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Why choose an English Australia member college?

English Australia n leading n supporting n representing n the international English language industry in Australia

English Australia member colleges are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for students. Member colleges are located throughout Australia in large vibrant capital cities and quieter regional towns, offering a variety of lifestyles and cultures to choose from. Australia is one of the best and safest places in the world to live while you learn. The advantages of choosing an English Australia member college include: Colleges are committed to high standards Australia is the only country in the world with an accreditation framework that sets nationally consistent standards for all registered English language providers. All EA member colleges belong to the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) which sets standards relating to all aspects of a college’s operations. EA member colleges also comply with the EA Code of Conduct, outlining professional and ethical standards.

A guide to choosing a quality English language college

There is a variety of English language programs to meet all needs English Australia member colleges offer a wide variety of programs to suit all needs (e.g. English for Tertiary Study, Business English, General English and IELTS preparation to name a few). In addition, Australia offers great flexibility for students wanting to combine study, work and travel. Students can experience a lifestyle like no other The standard of living in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, the climate is enviable and costs remain competitive. There are a wide choice of activities to enrich the learning experience – from cultural and sporting events to experiencing Australian icons such as the Red Centre and the Great Barrier Reef. Learning takes place within a diverse cultural mix Australia is a young and welcoming blend of different cultures where it is easy for students to feel at home. In addition, English Australia member colleges have a diverse nationality mix of students. Friendships and contacts are built with people from all around the world – a huge benefit when it comes to career development. Programs are taught using the latest technology English Australia member colleges operate within a technologically advanced society, having great facilities. These include video facilities, libraries and computer-assisted learning to assist students in rapidly learning English. Laptops are allowed in many lecture halls and classrooms. Comprehensive consumer protection schemes are in place No other country offers the same level of protection for tuition fees of international students as Australia. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, protects students on student visas. English Australia member colleges belong to the EA Tuition Assurance Scheme which protects students on all visa types.

Each year, around 160,000 students travel to Australia to learn English. Of those students, over 80% choose to study at an English Australia member college.

‘The courses are very interesting, interactive and organised and the teachers are very capable. The school has a high level of teaching.’

‘The teachers are very kind but strict with us which help to improve our English quickly. I really enjoy life here in this college.’

Anouk (Belgium), English Language Company

Yuri Mao (China), Think: CLASS

‘I made such good friends that I’ll keep for life. I improved my English and now I’m really confident to do the TOEFL test.’ Emanuelle Cunha (Brazil), Language Studies International

‘Four months ago, I could not have a conversation or understand what people were talking about, but now my English has improved and I have more confidence to speak in English.’ Huang Mi Woo (Korea), TAFE NSW – Northern Sydney Institute

Choosing the right English language college is a big decision. English Australia (EA) represents over 100 member colleges throughout Australia who provide quality English language programs to students from around the world. Since our establishment in 1980, EA has been the voice for the English language sector in Australia, regularly consulted by government, the media and other professional associations on all aspects of English language teaching. Using our knowledge and experience, we have prepared this guide to assist you in choosing an English language college which represents the highest standard of education and also shows an ongoing commitment to quality English language teaching.

What factors indicate a quality English language college? Teaching quality

English Australia member colleges …

1 Teachers with specialist qualifications A good quality English language college employs teachers who have specialist ELT qualifications which include TESOL training. Ongoing professional development is important for teachers as is strong support and guidance from the academic manager.

Comprehensive information

… employ teachers with specialist qualifications.

… offer programs to meet the needs of students.

English Australia member colleges …

Student welfare

… benefit from sharing information and networking opportunities EA provides.

A college which is committed to an internal quality assurance system shows commitment to continuous improvement. This can be indicated through feedback mechanisms for staff and students, regular reviews and internal audits of policies and procedures.

... have internal quality assurance systems in place.

Consumer protection

English Australia member colleges …

9 Complaints and appeals procedures … have clearly stated program information.

4 Information about the destination It is important that the welfare and safety of a student extends beyond that provided in the classroom. Therefore,information regarding lifestyle, cost of living, climate, accommodation, food, customs and medical costs should be made available.

Membership of a professional association usually indicates that the college has met strict criteria regarding accreditation, best practice and assurance schemes. Joining an association allows networking, sharing of best practice, industry information and updates.

8 Continuous improvement

3 Detailed program information Program information should be readily available and include details regarding course content and duration, fees and charges, class sizes, modes of study, assessment methods, campus locations and the qualification obtained.

English Australia member colleges …

7 Membership of a professional association

2 Programs designed to meet the needs of students English language programs should be designed to meet specific objectives based on the needs of students and programs should be frequently reviewed. A range of teaching methods should be adopted to cater for the individual learning styles of students.

Professional approach

A good English language college will have independent complaints and appeals procedures accessible for all students. These procedures should be outlined to students on arrival so they know where to go should they have a problem.

… have detailed complaints and appeals procedures in place.

… belong to the EA Tuition Assurance Scheme protecting students on all visa types.

10 Protection of student fees … provide detailed information regarding living in Australia.

A college which belongs to a good Tuition Assurance Scheme will ensure each student receives the tuition they have paid for. If, for some reason, a college cannot offer a course they have advertised, students will be able to receive their tuition elsewhere.

English Australia member colleges …

5 Student support services A student orientation program is a good way for students to get to know one another and people in the community. In addition, a good homestay program and social program will help students feel safe and secure in their environment.

… offer student orientation programs, homestay and social programs.

… have procedures in place for monitoring student progress.

6 Monitoring student progress Monitoring the progress of students throughout their study allows colleges to be proactive in counseling students who are at risk of failing to meet course progress requirements. A good college will have processes in place for intervention of students at risk.

Look for this logo and you can be confident you have chosen a quality English language college.

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