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Known as one the most romantic cities in the world, Venice, Italy is the perfect getaway for two. With five days to explore the canals, shops, and cultural cafes on top of the water, the romance of this ancient city of centuries old buildings will make your romantic Italian vacation unforgettable. When to travel to Venice? Plan your trip around the Venice floods, which annually come around the months of September to April. The months May to June are the best to travel, and when arriving, the evening sunset is the most romantic time to graze the streets and explore. Things to do with your significant other are countless; from a gondola ride through the Grand Canal, visit the two most romantic places in Italy which are the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge. You may also want to visit one of the most popular bar, Harry’s, after your delightful dinner for two. Besides the spectacular Piazza San Marco and cathedral, there are many small picturesque squares and churches to visit when learning about the culture of the beautiful city. Tip? When choosing where to dine, the options are uncountable. One way to make your supper with your significant other much more romantic is to find a smaller, more intimate dining place that caters to the locals rather than the tourists. Some of the most top rated places for room accommodations are the Luna Hotel Baglioni which is the oldest hotel in Italy, Hotel Danieli which is steps from Saint Marks Square, and Hotel Gritti Palace which is a smaller hotel on the Grand Canal offering a more romantic feel. Although a romantic getaway to Italy maybe a little pricey, the five star accommodations Italy brings to its tourists will surely pay off. To find out more about information to book your visit to Italy, go to for special packages and vacation ideas!

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Eat efficiently! Consider making lunch your main meal of the day. This will always save you and your companion money! Many cafe menus often include the price with a drink. Wine is almost always ordered with a meal. If not wine, it may include a water or coke. You’re in Italy, endure your visit with that particular restaurant’s signature wine or drink. Getting full in the middle of the day will allow for a smaller, more inexpensive dinner in the evening. On a budget? Osteria ai Promessi Spos offers excellent selection of typical Venetian cicchetti and many other plates for a good price. No budget? Al Mascaron Osteria is known for their great seafood dishes and specialty items. TIP: In America, we call them Tapas. In Venice, they call it cicchetti. This allows tourists to get a glass of wine and a selection of smaller portions of food, from bite-sized items on toothpicks to small samples of regular meals. These places sometimes are stand up only or sometimes have tables for you to try their items.

TIP OF THE TRIP: There’s not a dream vacation without shopping of course! Ideally a small travel bag will be most sufficient while traveling through Italy. If you can't carry your own bags on and off trains and up and down stairs you and your significant other may have problems. Don’t forget that many of the hotels do not have elevators so pack lightly!

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Luna Hotel Baglioni

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...always making traveling easier Luna Hotel Baglioni TIP OF THE TRIP: There’s not a dream vacation with- out shopping of course! Ide- ally...

final italy  

...always making traveling easier Luna Hotel Baglioni TIP OF THE TRIP: There’s not a dream vacation with- out shopping of course! Ide- ally...