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FEATURE: A Piece of New York’s Gorgeous Mosaic


NYC’s Gilt-y Dining Pleasures


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Jennifer Goldberg Levey

Claire McCurdy

Karen Holly Berliner | ENGLISH magazine | 6


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ello New York City! It is my pleasure to introduce ENGLISH magazine to the city that never sleeps. As your curiosity roams our pages, we hope you find the experience exhilarating via our clean design as well as helpful as a guide to navigating upscale New York Fashion and Lifestyle. Our goal is to provide ENGLISH readers with a simple and stylish pocket-sized guide to finding the best restaurants, grabbing a drink, indulging at a SPA, or catching the latest exhibit at one of the museums. This first issue features several NY writers that share their favorite places to dine. We highlight burgers paired with a quaint ambience and introduce additional top notch cuisines from Chinatown to SoHo. We also have 7 SPA's featuring 7 different treatments, all of which aim to provide a relaxing and refreshing experience – just like ENGLISH. I’m truly proud to launch ENGLISH magazine in New York City and hope this unique and interesting keepsake will stay with you in your pocket, mind, and heart. I Love NY,

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elcome to the Melting Pot, I’m proud to present ENGLISH’s first repertoire of this colorful Mecca. Consider this an insider’s exposé, shedding some light on this 2x12 mile island with 8 million people. If you think about it, that’s a lot of the world’s best dining, nightlife, fashion and arts, compacted on roughly 24 square miles. We will be here along the way to help you navigate the City’s best features. It’s finally warming up and I get goose bumps just thinking about all the ‘homework’ I’ll be doing to provide you the best experience possible. From sampling the French couture, bronzing at Corsican styled rooftop pools, to sipping champagne brunch on Sunday; it’s our pocket-sized mission to present useful information enhanced through brilliant design.

Elizabeth Baker, Associate Editor | ENGLISH magazine | 14


Claire McCurdy has come to writing full-time after years with New York based educational and nonprofit organizations. She has recently published several short stories about her time at the 2010 Venice Biennale for Architecture, including a piece on Venetian culture and cuisine. She is now working on a book-length series of essays about Nagasaki in the 70s.  One piece, converted into a stand-up monologue, has been performed at the M Bar in Hollywood, CA and is available on YouTube. Several other articles have been published in online journals such as: BabelLit; Best After 60; BrickRhetoric; Caper Journal; CLAPH Magazine, Notes and Grace Notes; Polyphony, The Gotham Palate, The News Gallery, Woman Around, and WeirdYear. A resident of New York, NY, Claire has a B.A. in English from Earlham College and an M.A. in History from New York University.  

Jennifer Goldberg Levey is the owner of Cultured Bohemian Travel, LLC, a full-service travel agency. Formerly an Online Travel Editor for Nielsen Business Media, Jennifer has traveled throughout the United States, parts of Europe and the Middle East. She is also a freelance journalist and a member of the National Association for Travel Journalists. Jennifer has extensively written about travel, and she has reported on the best hotels and resorts, most luxurious spas and unforgettable trips. Her writing has been featured in newspapers, magazines and web sites. 

Contributors Native New Yorker, Karen Holly Berliner, is a seasoned journalist with a true love and flair for luxury food, wine and travel. Her passion for journalism coupled with her driving interest inspires her to explore this big world and bring back her finds. Karen’s work has been featured in Simply the Best Magazine, Downtown NYC Magazine, Singular Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Bergen County Magazine, New Jersey Life, Edible East End, Social Life (The Hampton’s), No. 3 Magazine, Haute Living and Gladys National Magazine, among others. Offering seasoned expertise in luxe dining, travel and lifestyle, she urges: “Let me describe your paradise.”

Contributors page Andrew Jorgensen has been a professional freelance photographer for over 5 years with a passion for shooting traditional still photography and 360 degree interactive panoramic images. He specializes in many areas ranging from commercial advertising to action sports. At any moment, he can be found hanging out of a helicopter shooting a major music festival or covered in dust shooting the Baja 1000. In addition to his degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona, Andrew constantly furthers his education through self teaching and the vast resources available on the internet. Andrew hopes to continue expanding his client base around the globe and is looking forward to the adventures that coincide.


ENGLISH magazine, New York is always on the look-out for fresh content from new, inspired writers. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing an editorial piece for one of our upcoming issues, please email for more information. Subject matter can include, but is not limited to: fashion, style, interior design, art, culture, travel, consumer reviews, event coverage, dining, and nightlife. You don’t have to be a professional; you just have to be passionate.



An eclectic guide to some of


NYC’s finest neighborhoods Claire McCurdy


Who invented that phrase “the gorgeous mosaic” for New York City and its racial and ethnic diversity? It was David Dinkins, first and only African American Mayor of New York City from 1990 through 1993. He was speaking of the whole city, of course, but he might just as well have been celebrating the multicultural troika of neighborhoods in lower New York City: Chinatown, Little Italy, and SoHo. And the ENGLISH Magazine cover designer might also have had these neighborhoods and their signature dishes in mind. That coil of noodles could refer to the noodles eaten in Chinatown or it could just as easily refer to the myriad of pastas central to the menus of Little Italy. The cover also makes reference to the tricolor Caprese salad, with its white mozzarella, green basil leaves, and ripe red tomatoes. Clearly, this could be a symbol of Little Italy. The Caprese salad is on every menu and it is delicious. Finally, that black patent leather shoe at the base of the cover design—well, that must refer to the rich assortment of shopping opportunities in SoHo! We will soon be checking out the gorgeous mosaic of fine dining, shopping and cultural opportunities in Chinatown, Little Italy and SoHo. But, a caution to the visitor, and especially the first-timer: we suggest that you think of visiting New York as akin to visiting a new country. Keep in mind that not all the spoken languages will be English. As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” And as to travel, remember that entering these neighborhoods is not really like driving to the local mall; think “off the grid.” The rich array of sights, scents, sounds and tastes is best savored on foot. If you bring a car to New York, you may find that parking is difficult, so we suggest using cabs, but best of all, wandering on foot. Be prepared to stroll; savor the moment. CHINATOWN New York’s Chinatown, the largest in the USA, is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and provides an exhilarating experience. Crowds are surging. The air is scented with fresh fish, pungent spices, intense wafts of sesame oil and green and black tea, and of course the rich odor of noodles. Salesmen everywhere are hawking fresh bok choy, prickly durian fruit, and live octopi. In short, Chinatown is full of vitality, expanding with each successive wave of immigration - just listen to the street conversations,

which are loud, and at high pitch. You’ll hear dialects of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Burmese, Vietnamese, and Filipinos, as well as the Spanish of Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Be sure to keep your map with you, as you’ll need it, but Chinatown is also a great location for simply wandering around for a while. Consider simply stopping into a shop or restaurant that takes your fancy. There will be plenty of alternatives for you to try, ranging from next door, just down the street or around a corner. Please consider our suggestions simply as starting points. And remember, in Chinatown, sometimes the most humble looking restaurant may feature the finest food. Keep an open mind! For lunch or dinner, Joe’s Shanghai (8 Pell St | Between Elizabeth and Bowery | 212.233.8888 | is renowned for its crab or pork meat soup dumplings, and of course noodles! But, there’s more to Joe’s menu, including Spicy Szechuan Style Sliced Beef, Crispy Jumbo Prawns with Lime Sauce, and Braised Duck. Joe’s has won awards from the New York Times Restaurant Guide; Gourmet Magazine; Travel and Leisure; New York Magazine and Zagat. Another justly acclaimed place is Peking Duck House (28 Mott St | between Pell and Worth St | 212.227.1810 | famous, of course, for the Peking duck. It is all about the duck!! Tender and crispy, served with homemade pancakes, green scallions, fresh cucumbers and special sauce, it is not to be missed. Long time faithful customers and new arrivals alike have glowing things to say about Peking Duck House. Chinatown is a wonderful place for gift shopping. If you are interested in Chinese household goods, New Kam Man Food Products, Inc. (200 Canal St | between Mulberry and Mott St | 212.571.0330 | carries a wide array of Chinese foods and gifts, including an extensive tea selection. They also have gorgeous Chinese and Japanese earthenware and porcelain pottery at excellent prices. The justly acclaimed Museum of Chinese in the Americas (215 Centre St | between Howard and Grand St | 212.619.4785 | will set the whole rich Chinatown historical stage for you. An upcoming May show: Thursday, May 26 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm Target Free Thursday: “150 years of Chinese music in NYC: Who, Where, How and Why?” a talk with Su Zheng. Join MOCA for a Target Free Thursday as Su Zheng talks about Chinese music, theater and performance in NYC.

Today’s Little Italy is all about the food. Little Italy’s food can be delicious, especially the desserts. Many New Yorkers have a comfortable set routine for dining out: dinner in Chinatown, dessert in Little Italy. But it’s not just about the sweet stuff. What are served here are the traditional gigantic four course Italian meals, featuring our signature noodle as one of the four. Close by the noodle is the salad - for example, the Caprese salad of fresh mozzarella (often rich buffalo or smoked mozzarella), lush bright green sprigs of basil, and ripe red tomatoes all drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegrette.

“We will soon be checking out the gorgeous mosaic of fine dining,

LITTLE ITALY Little Italy is quite different from its neighbor. While Chinatown is expanding rapidly, Little Italy’s borders have contracted – it is no longer a site for new immigration. Many of Little Italy’s former residents have retired to the outer boroughs (for example, check out another Little Italy at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for wonderful restaurants) or to the suburbs. Little Italy has become a single street (Mulberry Street) and a haven for tourism. In fact, the neighborhood resembles a charming nineteenth century stage set.

As with Chinatown, to locate a good restaurant, it may be simplest to stroll up and down shopping and cultural opportunities in Chin Mulberry Street, and try a spot that takes your fancy. One can get a very good meal with a decent wine, (at a discount and often with daily specials if you’re quick) all up and down Mulberry Street. Again, please consider the suggestions below only as a starting point.


Angelo of Mulberry St Restaurant (146 Mulberry St | between Grand and Hester St | 212.966.1277 | serves a traditional red-sauce Italian meal. Angelo’s sauces are so famous that they are packaged to sell separately. Forlini’s (93 Baxter St | between Walker and White St | (212) 349-6779), at the borderlines of Little Italy, serves excellent classic northern Italian fare and the service is warm and welcoming. Still considered an insider’s secret, it is heavily patronized by the judges and court personnel who work just around the corner, and the reviews are consistently stellar. For dessert, Ferrara’s (195 Grand St | between Mulberry and Mott St | 212.226.6150 | is the irresistible choice. As they say, “For four generations, the Ferrara family has been delighting Little Italy with its outstanding Italian/French desserts: cannoli, stogliatella, gelati and more.” I will only say that Ferrara’s is always packed with enraptured eaters, myself among them. You won’t regret the wait.

Little Italy’s history is closely yoked to food. You can get a whiff of the Little Italy that was a few decades ago, at the “new” Umberto’s Clam House (132 Mulberry Street | between Grand and Hester St | 212.431.7545 | Umberto’s reopened in 2000 without the bullet holes that passed through one of its most famous customers, charming Mafia psychopath Crazy Joe Gallo, gunned to his death on April 7, 1972. natown, Little Italy and SoHo.” Robert Ianniello, brother of alleged Genovese family capo, Matthew "Matty the Horse" Lanniello, runs the place. And the food is good; try the clams.


Finally, Little Italy’s history is not confined to the 20th century. During your visit, you may wonder about the 19th and 20th century Italian immigrants who were its settlers. New York’s longest and largest yearly celebration of Italian religion and culture, the 85th Annual Festival of San Gennaro, will take place in Little Italy from Thursday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011. The Feast dates from 1926 when newly arrived Neapolitan immigrants on Mulberry Street decided to continue the tradition of celebrating Saint Gennaro’s martyrdom in 305 AD. The Festival features a religious procession, “Many New Yorkers ha including the Statue of San Gennaro, which travels along Mulberry and Mott Streets. SoHo SoHo is not defined by race or ethnicity but by an industry: the arts. Over the last few decades, SoHo has transformed itself from high ceilinged warehouse lofts into elegant large residential and workspaces; into an arts community, so that artists could live where they work and display what they had created. Like its neighbors, Chinatown and Little Italy, SoHo has become a place to stroll. There is just so much to see. The eye is bombarded with color, flash, the dernier cri of design, street side artists creating, say, a tiny grasshopper made of real grass, or a painter offering to do your Picasso-style portrait on the spot. Fine art is also in the galleries, huge designer label women’s and men’s clothing in the stores, high end restaurants cheek by jowl with equally high end galleries, and even one of New York’s fast disappearing used bookstores on Mercer Street, right next door to one of its finest consignment shops featuring women’s clothing and accessories. If you are eager to track down the latest designer fashions in stores located in a convenient cluster, SoHo is the place for you. It’s 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, for fashion, and 57th Street for the arts all

rolled up into one and easily traveled on foot. The range of price and style is extraordinary, from the traditional glamour of retailers and designers like Bloomingdales, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Anna Sui, Dolce et Gabbana, Barney’s Co-op, Coach, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton to edgy independent boutiques, like Catherine Malandrino, Marni, Barbara Bui, or Legacy. Get the map and keep it with you.

dinner in Chinatown, dessert in Little Italy.”

ave a comfortable set routine for dining out:

If your interest is in the arts, you may wish to block out an extra day of touring and shopping. The art galleries are so numerous; it’s impossible to list them all, so I will just touch on three randomly selected recommended locales. Franklin Bowles Galleries - SoHo (431 W Broadway | between Prince and Spring St | 212.226.1616 | is described as specializing in Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Matisse, or modern masters like Chagall, Dali and Miro. The Louis K. Meisel Gallery (141 Prince St | between W Broadway and Wooster St | 212.677.1340 | specializes in ‘Photorealism’ in 1969 and claims to have “the largest collection, and available inventory of pin-up art in the world.” The Gallery Revel (96 Spring St | between Mercer and Broadway | 212.925.0600) has been around for four decades and concentrates on paintings and sculpture.

After you’ve hit the third shop, you may find that you’re hungry. Don’t be concerned! SoHo is crowded with lovely places to eat. We will make a couple of recommendations and then suggest again that you simply drop in at any place that looks interesting to you. Glamorous arts community or no, SoHo runs on food as does its neighbors. The Thai restaurant, Kittichai (60 Thompson St | between Spring and Broome St | 212.219.2000 | is elegant, beautiful, adorned with silk, orchids, and goldfish, and the food is celebrated. Recommended foods: fish cakes; chocolate back ribs; cold beef salad; whole crispy fish;

Finally, local culture is so vivid and active that it is impossible to list everything, but we’ll just mention three. Two local museums of considerable interest are The NEW MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (583 Broadway | between Houston and Prince St | 212.274.8984 and The New York City Fire Museum (278 Spring St | between Varick and Hudson St | 212.691.1303|, located a brisk walk away in a renovated 1904 firehouse. Children will be especially happy with this choice. You may also want to take in an evening event, like The Joyce SoHo Experience (155 Mercer St | between Houston and Prince St | 212.431.9233| At the Joyce, a three-story former firehouse in New York's SoHo district, you'll be at the heart of the dance world in New York.

“Over the last few decades, SoHo has transformed itself from high

flourless chocolate cake; and the Thai tea ice cream sundae. For more traditional Western fare with a sophisticated twist, try The Mercer Kitchen (99 Prince Street between Mercer and Greene St | 212.966.5454 | Acclaimed chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, serves food that is described as simple but compelling. New York Magazine says, “Olive and radicchio join stewed rabbit, mint and coriander ring sea bass carpaccio, tomato soup is sparked by chili pepper and crabmeat…Recommended dishes are the steamed skate; and Maine lobster...” ceilinged warehouse lofts into elegant large re

Sample performances May 31 - Jun 5: PROGRAM MAY 31 & JUN 1: Allyson Esposito and Megan Schneeberger (Chicago), Dwelling Quartet Makiko Tamura (New York), 256*

Jacqueline Stewart (Chicago), It's Not Enough to Close Your Eyes Satoshi Haga (New York), Thread

ommunity, so that artists could live where they work and display

PROGRAM JUN 2 & 3: Jessica Miller Tomlinson (Chicago), Forget What You Came For? Amelia Reeber (Seattle), this is a forgery (excerpt)* Joanna Rosenthal (Chicago), Drifting for Nomads* esidential and workspaces; into an artsc Yin Yue (New York), Invisible* PROGRAM JUN 4 & 5: Julia Rhoads/Lucky Plush Productions (Chicago), Memory Mash Catherine Cabeen (Seattle), Crystallizing Space* Michel Rodriguez (Chicago), Moi Aussi Helen Simoneau (New York), Flight Distance II* By this time you will undoubtedly be laden down with packages and ready to collapse on your hotel bed. But please note - this is not a one-time trip! This is New York. In a month, it will all have changed exciting new restaurants, new designer stores, new sidewalk shows, new evening attractions. You will want to come back and bring your friends. Bring your Indiana Jones style hat and bandanna and be ready to explore! (And don’t forget the Italian, Chinese, and Spanish phrase books. They do help.) We hope you have had a wonderful time!

what they had created.�


Dining Gilt-y

Pleasures A Golden Collection of Fancy to Fancy Free Restaurants in Manhattan

Karen Holly Berliner

Chef Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne 55 W 44th St | between Fifth and Sixth Ave | 212.391.1188 |

Close your eyes for just a moment. Now peruse your memory for an image, an occasion, even a faint snapshot of a memorable meal that you’ve had. Perhaps you’ll conjure up an icon eatery once visited for a holiday brunch or a romantic dinner date. One where you cuddled, sipped and dined fireside. Wherever that special dining spot is, take a moment to recollect the feeling and let yourself go there. Now open your eyes. Imagine having the chance to make more food memories still. Maybe you’re craving tasty comfort fare, but at the same time looking to indulge in a little well deserved luxury. Whatever the rhyme or reason, enjoying a meal at a great restaurant is the perfect way to capture moments, but picking one in a city that boasts thousands of choices can be a daunting task at best. In that spirit, ENGLISH has gleaned a well-rounded sampling of some of our favorite dining destinations, deliciously sprinkled throughout the ever-evolving culinary landscapes of Manhattan. “Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and hot dogs.” Dwight D. Eisenhower Daniel’s Peasants Chef Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne 55 W 44th St | between Fifth and Sixth Ave | 212.391.1188 | The word "Bistro" is clearly over used. Often, in order to stay A-listed and in vogue, this term gets frivolously tossed around much like its constituent catch phrases: comfort food, artisanal, even farm to table. How pretty and politically correct it all sounds, but sadly and all too many times, the product falls short at the point of delivery. This is emphatically not the case here. | ENGLISH magazine | 50

The bistro title isn’t a gimmick at db’s; rather it’s their bottom line. Located smack dab in the bustling fashion and theater districts of Midtown, here French cuisine sustains its authenticity but at the same time defers to the flavors of a demanding and contemporary American market. The result? A well executed partnership between the new generations of Parisian bistros whose classically trained chefs offer creative cuisine within a relaxed and informal setting; in this case, a fête accompli by the famous Chef Daniel Boulud. This 120-seat dining room feels inviting and accessible via wedge wood carved furniture, metal bead curtains and red rubbed plaster walls, all offset by the warmth of amber colored glass, fabric-wrapped ceiling panels and olive toned velveteen upholstery. This casts a bit of much needed levity to the space via playful creativity without compromising the seriousness of the patriarchal roots that its family tree commands. The seasonal menus here are prepared and beautifully plated by Chef Laurent Kalkotour. They highlight the quality of fine ingredients used and bring inventive signature dishes to the table, such as their ceviche of diver sea scallops or their very popular (if not legendary) DB burger; a rendition made of freshly ground sirloin, generously stuffed with red wine braised short ribs and foie gras, all piled sky high on a home-made toasted parmesan bun. Upsize this to their “Royale” version (adding decadent, shaved black truffle), add a bountiful side of pommes frites and you have the beloved classic hamburger, but lifted up to a divine place by any foodie’s standards. At the end of the meal, Pastry Chef Jerome Maure offers delicious confectionary treats such as the lemon gratin, a creamy lemon curd atop a pistachio-pine nut biscuit, with Granny Smith apple confit and yogurt sorbet. Undecided? Their freshly brewed coffee comes accompanied by house made madeleines, gently choosing for you. For traditionalists, feel free to dine by the book here, adding a | ENGLISH magazine | 51

selection of fromage, such as Brie de Meaux, Roaring Forties Blue and Humboldt Fog goat cheese, casting just the right genteel and finishing touch.

Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen and Bar 299 Bowery | between Houston and 1st St | 212.933.5300 | Back in the day, the famous music club CbGb was rocking the Bowery section of the city. Today, this combination brasserie/tavern is the new rock star on the block. This space, Boulud’s latest experiment in down market dining, has a deliberate “kitchen supply” feel to it, evoking the Bowery's all-but-gone retro wholesale equipment district. The restaurant itself is essentially an open kitchen separated from the dining room by tall, stained ash shelves. The black wood tables here are played up and accented by well seasoned copper pots, chestnut roasting pans and giant cauldrons, all gifted to Boulud by a global | ENGLISH magazine | 52

list of famous chefs and colleagues (such as Alain Ducasse) for display. The menu follows suit, offering fourteen varieties of sausage as well as an impressive “Tête aux Pieds” (Head to Feet) section, which includes an entire deboned pig’s trotter and little squares of crispy fried tripe, a true Lyonnais specialty a la Maison. For a choice light bite, the towering shellfish platters are satisfying and fresh, paired with iced cold craft beers and table wines. Colin Alevras, chef and owner of the former Tasting Room, is DBGB’s sommelier; ensuring choice beer on tap, by bottle and other select spirits. After your meal, a full service ice cream cart tours the banquettes peddling fresh vanilla cookies, marshmallows, and other sundae-making works. For the more traditional taste buds, in-house pastry chef Mimi Eberhardt adds a few French desserts to the mix such as her decadent baba au rhum with raisin ice cream and pineapple compote. "Let the stoics say what they please, we do not eat for the good of living, but because the meat is savory and the appetite is keen." Ralph Waldo Emerson An Olive by Any Other Name Picholine 35 W 64th St | between Central Park West and Columbus Ave | 212.724.8585 | Extravagance. Opulence. Decadence. Terrence Brennan opened this elegant restaurant across from Lincoln Center and named it after a green Mediterranean olive. Now two decades strong, after enjoying a redesign of the premises a few years back, Picholine is all the more refined today, done in lush lavender velvet drapes, gray mohair banquettes, a grand chandelier and surprisingly comfy seating. Chef de Cuisine Carmine DiGiovanni offers a wide array of flavors that are at once savory and tangy, | ENGLISH magazine | 53

always with a little extra surprise or kick added on to keep things fresh. The sea urchin panna cotta, for example, crowned with caviar and sitting in a chilled seafood consommé still rules the preludes as does the sweetbreads with celeriac, mushrooms and grapes. Foie gras comes in a unique "shabu shabu" style, cooked in sweet and sour broth with root vegetable pearls. Their skate wing is done as cured pastrami, with red cabbage and a tangy mustard-laced fondue to go with. For the adventurous, order the wild partridge or grouse if available, cooked to tenderness and complete with the menu note, "birdshot may be present." This is certainly not for the faint of heart or appetite. The wine list is endless and diverse with selections in every category; the cheese service sublime, all varieties served in a cheese cart filled with extraordinary selections from Welsh Caerphilly to Rogue River Blue from Oregon and Constant Bliss from Vermont. The desserts here are remarkable too, like the pear Belle Hélène in a chocolate soup with almond financier and mascarpone sorbet. “Fancy cream puffs so soon after breakfast. The very idea made one shudder. All the same, two minutes later Jose and Laura were licking their fingers with that absorbed inward look that comes only from whipped cream.” Katherine Mansfield As Classic as the Longfellow Poem One If By Land, Two If By Sea 17 Barrow St | between W 4th and Bleecker St | 212.255.8649 | In the heart of Manhattan’s West Village and down a quiet side street, you’ll come upon the barn doors of the 18th-century un-marked carriage house of onetime vice president Aaron Burr. Open those doors and find the treasures within: two fireplaces, a bar-side baby grand piano player, candle lit tables complete with fresh flowers and glittering chandeliers all come together to set the tone. Cushy

banquettes and stylish wooden floors add polish and charm. The flowering garden visible through courtyard windows brings color and grandeur. Servers seamlessly whoosh over with your selected fare, with the polish and class of yesteryear. The food served in the main dining room’s secluded nooks is offered in a three-course prix-fix. Seasonal ingredients dictate the menu here; the executive chef works closely with local farmers and game producers, so you will always be assured of the freshest ingredients in authentic support of the farm to table movement. The decadent menu is all about rich and indulgent foods without being over the top. The tasting menu allows you to sample the chef's signature dishes: a variety of inventive interpretations of New American cuisine. Though recently appointed young chef Andrew Matthews lays the classics on thick, he also brings a modern seasonal practicality to the place - offering new choices such as his spring fava beans and fiddlehead ferns with spiced lamb medallions. Pastry chef Dean Anderson compliments these courses, taking fun risks like whimsical concoctions of root beer sorbet with a warm peanut butter fondant. Such fun! “One can say everything best over a meal” George Eliot Where Less is Mas (MAS) Farmhouse 39 Downing St | at Bedford St | 212.255.1790 | When you enter here, you can sense the immediate shift from the noise of the exterior world to this special and serene place. Warm chocolate colors, low ceilings, and brick and wood textures all come | ENGLISH magazine | 56

"Let the stoics say what they please, we do

the meat is savory and th

together to create an inviting ambiance, easily likened to its namesake, Mas, a country house in the South of France. There's an understated, almost rustic elegance evident in everything here from their neat linens, soft lighting and a seasonal menu printed on thick paper and tied with twine. Chef Galen Zamarra's cooking, though classically French in technique is simple and fresh tasting. The appetizer of wild American malossol hackleback caviar toasted brioche, crème fruitier and shallots is special and delicious with a perfectly paired glass of wine. Their signature dish, the yellow fin tuna l’occidental is the only item that’s been on the menu since Mas’ inception, done to perfection using sashimi grade tuna and hot butter. A salad of sweet Maine crab and portobello subtly accented with citrus is a popular choice especially during the warmer months. Organic hen, cooked with saffron and truffle, deboned and served sliced is moist and flavorful. Unexpected ingredients fused together such as a warm rhubarb tart with black-olive ice cream, is pulled off without effort. The simplest desserts like perfect berries marinated with aromatic hibiscus flowers and topped with homemade vanilla-bean ice cream never disappoint. “A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch." James A. Beard Pristine Simplicity in Dining | ENGLISH magazine | 56

not eat for the good of living, but because

he appetite is keen." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aquavit 65 East 55th St | between Park and Madison Ave | 212.307.7311 | Restaurant Aquavit offers four distinct rooms to suit your mood and appetite; The Dining Room with its soft elegant atmosphere; The Bistro with its lively vibe, bold colors and playful décor offers a more rustic Scandinavian bistro menu; and the Bar and Lounge with its airy atmosphere and waived wood ceiling is the perfect spot to enjoy a signature cocktail and a nibble and finally, the Private Dining Room can accommodate up to 50 people should you decide to throw a dinner party. The ambiance of Aquavit is as wholly Scandinavian as the fare, a setting of muted woods contrasted by stark white walls that creates a calm, almost fjord effect. Executive Chef Marcus Jernmark showcases his talents and commitment to quality and authenticity, always building on the fundamentals of Swedish culinary tradition. His Swedish meatballs are plump with a great peppery kick; his herring in curry, cream and vinegar, is revered among the best in New York. The hay-smoked sweetbreads, the venison tartare and the Arctic char are all hits here as well. Not to be missed is Aquavit’s famous Sunday smörgåsbord, a traditional Scandinavian buffet of cured, pickled, and smoked seafood dishes, charcuterie, salads, and more. Their Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry whipped cream are to die for. | ENGLISH magazine | 57

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PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ : Changing Your Energy Drink Experience “Hey, I like to party as much as the next guy. I enjoy a few drinks with friends or my wife, but after a long day at work, it is hard to get the energy to even go out, let alone party. We all hope for that “second wind” to get us through the night. Plus, I have purpose in life and I need to be productive in the morning. Occasionally, I would grab a popular energy drink looking for that boost from the sugar and caffeine. Sure, they felt good at first, but then came the crash. And none of these drinks helped me feel better in the morning. In fact, most left me feeling worse the next day, reminding me not to do that again.” “Energy is life and I want a good life. I want to feel good and be at the top of my game. I want to have some fun without a major price tag or big regrets. I also want to take care of my body. With this in mind, a friend and I partnered to create PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™, a new generation of Energy drink – Why? . . . Because I Live.” – Alex Lee, Co-founder of Avana International Corp and PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ Avana International Corp is proud to introduce PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™, a new generation of energy drink. This unique powdered energy drink is designed to release progressive energy

from its proprietary blend of 24 active ingredients in order to energize throughout the night and rejuvenate into the morning. This product is so different, that it is considered an entirely new generation of energy drink — Generation 3 Energy. Developed over a two-year process of research and development, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ is a completely natural dietary supplement derived from fruit and herbal extracts such as green tea and yerba mate, fruit sugars, ginger extract, vitamin B complex, minerals, and amino acids. Purple Rain’s dual blend effervescent energy is activated by water, making it fresh, innovative, easy to carry and complete. The powder is formulated into a tasteful effervescent beverage that is able to satisfy the consumer’s need for both a continual boost of energy AND as prevention and relief from an alcohol-induced "hangover." Unlike any of its predecessors, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ drink provides an added boost of metabolic activators to carry consumers through a long night and still feel alert and refreshed the next morning thanks to a progressive energy release formulation. PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ drink is perfect for students staying up all night, overnight employees working the moonlight-shift, the frequent or casual party-goers, clubbers and night-crawlers, late-night internet surfers, and anyone and everyone looking for a way to increase their stamina after a long night of work or play. Its "Anti-Hangover" effect is what sets PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ apart from all other energy drinks on the market, making it both innovative and complete. What is Gen 3 Energy? Here is a brief review of the progression of the Energy Drink market: GENERATION I - The first energy drinks to hit the market were primarily caffeinated drinks with excessive sugar, which mostly targeted the youth market. High in calories and caffeine, these artificially flavored drinks slowly began to lose public support because of health concerns. | ENGLISH magazine | 61

GENERATION II - The next generation of energy drinks became the fastest growing beverages since the introduction of bottled water as the industry redefined the concept of the energy drink by combining caffeine with taurine, sugar, and different blends of vitamins. Currently, there are over 300 products on the market, and more continue to enter with similar "Me Too" products. The top five most popular energy drinks make up 80% of the market, appealing to a younger demographic. GENERATION III - The newest generation of energy drinks provides the transversal of sustained energy and "Anti-Hangover" effects through a balance of caffeine, three complex sugars, super B vitamin complex, and amino acids. PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ is proud to be a pioneer in the Gen 3 Energy market.

PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ is distinctive as a Gen 3 energy drink that offers: •

Fast effervescent absorption;

Optimized active ingredient assimilation;

Sustained, healthy, energy release; and

Protective, natural, anti-oxidant ingredients; | ENGLISH magazine | 62

These features are all designed to energize your night and rejuvenate your morning with natural ingredients and vitamins that replenish the nutrients your body needs. With the increasing demand for active and healthy lifestyles, most Generation I and Generation II energy drinks are incompatible with a nutritious diet, due to their artificial ingredients and unbalanced amounts of caffeine and sugar. Gen 3 Energy drinks promote a healthy lifestyle and give consumers the better, balanced choice of energy and nutrients. With only 4 grams of sugar and 20 calories per serving, PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ can be consumed any time to recharge and can easily and safely become part of a daily energy ritual. As the tagline says - “Because you Live!” For more information or to order PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ please go to Follow PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ at and at to learn more about PURPLE RAIN ENERGY™ events and promotions.

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Man of Style -Khalifa

Recently, we caught up with our good friend Khalifa who we picked as this issues “Man of Style”. We like Khalifa for his bold approach to life and unique yet stylish fashion sense. He’s well traveled, family oriented, and believes standing out is important not only in fashion, but in life as well. Stats: Name: Khalifa Age: 29 Height: 6’1 Weight: 185 lb


Refresh our memory, how do we know you? Well, let’s just say that bad things happen to good people! We crossed paths on the West Coast while I was attending University of San Diego School of Business. We shared some great memories.

Custom Tailored Shirt We noticed you were listening to some music earlier, what was the name of that playlist? “House.” It’s mostly DJ Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, deadmau5, David Guetta... But truthfully, I love antique record players and vinyl records. You just can’t beat the oldies Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash (if I’m in the mood for country), John Coltrane (if I’m in the mood for jazz).

3” Leather Cuff

We know you own your own company. How’s business? It’s good. I own Prime One General Trading LLC I knew I could never work for anybody, so I spent the time studying various potential projects and business ventures then finally decided to start a general Trading company, which gives me more possibilities in the future. It was definitely a risk but that’s just how I am, and I’ve never regretted it.

Shades, not Sunglasses

We know you have an identical twin. In regards to style, do you embrace your similarities or try to differentiate yourselves as individuals? Of course I embrace our similarities. We are very similar and very different at the same time. In general, I’m a risk taker in all aspects of my life, especially style and my brother tends be more conservative. So what’s your latest “fashion risk”? I’m really into this new line I found when I was in Shanghai called Devil Nut. I have one of their black trucker hats with red Chinese symbols, when translated means “mafia”. I also have some of their T-shirts; each piece has crazy writing on it... almost like I’m wearing graffiti. Wasn’t cheap though, the shirts are about $150 each, and the hat was $200… still, it’s some very original stuff. Also, I love V-neck T-shirts - I discovered a brand called Andrew Christian and they make deep V-neck T-shirts. I buy them off of Amazon. By the way, what’s that intoxicating scent? (Laughs) Thanks for noticing – My favorite is SANTAL by Creed. I also wear essential oils – it’s one of my more expensive habits. Lately I’ve been enjoying Sandalwood oil; I even use it as an aftershave. Agarwood oil (oud) is a scent of heaven to me. I also often wear a little bit of Rose Absolute. I purchase my essential perfume oils from a friend who owns a perfume manufacturing business in India. 20 grams of Agarwood sells for around $500 (I told you it was expensive). The Rose Absolute sells for around $300 for 20 grams. Sandalwood is a bit cheaper – it’s around $200 for a 20 gram bottle. These prices are for the pure stuff. You can go online and find the artificial chemical for much cheaper.

“When I travel, I find it really useful to have an iPhone and Blackberry.”

What do you wear around your wrists? A 3-inch leather cuff with silver studs on it. You can usually find these in punk rock stores like Hot Topic but I got mine from a punk tattoo shop in Zurich, so I wear it all the time when I am not working, it’s pretty meaningful to me.

When it’s time to get down to business, what is your favorite color and brand of suit? A navy Vicuna Windowpane suit by Brioni, it’s unbeatable Italian craftsmanship. What kind of luggage do you use to carry that suit when you travel? Delsey, she goes everywhere with me. I don’t believe in carrying expensive luggage because I’m not trying to be flashy and it can attract the wrong kind of attention at some airports. Osis molding paste

What gadgets do you travel with? I do a lot of international travel and find it really useful to have an iPhone and Blackberry. I use the Berry as my primary phone and have an international plan for minutes but the iPhone is great for maps and directions. When I land, I buy a pre-paid SIM card, slip it in the iPhone and I’m all set. And what do you wear for all these International Flights? I like to be comfortable so I wear a velour Juicy sweat suit. Unfortunately Juicy no longer makes men’s clothing. I honestly don’t understand why they stopped because the comfort is unmatched. I also wear Adidas Original hoodies when I travel. Again, it’s not about flash, it’s about comfort. So when you’re not traveling, what do you wear to stay comfortable on, say, a Saturday afternoon? Adidas Originals Track suit.

And what about Saturday night? I wear a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. I love dark True Religion jeans, a black high collared shirt, and either a velvet tuxedo jacket or vest of my choice. As for accessories and jewelry, lately I’ve been wearing gold with black; perhaps a gold belt buckle and a gold watch, together it pulls the antique and funk together for a modern-classic look. How long do you spend getting ready? I never spend more than 30 minutes getting ready. Only 30 minutes? Your hair alone looks like it would take more than 30 minutes. (Laughs) Well it used to be a Mohawk, but in general, I keep it long enough to be grabbed from the back (old habits die hard) and short on the sides to look tidy because at times I think I have a big head. I guess it’s like a small, mini Mohawk. I use a BabyBliss mini flat iron to straighten it out and Osis for hold, I really try not to spend too much time on my hair. I also like to have fun with my facial hair. For the hard lines, I use an old school straight blade that is illegal in most countries. I like to get funky with my facial hair. However, I don’t recommend experimenting with a straight blade as it could be dangerous. Find a barber or a male shaving salon and let a professional handle the blade.

Man of Style

Whose style do you often look to emulate? You tell me!! (Editor’s comments: A cross between David Beckham and Dave Navarro.)

In the last 3 years, what has been your most expensive fashion purchase? My car, a 2009 Mercedes S500. I don’t know if you consider it “fashion”, but I certainly do. I prefer Mercedes to BMW, Rolls Royce to Bentley, Ferrari to Lamborghini, and Adidas to Nike. And what about girls? I always prefer Brunettes to Blondes, no offence to all my Blondies.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now? I love antique stores and specifically, antique sunglasses. I probably own over 25 pairs. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing old school sunglasses but I’m talking about “shades”, like Robert Dinero in Casino. There have been times when I’ve wanted to run up to an old man and ask if I could buy the sunglasses he’s wearing - I didn’t, but maybe someday. Recently, I got really lucky and found an antique store in Shanghai. I read about it while researching antique stores online, but it took me 2 hours of asking for directions beneath colorful awnings and bustling streets to find. They sell these shiny, black sunglasses with crystal lenses, old school 80’s style. You can’t find them anywhere else because they were made by this cool factory in Shanghai that closed in the 80’s. What do you look for when shopping for dress shirts? I don’t like shopping for dress shirts. Instead, I have my tailor make them for me. I design them, choose the fabrics and pay close attention to the cuffs, piping, and buttons. Are there any fashion trends that you’re specifically trying to stay away from? Skinny-jeans. I think if your waist size is over 28 you should stay away from skinny jeans. It doesn’t look proportional. Also, please stop wearing T- Shirts with funny slogans on them or childish colors. What are words that you live by? “Success is not a goal, it’s a lifestyle.” Khalifa, 2011 “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” This quote is not very famous, but very inspirational. It’s by Princess Elizabeth Bibesco (February 26, 1897 – April 7, 1945), an English writer who married a Romanian Prince.

Describe yourself in one sentence. I’m triggered by desire, driven by passion, influenced by emotion, guided by wisdom, directed by intelligence, and my limit is NOTHING! What does the future hold for Khalifa? I’m confident that I will achieve all I had planned for the future. I want to own my own company before 30 (I DID), own my own home at 35 (WORKING ON IT), and retire at 45. Family is very important to me as I grow older. I want to provide them with everything they desire, especially my mother and sisters. They are my world. I want to be an active influence to all my nephews and nieces. I want them to grow up knowing they had an uncle who was there for our school functions, remembered birthdays, and got them whatever we wished for.

“driven by passion, influenced by emotion, guided by wisdom”

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