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NATURAL SIGHTS IN SLOVENIA Human fish – Olm Human fish, also known as Olm, is a blind aphibian, endemic to the subterranean enviroment. Human fish breathes with external gills. It is the largest cave dweling animal and it grows from 25 to 30 cm. The Olm is extremly well – adapted to living in the darkness. It can have a long life. The human fish can live up to 100 years and can survive without food for several years in a row. In our beautiful Slovenia, the Proteus (Olm) is under strict legal protection and was placed on a list of rare and endangered species in 1982. In Slovenia you can find it in the Postojna cave. It is worth of visiting.

NATURAL SIGHTS IN SLOVENIA The Vintgar Gorge The Vintgar Gorge, an accidental discovery in 1891, was discovered by Jakob Zumer, the major of Gorje. He found the gorge when the water levels of the Radovna river were low. The location of the gorge is 4 kilometres northwest of Bled and ranges in lenght for 1,6 kilometres. Due to it's natural beauty, it is considered as an important tourist sight for Slovenia and has been classified as one.

Natural sights in Slovenia