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I was born in November 10, 1995 in Mexico city. I’ve always been a restless girl, I can’t be without doing something.

When I was three years old I started going to school. I studied in “Instituto Ovalle Monday” since kinder until secondary but there I met some important people that still by my side.

Since I was a little baby my parents have had the custom of visiting every year “San Juan de los Lagos” in Jalisco.

My first birthday party was when I had 5 years, I remember that day because my dad dressed like “pimpon”, even 12 years later I still bother my dad with that.

When I was 6 years old a little angel came into my life; my brother Angel Isai, it doesn’t matter if sometimes we fight a lot I will always be there for him.

At the age of 6 years and a half I entered to primary, there I met people that became very important to me.

In secundary I met my best friend Cynthia Rosas, now she is LaSalle but in that three years we share a lot of moments, bad and good, after 5 years we still together and even we are in different schools our friendship has not change.

I passed very good moments with my friends in secundary, there were not the best three years of my life but I enjoyed it and learned about the mistakes I made in that time.

After thinking a lot I decided to have a XV’s party and I really enjoy it, it was with all my friends and the most important people in my life; my parents. That day I dance and laugh a lot, no doubt it was one of my favorite days.

My next step was “Tecnologico de Monterrey�, at the beginning I was scared because it was a whole new thing and I only knew some friends but with time I met some people that became very important for me.

Valeria Sandoval and Suri Sarai are to persons that have made special every semester, we have shared very good moments, for me they are like sisters and I think that the two are the kind of persons that would stay for a long time in my life.

Last year I traveled to Guadalajara with my brother and my grandmother, we went there because my brother had a tournament between all the school of Chivas in Mexico, it was a great experience because I love to see how my brother enjoys all that he does.

I can describe second semester as one of the best.

One of the most important person that I met in second semester is Sergio, he has been my boyfriend for ten months almost eleven.

My last birthday can be described as one of my favorite days, I passed that day with my friends and my family. My dad hired mariachis for that day, I sang with my best friend and her cousin (Valeria). Sometimes I think I’m a little crazy but I don’t care, that’s the way I enjoy my life.

My long-term goal is to study the medicine career in Anahuac, then move to Guadalajara, enter to “Instituto Jaliscience de Ciencias Forenses� and study there my specialty, when I finished all my studies I want to work at SEMEFO.

I have done a lot of things but I haven’t achieve all my goals but there is enough time to realize all my dreams and enjoy every moment.

A little part of me.  

English Project

A little part of me.  

English Project