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We 4 had been thinking about something to do this summer.

We had the amazing idea to travel to London!

If we only had money‌

We asked the bank for a loan, but they said no.

If we only were 18‌

Fortnunately, Nadia’s father

accepted to pay the flight.

As Issa's house is the closest to the airport we acorded to have a sleepover one day before. Issa and Nadia went to wake Des up so we wouldn't miss the plane.

I am ready!

So am I, but we can’t leave untill Dess wakes up.

Ok, I’m ready. Let’s go!

A few hours later…

Even though Dess woke up late, we arrived just in time to te airport, but we couldn’t find Benja.

Hey! Would you mind carrying our luggage?

No problem!

We were finally on our way to London. We couldn´t believe it Was happening!

But if the plane hadn’t crashed, we could’ve fulfill our dreams…

But since we were not prepared for that accient, now we are all dead.


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