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ENgland's Bid FOR THE 2018|2022 FIFA WORLD CUP™

ENgland's Bid FOR THE 2018|2022 FIFA WORLD CUP™ England 2018 is proud to present the highlights of our Bid Book to host either the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017 or 2021.


A FIFA World for the world

orld Cup™ world

I am very proud to present this overview of the England Bid Book for the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup™’. This publication outlines the highlights of our technical bid which was delivered to FIFA President Sepp Blatter on 14 May 2010. Our technical bid is the key document that makes the case for England to be granted the honour of hosting the FIFA World Cup™. We believe we have a compelling case and we have consciously exceeded FIFA’s bidding requirements in every category. England is passionate about football. It is embedded in our national DNA which is why the English football family, our business community, the main political parties and the public are united behind our bid. This passion is encapsulated by the seven million people who play the game every week, the 30 million who passed through the gates of our stadiums last season and the 10.5 million dedicated participants and volunteers involved at the grassroots level. Passion is one of the foundation stones of our bid. It means we can guarantee sold-out stadiums and packed FIFA Fan Fests™, fused with the vibrancy and colour of one of the most diverse, multi-cultural and welcoming populations on the planet. Every country that has ever qualified for the FIFA World Cup™ Finals has an England-based community of fans awaiting them. These communities will welcome their compatriots, ensuring that the stadiums and streets of our cities will be filled with supporters of every competing nation, producing a unique festival of football for players, fans, FIFA and its partners. For those who cannot make it to England our vision to harness the latest digital technologies will mean fans around the world will be able to share the experience no matter where they are. We are confident we can engage more fans in the FIFA World Cup ™ than ever before. We have developed a technical bid which, we believe, is comprehensive, compelling and creative. We have striven to exceed FIFA’s requirements in all the requisite technical areas − from stadiums to training camps, from transportation to accommodation and from security to financial plans – and to demonstrate a high level of competition readiness. All visitors and teams will find England easy to get to, easy to get around and easy to find the ideal place to stay. Our infrastructure of stadiums, training facilities, transport and accommodation is amongst the most sophisticated, developed and secure in the world, backed by our trusted experience of hosting major global events.


In such uncertain economic times these attributes mean our bid minimises risk and maximises certainty. Commercial certainty comes from England’s track record as the leading commercial football market in the world. In the key commercial areas of sponsorship, broadcast, ticketing, licensing and hospitality sales, England is the clear leader. This will provide FIFA the platform on which to create the most commercially-successful FIFA World Cup™ to date. All these factors mean that England can deliver a memorable and successful FIFA World Cup™ should we be awarded the privilege. The most compelling reason for England to stage the FIFA World Cup™, however, is that as a result of the unparalleled revenues guaranteed by this festival of football, a platform will be created to help deliver truly sustainable football, social and environmental legacy programmes around the world. A FIFA World Cup™ in England will not just be about communities transformed in England, but as importantly it will be about the communities it will help transform in the rest of the world. We have outlined a number of exciting promises to leverage English football’s impressive credentials in international development to help FIFA rapidly expand its own development initiatives to the benefit of millions of people across the globe. That is why our Hosting Concept is ‘A FIFA World Cup™ for the world’. FIFA asks each bidding nation to define its Hosting Concept as part of the technical bid. Ours does not just paint a picture of what a FIFA World Cup™ would look and feel like during the tournament, but also focuses on the legacy initiatives our concept will deliver in the years leading up to 2018 and beyond. Some of these ideas are contained in the following pages. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Lord David Triesman Chairman, England 2018 and The Football Association Passionate about football Diverse and welcoming Technically excellent Commercially unsurpassed Extensive global legacy

300 attendances at English làngüagês

10.   5



30 million

spõkén in England

Premier League and Football League clubs involved in the bid

12 Candidate Host Cities ensuring a true national bid

football last season

mILLiON involved in grassroots football

match stadiums

13 public transport solution for each match

current stadiums, ensuring minimal financial risk



is furthest distance between two Candidate Host Cities (Plymouth and Newcastle)

new stadium builds


400,000 rooms offering the broadest range of hotel accommodation


possible Team Base Camps exceeding FIFA requirements by 25%



FIFA Fan Fests™ per Candidate Host City, exceeding FIFA requirements


million people expected to attend FIFA Fan Fests™

90 3.5 million tickets for the tournament

$897 million projected ticket revenue

countries have benefited from development projects supported by the English football family



$1. 1 billion (£750   million) to be invested in grassroots football projects in England up to 2018

in-stadium hospitality covers

$400 million

projected in-stadium hospitality profit

$60 (£40) is cheapest ticket

1 billion people globally to be reached by legacy programmes inspired by a FIFA World Cup™ in England



‘FOOTBALL   UNITED’ – A NEW AND SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL FUND FOR FOOTBALL If England wins the privilege of hosting the FIFA World Cup™, there will be a major focus on leaving a lasting global legacy. An example of our future legacy projects is Football United, a unique new global fund for football. ’Football United’ will engage and mobilise people all over the world to raise funds. The revenues it generates will be re-invested into football development and social development projects in every FIFA Confederation. It will represent a significant and sustainable injection of funding which will endure beyond the FIFA World Cup™ in 2018. ‘Football United’ will complement FIFA’s existing projects and funding streams. Working with the football family, England 2018 will harness the country’s commercial and broadcast strength, its record of supporting good causes, and its enthusuasm for and experience of major large scale fundraising initiatives. Football United’s aim is to help develop football in disadvantaged areas, break down social barriers, improve health and tackle other social issues. Its aims will align with the themes of the FIFA Football For Hope movement. Football United will be established as a charity. England will nurture its growth up to the FIFA World Cup™ in 2018. Thereafter, England will continue to support it, but ideally the hosts of the subsequent FIFA World Cup™ will take the leading role and build on its success, creating a sustainable future funding source. The new body will be governed by a Board of Trustees, membership of which is to be agreed with FIFA. In principle, it will include the expertise of FIFA, the England 2018 Local Organising Committee, the English football family and international bodies. Its activities will also involve trusted organisations with expertise in mass fundraising and grantmaking for development projects. Such organisations include Comic Relief and the Football Foundation.


FIFA requires all bidding nations to present how they would develop football in their own country and internationally. The Football Association has a long-established International Development Programme and, together with other members of the English football family, has assisted more than 90 countries around the world over the last decade. A FIFA WORLD CUP™ in England will inspire and create… A new generation of home-grown talent

In England alone, the tournament will help create 4.5 million more young players, 20,000 more referees, 100,000 more coaches and 11,500 young football leaders. These goals are contained in Project 2028, an 18-year development plan, from 2010 to 2028, committed to by the 12 Candidate Host Cities.

Investment of US$1.1 billion (£750 million) in grassroots football

We will harness the power of a FIFA World Cup™ to focus investment of US$1.1 billion (£750 million) in grassroots football projects in England, focusing on disability football, youth football, recreational football and facility investment.

Access to football for every girl in England

We will use the motivation of a FIFA World Cup™ to widen access to football in England for every girl. We will also use it to provide added momentum to the new semiprofessional Women’s Super League, being launched in England in 2011.

A global online football learning centre

A global online football learning centre for the exclusive use of all FIFA Member Associations will be established, sharing best practice around the world. In addition, England will set up four taskforces of football experts to support each of the four core areas of FIFA’s Member Association Professionalisation Programme.

An International Centre for Disability Football We will create an International Centre for Disability Football, and a global taskforce which will assist FIFA in establishing the more effective integration of disability football.

Overall, we commit to a more proactive role for England in the international football family in support of FIFA’s objectives.


FIFA requires bidding nations to propose separately how they will use football as a tool for social and human development. A FIFA WORLD CUP™ in England will result in… One billion people worldwide being reached by development projects

A vast number of people will be positively affected by projects driven by a FIFA World Cup™ in England. The focus of England 2018’s Social and Human Development programme will concentrate not only on what a FIFA World Cup™ can do in England, but just as importantly, what a FIFA World Cup™ in England can do for the world.

‘Football   United’ – a new multi-million global fund for football

We will mobilise millions of people around the world to generate significant new funds for investment in football development and social and human development globally.

Extensive support to enhance the FIFA Football for Hope movement We will provide extensive support to FIFA to enhance the FIFA Football for Hope movement in every FIFA Confederation, including assisting FIFA to establish regional hubs in the Asian Football Confederation and Oceania Football Confederation.

A worldwide network of Learning Zones

We will provide a worldwide network of learning zones in each FIFA Member Association, building an international learning community using football as the inspiration.

A David Beckham Academy project in every FIFA Confederation

The David Beckham Academy will create a bespoke football and life skills course every year in each FIFA Confederation between 2012 and 2017.


THE DAVID BECKHAM ACADEMY AND THE FIFA WORLD CUP™ The David Beckham Academy and England 2018 will create and deliver a bespoke football and life skills project every year in each FIFA Confederation between 2012 and 2017, should England earn the privilege of hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. As one of England 2018’s Ambassadors, David Beckham passionately believes in football as a gateway to social and human development. He has great experience in these areas and is personally committed to this project. Harnessing passion for the sport of football and the inspiration of David Beckham as a role model, the Academy has developed a range of programmes that motivate, educate and inspire youngsters to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Staffed by the highest quality coaches, the Academy engages youngsters beyond traditional means with the aim of increasing ability, confidence, respect and fair play. It has a proven track record, reaching 100,000 boys and girls since its inception.

CANDIDATE HOST CITIES England’s cities, stadiums and FIFA Fan Fests™ will be the most visible example of the colour, passion, diversity and vibrancy of the ‘Festival of Football’ England can deliver. Our Candidate Host City selection process, which was rigorous, competitive and comprehensive, led us to the selection of 12 cities. These reflect England’s compact nature, yet deliver FIFA a geographical spread with extensive accommodation options and excellent transport links. The furthest distance between two Candidate Host Cities is 693km (Plymouth and NewcastleGateshead); the shortest is just 21km (NewcastleGateshead and Sunderland). Each city has developed its own unique hosting theme based on local traditions and cultures. All these themes reflect the overall national Hosting Concept. All Candidate Host Cities feature two FIFA Fan Fest™ sites (see pages 24/25).


ENGLAND's 12 CANDIDATE HOST CITIES London One of the world’s great, and most accessible, international cities with five international airports and high-speed rail links to Europe. London has been selected to host the Opening Match, the Final, the Final Draw, FIFA Congress, the FIFA HQ and the International Broadcast Centre – all in spectacular, iconic locations. Manchester Home to the world-famous Old Trafford stadium, the home of Manchester United – and to Manchester City’s impressive, modern City of Manchester Stadium. The city theme of ‘Let’s Play’ is based around Manchester’s two passions of football and music. Manchester – the location of the FIFA World Cup™ Preliminary Draw. Liverpool World-renowned as the birthplace of The Beatles. Historic football clubs Liverpool FC and Everton FC both play here. Liverpool will theme one of its two FIFA Fan Fests™ around a unique ‘Beatles Magical Mystery Tour’ experience.

NewcastleGateshead A hotbed of football passion and home to Newcastle United FC, the city is also establishing itself as a city renowned for staging major events, such as the annual Great North Run, the world’s largest half marathon. Sunderland Sunderland is a former coal-mining town, reinventing itself as a modern commercial centre. It is another football hotbed in the north east. Sunderland FC’s Stadium of Light, named after a coal miner’s lamp, is a focal point for the entire community, as well as one of the country’s most modern stadiums. Birmingham Home to Aston Villa’s Villa Park stadium, the city has staged more sporting European and World Championships than any other English city. Birmingham proposes to host a national FIFA Fan Fest™ at the city’s National Exhibition Centre, with a capacity of 126,000 people.

Sheffield Home to Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough stadium and Bramall Lane, the ground of Sheffield United FC. The city is also home to Sheffield FC, officially recognised by FIFA as the oldest football club in the world.


Leeds Home to Leeds United and its famous Elland Road ground. Despite its current position in the third tier of English football, the team regularly attracts crowds of over 36,000. Plymouth Home to Plymouth Argyle FC, the city is positioned on a stunning stretch of coastline. Plymouth Hoe will be the location for one of the FIFA Fan Fests™, overlooking the historic and picturesque harbour and sea. The city has exciting plans for a fantastic new-build stadium. Milton Keynes England’s newest city, built in the 1960s, Milton Keynes is now a national leader in environmental zero-carbon standards. It is also one of England’s most rapidly-expanding cities. Stadium:mk, the home of the MK Dons football team, has been designed to UEFA elite standards. Bristol Bristol City’s proposed stadium is one of the exciting newbuild venues. The city’s participation in the England 2018 bid is designed to be a catalyst to achieve the city’s three priorities of community cohesion, youth engagement and skills development.

Nottingham The home of double European Cup winners Nottingham Forest, the club’s proposed new stadium is not only intended as the home of this famous football club, but also of women’s football in England. The FIFA Fan Fests™ will reflect the local history of the River Trent and the legend Robin Hood.


17 iconic stadiums located around the country

We propose the 90,000-capacity Wembley Stadium for the Opening and Final matches and our selection includes world-renowned venues such as Old Trafford, Anfield and the Emirates Stadium.

7 stadiums require no major construction work

We have seven existing proposed stadiums which require no major construction work to host FIFA World Cup™ matches. Another six will have their capacities enhanced in creative, practical and sustainable ways to stage FIFA World Cup™ matches. Our stadium propsal establishes England as a low-risk option for FIFA.

4 new-build venues

These new-build stadiums are being constructed independently of England’s bid to stage the FIFA World Cup™. All are intended for sustainable community usage long after the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

US$600 million (£400 million) of Candidate Host City funding secured England has already secured US$600 million (£400 million) of Candidate Host City funding to stage the FIFA World Cup™, meaning England and its stadiums offer a unique combination of competition-readiness and minimum risk.

3.5 million tickets and almost 700,000 in-stadium hospitality covers

English football has a fantastic track record of selling significant numbers of tickets for top-class football – both regular ground tickets and a range of hospitality options. This experience means we can promise to create a tournament with sell-out stadiums, packed with passionate fans – resulting in a commercially-unsurpassed FIFA World Cup™. More financial details are given on pages 46/47.

Wembley Stadium, net capacity: 84,700

The Emirates Stadium, net capacity: 55,141

Old Trafford, net capacity: 67,000

The Olympic Stadium, net capacity: 72,000

City of Manchester Stadium, net capacity: 43,350

New White Hart Lane, net capacity: 53,000

Anfield, net capacity: 40,000


New Anfield, net capacity: 68,500

Elland Road, net capacity: 47,000

St James’ Park, net capacity: 48,500

Home Park, net capacity: 40,000

Stadium of Light, net capacity: 44,207

stadium:mk, net capacity: 40,300

Villa Park, net capacity: 42,400

Ashton Vale, net capacity: 40,300

Hillsborough, net capacity: 40,000

Nottingham Stadium, net capacity: 41,500


TWO FIFA FAN FESTS™ PER CITY Our vision is to expand the FIFA Fan Fest™ concept to provide a minimum of two sites in each Candidate Host City, exceeding FIFA’s stated requirements. Many will be in spectacular and famous locations such as the Olympic Park in London or Plymouth Hoe, each reflecting their own local city themes. They will combine football activity with a cultural celebration of music and the arts. A ‘FIFA Fan Fest™ Tour’ will see a range of top international and local musicians and comedians appear at each FIFA Fan Fest™, showcasing England’s depth of festival culture. For example, Liverpool has integrated Beatles-related activities with one of the FIFA Fan Fests™, to create a ‘Magical Mystery FIFA Fan Fest™’, which will be located in the Beatles’ heritage area of the city. The overall experience will be enhanced by drawing on the latest digital technology, such as televising all matches in 3D, plus an official FIFA Fan Fest™ TV and radio services streamed globally across the internet. The power and scope of new media platforms will take the FIFA Fan Fest™ experience to the widest possible audience worldwide, and help create a digital legacy for future tournaments. Families will be central to the planning of this new two-site FIFA Fan Fest™ concept, with one FIFA Fan Fest™ per city specifically tailored to their needs, many linked to camping and family-oriented accommodation to ensure a true holiday experience. For example, Manchester’s Heaton Park will create a ‘village’ atmosphere with a tented camping area for 17,000 people, alongside many family attractions, such as a funfair. More than 28 million people are expected to attend FIFA Fan Fests™ in England. Many more millions will interact from all over the world. Activities will be integrated to ensure that England 2018’s proposed football development and social and human development legacy programmes are linked into FIFA Fan Fests™. Over 170 mini-pitches will be available across these FIFA Fan Fests™, providing over 35,000 hours of football for fans. There will be ‘turn up and play’ sessions, international fan tournaments and football skill demonstrations. All this exciting activity will be combined with live coverage of every game, exclusive player interviews, team news and gossip and highlights from the FIFA 'Football For Hope' Festival. This will make the FIFA Fan Fests™ the destination of choice for international visitors, local communities, new football audiences and, via digital links, football fans across the world.


FIFA requires bidding nations to propose a mix of hotels and training sites to ensure privacy for the teams for the entire tournament combined with facilities within a certain radius of match venues. Teams will stay in Venue-Specific Team Hotels (VSTH) the night before matches. Venue-Specific Training Sites (VSTS) are available to a team for training the day before a game. Team Base Camps are where the teams are based for the tournament, each with its own training sites. Venue-Specific Training Sites at Premier League and Football League grounds

England’s highly-developed professional-club structure will provide the perfect facilities for match preparation. We have selected 40 professional club stadiums as VenueSpecific Training Sites. All offer settings and facilities that replicate match venues. Selected stadiums include topquality arenas such as Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge and West Bromwich Albion FC’s The Hawthorns.

Unique Team Base Camp ‘cluster’ approach

Each Hotel is combined with a Public Training Site and a Private Training Site all within close proximity. We propose 82 clusters, 25% more than FIFA requires, ensuring choice for every preference.

Professional clubs as Team Base Camp hosts

Each Team Base Camp cluster is hosted by a professional club, with Public Training Sites at club grounds, and Private Training Sites at club academies and training centres.

Public Training Sites

We propose using Premier League and Football League grounds to stage scheduled public training sessions to maximise access for fans beyond matches and engage further with local communities.

Secluded locations a priority

All Team Base Camps and Venue-Specific Team Hotels are in secluded locations to offer teams privacy and tranquillity for training and match preparation.

Experience of looking after national teams and elite athletes

We have selected hotels with a wealth of experience in welcoming national and international teams and elite athletes, such as, The Lowry Hotel in Manchester and Rockcliffe Hall, near Middlesbrough FC’s training ground.

Team Base Camps usually within two hours of match venues

We have ensured all match venues can been reached easily from Team Base Camps requiring limited postmatch travel time to enhance the environment for participating players.


FIFA requires bidding nations to submit proposals for a range of events and workshops related to the FIFA World Cup™ and Confederations Cup. Our proposal is to take these events countrywide, utilising iconic venues and locations across England. London to host FIFA World Cup™ Final Draw, FIFA Banquet and FIFA Congress

A themed concept around the Final Draw in London will integrate some of the capitals most famous landmarks such as the Tower of London and the River Thames, with the Final Draw itself at the O2 Arena. The FIFA Congress will be staged at the new International Convention Centre at London ExCeL. The Royal Albert Hall will host the FIFA Banquet close to the proposed FIFA HQ, maximising the entire delegate experience.

FIFA World Cup™ Preliminary Draw

The Preliminary Draw will take place in Manchester. The city’s Manchester Central Complex, with a 10,000-capacity Central Hall, break-out rooms and multi-media facilities, provides the perfect venue for FIFA.

FIFA Confederations Cup Draw

The award-winning Sage Gateshead and the soon to be built International Conference and Exhibition Centre on the banks of the River Tyne will provide a stunning location for this event.

Leading event management industry

The expertise of England’s highly-experienced event management industry will create spectacular events and offer outstanding technical support. These assets will provide FIFA with the lowest possible risk and the greatest creativity and excitement.


England is the lowest carbon option The England 2018 bid requires minimal additional construction thanks to the country’s existing football and national infrastructure. Coupled with the compact nature of the country and the excellent public transport links, this gives a great start point for an environmentally-friendly FIFA World Cup™. 100% public transport option for every match We will offer free local public transport to and from every match and every FIFA Fan Fest™ for every ticketed spectator. Zero operational waste to landfill We will ensure there is zero operational waste sent to landfill sites from event venues. The most sustainable FIFA World Cup™ to date Sustainability will be embedded within the LOC and all its work, providing leadership to other major sporting events around the world. Expert Advisory Board We will establish an Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board to ensure we deliver on the objectives set out in our comprehensive Environmental Sustainability plan. A FIFA World Cup™ in England will set a new environmental benchmark for future tournaments to match and exceed.


Nearly 400,000 existing rooms available

England has a broad selection of accommodation. From the grandest in five-star luxury on London’s Park Lane to other hotels and guest houses around the country, we have met and will exceed FIFA’s requirement for 60,000 contracted rooms for hotel accommodation.

Broad range of accommodation type and price

We will provide accommodation of all types and price, meaning there is room for everyone at all budgets and in all locations.

Unique university campus offering

The academic sector will provide an additional 300,000 good-quality rooms at university campuses to support visitors to a FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Fan Fests™ in England.

The warmest welcome

England’s comprehensive range of accommodation means every visitor to the FIFA World Cup™ in England will receive the warmest of welcomes – from the top FIFA guests to fans coming to the country to sample the atmosphere of a FIFA World Cup™.

FIFA HQ in central London Central London is proposed as the ideal location for FIFA’s Headquarters for a FIFA World Cup™ in England. The specific area selected is at the southern end of Park Lane, in the vicinity of Hyde Park Corner, one of the capital’s most accessible, distinctive and scenic locations. London’s main attractions are all on the doorstep such as the West End theatre quarter, fine dining venues, retail outlets and historic landmarks. The selected area is within easy reach of five international airports, a heliport, high-speed rails links to Europe and swift access to all Candidate Host Cities. On a practical level, this area offers high-specification office facilities, side-by-side with six five-star hotels.


England is easy to get to Nearly one billion people are able to reach England within four hours and there are direct flights to England from 116 of FIFA’s Member Associations. England is easy to get around Given its compact nature, and highly efficient public transport infrastructure, it is easy to get anywhere from anywhere in England. Further significant investment is being made in England’s transport infrastructure through to 2018. 100% public transport option free to ticketed spectators We will make local public transport free to ticketed spectators on match days and ensure that each match has public transport capacity for 100% of spectators. Thorough understanding of FIFA travel requirements The travel industry in England has huge experience of meeting the travel requirements for a range of major international sporting events. Detailed plans have been developed for all the FIFA constituent groups, such as FIFA Executive Committee members, VIPs, Commercial Affiliates and Media representatives. Sustainable, low-carbon transport strategy We have devised a transport strategy which focuses on the individual and is environmentally-sustainable. This will see FIFA take the lead in environmentallyfriendly travel solutions for major international sports events.


This shows all direct flights to England

Air and rail links to Candidate Host Cities


Easy to get to Easy to get around Every host city adjacent to an international airport No match more than 3 hours from London by public transport







World leader in football safety and security The English authorities have vast experience of safety and security operations at major events – sporting and non-sporting – throughout the year. Comprehensive counter-terrorism capability The British security forces are at the forefront of counter-terrorism strategy and operations, underpinned by respected intelligence expertise. Secure and swift border controls The country has secure border entry and exit points, designed for the speedy throughput of legitimate visitors and goods. Reputation for effectiveness and discretion The nation is well-versed in the discreet protection of VIPs and other high-profile personalities and visitors. Experience of over 3,000 professional football matches Through the close co-ordination of relevant agencies, we ensure the safe and smooth running of approximately 3,000 professional matches every season throughout England. We are dedicated to providing the safest security environment for the FIFA World Cup™.


More than 1,500 public hospitals Our renowned National Health Service (NHS) encompasses hospitals and personnel to treat general and specialist conditions. Prepared for any emergency The country will be prepared for any emergency, given our extensive experience of care at major sporting and other events. Extensive medical facilities and personnel at every stadium We have specialist expertise in sports and exercise medicine – and are extremely experienced at looking after the health needs of players and spectators at matches. Free healthcare for FIFA delegation We will provide free healthcare through the NHS for the FIFA Delegation for the duration of the FIFA World Cup™. Experienced, football-focused anti-doping experience We will offer FIFA the benefit of England’s leading-edge anti-doping system and controls, and experienced personnel, to assist FIFA’s own anti-doping operation.


The largest single sponsorship market in world football With vast experience in this area, England provides the setting to help secure, activate and maximise commercial agreements. The largest single domestic broadcast market in world football The country is home to the world’s most successful league in terms of TV broadcast sales. With the ideal timezone, plus a global audience familiar with live English football, FIFA will have the strongest possible platform on which to maximise revenues from broadcast agreements. The largest weekly football ticket revenues in world football Every match within a FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Confederations Cup will be a sell-out based on our existing football ticket market, and boosted by the massive interest generated by both tournaments. The most successful football commercial market in the world awaits if England is granted the privilege of hosting the FIFA World Cup™.


London-based IBC site double the size of FIFA requirements

We will deliver an International Broadcast Centre (IBC) at London Excel, far in excess of FIFA’s requirements, to cope with the massive broadcast demands from a FIFA World Cup™ in England.

Creative and dynamic approach to marketing and communications

We will align our marketing and communications plan to FIFA’s objectives and our own Hosting Concept to ensure we bring ‘A FIFA World Cup™ for the world’ to the world.

21 national newspapers, plus 1,300 regional titles, 417 radio stations and 90% penetration of digital TV We will harness the strength and breadth of the English media to reflect positively on the anticipation, experience and legacy of a FIFA World Cup™ in England.

Dynamic global media hub Media coverage of a FIFA World Cup™ in England will benefit hugely from a country which is a dynamic global IT hub, with unrivalled connectivity to the rest of the world. Our robust and efficient telecommunications backbone will facilitate engagement and interactivity with the FIFA World Cup™ from football fans throughout the world. Alongside this, our advanced broadcast infrastructure will be available to FIFA’s nominated Host Broadcaster.


3.5 million tickets for the FIFA World Cup™

and 850,000 tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup™.

Range of ticket prices ensures affordable tickets

469,000 tickets are priced at the average Premier League price of $60 (£40). More than 1 million tickets are priced at an average of $95 (£63).

More than US$897 million (£602 million) in ticket revenue

We will generate this revenue across the FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Confederations Cup – with wide availability of affordable tickets.

More than US$400 million (£268 million) in hospitality profit

These forecasts are based on intimate knowledge of England’s mature hospitality market and the in-stadium covers we will provide – and sell.

A FIFA World Cup™ in England will generate funds to add extra momentum to FIFA’s plans for football and social and human development around the world.

Low business risk England is low-risk operationally and commercially

We will deliver FIFA a low-risk tournament from a risk assessment perspective on every level.

Expert risk management and insurance audit completed

We have already undertaken a thorough audit, providing detailed costings now, avoiding any last-minute concerns.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS England 2018’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup™ has involved numerous organisations, companies and individuals working in partnership towards a common goal. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

FIFA England 2018 gratefully acknowledges the help and support provided by FIFA and its personnel throughout the bid process.

THE FA The input and expertise of the management and staff of The Football Association has been vital in the production of England 2018’s bid.

the english football family England 2018 has benefited from the support of the Premier League and the Football League and their staff, together with their member clubs.


BId DOcument

Various Government departments have supplied content and assistance in the production of England 2018’s bid, co-ordinated by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Designed by Browns Commissioned photography John Ross Other photography The FA Official Photographic Library, Getty Images, Action Images, Corbis, Alamy, Visit Britain Printed by St Ives Westerham Press ISO14001, FSC certified and CarbonNeutral®

Guarantees have been received from all relevant Government departments and have been supported by the main political parties and their party leaders.

official partners

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England 2018: Bid Book Highlights  

Highlights of England's official Bid submission to FIFA.

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