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Salvador Núñez Islas


My Biography Some people believe in fate, others, that everyone owns their life. I personally, believe in destiny; that doesn’t means that our lives are already written and that we have no choice on it, but it does mean that there are certain and specific actions that make a great difference on lives and those are the events that define who we are and who we aspire to be. Most of the times, when I look for who I am and why I am this way, I realize that the answer to this question is that I am this way because of my family.

Birth My life has started when I was born on Saturday, June 7th, 1997. However, the reason of my existence has started since a lot of time before that, when my parents

met each other. They are Clara Islas Ramirez and Homobono Núñez Ávila. Most of the people say that I seem physically more likely to my father

than my mother. He was proud, but he is a good born in Mexico a lot of father, protector and he years ago. He is tall, always shows that his white, brown-eyed and family is the most brown-haired. His important thing in the parents and several of world for him. his brothers were born in In my personality, I am MichoacĂĄn, Mexico, but more like my mother. he was born in MĂŠxico She was born in Mexico City. He is the youngest City too and her parents of thirteen sons and come from the State of daughters. He is too Hidalgo. explosive, impulsive and She is not as tall as my father, she is brown-eyed, black and curly-haired (which is ironic because all of her sons were born too limp). She is affective, dramatic, proud and she uses to take care of the ones she loves. They met each other a lot of time ago. As any normal relationship, they became friends, and then they were a couple until they got happily married on June 2nd, 1984.

Two years after their wedding, they had their first daughter who they named Lilian. Five years later, in 1992, they conceived their second child; it was a girl who they named Marjorie. And last but not least, five years after that they had their third and last son named Salvador. I am that last son. My name is Salvador Homobono Núñez Islas. I was born in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State in 1997, few months before the hurricane Paulina would strongly attack the south part of Mexico. Many people say that, when I was a baby, I was like a little red ball who didn´t cried as the other children used to. I had green eyes, even by the week, they turned into brown. I came to this world weighting 3.900kg and my height was 55cm. I was a totally healthy baby because mi mom and I didn´t have any kind of problem during the pregnancy or in the birth.

Early Years I didn´t know any of my grandfathers, I just met both of my grandmothers. My father´s father died 23 years ago, and my mother´s father died when Marjorie, my

sister, was a little baby. Because of what I have heard about them, I would like to meet them, but I try not to overthink about it. When I first came to this world, my family lived in a little house at Tultitlรกn. My parents bought that house when they were about getting married and they had lived there ever since that. When I was born, they realized that the house was too small for five people living on it, so they decided to buy a new one. After a year, we moved to my house in Arboledas, Atizapรกn de Zaragoza, and we have been living there since that. When I was a year old, I pronounced my first word: mom. It is so typical, I know, but at that age, I used to be a fat, white and funny weird baby. Before my first birthday, I was

baptized. My godparents were a brother of my mother and his wife (now they are divorced). I don´t know why, but my godmother dressed me as the pope John Paul II. Everyone now remembers that I was dressed that way, and I still don´t know why did they do that. I have to admit that I seem really cool being a baby dressed that way. My baptism was in May 28th, 1998 in a church near to my house named San Judas Tadeo. After the ceremony, my parents made a party at my house. I don’t remember anything about it, but people say it was a really cool and funny celebration. When I was a kid, my family and I used to go to eat with my grandmother (the mother of my father) every weekend and we used to stay there a couple of hours before we leave. I remember that we spent the first years of my life going with her every single Saturday. That was the reason of why we came

really close to her at her last years. At the age of four, I did my presentation, which I did in the same church as my baptized. It was a nice experience because I do remember that. And that time, there was also a party at my house.

Kindergarten At this age, I enrolled in my first school. It was weird because I entered at four years old instead of three as everyone does.

I enrolled in a little school near to my house named Instituto Hidalgo Biling端e. I remember I entered directly to kinder II and I never coursed kinder I. In that school, I poured all my kindergarten.

Primary school When I graduated from it, I also coursed there the first grade of primary school.

When I was seven and entered to the second year of the primary school, I got transferred to another school which was also near to my house. Its name was La Salle Hacienda Arboledas. However, I was in that school for only one year because when I turned into third grade, my parents transferred me back again to IHB because they said that the English level was not good enough. When I was seven, my father´s mother died. That was really tragic because was the first time that somebody close to me died. That made me grow up and to see my parents more like people with feelings and not just like machines that exist for bring you up and punish you. Then, I continued living giving my best at the school and in general in my life.

At the age of ten, I did my First Communion. I had been putting it off for two years. So I finally did it at January 13th, 2008. My godparents were my mother´s sister and

her husband. Also when I was ten, I participated on a Mexican movie directed by a young Mexican film director. He did that movie as his graduation thesis. He asked me to participate on it on a secondary roll. My participation was really short because I just appeared in two or three scenes. However, that was a good experience that helped me to realize that I do like all of that stuff about acting. With that experience, I learned a lot about the way that movies are realized; how they have to repeat the same scene several times in order to get the perfect shot and, at the same time, they have to control the lights, makeup, microphones, etc. This movie has won many awards in many contests such as the International Movie Festival in Venetia 2010, such as many national and international prizes. Unfortunately, it hasn´t been exhibited in Mexico, it was just in few movie theaters for few weeks.

Elementary School I graduated from primary school at the age of twelve in 2009, when the virus AH1N1 attacked the entire world. I graduated being the first place of the honor roll of my generation (what makes me feel really proud). It was really hard for me to leave those people with whom I had grown up. For me, entering to the Elementary school, meant to grow up, to leave my childhood and I didn´t really wanted it. Everybody started to tell me that I had to change, to grow up, and to start being a teenager and I refused to that. But then, I realized that that I had to move on and

leave the past behind. At the end of the day, I am young and have my entire life in front of me. So I got transferred again to La Salle Arboledas again, where I found many friends that I had related with when I was there in Primary. Meanwhile, I did my Confirmation when I was thirteen. It really didn´t mean great thing but, well, it´s part of my life. I spent three years of my life in that school, living the on an amazing way. I lived three years filled with happy and emotive moments with people that used to make my every day happy.

High School In June 2012, I graduated from Elementary School ready and excited for starting a new part of my life. So I applied for Tec de Monterrey. Of course, I was accepted into the school. I fulfilled my dream of enrolling into the Tec; it was a long-term goal since I graduated from primary. Nowadays, I am coursing the second semester of High School. I have known a lot of new people and have done really good friends.

My dream is to finish a professional career. I hope someday to succeed as a professional and as an artist. My hobbies are to draw, to read, to swim, to watch TV series, to go to the movies and to be with my family.

I owe my whole life to my family, who has always been there for me, to support me; and I know they always will. That´s why I love them and I will eternally thank them everything they have done for me.

I am fifteen years eight months and fifteen days old. Nowadays, I am a teenager brown-eyed, brown-haired, white and tall. But over all of that, I am a dreamer person, decided to fulfill his dreams, perseverant, with a great vision of the future. I really hope god would let me enjoy my life. And I know I will and that I will make my dreams come true.

The End…?

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My biography Salvador Homobono Núñez Islas

English Project A01371738  

My biography Salvador Homobono Núñez Islas