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I was born in Mexico City at 1996. My birthday is in February 19, and since I was born that’s my favorite day of the year and it’s not only because of my birthday it’s a day that really gives me always good luck. When I was in the elementary school I won with the number of my day birthday a raffle and since that moment I have chosen it like my luck number. In the house where I am now, I have been living almost all my life, we moved here when my mom got pregnant and since then I love so much my house. My mother first was pregnant of Jose Eduardo then came Danny, my little brother. I really love them, we pass all the time together and doing jokes, what’s really funny.

After that change I entered to the Don Bosco school where I passed almost all my childhood and I really loved it. I have met there, since kinder garden, my best friend Paulina and some other friends that I continue watching and I really appreciate them.

In the Don Bosco I was always taking up different activities like the spelling bee, the cheers, the escort, I was always dancing in the school events, I was in theater, in atlestism competitions, in basketball, in swimming, singing, in the orchestra and in some other activities and a lot of contests.

My mom likes a lot all the pictures of my first communion and well, this is an important part of my life.

Then I entered to the junior high school in the Tepeyac school where I met a lot of friends and I really liked it, I also had my first love and the one that until now I still remember, we lasted 2 years and a half.

Also in the secundary I signed up for some activities. Activities like dancing that is one of the most important things for me, I participated in a play of Vaselina’s in which I danced and everything, I presented also in the uvm’s theater the mamma mías musical play in which I was Dona; that presentation was one of the best experiences in my short life. Finally I entered to the cheerleader’s again. In the elementary school I was swimming but it’s in the junior high school when I made this thing about swimming something more important for me, it’s in this stage of my life when I proposed me a short term goal that was to be really good at swimming and I have already reached my goal, before I took the steps to achieve it. I need to mention that in second grade of Junior high school I had a dropp-off in my grades and I continue paying that error until now, but I have increased them and I will continue doing it to bring about better things for me.

I loved junior high school.

I love all the friends that continue with me across the years and also those who don’t because they have taught me that real friendship exist, but not with everyone.

The relationship with my mom it’s really good, I think she is like the sister I always wanted, I talk everything with her and she supports me, as always, when something is not all good. I love her so much and I think that I just couldn’t pay her all that she has given me.

I have always been close with my family. I love my cousins, my parents, my brothers, my uncles, etc. I love my life.

Now that life gives me the opportunity to be at tec, I’m continuing writing my history..

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Ana Karen Martínez Juárez. A01169292

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