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BANANA AND THE KIWI TWINS Once upon a time, Banana was walking in the field. She was beautiful, bright yellow, like the Sun and her skin was soft and shiny. She was very beautiful.

Suddenly, she saw a giant brown, hairy ball. She didn't know what it was, so she started walking towards it. When that mystery ball turned around, she realized that it was a kiwi. But it wasn't an ordinary kiwi, NO!, it had its twin attached to its body! One of the kiwi twins was really mean and scary, but the other one was very kind and shiny.

Banana was so scared that her skin fell off and she was so ashamed that she died. Kiwi twins ate the Banana's corpse. Since it was a magic Banana, the twins turned into broccoli and then lived happily ever after because nobody wanted to eat broccoli.

Made by: Lea and Kristina, 3.e

Banana and the kiwi twins  

A story about banana and kiwi twins...