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Royal Caribbean Set Sail Today

If you’re looking to have a good time, get away from work or school, or just have the time of your life, a Royal Caribbean cruise might be the answer for you.

I remember being a college student and wanting to celebrate another completed year of my degree plan. My first choice was a cruise with my friends but money didn’t make that an option. Recently I had the chance to relive this dream and I took it. The Royal Caribbean Cruise lines are offering great deals nowadays and you should definitely take any opportunity you get to hop aboard. The trip was everything I dreamed it would be in college. I took my son and his friend, who are seniors in college, and they loved it. Cruises offer a relaxed atmosphere away from cell phones and the need to watch TV, even though those are accessible onboard. I have already discussed a family vacation on a previous page (Disney), but this cruise was both a family and yet a personal enjoyment trip wrapped in one. Me and my wife had a chance to enjoy ourselves through the use of the spa, pools, hot tubs, buffets, casino, bars, personal fitness center, shows, and activities put on by the cruise line employees. But my son and his friend also had a chance to enjoy themselves through the use of the wave pool, rock wall, basketball and soccer courts, buffets, pools, bars, casino, and young adult dance clubs. The combination of activities aboard cruise ships make them the perfect environment for a good vacation.

Food aboard the cruise lines is all inclusive so there is no need to watch how much you’re spending on food. There are also formal dinners every night where families can share a gourmet meal that really gives you the feel of a real vacation. These meals give the family a chance to all get together, discuss how their

Royal Caribbean Set Sail Today day went, and layout the plans for the night and the following day. Most nights we had the choice of foods such as steak, lobster, shrimp, chicken, pastas, and sometimes more exotic meats such as quail or squid. The food on the cruise was definitely one of my favorite parts, as my wife could see through my ten pound weight gain, and made the trip that much better. Cruises vary in destination so I tried to only cover the basics on board the ship but there are also many fun things you can do on land. Cruises generally have two or three stops depending on how long the cruise is. Our cruise stopped at three small islands and we had a blast renting wave runners, taking snorkeling trips, and making stops at the local stores for some shopping. Choose the cruise that best fits you. In my opinion cruises are ideal for college students and young adults. -

Michael Rabun

Some Prices: Cruises vary in price depending on how many nights long the cruise is, where you stay on the ship, where he ship is stopping, how new the ship is, what time of year it is, and how early or late you reserve your spot. In general you may see some of the following prices: 7 Night western Caribbean Interior Room : $820 3Night Bahamas Interior Room: $329 11 Night Ultimate Caribbean Interior Room: $999

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Article - Michael Rabun


Article - Michael Rabun