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Just Cause…

Good Gaming‌ Who doesn’t like a good game? One that keeps you entertained for hours, one with an in-dept storyline, intriguing characters and graphics that we can die for. But on the other hand a bad game will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth and make you wonder why did I spend my money on this, I think we can all agree that no matter who you are you can learn to appreciate a good game. In this months issue of gaming zone we talk about the games that will leave you with your mouths watering. We have interviews from EA that you will not want to miss. And reviews for some of the hottest games to date, enjoy.



Wii Active

Another fitness game for the Wii the “Wii active� provides more interactive simulations for you to enjoy while staying active!

Xbox’s new wireless controller‌

New and improved wireless controller lets you play with freedom* No wires insures for a good time.*

Mass Effect Review

Developer BioWare has always been at the forefront of progressive storytelling in games, so it's no surprise that Mass Effect's story is one of its best yet. It's got a unique take on the chase-the-bad-guyacross-the-universe plot, and just when you think you've got everything figured out, the game throws you yet another surprise. BioWare has created a politically charged universe with an indepth back-story and filled it with a bunch of interesting, complex characters. Combined with an exciting and unique combat mechanic, it makes for a fun and absorbing experience that you'll want to see through to the end, just to see how everything turns out--

even if the game isn't perfect by any means. In fact, it's surprising that so many small annoyances and glitches made their way into a game of such general high quality. Still, most players will be able to look past them and enjoy Mass Effect for what

it is: A terrific roleplaying game with great production values and fun, exciting action. As in most role-playing games of this nature, you begin by customizing an avatar. You play as

Commander Shepard, potential savior of the galaxy, but there's plenty of room to mold him or her as you see fit. Physical customization isn't as deep as you'll find in something like last year's Oblivion, but the system is relatively robust, letting you choose from a variety of preset features, and even letting you round everything off with a scar. Of course, you'll also choose a class. In this case, you've got six to choose from, each with various strengths in combat, tech, and biotics (Mass Effect's sci-fi equivalent of magic). More impressively, you will select a few autobiographical tidbits and these choices aren't just for show. Through the course of the game, characters will refer to your past, and your resulting dialogue options will allow you to react to their comments with various degrees of humility, wistfulness, and scorn.

New 360 headset lets you interact with other gamers expanding the Xbox live community!


The new installment in handheld gaming!

The psp go has very impressive graphics and includes Bluetooth and wifi for even better gaming.

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