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Multimedia/Multigenre Essay - Assignment Details Multimedia/Multigenre Group Project

Objectives o Read and analyze two of the pilgrim tales from The Canterbury Tales. o Research information about a topic of the Medieval period. o Cultivate and practice information literacy skills in finding, accessing, and evaluating information. o Design creative interpretations through multiple genres and forms of media to represent key learning. o Incorporate elements of MLA style writing and documentation. o Compile all research into a single Google Site o Demonstrate ability to embed images, hyperlinks, audio, and other items in order to create a multimedia experience. o Utilize technical writing o Collaborate in a group to accomplish a task Content Requirements o o o o o o o o o

o Compare and contrast how the topic that you have chosen is represented in both of the tales by Chaucer, while also illustrating how these tales, in their

representation of this topic, represent the concept “literature as an agent of change� o Explain the relevance of your topic in the time period o Present an analytical thesis statement that clearly presents your stance on the topic and how it is presented in the two tales o Utilize textual support and CREDIBLE outside research and present them in a Works Cited/Consulted (all images, videos, literature, outside research)

Multimedia Requirements o o All of the following Multimedia elements, embedded: o Podcast or Voicethread o Google Map o Images/clip art o Hyperlinks o QR codes o Infographic o Digital poster (Smore flyer, Glogster) o Youtube video clip – embedded o Animoto video o Charts, polls, surveys, forms o o Utilize a unique design or theme that is pertinent to the content

o o Develop a layout that uses a navigation bar with content and that caters to the reader’s understanding/reading of the content of the web site o Google Site Layout (suggested) o Main page (home page) with “Dear Reader” letter, formatted as a letter, that explains the following: Your web site’s topic, Your

argument and the literature you use to make that argument, How literature is an agent of change, specifically how Chaucer shows that, How to navigate your web site (Think of this as your introduction) o Background page about the topic in the period o Page for each argument that you make (think body paragraphs) o Utilize sub pages to break up content and make things easier for the reader to follow o Page for your conclusion (literature as an agent of change?) o References page o Choose fonts, colors, and other design elements with intent and purpose o Develop all content creatively and represent your topic in a unique and powerful way Multigenre Requirements o o 5 Multigenre elements (at least 1 from each of the groups) listed in the table below (the best idea, and the point of this assignment, is to do your multigenre

writing within or on your multimedia elements) o o Utilize technical writing that is concise and interesting – use lists, charts, graphics, and bulleted information when possible Multigenre Artifact Ideas A genre is a type of expression. Suggestions include but are not limited to… Group 1: Journalism

Group 2: Visual with Words

Group 3: Visual Display

Newspaper article





Glogster (collage)


Character trading cards

Google Map w/ descriptions

Letter to the editor

Wanted poster

Advice column

Pull Quotes (like in newspapers and magazines)

Magazine article

Group 4: Informational

Group 5: Creative Writing


Play or scene



Trivia game



Short story

Doctorʼs report

Diary entry of character/author

How-to or tutorial

Letter from character/author

Interactive quiz or poll

Found poem


Verbal collage (Wordle)


Court documents

Each topic may only be taken by one group per class period. PERIOD 1 CHIVALRY – “The Knight’s Tale vs. The Wife’s Tale” CHIVALRY – “The Knight’s Tale vs. The Franklin’s Tale” LOVE AND MARRIAGE - "The Franklin's Tale" vs. "The Sergeant at Law's Tale" LOVE AND




MARRIAGE – “The Wife’s Tale” vs “The Clerk’s Tale” MISOGYNY – “The Wife’s Tale” vs. “The Clerk’s Tale” CORRUPTION OF CHURCH (Sin) – “The Pardoner’s Tale” vs. “The Summoner's Tale” CORRUPTION OF CHURCH – “The Friar’s Tale” vs. “The Summoner’s Tale” IDEAL OF BEAUTY – “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” vs. “The Clerk’s Tale” JUSTICE – “The Pardoner’s Tale” vs. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” AUTHORIAL INTENT – “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” vs. “The Prioress’ Tale” Links to the Specific Tales The Franklin's Tale - The Knight's Tale - The Wife's Tale -

The Sergeant at Law's Tale - The Clerk's Tale - The Pardoner's Tale - The Parson's Tale The Friar's Tale - The Summoner's Tale - The Prioress' Tale -

Multimedia/Multigenre Essay - Tech Info/Tutorials Tutorials for Using Google Sites If all else fails, Google the exact question that you have it – 9/10 times it will appear for you! **Itʼs a good idea to draft everything you might include on your Google Site in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. That way you have a copy of the information in case you need it. Multimedia Tutorial Set up Google Site – (it might be a good idea to allow only the web designer should have access to making changes) Embedding tools – need HTML code Animoto Video - (video with images and music, can have narration; if you have imovie or some other tool with which to make something similar, you may use that, please just ask first) Voicethread/podcast – the idea is to create an audio sound byte – you may use any tool that accomplishes this (most phones will make recordings, you will just need to assess how to get that recording onto your site) Google Map - Pictures – photography that you have taken Clip art – images from the Internet, etc. (must be cited) Hyperlink – link to other resources, done through Google sites QR code - (you can create a scavenger hunt OR use this for hyperlinking purposes)

Infographic - (used for a “by the numbers” look at your topic, there are other sites to do this, again, just ask) Smore flyer – (you may also use glogster if you have an account there) Youtube video clip – can be embedded right through Google sites – may only use YouTube Lists – done in Google sites Charts – done in Google sites Graphs – done in Google sites Bullets – done in Google sites

Multimedia/Multigenre Essay - Rubric TOTAL = 275 points Criteria

Exceed Expectations

Meets Expectations

Approaching Expectations




Does not Meet Expect.

Not Weight Evident or Missing 0

Points Possible

1-4 Criterion 1: Organization


Project is published as a Google Site with a sidebar that is easy to navigate. Work is neat and attractive. Each element of the project is properly labeled and identified as directed.

Criterion 2: Use of Required Sources


Two tales from The Canterbury Tales are referenced and cited; Multiple outside sources are utilized and these sources are credible and trustworthy. Criterion 3: MLA Format

• Paraphrased facts and material and direct quotes are properly documented in MLA format; Each source cited


Points Earned

is on a Works Cited/Consulted page Criterion 4: Writing Conventions


Web site is free of distracting errors in grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation Criterion 5: Writing Style/Readability


Elevated word choice are made, and a concise, interesting writing style is utilized to match the technical writing style necessary for a project of this nature; audience awareness is clear; Content is depicted in lists, charts, graphs, bulleted information, as opposed to lengthy paragraphs, that appeal to the reader and keep the reader’s interest Criteria 6-10: Multigenre Product/Learning Artifacts (5 total)


Each multigenre artifact effectively represents a key piece of knowledge gleaned from research, makes an effective statement about the topic, shows creativity, originality, effort, and thought; planning and detail are evident, makes reader want to know more about the topic, is relevant to research/appropriate format, and is free of writing convention errors.

Criterion 11: Comparative thesis/Analysis

The thesis statement is complex and arguable and it focuses on comparing the main topic as it is discussed by Chaucer in two different tales; the thesis also draws on the concept of literature as an agent of change and


the significance of this concept Criterion 12: Content


Web site presents itself in a scholarly/authoritative way; Content is robust and the web site is full of wellresearched information; Web site is error free with regard to content Criteria 13-21: Multimedia Product/Learning Artifacts


• Artifact/product is relevant to research/appropriate format and is present on the web site and present in an effective, rather than superfluous way; effectively represents a key piece of knowledge gleaned from research; makes an effective statement about studentʟs topic; shows creativity, originality, effort, and thought; planning and detail are evident

*Animoto, voicethread/podcast, Google map, pictures/clip art, hyperlinks, QR code, infographic, Smore flyer, YouTube clip Criterion 22: Visual Appeal


Site represents a unique design that is fitting for the topic; it is clear that there was effort made to create a layout, choose fonts, colors, etc. Criterion 23: Creativity


Site creatively represents the topic/theme in a unique and powerful way Criterion 24: Overall Impression


Project shows investment of time in topic and research and demonstrates growth as a learner and researcher. Project shows topic is powerful and important—worth the readerʼs attention.

TOTAL = 275

Middle ages unit multimedia multigenre project  
Middle ages unit multimedia multigenre project