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My life    

My name  is  Andrés,  I  was  born  on   February  19.    

My father's  name  is  Jose  Luis  and  my   mother’s  name  is  Angelica.    

I have  two  brothers,  my  sister  Renata  and  my  brother  Jose  Luis,  they  have   always  been  with  me  in  good  and  bad  situations.     My  brother  played  football  for  five  years  and  my  sister  has  been  practicing   athletics  since  childhood.    

We lived  in  villas  for  12  years  then   we  bought  a  bigger  house  because   we  needed  more  space  

The first  vacation  I  went  to   Manzanillo  was  when  I  was  4   years  old,  and  we’ve  been  going   there  every  time  we  go  on   vaction.    

This was  me  whne  I  was   4  years  old,  my  family   and  I  went  to  the  beach   in  Manzanillo  

This was  me  with  a   bucket,  I  was  having   fun  playing  in  the  sand   for  the  first  time.  

Since I  have  memory  my  family  has  celebrated  my  birthday.   Always  my  mom  buy  cake  and  makes  chocolate.  They  put  the   song  of  the  “mañanitas”  and  we  celebrate  a  special  day.  

I studied  until  secondary   school  in  the  “Centro   Escolar  del  Lago”  for  12   years.  In  that  school  I  made   the  majority  of  my  best   friends.  I  began  my  studies   in  kindergarten.  

At age  of  8  I  started  playing   football  in  the  team  Borregos   salvajes,  in  the  tiny  tootcategory.  In   the  9  years  I’ve  been  playing,  we’ve   only  won  5  championships.  Also,  I   met  my  best  friends  there  too.    

In 2010  my  parents  bought  me  my  first  dog,  his  name  is  Gordo.  I’ve  been  walking  him   every  night  since  the  day  I  first  got  him.    

These were  my  best  friends  from  high  school.  

This is  my  other  group  of  friends,  I’ve  known  them  for  a  long  time  now.  I’ve  grown  up   with  sime  of  them  and  we  are  always  there  for  each  other  when  we  need  help  and  we   always  get  each  other  in  and  out  of  trouble.  They’re  a  big  part  of  my  ife  and  I  love   them.    

I met  new  friends  and  it   was  a  big  change  for   me  because  I  was  so   used  to  my  last  school   system.  Here   everything  was   different  

After my  high  school  I   entered  into  the  Tec   where  I  have  been   studying  since  2011  

This is  my  best  friend   Jessica.  Her  cousin,  that's   also  my  friend,  introduced   us  4  years  ago  and  I've   been  best  friends  with  her   ever  since.  She  has  been   living  in  Canada  for  12  years   now  and  she  comes  back  to   visit  2  months  a  year  during   her  vacation.  Everyone  gets   together  when  she's  in   Mexico,  it's  always  good   having  her  around  

My life  

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