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C. Before The Test Read the example sentences, then choose the definition that matches the word. ❚❚ a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

deserted (   ) essential (   ) condensation (   ) distill (   ) tan (   ) shelter (   ) device (   ) storm (   ) horizon (   ) spear (   )

The room was deserted after the class. Saving money is essential for the trip next year. The condensation on the bottle makes the drink look very cold. We need to distill the water before we drink it to make it safe. I need a tan; my skin is so white. I found shelter from the rain. I need a device that can do my homework for me. The storm was very wet and windy. I love to relax by looking at the horizon from the beach. The Indians used spears to kill wild animals for food.

1. a place where there are no people 2. a object designed to do a job 3. drops of water that form when warm water cools 4. where the sky meets the land and the sea 5. important and necessary 6. a weapon with a sharp point 7. weather with strong wind and rain, and sometimes thunder 8. a light brown color 9. to make water pure by heating it, then collecting the gas as it cools 10. a place to live or stay and protect yourself from rain or danger

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