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Informal Greetings Casual / Very Friendly Greetings

Hi! Hi, _____ (name) Hey!* Hey, _____ (name)!

Formal Greetings Polite / Friendly Greetings

Hello. Hello, (name) Good _____ (morning / afternoon / evening).

Formal Greetings Very Polite Greetings

How do you do? How do you do ,_____(title) How do you do ,________ ________ (title + name) Good morning,_________(title) Good morning, ___________ (title + name)

Special Notes: 1. People often use Hey as a way to get the attention of another person, but Hey is also used as a casual , very friendly greeting. 2. Good night is not a greeting. It´s a way of saying Goodbye. People usually say Goodbye, not hello. People usually say Good night when they are leaving an activity at night or when they are going to bed.

Special Notes: 3. The response to "How do you do?" is usually the same : "How do you do?" In the U.S., people generally do not respond with "Well, thank you" or "Very well, thank you." 4. Titles used with a family name) are Mr.(for a man), Ms. (for a woman--general), Miss (for a young, unmarried woman), Mrs. (for a married woman), and professional titles (Doctor, Professor, Reverend, Sister, etc.)

Formal Greetings: Arriving Good morning / afternoon / evening. Hello (name), how are you? Good day Sir / Madam (very formal) Informal Greetings: Arriving Hi / Hello How are you? It's important to note that the question "How are you?" don´t necessary need a response. If you respond, these phrases are generally expected:

Very well, thank you. And you? (formal) Fine / Great (informal) Formal Greetings: Departing Good morning / afternoon / evening. It was a pleasure seeing you. Goodbye. Note: After 8 p.m. - Good night.


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