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David Fernando Zamora Salda単a 1231763 Group 1

I have borne in Torreon, Coahuila in June 12th of 1997 at 5:23. So I´m 15 year old and I like very much to do sports specially soccer.

I have studied the elementary school in “Madison” and I finished in “Escuela Carlos Pereyra”.

My cousins and me.

I have started the junior high in “Colegio Cervantes” but I finished in “Secundaria del Tec”

In Cervantes.

Junior High graduation.

I have moved from Torreon to Mexico City in December of 2012 and I´m studying in “ITESM Campus Estado de Mexico”.

With my family.

Puerto Vallarta zoo.

Puerto Vallarta zoo.

I have done a lot of sports like soccer, MMA, tennis, swimming, football, basketball.

With Miguel Calero (R.I.P.)

With Hugo Sรกnchez

Suvenir of training With my trainers of MMA and Javier Torres (UFC fighter)

David Zamora Album  

Talking about my life