Acu単a, Coahuila , Veracruz, Puebla, San antonio texas. They are in total 13 places. I have studied in a lot of school, only in the kinder garden i went to 4 diferent schools. I have just arrived from coahuila two months ago.

My family is very big, i have 12 cousins and 10 uncles, we are all very close. When i was kid i used to play with all of my cousins. I have a cousin that is exactly the same age as me, when we were kids we were like best friends. I make my first communion when i was 13 i remember that all my family went to the church.

I have played a lot of sports but my favorite one is football i have been playing football since i was 7, i have played in 4 diferent teams, i have never been champion and thats my dream, to become a football champion.

I play as a quarterback my jersey number is #9, now im playing for the wildcats from uvm lomas verdes, i played in centinelas from 8 years old to 14 years old, i consider my self as a good player, i want to keep on working very hard and then play in the NFL.

I also played in ciudad acu単a in a team named cowboys.

Because i have lived in many places i have friends all over the country, My best friends name is jose carlos, Brandon and Pedro. We have been being friends for a long time, they were my teammates in centinelas.

I have a girlfriend she is from ciudad acu単a, we have been dating for a year, her name is priscila, and we are still together even now that im living here in mexico. She came to visit me last month, and i have just returned las week from visting her.

I have traveled to many places i like to travel a lot, when in grow up i want to know all europe. I have traveled to germany and france once.

My grandfather is named Carlos, and my grandmothers name is Delfina they live in Puebla and we have went to visit them a lot of times. My other grandfather is named Homero and my grandmothers name is Josefina they live in mexico city.

I am studying in Tec de Monterrey they are my friends here.

I want to be a doctor when i grow up, i want to live in USA and have 3 kids, i want to be married.

my biography  

this is a little part of my life

my biography  

this is a little part of my life