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OLIMPICS ‌ Mexico in London Mexico won in London in 2012 his best performance in the Olympics, not counting the one registered in 1968. Mexico won seven medals in London, while in the 1968 Olympics, as host, won nine. The record in obtaining medals for Mexico was six medals, collected in Los Angeles 1984 and Sydney 2000.

In addition to the medals won, Mexico had several athletes place in the top eight: the men's team archery, and rider Alberto Michan finished fifth in the individual jumping test, he held the same position gymnast Daniel Corral in the parallel bars final.

The country ended at position 39 medals (got exactly the same medals Georgia). The first place Mexico won a medal in Paris 1900, two in went to the United States, China's second and third Los Angeles 1932, three in Berlin 1936, Britain. four in London 1948, only one in editions of Helsinki 1952, Melbourne 1956, Rome The medals won by Mexico were collected duets 1960 and Tokyo 1964. composed by German Sanchez and Ivan Garcia In addition to the medals won, (silver in synchronized diving 10m platform), Paola Were nine obtained in Mexicoathletes 1968, one in Mexico had several Espinosa and Alejandra Orozco (silver in Munichplace 1972, two top in eight: Montreal in the the 1976, synchronized diving 10m platform) and by Aida Moscow 1980 four,archery, six in Los in men's team and Angeles rider RomĂĄn (silver in archery individual), Mariana Avitia 1984, Alberto two in Seoul 1988, Barcelona Michan finished fifth inone in (bronze in archery individual), Laura Sanchez 1992, the oneindividual in Atlantajumping 1996, Sydney test, he six in (bronze in 3m springboard), the football team (gold) 2000, held four Athens Beijing three the 2008 sameandposition and Maria Espinoza (bronze in taekwondo). in 2008. gymnast Daniel Corral in the parallel bars final. Mexico won a medal in Paris 1900, two in Los Angeles 1932, three in Berlin 1936, four in London 1948, only one in editions of Helsinki 1952, Melbourne 1956, Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964. Were nine obtained in Mexico 1968, one in Munich 1972, two in Montreal 1976, Moscow 1980 four, six in Los Angeles in 1984, two in Seoul 1988,

Barcelona one in 1992, one in Atlanta 1996, Sydney six in 2000, four Athens 2008 and Beijing three in 2008. Brazil prepares to host at home the next edition of the Games in Rio de Janeiro. The delegation of the country ruled by Dilma Rousseff won 17 medals in London 2012: three gold (in artistic gymnastics, judo and women's volleyball), five silver and nine bronze. He finished on site 22 medals, one above the busy four years ago in Beijing, when he occupied the site 23 after getting 15 medals. Latin American countries that failed to win medals were Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuardor, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

10 meters platform nailed synchronized The Mexican divers Paola Espinosa and Alejandra Orozco, won the silver medal in the final 10 meters platform nailed synchronized at the 2012 London Olympics. The tricolor duo scored a total of 343.32 points to give Mexico the second silver medal in as little as 48 hours. The last dive (two and a half turns back with a turn and a half) consolidated the place on the podium of the Mexican, who wore a suit purple. The gallery cheered, shouting "Mexico" before Orozco Espinosa and executed his last two dives, with which were consolidated as the second best in the world.

In his first two executions of Mexican seventh were accumulating 102 points, while the Chinese always remained at the forefront. In its third hop duo "Aztec" impressed the judges getting 84.48, with a reverse three and a half laps, which ranked second in the competition. Aquatic Center showcased during this final half full despite the home team in the UK was one of the strongest couples in this competition.

The Jalisco Alejandra Orozco, barely 15 years old, debuted in the Olympic Games, while Espinosa, who already competed in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, won his second metal, four years after they hung up the bronze in the same mode with Tatiana Ortiz. For the first time in the history of Olympic participation, the Mexican delegation wins two medals in this discipline after July 30, the male duo also got second place. President Felipe Calderon expressed his happiness for the win via his Twitter account: "A big congratulations to @ PaolaEspinosaOf and Alejandra Orozco @ Alejandreiizhon by winning silver medal in synchronized diving 10m".

Silver medal The Mexican partner Ivan Garcia and German Sanchez kept the silver medal in synchronized diving test from the 10-meter platform nailed synchronized in the 2012 London Olympics. Mexicans totaled 468.90 points, In the fourth round was the one that sent him to Mexico in the second position as in previous rounds Mexico occupied the last positions. The Mexican couple performed the reverse with four and a half (4.1) and uprooted 95.84 points for a total of 285.63 and outperform Americans momentarily, while the locals felt the pressure and missed the reverse with three and a half turns. Mexico took advantage of this situation and took the second place, while China did the same in the top of the list and the United States was third. Mexicans parted with 92.20 and 468.90 in total, and with the money in his pocket, to give the delegation of his country's first medal. •



The Mexican Mariana Avitia Aida Roman and added two more medals to the Mexican delegation to London 2012, and closed in an emotional late single women's archery from Lord's Cricket Ground. While Roman is claimed silver, Avitia wore a bronze metal. The Roman capital ant lost the final Bo Bae Kiof South Korea,6-5, in a match that was defined on an arrow of sudden death, after finishing tied at the end of the five rounds. Mariana, originally from Monterrey, slung the bronze by winningtheU.S.6-26-2KhatanaLorig.

Aida said quite happy with the outcome of both goal keepers Aztecs in London, while Mariana Avitia beatthe second seedKoreanSungJinandLee6-2. While Aida Roman defeated theItalianPiaLionettiby6.2.

Laura Sanchez added another medal for Mexico in Olympic Games Laura Sanchez made history in the threemeter springboard at the London Olympics by winning the bronze medal. The Mexican concluded with a dive of 3.0 degrees of difficulty and a total score of 362.40. "This medal glory I know I was missing in the Olympics and I've finally done it. Has been years and years of work and injuries, many things," Sanchez said in concluding the final. Tania Cagnotto, representative of Italy, From preliminatoria test, Laura remained in the top seven positions and managed to came close to snatching the medal to qualify to the final in which he climbed to third place. the final two tenths true. of a For the diver this medal Sanchez, meant but a left dream come point LatintimeAmerican. "I dreamed of a medal in Olympics and knew below that this the was the and that Minxia Wu of China was everything would depend on competition as I did," said the crowned athlete. champion offor the the competition with gold and A major part arduous training was in preparation final Mexican athlete a near-perfect score of 414. Followed by trampoline. his compatriot He Zi with the silver "We practiced about 100 dives in the morning and 100 afternoon, a total of 200medal. dives a day that hurt my fingers but it was worth" concluded Laura Sanchez. The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, congratulated via his Twitter account the diver: "What joy and pride to see @ lauritasanchez podium and receive a bronze medal. Again congratulations. Good for Mexico".

Laura Sanchez becomes the first athlete in sports history in Mexico win an Olympic title in the springboard event. The diver of 27 years is twice champion of the Pan American Games.

Maria Espinoza wins bronze medal for Mexico, London Espinoza, gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Games, bowed 4-2 in the match for the bronze medal at the Cuban Glen his Hernandez in the category of more than 67 kilograms in taekwondo. Maria Espinoza is the first woman to achieve Olympic medals for Mexico in two different editions individually. Mary was the flagship of the Mexican delegation at the opening of the Games. With the medal obtained by Maria, Mexico has seven medals at the2012 Olympic Games, which means the best crop of a Mexican delegation at an event of this type, in addition to that obtained during the fair of Mexico 1968, in which nine were obtained.

Mexico is the winner of the gold medal in men's football at London 2012 With a great performance from Mexican forward Oribe Peralta Morones, the court could seize the gold medal of the Olympic Games in London 2012 and crowned as winner. Mexico got the medal by defeating Brazil 2-1with two goals from Oribe Peralta, the first28 seconds of the match. It is the first gold medal in soccer in Mexico, who defeated the Brazilian team arrived as favorite to win the only major title that have not yet won. The Mexicans were planted in the field and gave no chance that Brazil could recover. In a game in which Mexico said before one of the largest selections of football, the team best known in his country as the tri won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Interview to Oribe Peralta after the football final game 1. The Mexican Selection had complicated moments, this seems like a fairytale Yes, we had complicated disapointments since the America Cup, but finally the team remained and belive in themselves and we are demostrating, step by step, that there is too much quality in Mexico 2. What do you feel with the first goal?, just with 30 seconds Happy because of making a goal so quickly, so we felt better in the game 3. Which goal did you like more? I liked that we won the game, but I enjoyed more the second 4. Is this the best day of your life? Yes, I think so, I’m very happy and we will celebrate it with all Mexico and with my family 5. What could you say to Brazil? That is an impressive rival, they have always fought untill the end, they alwas

had options 6. A message for Brazilian people We admired them for the football they play, I think that motivated us to be whoere we are 7. What do you feel to listen the anthem playing in the Studium Is impressive, when you listen it with a medal in your neck is a sensation that you want to be in Mexico celebrating with all your family 8. For who is this medal? For my sons, for my wife, for my parents 9. What was the cost to be here? A lot but it realy worth it

Courtesy of TDN 1. the _______ games 2. where the olimpic games were inaugurated 3. band formed by Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Jihn Lennonand George Harrison 4. unity 5. United ______ 6. famous singer who have won Grammys with the album 21 7. Group who plays Viva La Vida 8. Group who have placed the Bohemian Rapsody 9. the Subway in London 10.first name of one of the members of the Group the Beatles 11. second name of one of the members of the Groupthe Beatles 12. first name of the actor of Mr. Bean 13. second name of the actor of Mr. Bean

14. the medal for the first place 15. the medal for the second place 16. the medal of the third place

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