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5. Decoding body language to impress your audience Under any contexts in the workplace, decoding body language is important. You can take advantage of it to impress your audience during the interviews, presentations or negotiations. After knowing more about it, you can think of different solutions for the difficult situations. Interpretations of eyes Signals Look right Look left Look right and up Look left and up Widen eyes Rub eyes Blink frequently Raise eyebrow Look at door or watch

Possible meanings Creating, fabricating, guessing, storytelling Recalling, remembering, retrieving facts Visual imagining, fabricating Recalling images Showing interest and appeal, invitation or shock Revealing disbelief, sadness, boredom, tiredness Showing excitement, pressure Greeting recognition, acknowledgement Showing no interest, boredom

Interpretations of mouth Signals Smile with tight lips Smile with dropped jaw Laugh with wide mouth Bite lips Chew pen or pencil Poke tongue Purse lips Jut out the bottom lip

Possible meanings Withholding feelings Smiling faked or less natural Relaxing Indicating tension Self- comforting Disapproving, Rejection Showing thoughtfulness Showing Sadness

Interpretations of head Signals Nod head Nod head slowly Nod head fast Held head up

Possible meanings Showing agreement Attentive listening Displaying impatience Keeping neutrality, Alertness

Tilt head to one side Shake head Keep chin up

Presenting submission, thoughtfulness Showing disagreement Exposing pride, confidence

Interpretations of arms and hands Signals Possible meanings Fold arms Showing defensiveness, reluctance Grip own upper arm Revealing nervousness Open Palms up Presenting submission, truthfulness, honest, positivity Point finger up Showing defensiveness, instructing to stop Show palms down Presenting authority, strength, dominance Point at a person Demonstrating aggression, threat, emphasis Point in the air Emphasizing Wag finger side to side Indicating warning and refusal

Interpretations of handshakes Signals Possible meaning Shake with palm down Showing dominance Shake with palm up Presenting submission, accommodating Shake in a pumping way Revealing enthusiasm Shake firmly Exposing outward confidence Shake with both hands Indicating trustworthiness and honest Interpretations of standing gestures Signals Possible meanings Stand with splayed legs Showing aggression, ready for action Stand with leg crossed Presenting insecurity, submission Stand with knee buckle Indicating under pressure Stand with a foot forward Showing leadership or dominance

Interpretations of sitting gestures Signals Possible meanings Sit with uncrossed legs Indicating openness

Sit with parallel legs together Sit with crossed leg Sit in open legs Sit with ankle lock

Presenting properness Illustrating caution, disinterest Signifying arrogance Showing defensiveness

Interpretations of body Signals

Possible meaning

Lean toward you

Showing interest

Turn his head slightly to one side Turn her body away from you / Lean back farther in her chair Change position excessively

Evaluating what you are saying

Move from side to side

Revealing Insecurity, nervousness or doubt

Indicating Disagreement, uncertainty or boredom Fidgeting, nervousness or irritation

Interpretations of most obvious tell-lies signs Signals rub eyes Pull on ear Scratch or rub neck Avoid direct eye contact, look down Blink less Show limited facial gesture – smiling, but his eyes and forehead will not move Increase hand-to face contact Touch nose or mouth while speaking Decrease the frequency of hand gestures Cross arms or legs Shift body around too much in the chair Shrug hands and shoulders


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