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• Gabrielle

Douglas is an artistic gymnast, she borned on December 31st, 1995. She is from the United States of America and became part of the 2012 Summer Olympics and even she won gold medal on the individual and the team competition challenges. She proves that she is a very talent gymnast. It’s almost important to mention that she have been the first african-american gymnast that won twice on the same Olympic Games. She started her career when she was only six years old. After, when se was eight years old, she won at the 2004 Virginia State Championships. When she was fourteen years old, Shawn Johnnson became her coach. It was only through the time that she would prove us that she could be a very successful person. She made history. Really hope we can see her at the next Olympic Games. By Arantza Segura


Mexico winner of gold medal in football at London 2012 ! Mexico had a great performance against Brazil. For the first time our country was in first place in soccer in Olympic Games. Mexico worked hard to reach the final against Brazil. A goal made ​the difference between winning the silver medal. With a great performance from Mexican forward Oribe Peralta Morones, the Mexican team was able to take the gold medal of the 2012 Olympic Games and coroners as winner. Mexico got the medal by defeating Brazil 2-1 thanks to two goals from Oribe Peralta, the first goal came at the second 28 of the match, It was an error from Brazil. The ball came to Oribe Peralta, who take that opportunity and scored a goal. It was a pretty exciting game, Mexicans imposed their power against the Brazilians, they didn’t give the opportunity to gain ground on the court. The first and only goal of the Brazilians was thanks to Hulk in the first minute of extra time. In a game in which Mexico enhance one of the largest selections of football, the team best known in his country as the tri won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

By Nayeli Jimenez


Yang Hak Seon: 1st South Korean gymnast that won a gold medal • Yang

Hak Seon it´s from South Korea, he borned on December 6th, 2012. He is a very good gymnast and during this Olympic Games he had became the first South Korean guy that won a gold medal. It was so wonderfull when we were watching him during the competition, he was so concentrated and he does it very well, he had worked very hard until he was nine years old, to be part of this. He really have natural talent. He is a committed boy with all that he does, not only at sports, but also with his family, he is a very important support of it. By Arantza Segura


Medal Count This is the final Medal Count so we can see that USSA won for only 16 medals to China, the question is if China would won the next Olympic games or it going to be USSA again‌



We can see that Mexico level up a lot with the gold medal in foot ball and of course with or great athletes that made a great effort in their areas.

By Lourdes Romero


Morgan Uceny borned on March 10th, 2012. She is from the United States of America. She was competing in the 1,500 meter final. This event was kind of frustrating and sad, because when she was on the last lap, she was tripped from behind. I think it was one of the memorial situations in the Olympic Games of 2012, even because this kind of situations can be used to learn, but also because we were part of the frustration that she was involved. I think that all people that we saw this event, wanted to erupting into tears and pound our palms into the ground, same as she did. By Arantza Segura


By Citlalli Duran


By Arantza Segura


Memorable Moments •

Opening ceremony: The coolest moment came when James Bond and the Queen herself jumped out of a helicopter and made a parachute entrance to the show.


Fencing Women's Semifinal: Shin A-Lam was affected because of a technical error. The South Korean fencer lost her semifinal match in sudden death after the clock had failed to start. This situation lets her oponent made a winning touch.



Tennis men's final: After a month of being defeated by Roger Federer, Andy Murray won the gold medal by winning against the Swiss. They broke the world record by playing tennis during four hours.


Swimming, Women's 400-Meter: Ye Shiwen, not only set the world record to gold in the 400meter, but she swam five seconds faster than she ever had before. Her final 50 meters were faster than the American star Ryan Lochte's were in the men's competition (he won gold).

By Citlalli Duran


Day 6 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Lord's Cricket Ground Aida Roman won her silver medal. She was faced with an opponent very experienced (Kim BB. )losing the match 6-5 Avitia face with the other mexican Aida R. but she lose the match 6-2 , so she decided to give everything to the bronze medal and won to heir rival Lorign K. (6-2) by Lourdes R.

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