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Illustrator: Bailey Miedler Author: Bailey Miedler

Alex is an athletic AFL fanatic who follows the Geelong Cats. He is a 17 year old boy who lives in Geelong, Victoria. Alex’s dream is to play for the Geelong Cats. On Tuesday night he goes to bed, he has a dream that he was playing for the Geelong Cats on the MCG on Grand Final Day. Before he kicks the ball but just before the ball passes through the goals the loud sound of his alarm clocks wakes him up.

As the sound of his alarm rings as he attempts to fall back asleep to try and finish of the dream.

Just as it looks like he is going back to sleep Alex’s dad comes running up the stairs and starts yelling at him for not already being ready.

Alex explains why he tried to go back sleep but his dad doesn’t listen. As he gets ready he puts it onto the news.

As he puts his pants on he over hears the reporter speaking about the Geelong Cats.� Geelong star Lincoln Johnson hospital after being hit by a car.�

Lincoln Johnson in Hospital

That Saturday Alex gets ready for AFL. As he gets ready he can hears that Lincoln Johnson the Geelong star was released from hospital. As Alex arrives at the ground he finds out that Michael Davidson will not be playing for the rest of the season because he has broken his leg.

Before the team takes the field the team has one last chance to take in the coaches words. As the team takes the field the crowd cheers them on.

• With the siren sounding for the start of the game unexpected guest turned up. It was Gary Spegonwski, The Geelong head Coach. At quarter time Gary introduced himself to the team. As the team took the field for the 2nd quarter to start. The quarter starts well for the team with them kicking the 1st goal through a great pass from Xavier to Mitchell for a goal.

• With a low scoring 1st half the teams have a good 10 minute break to take a breathe and regain full stamina.

• With Alex taking his favourite position in Centre Half Forward. He shows off his skills by taking a great mark and kicking a great goal from 35 metres out.

As the game draws to a close Alex has one last chance to show his potential with they AFL ball.

As Michael gets a clear run down the side Alex seizes his opportunity to shine. As he stands alone in the goal square Michael bombs it down but out of play. As it goes out the siren sounds for the end of they game.

The next Thursday Alex receives a call from the Head of Geelong recruitment Neil Barrington. He asks Alex “if he would want to come down to a Geelong Training Session. That Sunday Alex goes to the training session and trains with the senior squad.

3½ Years Later After Alex has been playing strong for the Junior team he was given an offer of playing in the Grand Final for Geelong. Alex takes the offer and immediately rings his parents to tell them the news.

As the Geelong team takes the field on the MCG Alex stops and says to himself that “I have got this far so I have to finish it.� With the game within 5 points with 1 minute to go in the game Geelong have the possession of the ball. As the ball is bombed into the forward line for Geelong. With Matthew Cole has the ball on tight angle 45 metres out Alex makes a split decision to take a lead from the goal box. Matthew gives of the ball to Alex who takes the mark 10 metres out from goal. As he walks back the siren sounds Alex needs to kick it to win the Grand Final.

• As the ball flies through they air the crowd goes silent but as soon as the ball passes through the goals the Geelong crowd erupts and Alex dream came true by kicking the winning goal in the Grand Final for Geelong.


Boy dreams about playing AFL for the Geelong CAts