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Signature verifies school’s approval of course choice and verification that the school and school district will accept the credit awarded by Turner USD 202 and Quest.

Counselor or principal approval: Printed: Signed:

Signature acknowledges that you have read this brochure and agree to abide by the regulations of Quest’s Students for Credit program.

Student’s signature: Printed: Signed:

Signature acknowledges that you have read this brochure and give your child permission to participate in Quest’s Students for Credit program.

Guardian’s signature: Printed: Signed:


Grades 9-12

Summer School 2010 June 7 to July 8

Students for Credit

2540 Junction Rd Kansas City, KS 66106

Community Lear ning C e n t e r


Date Paid:        Receipt #        Staff Initials     

Payment ($125 - USD 202 / $175 out of district):   Cash  Check #    

To be filled out by Quest staff:

Please note:  Enrollment is subject to space available. Payment must be made in full at time of enrollment. Enrollment is nonrefundable.

Emergency Contact:  Phone:  2nd Phone:  Allergies:  Conditions:  Hospital of Choice: 

If out of district, please list school you are enrolled in: School:  Address:  City:  State Zip

Social Security Number:        -     -         Home Phone Number:        -       -         Work Phone Number:        -       -         Cell Phone Number:        -       -         Date of Birth:      /     /         Sex:   M  F Grade currently classified as:   9  10  11  12 Course choice:              Semester:           

Student Name:  Guardian Name:  Guardian’s Relationship:  Address:  City:

Telephone:  (913) 288-3664 Fax:  (913) 288-3667


Students for Credit

Summer School

Co m m u n i ty L e a r n i n g Ce n te r

There are many reasons to take a course after school. You may need to make up a course you took previously, or you may just want to get a jump on next year so you have more time to take electives or college prep.

Tuition for the Summer School program is: $125 per ½ (0.5) credit class in USD 202 $175 per ½ (0.5) credit class out of district


Quest enables high school students in the Kansas City area to take a night course during the regular school year. Students who are not residents of the Turner district may only enroll with signed permission from their school. Students may sign up for one or two sessions.

Dates: June 7th to July 8th You must attend every day until your are done with the class. Morning session: 9 am to 12 pm Afternoon sesson 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Students may sign up for the morning and the afternoon sessons.

We strongly urge students enrolled in summer school to limit their extra-curricular activities and use sound judgment when considering taking on a job as well as extra course work.


Space is limited We will start enrollment May 1st and continue enrollment until spaces are filled. Be sure to bring this enrollment form, signed by you, your parent, and your principal or counselor.

Payment is due in full and is non-refundable.

You cannot miss school! You can miss 1 day, however on the 2nd day you will receive an "F" for the class. We realize there may be emergencies, so a parent must call us if there is a problem and you cannot attend.

This is an "All or nothing" program. This means you must complete all assignments in order to receive a grade for the class. There are no exceptions. If you do not finish all assignments you will receive an "F" on your grade card.

If you finish before the five weeks is up you are not required to return. Grade cards will be mailed to the student and their school. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or weapons will not be tolerated.

Quest reserves the right to permanently dismiss disruptive students.

Enrollment forms must be signed by the student, a legal guardian, and a school representative (guidance counselor or principal).

Payment must be made in full. Checks should be made out to SEKESC. All fees are nonrefundable.

Quest follows the standard high school curriculum as defined by the Turner School District, and uses computer-based instruction and support from certified teachers.

sample courses: Algebra 1 & 2 International Relations American History Intro to CLC Tech Art Appreciation Life Science Civics Lifetime Fitness Chemistry Microsoft Office College Readiness Parenting Consumer Rsrc. Mgmt. Personal Finance Creative Writing Physical Education Directed Reading Physical Science Earth & Space Science Physics Economics Psychology English 9-12 Pre-Algebra Ethnic Studies Real World Math Geometry Sociology Government US Geography Health World Geography Humanities World History

Sponsored by: Turner School District - USD 202 and Southeast Kansas Education Service Center

Quest Summer School 2011  

Quest Summer School Brochure

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